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   Issue 5/6, Winter 2005/Spring 2006

Statistical Sources

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Statistical data for the oil and gas industries in the United States comes from the federal and state government, business associations, and private consultants. At the Federal level, the U.S. Energy Information Administration provides data for both domestic and international tracking of: Consumption (Demand); Production (Supply); World Oil Balance; Prices; Oil Reserves and Resources; Imports and Exports (Trade); Stocks (Inventories); Refinery Capacity; Rotary Rigs in Operation; Carbon Dioxide Emissions; Gross Heat Content; and Conversion Factors. The International Energy Agency (IEA) and the United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD) provide international statistical data for the oil and gas industry.

At the state level in the United States, various agencies monitor oil and gas consumption and production. For example, the California Department of Conservation, Division of Oil, Gas & Geothermal Resources "oversees the drilling, operation, maintenance, and plugging and abandonment of oil, natural gas, and geothermal wells" in that state. The Division also maintains a web page of contacts for other state, federal, and regional bodies.

Print Resources (Production)

Global Oil Trends. Sun Microsystems, Inc./Cambridge, Mass.: Cambridge Energy Research Associates. Annual. 2002 - present.
LC Call Number: HD9560.4.W587
LC Catalog Record: 2004235193

Provides a quantitative and qualitative framework for assessing changes in the international oil industry. It covers world oil consumption, production and trade, oil reserves, market prices, revenues and investment, and market structure to include refining and transportation. Provides statistics on oil reserves, refining capacity, throughput and utilization, world tanker fleet and tonnage, oil storage, sailing from the Middle East, and transportation costs.
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Issue 5/6: Winter 2005/Spring 2006
Updated July 2013

The Oil & Gas Industry

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Transportation & Storage
Marketing & Distribution
Natural Gas Industry Trends
Alternative Energy Sources
Company Research
Statistical Sources
News & Analysis
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Drilling Rig Near Sable Island
Image (above): Photograph of
drilling rig near Sable Island.
Courtesy of the Maritimes Region of the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Canada.

Energy Statistics Yearbook. United Nations. Statistical Division. New York: United Nations. Annual. 1991 - present.
LC Call Number: HD9502.A1 Y42
LC Catalog Record: sn 99047195
Energy Statistics Yearbook online External Link

Provides internationally comparable series of commercial energy statistics summarizing world level and regional energy trends. Annual data for 224 countries and areas for the period 1999 to 2011 are presented on production, trade, and consumption of energy for solid, liquid, and gaseous fuels, electricity, and heat. From Publisher's Description. This publication began in 1984 but its previous title was Yearbook of World Energy Statistics (1979-1983) and from the 1950's until 1979 it was known as World Energy Supplies (see series J). In 1952 the UN also published a title that included data from 1920 until the 1950.
    NOTE: As of January 2015 UN has ceased print and distribution of its periodicals and yearbooks.

Monthly Natural Gas Survey. International Energy Agency. Paris: OECD. Monthly. External Link
Latest issue: External Link [PDF: 75.7 KB / 21 p.]

A monthly statistical survey of the global natural gas industry. This report provides international production and consumption data, and import and export statistics. The data is organized according to geographic region.

Natural Gas Annual. Energy Information Administration, Office of Oil and Gas, U.S. Department of Energy. Washington, D.C.: The Office: Available from the Supt. of Docs., U.S. G.P.O. Annual. 1982 - present.
Latest issue
Archives since 1994
LC Call Number: HD9581.U49 N37
LC Catalog Record: 83641511

Provides information on the supply and disposition of natural gas in the United States. Production, transmission, storage, deliveries, and price data are published by State. Historical versions on the EIA website begin in 1996.

Natural Gas Monthly. U.S. Dept. of Energy. Energy Information Administration. Office of Oil and Gas. Washington, DC. Monthly. 1982 to the present.
Latest issue
Archives since 1996
LC Call Number: TN880.A1 N314
LC Catalog Record: 84650685

EIA's monthly report to natural and supplemental gas production, supply, consumption, disposition, storage, imports, exports, and prices in the United States. This report is updated during the first week of each month.

