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This poem was submitted for the "Poetry for the Mind's Joy" project and is reproduced here with permission from the author. All rights reserved. Poetry for the Mind's Joy is Poet Laureate Kay Ryan's project that includes a community college poetry contest administered by the Community College Humanities Association and a lively videoconference.

Alto, atlético, moreno, y tiene barba.

Hijo de Joe.

A quien le encanta: el gimnasio, el carro, y la sonrisa de Arielle.

Quien se siente: orgulloso por mi novia, y triste que no está aquí.

Quien necesita: mi novia Arielle, el gimnasio, y dinero.

Quien ofrece: ayuda para ejercicios y amor para mi familia

Quien teme a: alturas, fracaso, y la muerte de mi amor.

Quien quisiera tener: mucho tiempo con mi amor, más tiempo para mi, y más dinero para escuela.

Quien quisiera ver: Europa, y el futuro


Translation (by Patricia Villamil, Library of Congress):

Tall, athletic, dark-skinned with beard.

Son of Joe.

Who likes: the gym, car and Arielle’s smile.

Who feels: pride for his girlfriend and sadness when she is not around.

Who needs: his girlfriend Arielle, the gym and money.

Who offers: help with workouts and love to my family.

Who fears: heights, failure and the death of my love.

Who wants: plenty of time with my love, more time for myself and more money for school.

Who’d like to see: Europe and the future.


Waubonsee Community College, Sugar Grove, IL
Faculty Contact: Monica Pactol, Dean of Instruction