Images of books published by the Library of Congress Publishing Office

Copublishing and other partnership arrangements with trade and university publishers have long been vital aspects of the Library of Congress general publishing program. These mutually beneficial arrangements open to our copublishers the vast, multi-media Library of Congress collections and the expertise and assistance of LC subject-matter specialists, writers and editors; and they help the Library broaden and deepen its public outreach.

Established under the Library of Congress Publishing Office (LCPO) mandate to produce publications based on the Library’s collections (which are nearly limitless in scope), these partnerships have, to date, resulted in celebrated publications on topics ranging from baseball and silent film to the American Civil War and biographies of daring women; from African American history to a lively, groundbreaking examination of maps as cultural documents.

Whether for series or individual projects, each partnership arrangement is unique and carefully tailored to meet the requirements of both parties.

Publishers or editors who wish to submit a copublishing proposal may contact the Publishing Office.