Oil & Gas Journal DataBook. PennWell Corporation. Annual. 1985 - present.
LC Call Number: HD9560.1 .O34
LC Catalog Record: 86641389

One-stop reference for year in review data on the oil and gas industry offering selected articles, annual statistics, surveys, and indicators providing essential facts, figures, and forecasts. Information includes worldwide data on refinery reports and capacities, crude and product stocks, rig counts, crude oil and gas processing, forecasts and reviews, and reports on petrochemicals, gas processing, pipeline economics, refining, production, drilling and more.

Oil and Energy Trends Annual Statistical Review. Blackwell Publishing. Annual. 1986 to present.
Volumes include data from 1970 to the present.
LC Call Number: HD9560.4 .O319
LC Catalog Record: sn 91024192

Brings together salient quantitative data on the worldwide oil industry. Drawn from a variety of sources including governmental, industrial and international organizations, data covers world crude oil reserves and natural gas reserves, oil and natural gas liquid production, number of rigs active worldwide, wells, drilled, world refinery runs and oil demand, crude oil prices, tanker fleet, international gas movements and more. Includes for some series, statistics at ten-year intervals from 1970 to 1990 and single years from 1991 to 2003.

Oil and Energy Trends: A Monthly Publication of International Energy Statistics and Analysis. Blackwell Publishing. Monthly. 1979 to present.
LC Call Number: HD9560.4.E56a
LC Catalog Record: 79648421

Provides current information on crude oil and NGLs, petroleum, and natural gas production, crude oil and petroleum products imports and exports.

Petroleum Supply Annual. Energy Information Administration. Office of Oil and Gas. U.S. Dept. of Energy. Washington, D.C. Annual. 1981 to present.
Also available on EIA website:
Volume 1
Volume 2
LC Call Number: HD9561 .P428
LC Catalog Record: 83645629

This publication is divided into two volumes. Volume one includes Summary, Detailed and Refinery Statistics, each with final annual data; volume two contains final statistics for each month of the previous year and replaces data previously published in the Petroleum Supply Monthly (PSM). The Summary statistics section contains a summary of the data presented each month in the PSM and in volume two of the PSA. Graphs and tables are provided which show 17 years of data depicting the balance between supply, disposition and ending stocks for various commodities including crude oil, motor gasoline, distillate fuel oil, residual fuel oil, jet fuel, propane/propylene, and liquefied petroleum gases.
Historical editions of this title go back to 1995. To access them click on either volume 1 or volume 2 above and see the Previous Issues option.

Petroleum Supply Monthly (PSM). Energy Information Administration. Office of Oil and Gas. U.S. Dept. of Energy. Washington, D.C. Monthly. 1982 to present.
Available online from the publisher from 1995 forward.
LC Call Number: LC Call Number: HD9561.P43
LC Catalog Record: 82647181

One of a family of four petroleum supply publications produced by the Petroleum Division within the Energy Information Administration, the other three being the Weekly Petroleum Status Report (WPSR), the Winter Fuels Report, and the Petroleum Supply Annual (PSA). Data in the PSM describe the supply and disposition of petroleum products in the U.S. and major U.S. geographic regions.

Twentieth Century Petroleum Statistics. Dallas : DeGolyer and MacNaughton. Annual. 1945 to present.
LC Call Number: HD9560.2 .T9
LC Catalog Record: 47028054

This annual publication, published since 1945, provides statistics on U.S. and world crude reserves, production, and prices, oil wells, refinery yields and capacity, imports, supply and demand, costs, oil consumption and more, each with statistics going back to 1945. Sample tables include percentage yields of the major refined products in the U.S., crude oil imports by source, stocks, daily average demand and days' supply of crude petroleum and all oils.

Weekly Petroleum Status Report (WPSR). U.S. Dept. of Energy. Energy Information Administration. U.S. Department of Energy. Washington, D.C. Weekly. 1981 to present.
Reports available online from the publisher from August 2011 to the present.
LC Call Number: Current Issues Only
LC Catalog Record: sn 87043154

Provides timely information on supply and selected prices of crude oil and principal petroleum products in the context of historical data and forecasts. It is a source of reliable current information that serves the industry, the press, planners, policymakers, consumers, analysts, and State and local governments.

