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March-April 2010

In Brief

The following information on the digital transition has been reprinted from the previous issue for the benefit of patrons.

Free Mystic Seaport passes available

The National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (NLS) has renewed its membership with Mystic Seaport: The Museum of America and the Sea and is once again offering NLS patrons use of a free one-day seaport pass. The seaport is a world-renowned, not-for-profit historical and educational institution occupying thirty-seven acres on the Mystic River, near New London, Connecticut. Highlights of the site include restored tall ships, tours by shipwrights and craftsmen, and a variety of exhibit galleries.

The pass entitles two adults and three children or grandchildren under eighteen to free admission to Mystic Seaport on the day of the week specified on the pass. The opportunity is available year-round. The pass will be sent by express delivery and will include a prepaid return envelope.

If interested, e-mail [email protected] or fax (202) 707-0712, attention Mystic Pass Coordinator, Publications and Media Section. Include your name, street address, telephone number, and the date and day of the week you wish to visit Mystic Seaport.

For visitor information, including accessibility details, membership opportunities, directions, lodging, and more, go to www.mysticseaport.org.  Library of Congress external link disclaimer


The following announcements may be of interest to readers. The National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped reserves the right to publish announcements selectively, as space permits. The items mentioned, however, are not part of the NLS program, and their listing does not imply endorsement.

Free screen reader for Windows users

Serotek and the Accessibility Is a Right (AIR) foundation are providing System Access To Go, a free screen-reader software program, to Windows users with Internet access. The screen reader will read most documents, program menus, and web pages on Windows-based computers only while the system is connected to the Internet. To download or run the software go to www.satogo.com   External link symbol. The site offers the option of creating an account so that each time you connect to the Internet your screen-reader settings and other preferences will appear.

In addition to the free screen-reader software, Serotek sells other versions of system access tools that do not require an Internet connection. For more information, visit serotek.com/softwaresolutions External link symbol. Information about the AIR foundation is available at accessibilityisaright.org.

Social Security Administration offers communication in special formats

The Social Security Administration now offers communication in alternative formats for blind and visually impaired individuals who have applied for or receive Social Security or Supplemental Security Income benefits. Important information from the Social Security Administration is available in the following formats:

If you are already registered to receive information and wish to change the format visit the web site at www.socialsecurity.gov/notices/ and fill out the Request for Special Notice Option form, call 1-877-708-1776 or TTY 1-800-325-0778, or write or visit your local Social Security office. If you would like to receive information in a format not listed above, call 1-800-772-1213 to make a request.

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Books for Adults

Books listed in this issue of Talking Book Topics were recently sent to cooperating libraries. The complete collection contains a wide range of fiction and nonfiction books, including biographies, classics,westerns, mysteries, romances, and others. Contact your cooperating library to learn more about the wide range of books available in the collection.

Digital talking books, available on cartridges, are labeled with the prefix DB.Most books fit on one cartridge. Cassette books are labeled with the prefix RC and play at 15/16 ips. One cassette holds up to six hours of play. To order books, contact your cooperating library. Many books are also available for download on the NLS BARD web site at nlsbard.loc.gov.

Note: For the information of the reader, a notice may appear immediately following the book description to indicate occurrences of violence, strong language, or explicit descriptions of sex. The word “some” before any of these terms indicates an occasional or infrequent occurrence, as in “some strong language.”


Making Malcolm: The Myth and Meaning of Malcolm X     RC 64081
5 hours 37 minutes
by Michael Eric Dyson
read by Dave Corey
Baptist minister and author of Is Bill Cosby Right? (RC 62585) examines the complex image and influence of African American religious leader Malcolm X (1925–1965). Analyzes conflicting literary perceptions and discusses the impact of his intellectual legacy on black cinema, hip-hop culture, black nationalism, and challenges facing black males. 1995.

Ivan’s War: Life and Death in the Red Army, 1939–1945     RC 64221
17 hours 55 minutes
by Catherine Merridale
read by Ken Kliban
British historian uses declassified archives and veterans’ testimonies to portray the lives of ordinary Soviet soldiers during World War II. Describes Stalin’s regime, the high death rate amid squalid conditions, and the savagery committed in Germany by Russian forces. Violence, strong language, and explicit descriptions of sex. 2006.

Richter’s Scale: Measure of an Earthquake, Measure of a Man     RC 64568
15 hours 51 minutes
by Susan Elizabeth Hough
read by John Haag
Explores the life and career of seismologist Charles Richter (1900–1985), who developed the Richter Scale in the 1930s to gauge earthquake magnitude. Portrays Richter as an intensely private, enigmatic person with complicated family and interpersonal relationships, personality quirks, and latent artistic drive. Discusses his professional reputation and scientific legacy. 2007.

On Call in Hell: A Doctor’s Iraq War Story     RC 64744
8 hours 15 minutes
by Richard Jadick
read by Walter Dixon
Commander Jadick, a former Marine officer who became a Navy doctor, chronicles his service in Iraq as a battalion surgeon in 2004. Describes following the First Battalion, Eighth Marine Regiment, and working under fire in Fallujah to save soldiers wounded in heavy street fighting. Violence and strong language. 2007.

The Best American Spiritual Writing, 2007     RC 65376
13 hours 33 minutes
edited by Philip Zaleski
read by John Lescault
Thirty-five short stories, essays, and poems by Joseph Epstein, Adam Gopnik, Mary Gordon, Pico Iyer, George Packer, Marilynne Robinson, John Updike, Garry Wills, and others. In “The Ends of Science” Eric Cohen ponders the dueling realms of science and religion and examines technology’s limits in satisfying humanity’s deepest longings. 2007.

The Best American Science Writing, 2007     RC 65518
12 hours 40 minutes
edited by Gina Kolata
read by Michael Kramer
Twenty wide-ranging articles from the New Yorker and other periodicals. In “Stereo Sue” Oliver Sacks explores the marvel of stereoptic vision. Stacey Burling examines the physical toll of Alzheimer’s in “Probing a Mind for a Cure.” Other topics include medicine, computers, linguistics, evolution, global warming, mathematics, and public health. 2007.

The Best American Sports Writing, 2007     RC 65568
16 hours 22 minutes
edited by David Maraniss
read by Don Hagen
Twenty-eight diverse selections from U.S. and Canadian periodicals. Includes Larry Brown’s tale of a white raccoon, Bruce Wallace’s take on the murder of an Iraqi soccer player in Baghdad, and L. Jon Wertheim’s account of Kwame James, the basketball player who helped subdue the terrorist shoe bomber. 2007.

The Best American Essays, 2007     RC 65608
17 hours 3 minutes
edited by David Foster Wallace
read by Barbara Rappaport
Twenty-two wide-ranging essays selected for their craft and factual integrity. Poet Molly Peacock pays tribute to an eighteenth-century female artist. Novelist Marilynne Robinson examines holiness in modern Christianity. Philosopher Peter Singer argues for philanthropy. Biologist Edward O. Wilson attempts to find common ground with the evangelical community. 2007.

Behind Our Eyes: Stories, Poems, and Essays by Writers with Disabilities     RC 65632
8 hours 44 minutes
edited by Marilyn Brandt Smith
read by Mimi Bederman
Twenty-seven contributors, many blind, express their experiences dealing with everyday situations and emotions. In “Her Day Versus My Day” a twenty-five-year-old suffers a stroke. In “Rebel with a Cane” a thirteen-year-old who is blind defies her overprotective parents and walks home from school alone. 2007.

The Birth of Black America: The First African Americans and the Pursuit of Freedom at Jamestown     RC 65665
12 hours 14 minutes
by Tim Hashaw
read by Bill Quinn
Journalist traces the 1619 arrival of the first Africans in the Virginia colony. Describes the abduction of Bantus from Portuguese Angola in an attack on a Spanish ship by British pirates. Highlights the freed captives’ skills as tradesmen and farm owners before slavery engulfed their descendants. 2007.

The Buried Book: The Loss and Rediscovery of the Great Epic of Gilgamesh     RC 65710
9 hours 57 minutes
by David Damrosch
read by Lewis Grenville
Chronicles the history of The Epic of Gilgamesh (RC 19137), a three-thousand-year-old Mesopotamian tale recorded on clay tablets believed to have been lost in the seventh century B.C.E. Describes the text’s origins, loss, 1840 excavation, and decoding. Provides detailed analysis of the poem and discusses its impact on modern literature. 2006.

Soldier’s Heart: Reading Literature through Peace and War at West Point     RC 65746
12 hours 50 minutes
by Elizabeth D. Samet
read by Kate Kiley
Civilian English professor at the United States Military Academy at West Point reflects on the role of literature and film in the lives of her cadets and their fellow soldiers. Considers the war in Iraq and the gap between romantic portrayals of war and the harsh realities of battle. 2007.

What Hath God Wrought: The Transformation of America, 1815–1848     DB/RC 66021
39 hours 57 minutes
by Daniel Walker Howe
read by Peter Johnson
Chronicles the decades between the War of 1812 and the end of the Mexican American war. Highlights the advancements in communication and transportation, the growth of the abolitionist movement, the rivalry between North and South, and the expansion of the Western Territories. Pulitzer Prize. 2007.

Supercapitalism: The Transformation of Business, Democracy, and Everyday Life     RC 66190
10 hours 11 minutes
by Robert B. Reich
read by Butch Hoover
Former U.S. labor secretary and author of The Future of Success (RC 51999) posits that the rise of free-market capitalism has weakened American democracy. Cites negative social consequences such as widening inequality and unfair taxation. Calls for abolition of the corporate income tax and separation of business and government. 2007.

The Great Upheaval: America and the Birth of the Modern World, 1788–1800     DB/RC 66286
33 hours 28 minutes
by Jay Winik
read by Ted Stoddard
Study of the tumultuous period in U.S. history from the adoption of the Constitution to the transfer of power from the Federalists to Thomas Jefferson’s Republicans. Examines the relationship between the American and French revolutions and discusses Russian empress Catherine the Great’s decision to invade the Islamic Ottoman Empire. 2007.

Medical Apartheid: The Dark History of Medical Experimentation on Black Americans from Colonial Times to the Present     DB/RC 66297
21 hours 29 minutes
by Harriet A. Washington
read by Bob Moore
Documents the use of African Americans in nonconsensual, nontherapeutic research by private institutions and the federal government. Recounts instances of drug and radiation testing, involuntary sterilization, and surgical experimentation. Cites the mid-twentieth-century Tuskegee Syphilis Study. Examines racial and ethical issues in the medical field. National Book Critics Circle Award. 2006.

Von Braun: Dreamer of Space, Engineer of War     DB/RC 66334
26 hours 5 minutes
by Michael J. Neufeld
read by Lou Harpenau
Smithsonian historian analyzes the life of engineer Wernher von Braun (1912–1977), who developed Nazi Germany’s V-2 rocket before he surrendered and was sent to the United States in 1945. Highlights von Braun’s management of American missile and space programs and posits that he was a genius at organizational leadership. 2007.

Our Bodies, Ourselves: Menopause     RC 66354
16 hours 32 minutes
by Boston Women’s Health Book Collective
read by Kerry Dukin
Describes the process of menopause for women and covers health-care options for its symptoms. Includes medical and alternative treatments such as stress management, diet, and exercise. Discusses scientific research studies and encourages women to focus on making good personal health-care decisions. Highlights women’s natural life transitions. 2006.

The Iliad     RC 66356
25 hours 54 minutes
by Homer
read by Fred Major
Robert Fagles’s 1990 translation of the Greek epic poem written during the eighth century B.C.E. and attributed to Homer. Relates the events of a few days of battle near the end of the Trojan War. Focuses on Achilles’s withdrawal from the fight and its disastrous effects on the Greek campaign. 1990.

The Ethical Gourmet     DB/RC 66370
11 hours 43 minutes
by Jay Weinstein
read by Butch Hoover
Guide to purchasing and preparing environmentally friendly and ethically produced foods. Includes more than one hundred recipes featuring organic fruits and vegetables and humanely raised meat and poultry. Provides information on pesticides, agriculture, and aquaculture, as well as shopping tips and resources for finding ingredients. 2006.

Unruly Americans and the Origins of the Constitution     DB/RC 66397
10 hours 3 minutes
by Woody Holton
read by Peter Johnson
History professor asserts that the ratifiers of the Constitution were more concerned with attracting investors to America than with protecting civil liberties. Discusses citizens’ reactions to the original document and the small-farmer rebellions that impelled the passage of the Bill of Rights. National Book Award finalist. 2007.

I Wish I’d Been There: Twenty Historians Bring to Life Dramatic Events That Changed America     RC 66476
12 hours 29 minutes
edited by Byron Hollinshead
read by Joe Wilson
Historians discuss events from U.S. history that they would have liked to witness firsthand. Mary Beth Norton examines the Salem witchcraft trials. Paul Nagel imagines himself at the 1841 Amistad trial. Thomas Fleming joins the 1859 raid on Harpers Ferry. Clayborne Carson remembers the 1963 March on Washington. 2006.

The French Foreign Legion: A Complete History of the Legendary Fighting Force     DB/RC 66484
39 hours 45 minutes
by Douglas Porch
read by Fred Major
History of the multinational military force established in 1831 and its relationship to the French army and society. Describes the elite troops’ role in France’s colonial wars—including those in Algeria and Indochina—and both world wars. Uses primary sources and historical accounts to document the legion’s battles and leaders. Violence. 1991.

