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Russian Parliamentary and Presidential Elections Ephemera: A Finding Aid

Inventory. Folder 1.3

Description of Selected Items

(Cards - 2) Communist party flyer

One card is an invitation to a political rally held by the party on October 17, 2011, at the Izmailovo (Измайлово) Concert Hall, in Moscow. The second double-folded card is meant to be distributed by post and features good tidings on the 94th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution. The signature of Gennadii Ziuganov on the card is hand-written in ink.

(Flyer-calendars 2012 - 1)

The calendar on the flyer has information about three of the KPRF candidates from the Kurgan (Курган) region: V. A. Kislitsyn, H.I. Kostenko, and A.V. Kovalenko.

(Leaflets - 19)

Fifteen leaflets of identical size, design, and purpose comprise a series. Each leaflet focuses on a particular subject in the party political program. Of the fifteen, most noteworthy are 'Equal opportunities for persons with disabilities," 'Change the taxation system," 'Let's take back our stolen Motherland," and 'Let's protect Russians, strengthen friendship among the nations" (here, the nations of the former Soviet Union).

Three leaflets make up a smaller series and address accomplishments and programs of the three KPRF candidates from Moscow, N.N. Gubenko, V. Kuz'min, and V. Rashkin.

The last leaflet is a comic. It features a working man in red overalls emblazoned with the KPRF emblem who goes from one scene to another defeating various enemies, restoring justice, and fixing problems.

(Newspapers - 9)

The newspapers represent various regions of Russia, including the Arkhangel'sk / Архангельск region (1), Krasnoiarsk/ Красноярск region (2), Moscow / г. Москва (2), Smolensk / Смоленск region (1). Two issues of Pravda / Правда and one issue of Sovetskaia Rossiia / Советская Россия are examples of national newspapers.

Pravda Pomor'ia (Arkhangel'sk) (a tabloid dated November 24, 2011, with a print run of 120,000) Selected topics include information about six KPRF regional candidates with their photographs, an editorial 'Two Jacks - Again?" criticizing the Putin-Medvedev tandem, and an article on the continuing deterioration of rural areas in Arkhangel'sk region.

Two information bulletins "Za Pobedu Sovetskoi Vlasti" / За победу Советской Власти! (Krasnoiarsk), both dated November 2011, with print runs of 250,000 and 300,000, respectively; tabloid size, feature editorials by KPRF Central Committee member, Viktor Mikhailovich Vid'manov. Materials on regionally important environmental issues include: a critical article about businesses of two prominent members of ER, Дерипаска и Потанин – столпы Единой России ('Deripaska and Potanin are the pillars of Edinaia Rossia") - addressing the environmental catastrophe in the Krasnoiarsk region due to alleged violations of ecological norms by KrAZ / КрАЗ and Nornikel / Норникель, and a short article warning of the negative effects of a projected chemical plant on the air quality in Krasnoiarsk.

An interview with academician Russian Academy of Natural Sciences A.A. Agaev on the overall state of the economy is imprecisely titled "Where are the 'Gold Supplies' of Russia?"

Several items address the issue of the Putin-Medvedev tandem. Multiple photographs show the remains of the region's deteriorating manufacturing facilities. The caption reads: "Vragu ne prishlos' tratit' trotil" / Врагу не пришлось тратить тротил ('The enemy did not have to waste explosives') meaning the devastation was caused not by external enemies but rather by internal ones.

Both issues feature a selection of fillers such as short poems, jokes, etc. from

Two special issues of home editions of Pravda Moskvy / Правда Москвы ('Moscow Pravda - information bulletin') dated October 2011 with print runs of 2,900,000 are tabloid-sized and feature articles authored by the party candidates and editorials by Valerii Rashkin - "Golosuite za Rodinu" / Голосуйте за Родину! ('Vote for the Motherland') and "My pridem k vlasti i vosstanovim spravedlivost'" / Мы придем к власти и восстановим справедливость ('We will come to power and restore justice').

The first page has an appeal to the voters from Ziuganov boldly entitled "Vstavaite, Liudi Russkie!" / Вставайте, люди русские! ('Arise, Russian People!'). Its title uses the first line of a patriotic song by Sergei Prokof'ev and V. Lugovskoi from the Stalin-era film "Alexander Nevsky" (1938) directed by Sergei Eizenshtein.

Among other featured articles are "Sotsializmu byt'!" / Социализму – быть! ('Socialism is Inevitable'), "Za revoliutsiei ne goniaiutsia - ona prikhodit" / За революцией не гоняются-она приходит! ('You cannot chase after Revolution, it just comes!') [Pablo Picasso], and extracts from the KPRF political program entitled "Politika Bol'shinstva Dolzhna Pobezhdat'!" / Политика большинства должна побеждать ('The policies of the majority should win').

Examples of art include several photographs of party candidates with featured party slogans "Zastavim vernut' ukradennoe!" / Заставим вернуть украденное ('[We] will make [them] return what they have stolen'), "Narodu - nastoiashee iskusstvo!" / Народу – настоящее искусство! ('True art - to the people!'), and "Ochistim Moskvu ot zhulikov i vorov!" / Очистим Москву от жуликов и воров, ('Let's rid Moscow of crooks and thieves') and several political cartoons targeting ER and its leaders.