Worldwide Petroleum Industry Outlook. 20th Edition, 2004-2008 Projection to 2013. Tulsa, OK: PennWell Pub. Co. Publication ceased with the 20th ed.
LC Call Number: HD9561 .O56 2004/2008
LC Catalog Record: 97660965

Publication contains long-range forecasts, analysis of historical events, and provides economic statistics and analysis on the oil and gas industry.

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Print Resources (Pricing)

Dahl, Carol. International Energy Markets: Understanding Pricing Policies and Profits. Tulsa, OK : PennWell, c2004. 587 p.
LC Call Number: HD9502.A2 D335 2004
LC Catalog Record: 2003022430
Table of Contents

Provides managers and supervisors in the power and petroleum fields basic economic skills that will enable them to make better policy decisions relating to energy. This practical textbook contains toolbox of models, along with institutional, technological, and historical information on oil, coal, gas, and electricity (including Renewables). Based on Publisher's Description.

Energy Prices and Taxes. Paris: International Energy Agency. Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. Quarterly. 1984 to present.
LC Call number: HD9502.A1 E545
LC Catalog Record: 88657039
Publisher's Link External Link

A unique compendium of recent energy price and tax information for the major markets of the world. Each issue includes: an article summarizing recent energy price developments; a section providing data on import and export costs for crude, various oil products, natural gas, LNG, steam coal, and coking coal; a section providing energy end-use prices in OECD countries; and a section providing energy end-use prices in selected non-OECD countries. Based on Publisher's Description.

Energy Statistics of Non-OECD Countries. Paris: International Energy Agency. OECD. Annual. 1991 - present.
LC Call Number: HD9502.D44 E533
LC Catalog Record: sn99048012
Publisher's Link External Link

This publication, issued from 1991-1998 under the title Energy statistics and balances of non-OECD countries contains data on energy supply and consumption in original units for coal, oil, gas, electricity, heat, renewables and waste for over 100 non-OECD countries. Historical tables summarize data on production, trade and final consumption. The book includes definitions of products and flows and explanatory notes on the individual country data. Based on Publisher's Description.

Historical Pricing : Petrochemicals. Houston, Tex.: DeWitt & Co. Annual. 1992? - present
LC Call Number: HD9579.C3 H57
LC Catalog Record: 93641334
Publisher's Link External Link

Publication provides a time-series tabulation of pricing for petrochemicals and energy products. The pricing history covers over 145 products including aromatics, olefins and their derivatives, crude oil, gasoline, naphtha, methanol, and MTBE for the United States, Western Europe, and the Far East. The objective of the HPP is to provide value to companies in determining pricing trends, relationships and performances in the international petrochemical industry.

Pricing Statistics Sourcebook. Tulsa, OK: PennWell Pub. Co. Annual. 1995 - present.
LC Call Number: HD9502.A1 P75
LC Catalog Record: 95658616

A comprehensive reference book that contains monthly, quarterly and annual data for the key price parameters that describe all segments of the oil and gas industry in the U.S. and worldwide. The publication has been developed to provide convenient access, in one source, the essential energy price statistics needed for analysis of the U.S. and international oil and gas industries. Based on Publisher's Description.
This resources is good for historical research. More current data is available via OGJ's Energy Database.

U.S. Energy Price Outlook. Waltham, MA: Global Insight, Annual. 2003/2004 - present.
LC Call Number: HD9502.U5 U1726
LC Catalog Record: 2004201871

Provides forecasts and analysis on U.S. energy industries. The report presents statistics and analysis by geographic region.

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Internet Resources

Addressing Climate Change Database External Link

Offers access to information on energy-related policies and measures taken or planned in International Energy Agency (IEA) Member countries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

EIA Annual Energy Review
Previous editions from 1994 and on.

"A report of historical annual energy statistics. For many series, data begin with the year 1949. Included are data on total energy production, consumption, and trade; overviews of petroleum, natural gas, coal, electricity, nuclear energy, renewable energy, as well as financial and environmental indicators; and data unit conversion tables."-- Publisher description

EIA Country Analysis Briefs. U. S. Dept. of Energy. Energy Information Administration.

