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O how quickly day turns to night
like turning a page in a book from left to right
I don't know what I am anymore, Am I up? Am I down?
Should I stop where I'm going? Should I turn around?
Who decides what’s wrong? Who decides what’s right?
Is it possible for darkness to turn to light?
Will I give up and quit? Or continue the fight...
A single ray of light in a world of eternal night
I dust myself off and on my feet I'll stand
I'll chose to follow my father's command
Being a soldier for the Lord, you can't be a wimp
Pick up my shield and sword, and walk with a limp
Continue forward with strong conviction
Fight back the negative feeling and emotion
Battle beside my brothers, in strength and love
Our determination and tenacity come from above
with purpose in our minds, and courage in our hearts
we press on, we won't fall apart
The choice we've made is no mistake
Because he's right there with us in our endless heartache.

Little Big Horn College, Crow Agency, MT
Faculty Contact: Jennifer Owens, Communication Arts Instructor