Curveball: Spies, Lies, and the Con Man Who Caused a War     RC 66485
12 hours 3 minutes
by Bob Drogin
read by Mark Ashby
Investigates CIA reliance on unverified information from Ahmed Hassan Mohammed, “Curveball,” an Iraqi chemical engineer who sought political asylum in Germany in 1999. Examines the discovery, during interrogations that occurred after the invasion of Iraq, that the defector’s prewar tales of Saddam’s mobile weapons of mass destruction were fabricated. 2007.

Two Lives: Gertrude and Alice     RC 66529
4 hours 32 minutes
by Janet Malcolm
read by Mary Kane
Literary biography describes the forty-year relationship between Gertrude Stein (1874–1946) and Alice B. Toklas (1877–1967). Discusses their friendships with writers and artists and the Jewish couple’s living conditions in Paris and in a French village during the Nazi occupation of France. Examines Stein’s writing. 2007.

Music Is My Mistress     RC 66574
17 hours 54 minutes
by Edward Kennedy Ellington
read by Peter Jay Fernandez
Autobiography of bandleader, composer, and jazz musician Duke Ellington (1899–1974). Describes Ellington’s childhood in Washington, D.C., his fellow artists, his 1923 arrival in New York City, subsequent worldwide tours, and his philosophy of life. 1973.

Panama Fever: The Epic Story of One of the Greatest Human Achievements of All Time—the Building of the Panama Canal     DB/RC 66585
20 hours 40 minutes
by Matthew Parker
read by Jonathan Davis
History of the engineering feat of constructing the Panama Canal, which was begun by France in the 1880s but completed by the United States in 1914. Highlights the imperial vision behind the canal and the social inequities that befell its labor force. Some violence. 2007.

Can’t Buy Me Love: The Beatles, Britain, and America     DB/RC 66593
31 hours 56 minutes
by Jonathan Gould
read by George Holmes
Biography of the Beatles includes social commentary and music and lyric analysis. Explains the revolutionary effect the band had on the 1960s music industry and popular culture. Examines the group’s transformation into an international phenomenon and discusses the 1980 murder of John Lennon that dashed reunion hopes. 2007.

America Dreaming: How Youth Changed America in the Sixties     DB/RC 66633
8 hours 19 minutes
by Laban Carrick Hill
read by John Polk
Chronicles the life of American teenagers who came of age during the 1960s. Highlights the cultural, social, and political changes that occurred due to the activism of the era. Using primary sources, examines civil rights, women’s liberation, antiwar, and environmental movements. For senior high readers. 2007.

The Great Awakening: Reviving Faith and Politics in a Post-Religious Right America     RC 66638
13 hours 12 minutes
by Jim Wallis
read by Butch Hoover
Author of God’s Politics (RC 59930) asserts that change is in the air in America. Urges faith communities to use politics for the common good and to fight poverty, social injustice, environmental woes, disease, violence, and other problems threatening humankind. Presents accounts of people who are making a difference. 2008.

The Bin Ladens: An Arabian Family in the American Century     DB/RC 66746
24 hours 19 minutes
by Steve Coll
read by Erik Sandvold
Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Ghost Wars (RC 57940) outlines the history of the Arabian peninsula’s Bin Laden family. Begins with patriarch Mohamed Bin Laden, an illiterate Yemeni bricklayer who established a building company in Saudi Arabia in 1931 and fathered fifty-four children. Charts the path of son Osama. Bestseller. 2008.

Supermob: How Sidney Korshak and His Criminal Associates Became America’s Hidden Power Brokers     DB/RC 66754
28 hours 21 minutes
by Gus Russo
read by Jake Williams
Asserts that the Supermob—capitalists who covertly fronted for organized crime—influenced the U.S. economy from the 1930s through the 1980s. Focuses on Chicago-born Jewish attorney Sidney “the Fixer” Korshak, who allegedly brokered Hollywood and Mafia deals involving casino monopolies and land seized from interned Japanese Americans. Violence and strong language. 2006.

The California Gold Rush and the Coming of the Civil War     DB/RC 66763
10 hours 52 minutes
by Leonard L. Richards
read by Jake Williams
History professor chronicles the fight for California between pro- and antislavery groups after the Mexican War. Describes the impact the discovery of gold had on the political climate, the rush for statehood, and an 1859 duel between senator David Broderick and state supreme court judge David S. Terry. 2007.

Time and Materials: Poems 1997–2005     RC 66784
2 hours 14 minutes
by Robert Hass
read by John Lescault
The former U.S. poet laureate presents a collection of poems in a variety of styles on a broad array of contemporary topics. In “State of the Planet” Hass laments our abuse of nature. In “Bush’s War” he deplores the inhumanity of all war. National Book Award. 2007.

Macular Disease: Practical Strategies for Living with Vision Loss     DB/RC 66823
5 hours 27 minutes
by Peggy R. Wolfe
read by Mitzi Friedlander
Author offers ideas and strategies for living with declining vision and provides examples from her own experience. Suggests ways to organize one’s home and deal with financial and legal affairs. Encourages others to embrace technology to enjoy reading, writing, and using computers. Lists useful organizations and companies. 2008.

Kitchen Literacy: How We Lost Knowledge of Where Food Comes From and Why We Need to Get It Back     DB/RC 66852
12 hours 13 minutes
by Ann Vileisis
read by Kerry Dukin
Award-winning historian chronicles changes in Americans’ awareness of food origins and production since the late eighteenth century. Cites the shift from an agrarian to an urban society and the rise of industrialized farming and of consumerism. Discusses our estrangement from nature and the countertrend toward locally grown, organic foods. 2008.

Forgotten Continent: The Battle for Latin America’s Soul     DB/RC 66906
17 hours 54 minutes
by Michael Reid
read by Mark Ashby
Reporter examines the economic and political progress made by Latin American countries from 1980 to 2007. Also chronicles the history of South America since its nineteenth-century struggles for independence from colonial powers. Recommends that the United States provide more- equitable trade deals and greater development aid to Latin America. 2007.

Life beyond Measure: Letters to My Great-Granddaughter     DB/RC 66936
8 hours 38 minutes
by Sidney Poitier
read by Bob Moore
Academy Award-winning African American actor and author of memoirs This Life (RC 63615) and The Measure of a Man (RC 50313) recounts life lessons and philosophies in twenty-three autobiographical letters to his great-granddaughter, who was born in 2005. Discusses their extended family, his childhood, his barrier-breaking acting career, and the environment. 2008.

Furnace of Creation, Cradle of Destruction: A Journey to the Birthplace of Earthquakes, Volcanoes, and Tsunamis     RC 66988
9 hours 25 minutes
by Roy Chester
read by Jake Williams
British oceanographer explains the development of the field of geology and the science of plate tectonics. Highlights natural disasters throughout history, including the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, volcanoes, and earthquakes. 2008.

American Heroes: In the Fight against Radical Islam     RC 66999
10 hours 50 minutes
by Oliver North
read by Jake Williams
Former marine presents firsthand accounts of American soldiers who are fighting the war on terror in Afghanistan, Iraq, the Persian Gulf, and the Philippines. North chronicles his visits to the front lines and profiles men and women as they risk their lives to track down enemy insurgents. 2008.

The Rolling Stone Interviews     RC 67012
16 hours 34 minutes
edited by Jann S. Wenner and Joe Levy
read by Erik Sandvold
Excerpts of interviews spanning four decades of Rolling Stone magazine. Features John Lennon on the Beatles breakup, George Lucas on Star Wars, and discussions with Bono, Kurt Cobain, Ray Charles, Ozzy Osbourne, Eminem, Joni Mitchell, and other musicians, directors, writers, politicians, and pop-culture icons. Strong language. 2007.

The Killing of Major Denis Mahon: A Mystery of Old Ireland     RC 67013
13 hours 24 minutes
by Peter Duffy
read by Jim Zeiger
Researches the pivotal 1847 murder of Anglo Irish landlord Denis Mahon during the Great Irish Famine of 1845–1850. Details the conditions that led to animosity between Mahon and his laborers, including the tactics Mahon used to rid his property of unwanted tenants: bribery, evictions, and emigration aboard disease-ridden ships. 2007.

Marie-Thérèse, Child of Terror: The Fate of Marie Antoinette’s Daughter     RC 67018
19 hours 9 minutes
by Susan Nagel
read by Gabriella Cavallero
Biography of Marie-Thérèse (1778– 1851), the daughter of France’s King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. Describes her escape from the Temple prison at the age of seventeen, her childless marriage to a Bourbon cousin, and her exile after surviving threats of abduction and assassination. 2008.

Up till Now: The Autobiography     RC 67034
15 hours 41 minutes
by William Shatner
read by Richard Davidson
Shatner reminisces about his life and acting career, poking fun at his own experiences. Describes playing Captain Kirk in the Star Trek series and starring in shows such as Boston Legal. Details his personal successes and tragedies, including the accidental death of his wife Narine. Some strong language. 2008.

William Wilberforce: The Life of the Great Anti-Slave Trade Campaigner     RC 67041
26 hours 23 minutes
by William Hague
read by George Holmes
Biography of British parliamentarian William Wilberforce (1759–1833), who passed the 1807 Slave Trade Abolition Bill and legislation to reform the morality of England. Details the military and political wars of Wilberforce’s era, his ties to colleague William Pitt the Younger, and his 1785 conversion to evangelical Christianity. 2007.

Down the Nile: Alone in a Fisherman’s Skiff     DB/RC 67048
11 hours 30 minutes
by Rosemary Mahoney
read by Alice Rosengard
Rower and award-winning author recounts her 120-mile solo journey along the Nile between the Egyptian cities of Aswan and Qena. Describes her search for a boat, her excitement in finding ancient ruins, and the obstacles she faced as she confronted searing heat and cultural differences. Strong language. 2007.

One Man’s West     RC 67054
13 hours 7 minutes
by David Lavender
read by Frank Coffee
Memoir of historian David Lavender (1910–2003), author of Mother Earth, Father Sky (RC 49548). Lavender depicts the transformation of the American West in 1930s and 1940s Colorado, where he spent time mountaineering, mining, and working on his stepfather’s cattle ranch. Original 1943 text with 2007 introduction, afterword, and tribute. 2007.

Regaining Your Self: Breaking Free from the Eating Disorder Identity; a Bold New Approach     DB/RC 67055
6 hours 48 minutes
by Ira M. Sacker
read by Ralph Lowenstein
Medical specialist discusses the spectrum of eating disorders including anorexia nervosa, bulimia, and compulsive overeating that are accompanied by underlying issues such as perfectionism and depression. Describes his method of treating a patient’s mind, body, and soul by using personal interactive rational therapy (PIRT). Offers treatment options and resources. 2007.

Evil Genes: Why Rome Fell, Hitler Rose, Enron Failed, and My Sister Stole My Mother’s Boyfriend     RC 67056
14 hours 6 minutes
by Barbara Oakley
read by Elisabeth Rodgers
Prompted by her sister’s lifelong malevolent behavior, Oakley explores biological roots of deceitful, manipulative, and otherwise Machiavellian traits. Draws on psychology, psychiatry, and neuroscience to examine ways people with such personalities function—and often succeed. Case studies include Adolf Hitler, Slobodan Milosevic, Chairman Mao, and Enron leaders. Some strong language. 2007.

Nearest Thing to Heaven: The Empire State Building and American Dreams     RC 67062
9 hours 22 minutes
by Mark Kingwell
read by Peter Johnson
Philosophy professor and Harper’s contributing editor reflects on New York City’s Empire State Building, which, once completed in 1931, stood as the world’s tallest building for four decades. Discusses its conceptualization and construction; its representation in art, film, and literature; and its importance as an architectural and cultural icon. 2006.

An Unbroken Chain: My Journey through the Nazi Holocaust     RC 67065
4 hours 59 minutes
by Henry A. Oertelt
read by Ken Kliban
Author describes living with his older brother and mother in Berlin when the Nazis came to power. Discusses ways the Jewish family avoided capture with the help of Christian friends until June 1943. Highlights eighteen coincidences that enabled the brothers to survive. Violence. For senior high and older readers. 2000.

Unbowed: A Memoir     RC 67068
13 hours 44 minutes
by Wangari Muta Maathai
read by Lisette Lecat
Memoir of Nobel Peace Prize winner, environmentalist, and political activist. Maathai, raised in colonial Africa, describes her return to the newly independent Kenya in 1966 after studying abroad. Discusses her founding the Green Belt Movement and mobilizing women to reforest the land and become educated. Hurston/Wright Legacy Award. 2006.

The Art of Simple Food     DB/RC 67096
19 hours 10 minutes
by Alice Waters
read by Kerry Dukin
Restaurant owner and chef offers recipes based on principles that support local farmers and foods produced by sustainable, environmentally responsible, and humane methods. Includes suggestions for sauces, salads, soup, pasta, bread, grains, eggs, vegetables, fish, poultry, meat, and desserts. Offers tips on cooking techniques and stocking a pantry. 2007.

The Last Campaign: Robert F. Kennedy and Eighty-two Days That Inspired America     RC 67171
12 hours 14 minutes
by Thurston Clarke
read by Bill Wallace
Chronicles the final weeks of Robert Kennedy’s campaign for the U.S. presidency that ceased with his June 5, 1968, assassination in Los Angeles. Describes the political agenda of Kennedy, a U.S. senator from New York: stop the Vietnam War, ensure civil rights, and end poverty. Some strong language. 2008.