Published in Smolenskaia Pravda / Смоленская правда ('Pravda of Smolensk') in November 2011 is a special regional information issue, tabloid sized, with a print run of 75,000, an example of citizen journalism in print. A noteworthy feature is the banner reading, "50-years of the space flight of communist Iurii Gagarin" and 'Za Nashu Sovetskuiu Rodinu!" / За нашу Советскую Родину! ('For our Soviet Motherland!'). Iurii Gagarin was born in the Smolensk region. "For our Soviet Motherland!" is a popular war-time slogan dating back to the Great Patriotic War, 1941-1945. Using it for the election campaign banner seems significant because, of the historic Russian cities, Smolensk was particularly badly damaged during the Nazi occupation. By the general tone of the materials, one can assume the paper targets the older generation.

Two issues of Pravda - information bulletin, October 2011 with print runs of 3,540,000 and 2,010,000, feature the banners "Na vybory v Gosudarstvennuiu Dumu, KPRF idet s professional'noi, otvetstvennoi komandoi" / На выборы в Государственную Думу КПРФ идет с профессиональной, ответственной командой ('KPRF is participating in the Duma elections with a professional and responsible team') and "Novye liudi - novyi kurs - novaia zhizn'" / Новые люди – новый курс – новая жизнь ('New People - New Course - New Life').

One issue features photographs of the list of federal candidates on the first page - politicians Gennadii Ziuganov and Iurii Afonin, Admiral Vladimir Komoedov, astronaut Svetlana Savitskaia, and Nobel Prize winner academician Zhores Alferov. The article headlines include "Ia s kommunistami!" /Я – с коммунистами! ('I am with the Communists!'), "Itogi pravleniia nyneshnei vlasti" / Итоги правления нынешней власти ('Results of the leadership of the party in power') The latter references UN statistics concerning Russia's economic potential vs. the current, unsatisfactory quality of life. The second issue features an editorial by Ziuganov and a list of 23 party candidates with their photographs and short statements on their subjects of expertise.

Советская Россия / Sovetskaia Rossia - information bulletin dated November 2011 with a print run of 1,000,000, has a banner "Programma KPRF - politika bol'shinstva" / Программа КПРФ – политика большинства ('The program of KPRF [is] the policy of the majority'). It presents a list of five federal candidates (politicians Gennadii Ziuganov and Iurii Afonin, Admiral Vladimir Komoedov, astronaut Svetlana Savitskaia, and Nobel Prize winner, academician Zhores Alferov) with their photographs on the first page. The materials on the second page include "Troubling Records of the Party-in-Power" showing simplified statistics of Russia's position in the world on issues of social importance (crime, health, education, immigration, etc.). Fillers include two political cartoons targeting ER, a collage, and a small poem targeting the Putin-Medvedev tandem.

(Pocket calendars - 4)

Noteworthy are image selections on the calendars: One calendar is a well-known photo of Iurii Gagarin in his cosmonaut gear with the caption "50 years since the space flight of the communist Iurii Gagarin. We are the first!" One calendar is an image of two chess figures (black king is replaced by a white king with a red ribbon); the caption reads "Vremia meniat' vlast'" / Время менять власть ('It is time to change the power'). A potential reference to the popularity of chess in the Soviet Union.

One calendar has pictures of the three candidates from Moscow region, N. Gubenko, V. Rashkin, and V. Kuzmin.

One calendar is a picture of a young couple posing as fashion models in T-shirts with Communist emblems. The caption reads, "Red is the trend of today". In addition, the young man has an easily recognizable resemblance to Vladimir Lenin in a famous photo of Lenin wearing a cap. This picture is also used for one of the posters.

(Posters - 4)

Three of four posters are self-adhesive and bear party slogans, one of which Очистим Москву от жуликов и воров / 'Let's rid Moscow of crooks and thieves!' is not just the KPRF slogan, but rather is used by the opposition movement at large. It refers to a commonly used pejorative name for ER - "partiia zhulikov i vorov" / Партия жуликов и воров ('The party of crooks and thieves').

The fourth poster is a picture of a young couple posing as fashion models in T-shirts with Communist emblems. The caption reads, "Red is the trend of today". Also, the young man has an easily recognizable resemblance to Vladimir Lenin in a famous photo of Lenin wearing a cap. It is the same design as on one of the pocket calendars described above.

(Wall calendars, 2012 - 2)

One calendar has a photo of Ziuganov with images of Lenin, Stalin, and a photograph of a rally in support of the KPRF. The caption reads, "Golosui za KPRF!" / Голосуй за КПРФ! ('Vote for KPRF!') and "Politika bol'shinstva dolzhna pobezhdat'!" Политика большинства должна побеждать! ('Policies of the majority should rule!')

The second calendar has a photo of the monument in Simbirsk to the Russian historian N. M. Karamzin, author of The History of the Russian State, who was born in the Simbirsk region / Симбирская губерния, also the birthplace of Lenin. The captions read, 'History of the Russian State: 1612 - the Polish [invaders] were thrown out of the Kremlin. 1812 - Napoleon was thrown out of the Kremlin. 2012 - . . . out of the Kremlin. Vote for KPRF!"

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