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What Is Available


NLS provides a free library service to people who are unable to use regular printed material because of visual impairment or a physical disability. NLS selects books and magazines for full-length publication in braille, e-braille, and audio. These reading materials are circulated to eligible borrowers throughout a network of cooperating regional and subregional libraries located throughout the United States and its territories and to American citizens living abroad. The materials and free playback equipment needed to read talking books and magazines are sent to borrowers and returned to libraries by postage-free mail. The books and magazines are also available through the NLS Braille and Audio Reading Download (BARD) online service.

Library Service Is Local

Building on the collection of more than 200,000 audio and braille titles that NLS provides, many regional and subregional libraries add books and magazines of local interest. Some libraries loan videos with audio descriptions designed for those who cannot see. During the summer, many libraries offer reading programs for school-aged patrons. Readers register with the library that serves their area and can take advantage of these local services in addition to the national services provided by NLS. Contact the library serving your area if you have any questions about the program.

What Is Available

While its extensive collection of braille and talking books is available in the United States only through its cooperating libraries, NLS provides some services directly to patrons:

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Posted on 2015-05-12