Work 101: Learning the Ropes of the Workplace without Hanging Yourself     DB/RC 67206
8 hours 5 minutes
by Elizabeth Freedman
read by Margaret Strom
Corporate career consultant presents her office rules for the novice professional. Covers many aspects of work conduct, including building relationships with coworkers and supervisors, showcasing strengths in meetings, mastering communication, and handling promotions and resignations. Explains e-mail pitfalls and dress codes. 2007.

The Nice Girl Syndrome: Stop Being Manipulated and Abused—and Start Standing Up for Yourself     DB/RC 67216
9 hours 21 minutes
by Beverly Engel
read by Margaret Strom
Domestic-abuse expert advises women to become stronger and take charge of their own lives. Discusses the societal traditions that condition women to be “nice girls” but may set them up to be used and/or abused. Offers suggestions for overcoming negative behaviors and empowering oneself. 2008.

The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher: A Shocking Murder and the Undoing of a Great Victorian Detective     RC 67266
10 hours 52 minutes
by Kate Summerscale
read by Kristin Allison
Examines the 1860 murder of three-year-old Saville Kent on an English estate. Chronicles the investigation by Scotland Yard detective inspector Jonathan Whicher, who suspected a Kent family member but, due to controversial methods and lack of evidence, found himself widely scorned. Describes this case’s inspiration of the detective-novel genre. Edgar Award nominee. 2008.

The Place to Be: Washington, CBS, and the Glory Days of Television News     RC 67270
14 hours 6 minutes
by Roger Mudd
read by Jake Williams
Award-winning television news anchor recalls working at CBS in the 1960s and 1970s and includes interviews with former colleagues. Describes breaking the news of the civil rights movement, the Vietnam War, and Watergate. Details his split with the network after being passed over to replace Walter Cronkite in 1980. 2008.

Life with My Sister Madonna     DB/RC 67297
11 hours 14 minutes
by Christopher Ciccone
read by Alec Volz
A gay younger brother relates his view of the superstar singer. Ciccone describes growing up with Madonna and their six siblings, secretly taking ballet lessons with her, working and touring with her for twenty years, and dealing with their estrangement after her marriage to Guy Ritchie. Strong language. Bestseller. 2008.

Bad Girls of the Bible: And What We Can Learn from Them     DB/RC 67302
11 hours 15 minutes
by Liz Curtis Higgs
read by Kerry Dukin
Fictional retelling of the stories of ten biblical women, followed by commentary on the lessons to be learned from each character. Defines the author’s notion of “badness” and features Eve, Rahab, Delilah, Lot’s wife, Jezebel, Potiphar’s wife, Sapphira, Michal, the Woman at the Well, and the Sinful Woman. 1999.

The Caliph’s House     DB/RC 67303
9 hours 40 minutes
by Tahir Shah
read by Jack Fox
Inspired by childhood vacations in Morocco, the author convinces his wife to leave rainy London for sunny Casablanca. Describes searching for a home with the right mystique and discusses the cultural adjustments necessary to live in a society that believes in jinns—invisible spirits prevalent in the Islamic world. 2006.

Head and Heart: American Christianities     DB/RC 67304
18 hours 48 minutes
by Garry Wills
read by Lou Harpenau
Pulitzer Prize-winning historian surveys the key movements and personalities that shaped religion in America from colonial times to the twenty-first century. Argues that two schools of thought—evangelism and enlightenment—have influenced society. Posits that the separation of church and state has benefited religion, as Madison and Jefferson predicted it would. 2007.

How the States Got Their Shapes     DB/RC 67306
7 hours 0 minutes
by Mark Stein
read by Gary Tipton
Traces the history of each state’s unique outline—from the era of large territorial blocks owned by Spain, France, and England to our modern-day jigsaw-puzzle borders. Discusses military skirmishes, land grabs, religious issues, and local geographic disputes that explain boundary oddities of Delaware, Minnesota, and the unattached parts of Michigan. 2008.

AK47: The Story of a Gun     DB/RC 67307
8 hours 37 minutes
by Michael Hodges
read by Alec Volz
Traces the history of the world’s most ubiquitous gun, the AK47. Describes the way the weapon enabled the Soviet Union to control vast territories, became an icon of Third World revolution, and evolved into a symbol for international terrorism. Violence and some strong language. 2007.

Really Bad Girls of the Bible: More Lessons from Less-than-Perfect Women     DB/RC 67311
9 hours 28 minutes
by Liz Curtis Higgs
read by Erin Jones
Commentary on biblical women and their behavior. Includes a modern-day retelling followed by the Bible verses. Covers Jael, Bathsheba, Athaliah, Herodias, and Salome, among others. 2000.

A Champion’s Mind: Lessons from a Life in Tennis     DB/RC 67312
11 hours 7 minutes
by Pete Sampras
read by Alec Volz
Sampras, who officially retired in 2002 at age thirty-one, discusses his career. Credits his work ethic, confidence, determination, and skills for making him the world’s number-one tennis player six years in a row and enabling him to win fourteen Grand Slam titles. Includes his commentary on other tennis greats. 2008.

Slightly Bad Girls of the Bible: Flawed Women Loved by a Flawless God     DB/RC 67320
10 hours 49 minutes
by Liz Curtis Higgs
read by Mitzi Friedlander
Study of five women of the Bible—Hagar, Sarah, Rebekah, Leah, and Rachel—and their behavior. Posits that they appear “good” but in reality are flawed. Presents lessons to be learned from modern-day examples of the same failings. 2007.

The Family Style Soul Food Diabetes Cookbook     DB/RC 67323
7 hours 39 minutes
by Roniece A. Weaver and others read by Kerry Dukin
Guide to adapting soul food—cuisine originated by slaves in the South—for diabetics. Explains ways to improve the nutritional content of popular African American dishes and create heart- healthy substitutions. Provides recipes for favorites such as grits, crawfish étoufée, and bread pudding. Offers shopping tips and ideas for church-group meals. 2006.

End of Days: Predictions and Prophecies about the End of the World     DB/RC 67325
8 hours 15 minutes
by Sylvia Browne
read by Erin Jones
Psychic and author of Prophecy: What the Future Holds for You (RC 58676) examines doomsday beliefs of ancient cultures including the Maya and of modern religions such as Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism. Predicts how—and when—the world will end for humans and urges better stewardship of the planet. 2008.

A Pocketful of History: Four Hundred Years of America—One State Quarter at a Time     DB/RC 67327
10 hours 30 minutes
by Jim Noles
read by Butch Hoover
Essays examine the design choices and related history behind each of the coins composing the Fifty State Quarters Program. Describes the varied subject matter, ranging from the arts to nature and including many state mottoes. Provides specifics of the commemorative program begun in 1999. 2008.

Our Savage Neighbors: How Indian War Transformed Early America     DB/RC 67329
13 hours 45 minutes
by Peter Silver
read by Lou Harpenau
Professor asserts that from the 1750s to the 1780s provincial leaders united the diverse European settlers of the rural mid-Atlantic colonies into a cohesive unit by using the fear and horror of Indian attacks. Posits that settlers became united against a common enemy and established democracy. Violence. 2008.

The Medical Detectives     DB/RC 67332
15 hours 14 minutes
by Berton Roueché
read by Butch Hoover
Accounts of medical mysteries originally published in the New Yorker between 1947 and 1988. The detectives in these narratives—epidemiologists, public health officers, doctors, and hospital staff members—investigate cases of strange illnesses, rare diseases, poisons, and parasites through a combination of technical knowledge, intuition, and painstaking search for clues. 1988.

Life Disrupted: Getting Real about Chronic Illness in Your Twenties and Thirties     DB/RC 67333
7 hours 55 minutes
by Laurie Edwards
read by Kerry Dukin
The author, a twenty-seven-year-old health journalist with several chronic illnesses, shares her own experiences and those of other young adults who have conditions that are treatable but not curable. Discusses dealing with the medical establishment, the world of work, and personal relationships. Offers guidance for managing one’s health care. 2008.

The Last Flight of the Scarlet Macaw: One Woman’s Fight to Save the World’s Most Beautiful Bird     DB/RC 67335
11 hours 25 minutes
by Bruce Barcott
read by Jack Fox
Chronicles the crusade of Sharon Matola, an expatriate American who directs the Belize Zoo, to stop construction of a dam that would flood the nesting grounds of the country’s last scarlet macaws. Illuminates the economic struggles of developing nations and the conflict between environmental conservation and industrial development. 2008.

The Science of Leonardo: Inside the Mind of the Great Genius of the Renaissance     DB/RC 67336
10 hours 49 minutes
by Fritjof Capra
read by Gary Tipton
A modern scientist evaluates Leonardo’s fifteenth-century notebooks in this biographical study that focuses on the artist’s use of the scientific method and his wide-ranging achievements. Discusses Leonardo’s systematic investigation of natural phenomena and his integrated worldview—futuristic in his day—that is still relevant to inquiring minds of the twenty-first century. 2007.

On the Road to Freedom: A Guided Tour of the Civil Rights Trail     DB/RC 67352
13 hours 33 minutes
by Charles E. Cobb
read by Bob Moore
Journalist and civil rights activist Cobb discusses points of interest in eight states and Washington, D.C., that were significant to the civil rights movement of the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s. For each site, provides detailed narratives of the historic events, such as the march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama. 2008.

Leni: The Life and Work of Leni Riefenstahl     DB/RC 67367
15 hours 43 minutes
by Steven Bach
read by Mark Ashby
Biography of German filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl (1902–2003), a dancer/actress in 1920s Berlin who developed as a director during Adolf Hitler’s rise. Examines her propaganda work in the 1930s movies Triumph of the Will and Olympia, use of forced Gypsy labor from Nazi camps, and knowledge of war crimes. Violence. 2007.

The Emotional Lives of Animals: A Leading Scientist Explores Animal Joy, Sorrow, and Empathy—and Why They Matter     DB/RC 67376
7 hours 9 minutes
by Marc Bekoff
read by Bob Moore
Award-winning biologist uses evidence from neurological and behavioral studies to argue that animals have feelings. Provides accounts of fun-loving mice, pleasure-seeking iguanas, angry baboons, and other creatures to demonstrate how emotions drive social interaction. Urges a reassessment of animal treatment in zoos, laboratories, and farms. Foreword by Jane Goodall. 2007.

The Prince of Frogtown     RC 67383
9 hours 39 minutes
by Rick Bragg
read by Guy Williams
Pulitzer prize-winning journalist Bragg continues his autobiography, begun in All Over but the Shoutin’ (RC 46142) and Ava’s Man (RC 53019). Reveals that becoming a stepfather to a ten-year-old boy at the age of forty-six released memories and questions about his own detested, alcoholic father. Some strong language. 2008.

Lessons in Becoming Myself     RC 67389
17 hours 43 minutes
by Ellen Burstyn
read by Martha Harmon Pardee
Autobiography of the Academy Award-winning actress known for her roles in The Exorcist, Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, and The Last Picture Show. She recounts studying under Lee Strasberg, enduring a marriage to an increasingly psychotic fellow actor, meeting success in her career, and exploring spiritualism. Some strong language. 2006.

Why People Get Sick: Exploring the Mind-Body Connection     RC 67395
10 hours 12 minutes
by Darian Leader and David Corfield
read by Kristin Allison
A psychoanalyst and a cybernetics researcher collaborate to examine illness as affected by the state of a person’s mind. They use numerous case studies to illustrate ways emotions contribute to cancer, heart disease, and lowered resistance to infection. Urges doctors to go beyond physical symptoms and consider psychological connections. 2008.

Troublesome Young Men: The Rebels Who Brought Churchill to Power and Helped Save England     RC 67397
15 hours 43 minutes
by Lynne Olson
read by Martha Harmon Pardee
Details the two-year struggle, from 1938–1940, of some thirty British Tory dissidents to end Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain’s appeasement of Hitler. Highlights the actions of Ronald Cartland, Harold Macmillan, Bob Boothby, Harold Nicolson, and their colleagues, who defied their party and prime minister to save their country. 2007.

Gardening at the Dragon’s Gate: At Work in the Wild and Cultivated World     RC 67452
19 hours 57 minutes
by Wendy Johnson
read by Jill Ferris
Johnson, a founder of the organic Farm and Garden Program at Green Gulch Farm Zen Center in Marin County, California, discusses her meditative gardening life, describes seven principles that influence her garden work, and provides detailed instruction for following her example. 2008.

Steel Drivin’ Man: John Henry, the Untold Story of an American Legend     RC 67453
8 hours 8 minutes
by Scott Reynolds Nelson
read by Joe Wilson
History professor explores the truths behind the legend of railway man John Henry. Recounts his imprisonment and forced labor for the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad. Confirms Henry’s 1871 contest with a steam drill, explores his mysterious death, and traces the evolution of the folk song that immortalizes his exploits. 2006.

The Lost Supreme: The Life of Dreamgirl Florence Ballard     RC 67456
7 hours 4 minutes
by Peter Benjaminson
read by Mare Trevathan
Biography of Flo Ballard, based on taped interviews with Ballard herself. Describes her singing as a teenager with Diana Ross and Mary Wilson, the trio’s evolution into the Supremes, and Ballard’s later expulsion. Discusses her attempts to get royalties and her death in 1976 at age thirty-two. 2008.

Fatal Purity: Robespierre and the French Revolution     RC 67460
16 hours 11 minutes
by Ruth Scurr
read by Gabriella Cavallero
Biography of lawyer Maximilien Robespierre (1758–1794), a leader of the French Revolution who became a victim of the Reign of Terror, which he instigated. Posits that Robespierre’s advocacy of the death penalty was psychologically motivated and uses primary sources to document his life. Violence. 2006.