Provides an energy situation overview for countries, as well as world oil market and environmental data on energy production and usage.

EIA Recent Consumption Publications

Contains links to the Residential Energy Consumption Survey and the Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey.

EIA State Energy Profiles (includes consumption)

Contains links to state level reports and publications including the State-Level Energy Consumption, Price, and Expenditure Estimates..

Electric Power Annual. U.S. Dept. of Energy. Energy Information Administration.

DOE supplied figures on oil and gas expenditures and production for electricity in the United States. Files available in PDF, XLS, and HTML format.

Energy Citations Database.

Contains bibliographic records for energy and energy-related scientific and technical information from the Department of Energy (DOE) and its predecessor agencies, the Energy Research & Development Administration (ERDA) and the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC).

Energy Statistics - United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD). External Link

Collects and disseminates international energy statistics, including basic data as well as aggregated tables, energy balances and electricity profiles in its flagship publications: Energy Statistics Yearbook External Link and Energy Balances and Electricity Profiles.External Link

Historical Oil and Gas Field Code Master List. U.S. Dept. of Energy. Energy Information Administration.

Presents oil and gas production figures.

IHS External Link

IHS is large information provider covering many industries including oil and gas and renewable energy. They have various products providing data that covers: Country & Industry forecasting; Exploration & Production data; Engineering & Construction; Midstream & Downstream information.

Independent Petroleum Association of America. External Link

Provides industry statistics tracking data on crude oil and natural gas prices; comparative prices for crude, residual fuel, heating oil and natural gas; economic statistics, including production, imports and exports, and consumption; exploration statistics; natural gas storage; rotary rig count; and thirty year summary data for the United States covering exploration, drilling, reserves, supply, demand, prices, costs, industry employment, and financial indicators. Some data also available in PDF, XLS and ZIP doc formats.

International Energy Agency (IEA) Energy Statistics. External Link

Provides balances, energy indicators, product data, publications and graphs divided by OECD and non-OECD countries. Some data available by subscription only. Some files available in PDF and XLS formats.

International Energy Statistics. U.S. Dept. of Energy. Energy Information Administration.

Statistics from the U. S. Department of Energy on worldwide energy consumption and production.

International Energy Outlook. U. S. Dept. of Energy. Energy Information Administration.

Presents an assessment by the Energy Information Administration (EIA) of the outlook for international energy markets for the next twenty years.

OGJ's Energy Data Warehouse External Link

This database is related to the print title Natural Gas Statistics Sourcebook and is reflective of the statistics section of OGJ. Average prices for crude oil, natural gas, and products with some of the price series dating back a couple of decades (oil prices are posted prices, spot prices, and futures prices). Also included is data on: Rig counts, Nelson-Farrar refinery construction and operating indices, Underground natural gas and LNG storage, Wellhead revenues, Volumes of crude and products transported by pipeline, and Geological and geophysical permits issued.

Platts External Link

Platts is a provider of energy, petrochemicals, metals, and agriculture information. There is pricing information and publications for the Oil and Natural Gas sectors, but much information is only available by subscription.

Regional Market Overviews - Business Monitor International External Link

Business Monitor International produces Oil & Gas Reports for many individual countries. The 2011 have been included in at least one subscription database Business Source Complete but more current versions can be purchased from the publisher. Titles include: Argentina Oil & Gas Report, Canada Oil & Gas Report, Brazil Oil & Gas Report, China Oil & Gas Report, France Oil & Gas Report, Germany Oil & Gas Report, etc.

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Library of Congress Catalog Searches

Additional statistical sources for conducting research in the areas of oil and gas production, pricing, and consumption may be identified by searching the Online Catalog under appropriate Library of Congress subject headings. Choose the topics you wish to search from the following list to link directly to the Catalog and automatically execute a search for the subject selected. Please be aware that during periods of heavy use you may encounter delays in accessing the catalog. Please see the individual sections of this guide for catalog searches relating to those topics. For assistance in locating other subject headings which may relate to this subject, please consult a reference librarian.

Subject Headings for Production Statistics

Subject Headings for Pricing Statistics

Subject Headings for Consumption Statistics

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