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Online Serbian Directories at the Library of Congress

The Library of Congress has digitized historic Serbian telephone directories and made them available to the public through the links below and through the online catalog. All of the directories include entries for businesses and organizations as well as for private individuals. We are grateful to the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Washington, DC, for help in obtaining permission for the digitization of the directories.

The Library's copies of these telephone directories were selected for preservation treatment due to their poor physical condition. Digitized versions were produced to allow researchers free Internet access to their historical content, while the fragile original items are retained in the collections. Note: All directories are also linked to the corresponding entry in the Library of Congress online catalog via permalink The presentation is via "page turner" display or searchable (and downloadable) .pdf. Searching requires the use of Cyrillic characters, but is not entirely reliable, thus results should be confirmed manually by turning to the appropriate page.

1. Telefonski imenik (Belgrade). 1936.
Beograd : izdanje Jugoslovenskog novinarskog udruženja--Sekcije Beograd.

Телефонски именик (Београд). 1936.
Београд : издање Југословенског новинарског удружења--Секције Београд. (PDF) (page turner)
Cover of 1936 Belgrade telephone directory

2. Telefonski imenik (Belgrade). 1941.
Beograd : Kraljevna Jugoslavija, Ministarstvo pošta, telegrafa i telefona, Direkcija Beograd.

Телефонски именик (Београд). 1941.
Београд : Краљевна Југославија, Министарство пошта, телеграфа и телефона, Дирекција Београд. (PDF) (page turner)
Title page of 1941 Belgrade telephone directory
3. Telefonski imenik (Belgrade). 1947.
Beograd : izdanje Direkcije pošta u Beogradu.

Телефонски именик (Београд). 1947.
Београд : издање Дирекциjе пошта у Београду. (PDF) (page turner)
Cover of 1947 Belgrade telephone directory
4. Telefonski imenik (Belgrade). 1949.
Beograd : izdanje Direkcije pošta, telegrafa i telefona u Beogradu.

Телефонски именик (Београд). 1949.
Београд : издање Дирекциjе пошта, телеграфа и телефона у Београду. (PDF) (page turner)
Cover of 1949 Belgrade telephone directory
5. Telefonski imenik (Belgrade). 1952.
Beograd : Direkcije pošta, telegrafa i telefona.

Телефонски именик (Београд). 1952.
Београд : Дирекциjе пошта, телеграфа и телефона. (PDF) (page turner)
Cover of 1952 Belgrade telephone directory

Questions about telephone directories from Serbia at the Library of Congress should be directed to Angela Cannon, [email protected]

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  June 16, 2016
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