Brotherhood of Warriors: Behind Enemy Lines with a Commando in One of the World’s Most Elite Counterterrorism Units     RC 67463
7 hours 56 minutes
by Aaron Cohen and Douglas Century
read by Erik Sandvold
The Beverly Hills author Cohen recounts dropping out of college in 1996 to join the Sayeret Duvdevan, an Israeli special-forces counterterrorist unit founded in 1987 in response to the First Intifada. Discusses his missions, including going undercover in enemy territory to prevent attacks on Israel. Violence and strong language. 2008.

Backcast: Fatherhood, Fly-Fishing, and a River Journey through the Heart of Alaska     RC 67479
10 hours 35 minutes
by Lou Ureneck
read by Guy Williams
A divorced father describes taking his eighteen-year-old son Adam fly-fishing on Alaska’s Kanektok River and having a wilderness experience together, including run-ins with bears. Ureneck reminisces about his own youth and career as a reporter while he relates trying to reconnect with Adam. Some strong language. 2007.

Indian Summer: The Secret History of the End of an Empire     RC 67504
19 hours 2 minutes
by Alex Von Tunzelmann
read by Lewis Grenville
Author chronicles India’s gaining independence from Great Britain in 1947, after World War II, and its subsequent partition. Focuses on the political involvement of viceroy Lord Mountbatten and his wife Edwina, pacifist Mohandas Gandhi, and Jawaharlal Nehru, India’s first prime minister. Describes the sectarian violence between Hindus, Muslims, and Sikhs. 2007.

The War Within: A Secret White House History, 2006–2008     DB/RC 67539
16 hours 46 minutes
by Bob Woodward
read by Bill Wallace
Woodward examines President George W. Bush’s management of the war in Iraq. Discusses political, social, and moral issues involved, including, Woodward reports, the United States spying on Iraqi allies and estrangement between the White House and the U.S. military. Sequel to State of Denial (RC 63560). Bestseller. 2008.

Microcosm: E. coli and the New Science of Life     RC 67551
11 hours 4 minutes
by Carl Zimmer
read by Bill Wallace
New York Times science writer explores the nature and study of Escherichia coli, a single-celled bacterium of which most strains are harmless but a few are deadly. Discusses E. coli’s contributions to the understanding of life and cell complexity. Explains the microbe’s role in genetic engineering and the biotech industry. 2008.

Somewhere in Heaven: The Remarkable Love Story of Dana and Christopher Reeve     DB/RC 67577
6 hours 34 minutes
by Christopher Andersen
read by Annie Wauters
Portrait of actor Christopher Reeve (1952–2004) and his singer-actress wife Dana (1961–2006) and their deepening bond following a 1995 riding accident that caused Chris’s quadriplegia. Discusses their advocacy for spinal-cord research, Chris’s therapy and unexpected death, and Dana’s death from lung cancer seventeen months later at age forty-four. 2008.

Bottlemania: How Water Went on Sale and Why We Bought It     DB/RC 67589
7 hours 51 minutes
by Elizabeth Royte
read by Bob Moore
Journalist and author of The Tapir’s Morning Bath (RC 54390) investigates social and environmental consequences of the bottled-water industry. Examines questionable business practices of companies, legal issues surrounding groundwater rights, the ramifications of plastic waste, and effects of production on local communities. Discusses differences between tap and bottled water. 2008.

Lost Genius: The Curious and Tragic Story of an Extraordinary Musical Prodigy     RC 67598
13 hours 23 minutes
by Kevin Bazzana
read by Ted Stoddard
Biography of Hungarian-born pianist and composer Ervin Nyiregyházi (1903–1987), who moved to America at age seventeen. Examines his artistic temperament and extremes of behavior from dedicated musician to reckless alcoholic and sex addict. Discusses his career and failed marriages and his legacy of musical compositions. 2007.

The House at Sugar Beach: In Search of a Lost African Childhood     DB/RC 67610
11 hours 12 minutes
by Helene Cooper
read by Robin Miles
Memoir by New York Times correspondent describes her privileged childhood in Liberia as a descendant of black American founders. Cooper relates her uprooting by a 1980 coup that forced the family to flee to the United States—and her return decades later. Some violence and some strong language. Bestseller. 2008.

Letter to My Daughter     DB/RC 67662
2 hours 27 minutes
by Maya Angelou
read by Mitzi Friedlander
Author of I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings (RC 57200) shares life lessons in the form of reminiscences, poems, and short essays with her thousands of young daughters all over the world. In “Senegal” Angelou commits a social faux pas that her hostess graciously ignores. Bestseller. 2008.

Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing     DB/RC 67697
6 hours 37 minutes
by Mignon Fogarty
read by Erin Jones
Fogarty presents language usage tips similar to those from her popular podcast Grammar Girl. Explains guidelines for choosing between terms she calls“dirty words” such as “affect” versus “effect” or “i.e.” versus “e.g.” Provides information on applying basic grammar rules, starting sentences properly, and using punctuation and capitalization correctly. 2008.

Against Medical Advice: A True Story     RC 67710
6 hours 15 minutes
by James Patterson and Hal Friedman
read by Erik Sandvold
Describes Cory Friedman’s struggle from age five with a complex case of Tourette syndrome, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and anxiety. Details his worsening symptoms despite multiple medications. Chronicles Friedman’s decision to stop the drugs and turn to other therapies, including tic-reversal training, which brought him relief in his late teens. Bestseller. 2008.

Michelle: A Biography     RC 67711
7 hours 30 minutes
by Liza Mundy
read by Martha Harmon Pardee
Washington Post staff writer describes Michelle Obama’s life from childhood through her political journey to becoming America’s first African American first lady. Discusses her being the child of a Chicago city worker; her Ivy League education and her successful career; marriage to Barack, who calls her
“the boss”; and motherhood. 2008.

Multiple Blessings: Surviving to Thriving with Twins and Sextuplets     RC 67712
5 hours 58 minutes
by Kate Gosselin and others
read by Gabriella Cavallero
Kate Gosselin, known from the reality television show Jon and Kate Plus 8, describes having sextuplets after previous fertility treatment resulted in twin girls. Details Kate and Jon’s decision not to reduce the number of fetuses, her uncomfortable pregnancy, living with a film crew, and parenting eight children. Bestseller. 2008.

Bananas: How the United Fruit Company Shaped the World     RC 67714
7 hours 11 minutes
by Peter Chapman
read by Jake Williams
Journalist examines the rise and fall of United Fruit, a multinational corporation founded in 1899. Chronicles the company’s alleged history of bribery, political strong-arming, and economic mismanagement throughout Central America. Examines United Fruit’s links to U.S. politicians and the CIA and involvement in regional coups. Some strong language. 2007.

The Fourth of July—and the Founding of America     RC 67730
6 hours 44 minutes
by Peter De Bolla
read by Joe Wilson
British professor traces the history of this American day of celebration from its origin in July 1776. Analyzes the events leading up to the signing of the Declaration of Independence; Thomas Jefferson’s role in the document’s creation; and the symbols, meanings, and activities associated with the federal holiday. 2007.

Invisible Chains: Shawn Hornbeck and the Kidnapping Case That Shook the Nation     RC 67742
7 hours 27 minutes
by Kristina Sauerwein
read by Kristin Allison
Journalist examines pedophile Michael Devlin’s kidnapping of eleven-year-old Shawn Hornbeck in 2002 and of thirteen-year-old Ben Ownby in 2006 in rural Missouri. Describes the search for Shawn and the psychological factors that tied him to his abductor during Shawn’s four-year captivity. Some violence and some strong language. 2008.

Once a Marine: An Iraq War Tank Commander’s Inspirational Memoir of Combat, Courage, and Recovery     RC 67758
10 hours 44 minutes
by Nick Popaditch
read by Ted Stoddard
Gunnery Sergeant Nick Popaditch recalls his military career commanding tanks in the Middle East. Describes pitched battles before a 2004 attack in Fallujah, Iraq, led to his medical discharge with loss of sight, hearing, and balance. Highlights his adjustment to a new life. Violence and strong language. 2008.

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The Best American Short Stories, 2006: Selected from U.S. and Canadian Magazines     RC 63826
17 hours 19 minutes
edited by Ann Patchett
read by Celeste Lawson
Twenty stories from the New Yorker and other periodicals. In Alice Munro’s “The View from Castle Rock” a Scottish family emigrates to Canada. Also includes Tobias Wolff’s “Awaiting Orders” and selections by Donna Tartt, Mary Gaitskill, and others. Some violence, some strong language, and some descriptions of sex. 2006.

The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman and Related Readings     RC 64730
13 hours 25 minutes
by Ernest J. Gaines
read by Jill Ferris
A Louisiana ex-slave recounts her life from the end of the Civil War to the mid-twentieth-century civil rights movement. Also includes a speech by Sojourner Truth, a short story by Pearl S. Buck, and related memoirs, poems, and essays. Some strong language. 1971.

The Secrets of a Fire King: Stories     RC 64731
10 hours 2 minutes
by Kim Edwards
read by Gabriella Cavallero
Fourteen short stories by the author of The Memory Keeper’s Daughter (RC 63403). In “The Story of My Life” the teenage daughter of an antiabortion leader discovers her mother is a hypocrite. In “Sky Juice” a poor village girl becomes a mail-order bride to escape her life of prostitution. Some strong language. 1997.

Past Perfect     RC 64739
11 hours 5 minutes
by Susan Isaacs
read by Martha Harmon Pardee
New Yorker Katie Schottland, unceremoniously fired from the CIA fifteen years ago, is now happily married and writes scripts for a TV show based on her spy novel. When former coworker Lisa Golding calls for help and then disappears, Katie investigates—with deadly results. Some strong language. 2007.

Second Chance     RC 64935
10 hours 24 minutes
by Jane Green
read by Kristin Allison
After thirty-nine-year-old Tom Fitzgerald, a Brit living in America, is killed in a terrorist attack, his former schoolmates reunite at his memorial service. Illustrator Holly, writer Paul, animal sanctuary director Olivia, and actress Saffron reassess their lives and make changes after renewing their friendships. Some strong language. 2007.

The Last Summer (of You and Me)     RC 64944
7 hours 1 minute
by Ann Brashares
read by Kristin Allison
Alice and her tomboy older sister Riley, both in their twenties, spend the summer at their parents’ modest beach house on Fire Island. Along with their wealthy friend Paul, they experience romance, illness, and a secret that thrusts them into adulthood. Some strong language and some descriptions of sex. 2007.

Hooked: A Thriller about Love and Other Addictions     RC 64946
9 hours 30 minutes
by Matt Richtel
read by Guy Williams
Upon receiving a note handwritten by his supposedly dead lover Annie, San Francisco writer Nat Idle flees an Internet café just before it explodes. Nat tracks down a waitress who survived the blast with the hope of finding Annie and uncovers a computer conspiracy. Strong language. 2007.

The Circle     RC 64948
10 hours 50 minutes
by Peter Lovesey
read by Jim Zeiger
British inspector Henrietta Mallin, from The House Sitter (RC 59049), takes over a murder case involving the Chichester Writers’ Circle. Maurice McDade, the group’s chairman, has already been arrested for the murder of an unscrupulous publisher. When other members become targets, the survivors begin their own investigation. 2005.

Lawman     RC 64952
6 hours 59 minutes
by Diana Palmer
read by Kristin Allison
Widowed FBI agent Garon Grier moves to a Texas ranch to be near his brothers. He is surprised to discover that troubled neighbor Grace Carver, whom he comforts when her grandmother dies, may hold the key to catching a serial child murderer. Some explicit descriptions of sex. 2007.

Cover Girls     RC 64953
6 hours 38 minutes
by T.D. Jakes
read by Kristin Allison
Michelle, Tonya, Delores, and Miz Ada are at different stages of life but face the harsh realities of family problems and urban living. They make major decisions to change their unhappy situations while drawing strength from one another and from God. 2003.

All Together Dead: A Sookie Stackhouse Novel     RC 64954
9 hours 9 minutes
by Charlaine Harris
read by Kristin Allison
Telepathic barmaid Sookie Stackhouse attends the vampire summit where Louisiana vampire queen Sophie-Anne, whose power is already weakened by Hurricane Katrina, will face murder charges. Sookie and her weretiger lover Quinn contend with shifting alliances, preternatural politics, and more deaths. Some strong language and some explicit descriptions of sex. 2007.

The Blue Zone     RC 64956
8 hours 17 minutes
by Andrew Gross
read by Martha Harmon Pardee
New York gold trader Benjamin Raab is accused of money laundering for a Colombian drug cartel. He and his family, save for daughter Kate, go into the Witness Protection Program. After Raab leaves protective custody, Kate searches for the truth. Violence, strong language, and some explicit descriptions of sex. 2007.

A Wanted Man: A Stone Creek Novel     RC 64959
8 hours 51 minutes
by Linda Lael Miller
read by Kristin Allison
Arizona territory, 1905. Ranger Sam O’Ballivan, from The Man from Stone Creek (RC 62721), hires Rowdy Rhodes to catch train robbers—even Rowdy’s own father. Meanwhile, schoolmarm Lark Morgan is hiding from an abusive husband when she falls in love with Rowdy. Explicit descriptions of sex and some strong language. 2007.

A Killing Rain: A Louis Kincaid Novel     RC 64960
11 hours 17 minutes
by P.J. Parrish
read by Peter Berkrot
South Florida. PI Louis Kincaid’s romantic pursuit of public defender Susan Outlaw is spoiled by the reappearance of Susan’s estranged husband Austin, a shady businessman. When Austin fails to return with their eleven-year-old son after an outing, Louis investigates. Violence, strong language, and some descriptions of sex. 2005.

