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A collection of field recordings by a wide range of award-winning contemporary poets. Each poet reads a singular American poem of his or her choosing, and also speaks to how the poem connects, deepens, or re-imagines our sense of the nation. The feature includes a print version of the poem to complement the recording, as well as a piece by the participating poet.

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Recently Added Poetry of America Recordings

Gillian Conoley reads and discusses Lorine Niedecker's “Swedenborg” - new

Gillian ConoleyLorine Niedecker

“While her experimentation was cosmopolitan, and her range of reference global and century-spanning, her idiom was of the folk.”

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Douglas Kearney reads and discusses Harryette Mullen's “We Are Not Responsible” - new

Douglas KearneyHarryette Mullen

“Harryette Mullen oftentimes engages language as a kind of a plaything, but is always aware that it’s volatile, like somebody juggling nitroglycerin.”

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Dana Levin reads and discusses Brenda Hillman's “Autumn Ritual with Hate Turned Sideways” - new

Dana LevinBrenda Hillman

“Hillman . . . reminds us that one of the functions of art is to disturb: to startle us out of the ossified, inflexible forms of the routine and conventional. In this, she has a particularly American genius.”

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Camille Dungy reads and discusses Airea D. Matthews' “Sexton Texts Tituba from a Bird Conservatory” - new

Camille DungyAirea D. Matthews

“. . . the poem speaks into the future in this way, using the text message form, which just seems like such an American thing to do—to kind of think forward into the future but also into the past, speaking through Tituba, who happened to be the first person who died in the Salem Witch Trials.”

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Jane Hirshfield reads and discusses Adrienne Rich's “XIII (Dedications)” - new

Jane HirshfieldAdrienne Rich

“The poem is a litany of community-summoning and blessing. It holds an album of lives, and of longings, recognized and unrecognized both.”

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