The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever     RC 65036
8 hours 30 minutes
by Julia Quinn
read by Kristin Allison
England, 1810. Ten-year-old Miranda begins keeping a journal at the suggestion of her friend Olivia’s older brother Nigel “Turner” Bevelstoke, whom she adores. Nine years later Miranda is still in love with Turner—now a widower with no desire to remarry. Some explicit descriptions of sex. Bestseller. 2007.

Hot Dish     RC 65042
10 hours 33 minutes
by Connie Brockway
read by Kristin Allison
Homemaking TV host Jenn Lind comarshals a hometown Minnesota festival with Steve Jaax—the artist (and ex-con) who twenty-one years ago carved Jenn’s bust from butter. When thieves steal the sculpture, Steve must find it before it melts and reveals a hidden secret. Strong language and some descriptions of sex. 2006.

Gentlemen of the Road: A Tale of Adventure     RC 65225
4 hours 53 minutes
by Michael Chabon
read by Erik Sandvold
Tenth-century Khazaria. In the land of red-haired Jews, on the western shore of the Caspian Sea, Zelikman and Amram are itinerant hustlers who befriend Filaq, the heir to the kingdom. After Filaq’s father, the king, is deposed, the three try to recapture the throne. Bestseller. 2007.

Water     RC 65311
7 hours 15 minutes
by Bapsi Sidhwa
read by Yolande Bavan
India, 1930s. When her older husband dies, eight-year-old Chuyia is abandoned at a widow’s ashram. She befriends other residents including beautiful Kalyani, who has been forced into prostitution. Chuyia facilitates a forbidden romance between Kalyani and a law student that defies Hindu tradition and disrupts their lives. 2006.

The Age of Innocence     RC 65343
13 hours 56 minutes
by Edith Wharton
read by Kimberly Schraf
New York, 1870s. Newland Archer anticipates a safe, conventional future with his socially impeccable fiancée May Welland, until the arrival of May’s exotic cousin Countess Ellen Olenska. Archer finds himself torn between his attraction to Ellen and the security of a bland, but proper marriage to May. Pulitzer Prize. 1920.

The Best American Short Stories, 2007: Selected from U.S. and Canadian Magazines     RC 65379
19 hours 36 minutes
edited by Stephen King
read by Chuck Young
Twenty stories from the New Yorker and other periodicals. In T.C. Boyle’s “Balto” a young girl provides shocking testimony at her father’s trial. Includes selections by Alice Munro, Richard Russo, and others. Introduction by Stephen King. Some violence, some strong language, and some descriptions of sex. 2007.

Promise of the Witch-King: Forgotten Realms; the Sellswords, Book 2     RC 65602
14 hours 20 minutes
by R.A. Salvatore
read by Erik Sandvold
Human assassin Artemis Entreri and his dark elf companion Jarlaxle are sent by their dragon matrons to the northern wastelands of Vaasa to find magical artifacts belonging to the fallen witch-king Zhengyi. Sequel to Servant of the Shard, a novel included in Paths of Darkness (RC 60200). Some violence. 2005.

Side Effects     RC 65610
4 hours 7 minutes
by Amy Goldman Koss
read by Miriam Wagner
Sarcastic eighth-grader Izzy is diagnosed with lymphoma and describes the whirlwind of hospital visits and unpleasant treatments that follow. Her constant doodling and her best friend help her handle reactions from family and classmates as she deals with side effects. Strong language. For junior and senior high readers. 2006.

The Painted Kiss     RC 65623
10 hours 20 minutes
by Elizabeth Hickey
read by Laura Giannarelli
Fictional account of the affair between Viennese painter Gustav Klimt and fashion designer Emilie Flöge, the model for Gustav’s masterpiece The Kiss. Emilie, who first meets Gustav in the late 1800s at age twelve, enters the artist’s subculture, becoming his mistress and muse. Some explicit descriptions of sex. 2005.

A Complicated Kindness     RC 65625
7 hours 54 minutes
by Miriam Toews
read by Nicola Daval
Sixteen-year-old Mennonite Nomi Nickel and her bewildered and withdrawn father live in East Village, a small Canadian town that becomes a tourist heritage attraction every summer. Nomi rebels in the rigid religious atmosphere after her mother and older sister abandon the family. Some strong language. For senior high readers. 2004.

We Need to Talk about Kevin     RC 65808
18 hours 17 minutes
by Lionel Shriver
read by Laura Giannarelli
In a series of letters to her husband, Eva Khatchadourian examines their past in order to understand the reason their son Kevin chose to go on a killing spree a few days before he turned sixteen. Violence, strong language, and some explicit descriptions of sex. Orange Prize. 2003.

Unfinished Tales of Númenor and Middle-earth     DB/RC 65877
25 hours 28 minutes
by J.R.R. Tolkien
read by Erin Jones
Posthumous collection further exploring the lore of Middle-earth. Includes accounts of Túrin, Galadriel, and the Black Riders’ hunt for the Ring, as well as other events from The Silmarillion (RC 60367) and the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Edited with an introduction and commentary by Christopher Tolkien. 1980.

It Dreams in Me     RC 65915
6 hours 16 minutes
by Kathleen O’Neal Gear
read by Gabriella Cavallero
Sora, former Black Falcon Nation high chieftess, is blamed for the murder of a rival clan chief. Amid escalating violence, Sora finds refuge with healer Strongheart, who grows suspicious of Sora’s ex-husband Flint. Sequel to It Wakes in Me (RC 63584). Some violence and some explicit descriptions of sex. 2007.

The Treasure of Jericho Mountain     RC 65937
5 hours 50 minutes
by Cameron Judd
read by Dave Corey
1892. Jeremy Prine is summoned to Colorado by Thomas Stuart, the son of Jeremy’s deceased Confederate army buddy. Thomas wants to find stolen government money that his father believed was hidden in the abandoned mines of Jericho Mountain. The men face dangerous competition from Priscilla Tate’s hired gang. 1980.

A Christmas Beginning     RC 65944
3 hours 50 minutes
by Anne Perry
read by Gillian Green
Superintendent Runcorn of Scotland Yard takes a December holiday on the Isle of Anglesey off the Welsh coast. During a stroll through a churchyard, Runcorn discovers the body of Olivia, the town vicar’s spirited sister. Runcorn must determine who among Olivia’s friends, neighbors, and suitors murdered her. 2007.

American Gangster     RC 66051
6 hours 57 minutes
by Max Allan Collins
read by Julian Thompson
Black gangster Frank Lucas beats the 1970s New York Mafia in their own drug trade by smuggling heroin from Southeast Asia. His nemesis is Narcotics Bureau director Richie Roberts. Novelization of the movie. Violence, strong language, and some descriptions of sex. 2007.

The Daughters of Lancaster County: The Storekeeper’s Daughter, The Quilter’s Daughter, The Bishop’s Daughter     DB/RC 66094
30 hours 4 minutes
by Wanda E. Brunstetter
read by Catherine Byers
In this companion to Lancaster Brides (RC 61984), three Amish families in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, endure tragedies and romance. In The Storekeeper’s Daughter Naomi Fisher longs to marry Caleb, but since her mother’s death, she’s forced to rear her seven siblings and work in her father’s store. 2005.

The War with the Mein: Acacia, Book 1     DB/RC 66162
28 hours 58 minutes
by David Anthony Durham
read by John Polk
The exiled race Mein attacks the empire of Acacia. While an assassin targets King Leodan, the royal siblings—Mena, Dariel, Corinn, and Aliver—are spirited away to separate remote locations where they attempt to avenge their father’s death and restore the kingdom. Some violence and some descriptions of sex. 2007.

Pushcart Prize XXXII: Best of the Small Presses, 2008     RC 66171
25 hours 36 minutes
edited by Bill Henderson
read by Roy Avers
Sixty-three stories, essays, and poems from literary magazines, online and print journals, and small presses. In “Cartagena” Nam Le portrays a young Colombian assassin who is in over his head. Also features Rick Bass, Joyce Carol Oates, and Edward Hirsch. Strong language, some violence, and some descriptions of sex. 2008.

The Dragons of Babel     RC 66290
13 hours 46 minutes
by Michael Swanwick
read by Kimberly Schraf
On his way to the bustling metropolis of Babel, exiled half-mortal orphan Will befriends foundling Esme and confidence man Nat Whilk. In Babel Will becomes the hero of a subterranean army of the city’s dispossessed. Sequel to The Iron Dragon’s Daughter (RC 39034). Strong language and some violence. 2007.

Devil Water     DB/RC 66355
22 hours 16 minutes
by Anya Seton
read by Erin Jones
Follows the fortunes of British nobleman Charles Radcliffe, who joined the 1715 Jacobite uprising, and of Jenny, his beloved daughter from an affair with a working-class girl. Charles flees to France while Jenny sails for the New World, where she settles in Virginia. Includes 2007 foreword by Philippa Gregory. 1962.

A Daring Passion     RC 66419
16 hours 11 minutes
by Rosemary Rogers
read by Terry Donnelly
Raine Wimbourne masquerades as the Knave of Knightsbridge, champion of the poor, to dupe authorities and protect her father—the real knave. Philippe Gautier kidnaps Raine, intending to make her his mistress and use her to thwart enemies, but love complicates his plans. Some explicit descriptions of sex. 2007.

Hollywood Crows     DB/RC 66568
13 hours 58 minutes
by Joseph Wambaugh
read by Richard Davidson
Nathan Weiss and Bix Ramstead, cops in Hollywood’s Community Relations Office, help residents with quality-of-life issues like graffiti and panhandlers. Both men become entangled with Margot Aziz, who wants to get rid of her wealthy husband. Sequel to Hollywood Station (RC 65317). Violence and strong language. Bestseller. 2008.

Violent Sunday: The Last Gunfighter, Book 11     RC 66646
10 hours 3 minutes
by William W. Johnstone
read by Roy Avers
An assassin targeting Frank Morgan disrupts the wedding of Victoria, possibly Frank’s daughter, and Frank’s friend, Texas Ranger Tyler Beaumont. The ensuing gunfight leaves Victoria gravely wounded. To make amends, Frank helps Tyler squelch a deadly range war being fought over barbed wire fences. Violence and some strong language. 2005.

Dead Heat     RC 66742
11 hours 34 minutes
by Joel C. Rosenberg
read by David Hartley-Margolin
Amid soaring oil prices and world-wide political unrest, a bitterly divided America comes under nuclear attack. Newlywed Jon Bennett, a former presidential advisor, and other U.S. officials race to find the parties responsible and prevent annihilation. Sequel to The Copper Scroll (RC 63595). Some violence. Bestseller. 2008.

The Last Cavalier: Being the Adventures of Count Sainte-Hermine in the Age of Napoleon     DB/RC 66806
34 hours 56 minutes
by Alexandre Dumas
read by Robert Blumenfeld
Hector de Sainte-Hermine, vowing revenge on Napoleon for destroying his family, battles for Bourbon restoration. Hector is imprisoned and then released on the condition that he become a common French sailor and fight for his country. Conclusion by Dumas scholar Claude Schopp, who discovered the forgotten work in 1988. 1869.

Phantom Prey     DB/RC 66825
10 hours 23 minutes
by John Sandford
read by Barry Bernson
At his wife’s request, detective Lucas Davenport agrees to look into the unsolved murder of her wealthy, widowed friend’s daughter Frances Austin, who was a Goth. Now other Goths are being murdered. But a series of unusual bank transactions causes confusion. Violence, strong language, and descriptions of sex. Bestseller. 2008.

Dexter in the Dark     RC 66839
10 hours 54 minutes
by Jeff Lindsay
read by Alec Volz
In this sequel to Dearly Devoted Dexter (RC 66617), Miami blood-spatter analyst Dexter is dismayed to find himself accidentally engaged. Even more troubling, shortly after he commits one of his righteous murders, his inner serial killer, the Dark Passenger, apparently deserts him. Violence and strong language. 2007.

The New Year’s Quilt: An Elm Creek Quilts Novel     DB/RC 66840
7 hours 3 minutes
by Jennifer Chiaverini
read by Mitzi Friedlander
During the holidays, late-in-life newlywed Sylvia recalls New Years festivities of her youth as well as the tragic circumstances that distanced her from her sister. Determined not to repeat past mistakes, Sylvia reaches out to her new stepdaughter Amy, who disapproved of her father Andrew’s marriage to Sylvia. 2007.

Throwing like a Girl     DB/RC 66845
6 hours 11 minutes
by Weezie Kerr Mackey
read by Erin Jones
Ella is dismayed about moving from Chicago to Dallas during her sophomore year of high school, but she joins the softball team and makes friends. With understanding parents and a romantic interest in her lab partner Nate, Ella begins to feel at home. For junior and senior high readers. 2007.

Trigger     DB/RC 66853
10 hours 5 minutes
by Susan Vaught
read by John Polk
Seventeen-year-old Jersey returns home from a brain-injury treatment center, where he spent a year recovering from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. With no memory, Jersey tries to decipher the past and the events that led to his suicide attempt. Some strong language. For senior high readers. 2006.

The Garden of Last Days     RC 66982
16 hours 40 minutes
by Andre Dubus
read by David Hartley-Margolin
Early September 2001. Florida stripper April brings her three-year-old daughter Franny to work after her babysitter is hospitalized. Bassam, a Muslim, hires April to perform privately—but then Franny disappears. A local man becomes the main suspect while Bassam’s true intentions are revealed. Strong language and some explicit descriptions of sex. 2008.

Devil May Care: The New James Bond Novel     RC 66996
8 hours 58 minutes
by Sebastian Faulks
read by Jim Zeiger
James Bond is sent to prevent Dr. Julius Gorner from flooding England with heroin. Bond meets Scarlett Papava, who wants to save her twin sister from Gorner’s clutches. But Gorner has plans to provoke a nuclear war with Russia. Violence, some strong language, and some descriptions of sex. Bestseller. 2008.

Rogue     DB/RC 66998
9 hours 11 minutes
by Danielle Steel
read by Martha Harmon Pardee
Maxine Williams, Manhattan child psychiatrist and mother of three, is divorced from billionaire Blake when she meets Dr. Charles West. Blake continues his hedonistic lifestyle—until he funds an orphanage in Morocco. When Maxine decides to remarry, Blake realizes he wants his family back. Some strong language. Bestseller. 2008.

How to Abduct a Highland Lord: MacLean Family, Book 1     RC 67008
7 hours 12 minutes
by Karen Hawkins
read by Martha Harmon Pardee
Scotland, 1807. Fifteen years ago, Fiona MacLean abandoned her elopement plans with Jack Kincaid. Furious, Jack became a gambling philanderer. Now Fiona kidnaps Jack and marries him while he’s unconscious—all to stop a feud between their families. Explicit descriptions of sex, some violence, and some strong language. 2007.

The Spies of Warsaw     DB/RC 67031
10 hours 2 minutes
by Alan Furst
read by Lewis Grenville
Warsaw, 1937. Colonel Jean-François Mercier, French military attaché to Poland, spends his time socializing and recruiting spies. Mercier alerts his superiors to the threat of Nazi invasion but is ignored. Meanwhile he falls in love and rescues an agent. Some strong language and some explicit descriptions of sex. Bestseller. 2008.

Death and Honor: Honor Bound, Book 4     DB/RC 67043
17 hours 34 minutes
by W.E.B. Griffin and William E. Butterworth
read by Christopher Hurt
1943. U.S. agent Cletus Frade bolsters Allied interests in Argentina, where his father is a high-ranking official. Meanwhile Germany launches operations to establish Nazi havens in South America and to enable Jews to purchase freedom for relatives in concentration camps. Sequel to Secret Honor (RC 49601). Some strong language. 2008.

Genghis: Birth of an Empire; a Novel of Genghis Khan     DB/RC 67044
16 hours 8 minutes
by Conn Iggulden
read by Ken Kliban
Asia, twelfth century. When the clan abandons his family, young Temujin—the future Genghis Khan—fights for survival on the harsh steppe. As he grows into both a fierce warrior and a diplomat, Temujin builds an army to one day conquer his enemies and unite the Mongol tribes. Violence. 2007.

The Quiet Girl     DB/RC 67053
15 hours 36 minutes
by Peter Hoeg
read by Catherine Byers
Denmark. Kasper Krone, a circus clown and music instructor facing extradition for tax evasion, discovers that his former student KlaraMaria has been kidnapped. Kasper sets out to rescue her and others from sinister businessmen seeking to exploit their psychic abilities. Translated from Danish by Nadia Christensen. Some violence. 2006.

Wearing My Halo Tilted     RC 67058
8 hours 14 minutes
by Stephanie Perry Moore
read by Elisabeth Rodgers
Discontented author of Christian novels Shari McCray goes on a book tour to temporarily get away from her husband Dillon, a Baptist preacher. Shari’s ensuing one-night stand with a well-known singer gets splashed across the tabloids. She prays for redemption when she finds out she’s pregnant. Some descriptions of sex. 2008.

Death of a Gentle Lady: A Hamish Macbeth Mystery     DB/RC 67061
5 hours 42 minutes
by M.C. Beaton
read by Graeme Malcolm
Scottish inspector Hamish Macbeth is the only person in his village who doesn’t like newcomer Margaret Gentle. Hamish overheard the elderly lady and believes he knows her true nature. Hamish has even proposed to Margaret’s fired servant Ayesha, an illegal alien. Then Margaret is murdered and Ayesha disappears. 2008.

Virgin River: A Barnaby Skye Novel     DB/RC 67063
8 hours 34 minutes
by Richard S. Wheeler
read by L.J. Ganser
Barnaby Skye and his two wives guide ten consumptive youngsters and their guardians to the Utah desert, where the children’s chief caregiver believes the climate will alleviate their symptoms. The group endures bad weather, hostile Indians, and a military conflict between Mormon militia and the U.S. government. 2008.

The Girl of His Dreams: A Commissario Guido Brunetti Mystery     RC 67064
9 hours 34 minutes
by Donna Leon
read by Peter Ganim
Venetian detective Guido Brunetti is haunted by the death of Ariana Rocich, an eleven-year-old Gypsy girl found floating in a canal with stolen jewelry on her person. His investigation meets resistance from Ariana’s insular community—who train their children to commit petty crimes—and from his boss Patta. 2008.

This Fire down in My Soul     RC 67067
9 hours 57 minutes
by J.D. Mason
read by Robin Miles
Dr. Faye Watkins counsels women from her husband’s church on their man troubles. Among the women are interior decorator Renee, who sleeps with a client’s husband, and realtor Elise, whose lover is married with children. Meanwhile Faye faces her own marital problems. Strong language and explicit descriptions of sex. 2007.

River of Heaven     RC 67070
8 hours 39 minutes
by Lee Martin
read by Gordon Gould
Sam Brady, an aging gay man in a small Illinois town, is jolted from his solitary life—first by his widowed neighbor Arthur Pope, who wants to be friends, and then by the arrival of his estranged brother Cal, with whom he shares a long-buried secret. Some strong language. 2008.

Troubled Waters: An Alan Lewrie Naval Adventure     DB/RC 67088
12 hours 34 minutes
by Dewey Lambdin
read by Jack Fox
A Jamaican court convicts Captain Alan Lewrie of slave stealing and sentences him to death. In England, awaiting a legal ruling, Lewrie takes command of the frigate HMS Savage on a mission to blockade the French coast. Sequel to A King’s Trade (RC 65904). Strong language and some violence. 2007.

Charley’s Web     DB/RC 67120
12 hours 42 minutes
by Joy Fielding
read by Jill Fox
When Palm Beach Post columnist and single mother Charley Webb agrees to write the biography of convicted child-murderer Jill Rohmer, Charley receives threatening e-mails regarding her own children. She also must deal with upset family members, neighbors, and friends. Strong language, some violence, and some explicit descriptions of sex. 2008.

A Golden Age     DB/RC 67121
8 hours 39 minutes
by Tahmima Anam
read by Erin Jones
East Pakistan, 1971. When her teenage children Maya and Sohail join the struggle for an independent Bengali state, widow Rehana Haque is drawn into the conflict. Sohail uses their home as a base for guerilla operations, forcing Rehana to risk her life to keep their activities secret from authorities. 2007.

The Winding Ways Quilt: An Elm Creek Quilts Novel     DB/RC 67126
11 hours 32 minutes
by Jennifer Chiaverini
read by Mitzi Friedlander
Elm Creek, Pennsylvania, quilting circle experiences changes. Judy and Steve move to Philadelphia, Summer starts graduate school in Chicago, Sarah expects twins, and newcomers join the camp. Meanwhile Gwen searches for the creator of a quilt found in a church basement. 2008.

Cathedral of the Sea     DB/RC 67129
25 hours 19 minutes
by Ildefonso Falcones
read by Roy Avers
Follows the life of peasant farmer’s son Arnau in medieval Spain. Orphaned at fourteen, Arnau cuts stone for the construction of a Barcelona cathedral, Santa Maria de la Mar. His love for a Jewish woman eventually delivers him to the Inquisitor—his adopted brother. Violence. 2006.

The Duke Next Door: The Heiress Brides, Book 2     DB/RC 67161
7 hours 58 minutes
by Celeste Bradley
read by Kristin Allison
England, 1815. Following events in Desperately Seeking a Duke (RC 67006), Deirdre, determined to inherit her grandfather’s fortune, immediately proposes to her cousin Phoebe’s jilted fiancé Lord Calder, the future duke of Brookhaven. But after the nuptials, Deirdre learns Calder’s darkest secret and seeks revenge. Explicit descriptions of sex. 2008.

Between Sundays     RC 67166
12 hours 6 minutes
by Karen Kingsbury
read by Jill Ferris
Christian football player Derrick Anderson becomes mentor and backup to shallow San Francisco quarterback Aaron Hill. Meanwhile Megan Gunn’s eight-year-old foster child Cory insists that he is Aaron’s son. When the two athletes volunteer at Cory’s youth center, Cory believes his prayers have come true. Complications and romance follow. 2007.

Lost Trails     DB/RC 67178
8 hours 16 minutes
edited by Martin H. Greenberg and Russell Davis
read by Jim Zeiger
Fourteen short westerns by Don Coldsmith, Loren D. Estleman, William W. Johnstone, John D. Nesbitt, and others. In Louis L’Amour’s “The Gift of Cochise” a courageous widow wins respect—and an unlikely offering—from an Apache warrior. Also includes Elmer Kelton’s “Born to Be Hanged” and Johnny D. Boggs’s “The Cody War.” 2007.

Conception     RC 67183
8 hours 19 minutes
by Kalisha Buckhanon
read by Mare Trevathan
Southside Chicago, 1992. Fifteen-year-old African American Shivana Montgomery becomes pregnant by her married neighbor. Fearing her mother’s reaction, Shivana thinks about having an abortion, but reconsiders after she falls in love with nineteen-year-old Rasul. Strong language and some descriptions of sex. 2008.

The Seduction of the Crimson Rose: Pink Carnation, Book 4     RC 67186
13 hours 48 minutes
by Lauren Willig
read by Martha Harmon Pardee
London PhD student Eloise Kelly continues her twentieth-century research on Napoleonic spies and uncovers the identity of the Black Tulip. She traces nineteenth-century spymaster Lord Vaughn and spinster Mary Alsworthy as they try to catch the Tulip and fall in love. Some explicit descriptions of sex. 2008.

Vineyard Chill: A Martha’s Vineyard Mystery     DB/RC 67193
8 hours 2 minutes
by Philip R. Craig
read by Michael Russotto
Clay Stockton, a charming adventurer who once worked for a marijuana grower, visits his friend J.W. Jackson. When two unsavory characters come looking for Clay in connection with some missing drug money, J.W. tries to help. Meanwhile, the body of a young woman surfaces among island ruins. Includes recipes. 2008.

To Wed a Wicked Prince: Cavendish Square Trilogy, Book 2     RC 67234
13 hours 11 minutes
by Jane Feather
read by Corrie James
1807. Lady Livia Lacey enjoys London’s social life while her friend Aurelia, from A Wicked Gentleman (RC 65061), honeymoons. Livia meets Prince Alexander Prokov from Russia and accepts his marriage proposal—unaware that Alex is a spy. Descriptions of sex and some violence. 2008.

A Stranger’s Game: Bitter Creek Saga, Book 7     DB/RC 67256
10 hours 11 minutes
by Joan Johnston
read by Martha Harmon Pardee
Merle Raye Finkel spent eight years in juvie for the murders of her abusive father and her stepmother. Now free, she seduces FBI agent Breed Grayhawk, knowing she’ll need his help to prove his boss was the real killer. Some violence and some explicit descriptions of sex. 2008.

Unknown Means: An Evelyn James Mystery     DB/RC 67260
9 hours 22 minutes
by Elizabeth Becka
read by Martha Harmon Pardee
After wealthy Grace Markham is strangled in her Cleveland penthouse, forensic specialist Evelyn James and her boyfriend, detective David Milaski, can’t figure out how the killer got in. The case turns personal when Evelyn’s coworker, who lives in the same building, is attacked. Some violence and some strong language. 2008.

The Blade Itself     DB/RC 67261
10 hours 8 minutes
by Marcus Sakey
read by Jim Zeiger
Lifelong friends Danny and Evan were robbing a pawnshop when Evan shot the owner. Danny left the scene—and a life of crime—while Evan spent seven years in prison. Newly released, Evan believes that Danny owes him help with one big job. Violence and strong language. 2007.

Prose and Poetry: Maggie—A Girl of the Streets; The Red Badge of Courage; Stories, Sketches, and Journalism; Poetry     RC 67263
52 hours 18 minutes
by Stephen Crane
read by Jim Zeiger
More than one hundred works of the nineteenth-century author and reporter Stephen Crane (1871–1900). Includes five novellas; dispatches from Asbury Park, New Jersey, and New York state; war reports from Greece during the Greco-Turkish wars and from Cuba during the Spanish-American War; and poetry. 1984.

Keeper of Dreams     RC 67268
28 hours 0 minutes
by Orson Scott Card
read by Erik Sandvold
Twenty-two short science fiction and fantasy tales by this Hugo and Nebula Award winner. In “Dust” a young boy travels to another world to rescue his mother. Includes “Atlantis,” “Geriatric Ward,” “Homeless in Hell,” “Space Boy,” “Waterbaby,” two stories featuring Alvin Maker, and author commentary. Some violence. 2008.

Say Goodbye: A Kimberly Quincy Mystery     DB/RC 67301
12 hours 48 minutes
by Lisa Gardner
read by Madelyn Buzzard
Much to her husband’s dismay, pregnant FBI agent Kimberly Quincy, from The Killing Hour (RC 56869), takes a case involving missing prostitutes and a spider-loving psychopath. But a lying witness and a lack of dead bodies leave Quincy with few clues. Violence, strong language, and explicit descriptions of sex. 2008.

General Winston’s Daughter     DB/RC 67308
8 hours 3 minutes
by Sharon Shinn
read by Jill Fox
Eighteen-year-old Averie Winston arrives in the land of Chiarrin to join her fiancé and her father, an Aeberelle general. Averie is accompanied by Lieutenant Ket Du’kai, her Xantish bodyguard. Averie falls in love with Ket and makes new friends even as a rebellion occurs. For senior high readers. 2007.

Cool Repentance: A Jemima Shore Mystery     DB/RC 67309
8 hours 29 minutes
by Antonia Fraser
read by Mitzi Friedlander
England. After a scandalous extramarital affair with a much-younger pop star, actress Christabel Herrick returns to her hometown of Larminster to participate in an arts festival. Television reporter and sleuth Jemima Shore, who is assigned to cover the celebration, realizes that someone disapproves of Christabel’s behavior—and wants her dead. 1982.

Dance on the Wind     DB/RC 67315
20 hours 11 minutes
by Terry C. Johnston
read by Jack Fox
1800s. Sixteen-year-old Titus Bass runs away from his Kentucky home to seek adventure downriver. He joins a flatboat crew traveling the Ohio and Mississippi rivers toward a dangerous, rough-and-tumble country full of bandits and Indians. Some violence, some strong language, and some explicit descriptions of sex. 1995.

Freefall: A High Risk Novel     DB/RC 67316
10 hours 4 minutes
by JoAnn Ross
read by Erin Jones
Ex-Navy SEAL Zach Tremayne returns to Swann Island, South Carolina, hoping to shut out the world. He reconnects with former neighbor Sabrina, who is also trying to put her life back together. The couple face a killer—and learn to love again. Violence, strong language, and explicit descriptions of sex. 2008.

Flesh and Bone: A Body Farm Novel     DB/RC 67318
10 hours 16 minutes
by Jefferson Bass
read by Jack Fox
Forensic anthropologist Bill Brockton, from Carved in Bone (RC 67119), recreates a death scene for coroner Jess Carter—his love interest—at the University of Tennessee’s postmortem-decay research lab known as the “body farm.” When Jess is murdered, Bill becomes implicated. Some violence, some strong language, and some descriptions of sex. 2007.

The Perfect Life     DB/RC 67328
5 hours 36 minutes
by Robin Lee Hatcher
read by Erin Jones
Katherine Clarkson’s life seems perfect—her husband Brad was recently named Humanitarian of the Year for his work with a charitable foundation, and both grown daughters are pregnant. But when Brad’s former employee accuses him of financial and sexual impropriety, Katherine struggles to regain control amid the chaos. 2008.

Dragon Mage     DB/RC 67334
8 hours 0 minutes
by Andre Norton and Jean Rabe
read by Erin Jones
Fifteen-year-old Shilo finds among her late father’s effects a dragon puzzle that, once completed, transports her to ancient Babylon. There Shilo must fulfill her destiny as a dragon’s servant and savior of her world—but first she must retrieve stolen dragon eggs. For senior high and older readers. 2007.

Storm Front: The Dresden Files, Book 1     DB/RC 67342
9 hours 16 minutes
by Jim Butcher
read by Gregory Gorton
Chicago. Harry Dresden, a wizard-for-hire specializing in paranormal investigations, helps the police probe the murders of mob enforcer Tommy and Tommy’s lover Jennifer, an escort who worked for a powerful vampire. Clues indicate rogue sorcery, but there are no leads and no suspects. Some violence and some strong language. 2000.

Fool Moon: The Dresden Files, Book 2     DB/RC 67372
10 hours 53 minutes
by Jim Butcher
read by Gregory Gorton
Chicago. Police lieutenant Karrin Murphy calls on professional wizard Harry Dresden to help investigate several brutal murders that seem to coincide with the full moon. Bloody paw prints and other crime-scene clues can mean only one thing—werewolves. Strong language, some violence, and some descriptions of sex. 2001.

Damage Control: A Joanna Brady Mystery     RC 67381
10 hours 3 minutes
by J.A. Jance
read by Martha Harmon Pardee
Cochise County sheriff Joanna Brady, an exhausted new mother, juggles the investigations of four mysterious deaths. An elderly couple purposefully drives over a cliff, an ill man dies in a mobile home fire, and the remains of a developmentally delayed young woman are found after a flood. Some violence. 2008.

Dead Weight: A Posadas County Mystery     RC 67385
9 hours 31 minutes
by Steven F. Havill
read by Jim Zeiger
New Mexico. Plumbing contractor Jim Sisson is found in his shop crushed to death by a tractor tire. When forensic tests indicate foul play, aging sheriff Bill Gastner uncovers evidence of illicit affairs and dirty politics involving Posadas County commissioners. Some violence and some strong language. 2000.

How to Talk to a Widower     RC 67386
10 hours 3 minutes
by Jonathan Tropper
read by Erik Sandvold
Fun-loving magazine writer Doug Parker’s brief, happy marriage to Hailey, eleven years his senior, ended when Hailey died in a plane crash. A year later twenty-nine-year-old Doug, still grief-stricken, awkwardly begins to date again and to reach out to Hailey’s teenaged son. Strong language and explicit descriptions of sex. 2007.

Lolita     RC 67388
14 hours 40 minutes
by Vladimir Nabokov
read by David Hartley-Margolin
Incarcerated and awaiting trial, widowed middle-aged professor Humbert Humbert tells of his erotic obsession with preadolescent girls—particularly twelve-year-old Dolly Haze, whom he calls Lolita. Humbert details his fascination with Lolita and describes their bizarre road trip. Includes 1992 introduction by Martin Amis. Some violence and some descriptions of sex. 1955.

Olive Kitteridge     RC 67392
10 hours 6 minutes
by Elizabeth Strout
read by Martha Harmon Pardee
Thirteen stories set in a small community on the Maine coast are linked by the presence of Olive Kitteridge, retired teacher and pharmacist’s wife. In “Tulips” Olive struggles in the aftermath of her husband’s stroke and with their son’s response to his father’s nursing-home confinement. Some strong language. Pulitzer Prize. 2008.

What I’m Going to Do, I Think     RC 67394
10 hours 55 minutes
by L. Woiwode
read by Erik Sandvold
Young Chris and his wife of one month Ellen, who is two months pregnant, arrive at her grandparents’ summer lodge in Michigan. Ellen revels in the wilderness, while Chris feels increasingly confused about his new role. Then Chris buys a rifle. Some strong language and some descriptions of sex. 1969.

The Used World     RC 67400
12 hours 13 minutes
by Haven Kimmel
read by Martha Harmon Pardee
Hazel, an eccentric astrology-believer, runs the Used World Emporium in Jonah, Indiana. Her employees are lonely, middle-aged Claudia and young Rebekah, who escapes her father’s religious zealotry only to discover she’s pregnant—and alone. The three women bond after Claudia adopts an abandoned baby and takes Rebekah in. Some strong language. 2007.

Overclocked: Stories of the Future Present     RC 67402
7 hours 24 minutes
by Cory Doctorow
read by Kristin Allison
Six previously published science fiction stories. In the postapocalyptic “When Sysadmins Ruled the Earth” heroic systems administrators defend cyberspace from worms and bioweapons. In “Anda’s Game” gamers are recruited to generate virtual wealth. Includes the Locus Award-winning “I, Robot,” which is based on Isaac Asimov’s classic tale. Strong language. 2005.

Just Too Good to Be True     RC 67403
9 hours 19 minutes
by E. Lynn Harris
read by David Hartley-Margolin
Georgia. College football star Brady Bledsoe, a committed Christian, has taken a vow of celibacy and plans to follow NCAA rules in his career. But sports agent Nico Benson hires Raquel Murphy to seduce Brady and blackmail him into signing with Nico. Strong language and explicit descriptions of sex. 2008.

Robert Ludlum’s The Bourne Sanction: A New Jason Bourne Novel     RC 67435
16 hours 58 minutes
by Eric Van Lustbader
read by L.J. Ganser
Spy Jason Bourne, back teaching at Georgetown University, investigates the murder of a former student by a Muslim extremist sect, the Black Legion. As new Central Intelligence director Veronica Hart battles for control of her agency, her enemies try to assassinate Bourne. Violence and strong language. Bestseller. 2008.

Lucky: The Avery Sisters, Book 1     RC 67454
4 hours 51 minutes
by Rachel Vail
read by Kristin Allison
Phoebe and her clique of privileged girlfriends are planning an extravagant eighth-grade graduation party. Then her mother faces a financial scandal and her father decides to cancel the party. Phoebe suddenly doesn’t feel so lucky. How can she tell her friends? For junior and senior high readers. 2008.

Killing Rommel     RC 67457
10 hours 33 minutes
by Steven Pressfield
read by Jim Zeiger
Fictional account of a 1942 British plot to assassinate German field marshal Erwin Rommel—a.k.a. the Desert Fox. Lieutenant “Chap” Chapman joins the special forces’ North African mission to kill the Nazi troop commander before he can reach the Middle East’s oil fields. Violence and strong language. 2008.

Gallatin Canyon: Stories     RC 67458
8 hours 56 minutes
by Thomas McGuane
read by Joe Wilson
Ten short stories. In “The Refugee” a guilt-ridden, alcoholic sailor prowls the turbulent waters off South Florida seeking redemption. In “The Zombie” a bank manager hires a prostitute for his sheltered, idle son—with disastrous results. Also includes “Vicious Circle,” “Cowboy,” “Ice,” and the title story. Some strong language. 2006.

Firehorse     RC 67459
7 hours 43 minutes
by Diane Lee Wilson
read by Kristin Allison
Boston, 1872. Fifteen-year-old Rachel, who longs to be a veterinarian instead of a proper lady, rescues a severely burnt mare from a fire station. A serial arsonist threatens the city while distemper kills thousands of horses—leaving firemen stranded when a giant blaze occurs. For junior and senior high readers. 2006.

Dangerous Laughter: Thirteen Stories     RC 67461
8 hours 52 minutes
by Steven Millhauser
read by Guy Williams
A Pulitzer Prize winner’s tales of obsession, dark humor, and alternate history. In “The Room in the Attic” a young boy becomes infatuated with a classmate’s ill sister. “Cat ’n’ Mouse” reimagines a deadly ritual between cartoon rivals. In the title story teenage hysteria has fatal consequences. 2008.

Bright Starry Banner: A Novel of the Civil War     RC 67464
22 hours 10 minutes
by Alden R. Carter
read by Jim Zeiger
Fictional account of the Battle of Stones River near Murfreesboro, Tennessee, where Union troops under Major General William Starke Rosecrans confronted Confederate troops led by General Braxton Bragg from December 31, 1862, to January 2, 1863. Portrays soldiers on both sides. Violence, some strong language, and some explicit descriptions of sex. 2003.

Down River     RC 67467
11 hours 51 minutes
by John Hart
read by Jim Zeiger
Five years ago Adam Chase was acquitted of murder charges, despite his stepmother’s accusations, and hounded out of town. When he returns to North Carolina to help a friend, he’s confronted with family troubles and dangerous long-held secrets. Violence, some strong language, and some descriptions of sex. Edgar Award. 2007.

Shifter     RC 67473
10 hours 26 minutes
by Angela Knight and others read by Kristin Allison
Four tales of paranormal romance. In Lora Leigh’s A Jaguar’s Kiss Saban Broussard, a “breed” genetically engineered with animal DNA, has only one weakness—the desire to mate. Also includes Angela Knight’s Mad Dog Love, Alyssa Day’s Shifter’s Lady, and Virginia Kantra’s Sea Crossing. Strong language, explicit descriptions of sex, and some violence. 2008.

Books of Blood, Volumes 1 to 3     RC 67474
22 hours 30 minutes
by Clive Barker
read by Jim Zeiger
Three volumes of chilling tales originally published in 1984. In “Scape-Goats” four boaters discover an uncharted island that is really a burial mound. In “Human Remains” a male prostitute confronts his doppelganger. Includes a 1998 introduction by the author. Violence, strong language, and explicit descriptions of sex. 1998.

All We Ever Wanted Was Everything     RC 67478
15 hours 3 minutes
by Janelle Brown
read by Martha Harmon Pardee
When Janice’s CEO husband runs off with her tennis partner the day he becomes a multimillionaire, Janice accidentally starts a crystal-meth habit. Meanwhile her elder daughter’s feminist magazine folds, and the younger daughter learns that she’s known as the school slut. Strong language and some explicit descriptions of sex. 2008.

The Mercedes Coffin: A Peter Decker/Rina Lazarus Mystery     DB/RC 67480
11 hours 22 minutes
by Faye Kellerman
read by Martha Harmon Pardee
Fifteen years ago, popular high school teacher Ben Little was found murdered in the trunk of his Mercedes. Now when another corpse is discovered under similar circumstances, billionaire Genoa Greeves, who had been treated kindly by Little, asks police to reopen the old homicide case. Strong language and some violence. 2008.

Victory of Eagles: The Temeraire Adventures, Book 5     RC 67482
13 hours 7 minutes
by Naomi Novik
read by Erik Sandvold
The dragon Temeraire is exiled to Wales, and Captain Laurence is imprisoned for treason after events in Empire of Ivory (RC 64979). When Napoleon invades England, Laurence escapes and Temeraire gathers an army of feral dragons to defend the nation. Reunited, the two lead the war effort. Some violence and some strong language. 2008.

Being Elizabeth     DB/RC 67493
12 hours 44 minutes
by Barbara Taylor Bradford
read by Martha Harmon Pardee
At twenty-five, upon her hateful half sister’s death, Elizabeth Turner inherits Deravenels, the generations-old family business. Trusted advisor Cecil and Elizabeth’s childhood friend Robert help her deal with power struggles and money problems at Deravenels over the next ten years. Some strong language and some explicit descriptions of sex. 2008.

Street of the Five Moons: A Vicky Bliss Mystery     DB/RC 67496
6 hours 40 minutes
by Elizabeth Peters
read by Kristin Allison
Art historian Vicky Bliss’s boss, convinced of a plot to rob Munich’s National Museum, asks her to track down the unknown creator of an imitation Charlemagne talisman found in a dead man’s pocket. Vicky heads to Rome—where she must face abductions and a romance with an unscrupulous English lord. 1978.

Iceberg: A Dirk Pitt Novel     DB/RC 67497
10 hours 44 minutes
by Clive Cussler
read by Jim Zeiger
An Icelandic yacht that disappeared en route to secret negotiations with U.S. contractors is discovered frozen in an iceberg. The only clues for Dirk Pitt of the National Underwater and Marine Agency are the passengers’ charred remains and several ornately carved rings. Some violence and some strong language. 1975.

Growth of the Soil     RC 67499
13 hours 49 minutes
by Knut Hamsun
read by Gabriella Cavallero
Deep in Norway’s unspoiled back-country, Isak perseveres in building a homestead, nurturing his crops, and raising a family. But the demands of civilization eventually intrude upon— and destroy—his simple way of life. A 2007 translation by Sverre Lyngstad. 1917.

Jungfrau: A Selection of Works from the Caine Prize for African Writing     RC 67501
11 hours 21 minutes
by Mary Watson and others read by Lisette Lecat
Seventh annual short story collection includes the Caine Prize winner and works shortlisted for 2006 as well as tales by 2007 Caine Prize workshop writers. In the title piece by South African Mary Watson, a girl becomes jealous of her mother’s impoverished students and discovers a family a secret. Some strong language. 2007.

Hot Mahogany: A Stone Barrington Mystery     RC 67542
7 hours 30 minutes
by Stuart Woods
read by David Hartley-Margolin
CIA employee Lance Cabot asks Stone Barrington to help Lance’s brother Barton, who suffers from amnesia after being robbed. Antiques restorer Barton has a checkered past from his service in the Vietnam War—and may also own a desk worth millions. Some strong language and some descriptions of sex. Bestseller. 2008.

Shake Hands Forever: A Chief Inspector Wexford Mystery     DB/RC 67543
7 hours 14 minutes
by Ruth Rendell
read by Jim Zeiger
Housewife Angela Hathall is found murdered in her home with no evidence of a break-in. Chief Inspector Wexford interviews beautiful Nancy Lake, the last person to see Angela alive. But what begins as a routine investigation becomes an obsession that threatens to destroy Wexford’s career and marriage. 1975.

City of Ashes: The Mortal Instruments, Book 2     RC 67544
11 hours 41 minutes
by Cassandra Clare
read by Kristin Allison
Clary and the Shadowhunters, from City of Bones (RC 67159), are wary of Jace, Clary’s newfound brother, who is tempted by his father Valentine to join him in evil. When Downworlder children—werewolves, vampires, and faeries—are murdered, suspicion falls on Jace. Some violence. For senior high readers. 2008.

Saturn’s Children: A Space Opera     DB/RC 67567
12 hours 3 minutes
by Charles Stross
read by Mary Kane
Freya, an obsolete android concubine for the extinct human race, takes a job with the mysterious Jeeves Corporation to deliver a sensitive package from Mercury to Mars. The mission turns dangerous as various parties vie for possession of the precious cargo. Strong language and some explicit descriptions of sex. 2008.

The Mammoth Book of Short Spy Novels     RC 67570
17 hours 53 minutes
edited by Bill Pronzini and Martin H. Greenberg
read by Alexander Strain
Twelve novellas published in America and England between 1927 and 1972. Includes Erle Stanley Gardner’s The Danger Zone, about a game of international intrigue; Ian Fleming’s Octopussy, featuring James Bond; Cornell Woolrich’s Tokyo, 1941, concerning a captured American; and a Sherlock Holmes tale by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. 1986.

The First Lady     RC 67573
9 hours 43 minutes
by Carl Weber
read by Bob Moore
After his wife’s death, Bishop T.K. Wilson seeks a new first lady for his New York ministry. Four women vie for T.K.’s affections: plastic surgery fanatic Monique, choir soloist Savannah, widow Sister Lisa, and recovering addict Marlene—with whom T.K. has a daughter. Strong language and some descriptions of sex. 2007.

A Perfect Stranger     RC 67579
11 hours 25 minutes
by Danielle Steel
read by Laura Giannarelli
European heiress Raphaella Phillips’s beloved, much-older American husband John Henry experiences several strokes that leave him incapacitated. In her grief, Raphaella is inextricably drawn to a young San Francisco lawyer. But Raphaella’s guilt taints their burgeoning love. Some strong language and some descriptions of sex. 1981.

End Games: An Aurelio Zen Mystery     DB/RC 67587
10 hours 39 minutes
by Michael Dibdin
read by Ted Stoddard
Temporarily stationed in Calabria in southern Italy, Venetian inspector Aurelio Zen investigates the murder of an American lawyer who worked for a Hollywood film company. When Zen discovers that the victim was a native Calabrian, he suspects powerful forces behind the local thugs. Some violence and some strong language. 2007.

The Brass Verdict     RC 67607
14 hours 18 minutes
by Michael Connelly
read by Richard Davidson
Still recovering from the events of The Lincoln Lawyer (RC 61492), defense attorney Mickey Haller is assigned murdered colleague Jerry Vincent’s high-profile, movie-mogul, wife-killing case. Meanwhile, Haller develops an uneasy alliance with police detective Harry Bosch, who is investigating Vincent’s death. Strong language and some violence. Bestseller. 2008.

8 Sandpiper Way: Cedar Cove, Book 8     DB/RC 67608
10 hours 39 minutes
by Debbie Macomber
read by Catherine Byers
Cedar Cove, Washington. Emily Flemming, the wife of pastor Dave, suspects that her husband is having an affair and may also be stealing a parishioner’s jewelry. Meanwhile widowed sheriff Troy Davis’s former high school girlfriend Faith returns to town and other residents prepare for the holidays. Bestseller. 2008.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed     RC 67609
12 hours 15 minutes
by Sean Williams
read by J.P. Linton
The Republic has been shattered and the Jedi Council decimated. Darth Vader orders his apprentice, known as Starkiller, on a secret mission to destroy surviving Jedi Rahm Kota. But as he befriends Kota and a beautiful imperial pilot, Starkiller begins to remember his former life and question his allegiance. Bestseller. 2008.

The Canyon of Bones: A Barnaby Skye Novel     DB/RC 67614
9 hours 5 minutes
by Richard S. Wheeler
read by L.J. Ganser
At the urging of his Crow wife Victoria, Barnaby takes a second spouse—Mary, a young Shoshone woman. British journalist Graves Mercer hires Barnaby and his wives to guide him through Yellowstone Valley. In a sacred canyon of dinosaur bones, Graves takes a souvenir—with disastrous results. 2007.

The House of Djinn     RC 67620
6 hours 41 minutes
by Suzanne Fisher Staples
read by John Horton
Dismayed fifteen-year-old Californian Jameel learns that he has been designated head of the family in Lahore, Pakistan—and that a marriage with his cousin Mumtaz has been arranged. A “djinni,” or spirit, helps him decide between cultures. Sequel to Haveli (RC 42984). For junior and senior high readers. 2008.

Once upon a Time in the North     RC 67621
2 hours 55 minutes
by Philip Pullman
read by Nick Sullivan
Texan Lee Scoresby, accompanied by his daemon Hester, lands his hot-air balloon on the arctic island of Novy Odense, where he becomes embroiled in local politics and first meets Iorek Byrnison, the armored bear. Companion to the His Dark Materials series. For junior and senior high readers. 2008.

Royal Flash: From the Flashman Papers, 1842–3 and 1847–8     RC 67628
9 hours 56 minutes
by George MacDonald Fraser
read by Graeme Malcolm
Fictional memoir of Sir Henry Flashman, an officer in the Horse Guards during the reign of Queen Victoria, as he successfully blunders his way through battles and bedrooms. Flashy sinks to new lows of treachery, cunning, and deceit when he tries to thwart an international conspiracy. 1970.

The Man Who Walked like a Bear: An Inspector Porfiry Rostnikov Novel     DB/RC 67629
6 hours 51 minutes
by Stuart M. Kaminsky
read by John Haag
Moscow. Detective Porfiry Rostnikov is visiting his wife in the hospital when a burly, naked man from the mental ward barges into the room and recounts a tale of a devil in a factory. The odd occurrence precedes several overlapping investigations, including an assassination plot and the disappearance of a bus. 1990.

Some Like It Wicked     RC 67630
8 hours 41 minutes
by Teresa Medeiros
read by Patricia Kilgarriff
England, 1810. Twenty-year-old Scotswoman Catriona Kincaid has lived with her uncle’s family since her parents were killed trying to defend their land against the English. Catriona makes a shocking offer to disgraced war hero Sir Simon Wescott—marriage in exchange for help returning to Scotland. Explicit descriptions of sex. 2008.

An April Shroud: A Dalziel/Pascoe Mystery     RC 67632
8 hours 42 minutes
by Reginald Hill
read by Steven Crossley
England. Detective Andy Dalziel finds shelter from heavy rains at the estate of voluptuous, recently widowed Bonnie Fielding. When Andy discovers that both of Bonnie’s husbands have died under suspicious circumstances, he launches a discreet investigation—while pursuing an affair with Bonnie. Some strong language and some descriptions of sex. 1975.

Elizabeth Costello     RC 67640
8 hours 40 minutes
by J.M. Coetzee
read by Patricia Kilgarriff
At sixty-six, distinguished Australian author Elizabeth Costello travels the world making acceptance speeches for literary prizes and reflecting on her life and beliefs. She considers her roles as mother, sister, lover, and writer and discusses such concepts as animal rights, evil, Eros, and humanism. Some descriptions of sex. 2003.

The Pastor’s Wife     RC 67645
7 hours 20 minutes
by ReShonda Tate Billingsley
read by Gail Nelson
Houston. Twenty-nine-year-old Terrance Ellis, pastor of Lily Grove Missionary Baptist Church, was raised by his aunts Eva, Dorothy Mae, and Mamie after his grandmother’s tragic death. Now the sisters are determined to find him a wife. Terrance falls for misunderstood church member Savannah McKinney, but his aunts disapprove. 2007.

My Lady Notorious: The Malloren Family, Book 1     DB/RC 67663
13 hours 33 minutes
by Jo Beverley
read by Madelyn Buzzard
Lord Cynric Malloren is riding in a coach that is captured by Chastity Ware, a lady disguised as a highwayman. Chastity is helping her widowed sister Verity and Verity’s baby escape from a guardianship battle. Cyn joins them and falls in love. Some explicit descriptions of sex. Rita Award. 1993.

A Lady of Secret Devotion: Ladies of Liberty, Book 3     DB/RC 67665
9 hours 9 minutes
by Tracie Peterson
read by Jill Fox
Philadelphia, 1857. Elderly socialite Mrs. Jameston hires impoverished Cassandra “Cassie” Stover to be her companion. Cassie enjoys her new position but distrusts her employer’s son Sebastian, whom widowed insurance investigator Mark Langford suspects of fraud and murder. Cassie and Mark fake a courtship to uncover the truth. 2008.

Mulch: A Gardening Mystery     DB/RC 67674
7 hours 53 minutes
by Ann Ripley
read by Madelyn Buzzard
Gardener Louise Eldridge and her family move to the Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C. In their new neighborhood, Louise’s daughter discovers body parts stashed in bags of leaves. While police investigate, Louise attempts to elicit clues from her neighbors. Some violence, some strong language, and some descriptions of sex. 1994.

A Bullet for Cinderella     DB/RC 67677
5 hours 45 minutes
by John D. MacDonald
read by Jon Huffman
Korean War veteran Tal Howard travels to Hillston to find a girl named Cindy and money hidden by his late army buddy Timmy Warden. Tal discovers that another former prisoner of war is willing to kill for the loot, but Tal continues the search—and falls in love. Some violence. 1955.

Quiet as a Nun: A Jemima Shore Mystery     DB/RC 67678
7 hours 7 minutes
by Antonia Fraser
read by Mitzi Friedlander
Sister Rosabelle Mary Powerstock, a troubled nun plagued by visions, is found dead in a secluded tower at a Sussex convent. British television reporter Jemima Shore, Rosabelle’s former school friend, investigates and soon finds out that more lives—including her own—may be in danger. 1977.

Zoe’s Tale: An Old Man’s War Novel     RC 67715
9 hours 6 minutes
by John Scalzi
read by Kristin Allison
Zoë Boutin, adopted daughter of John Perry and Jane Sagan, not only faces the usual challenges of youth, she also plays a pivotal role forging an alliance with the alien Obin. Zoë travels to the dangerous space colony Roanoke to facilitate diplomacy. Sequel to The Last Colony (RC 65605). 2008.

Sweetheart     RC 67716
8 hours 56 minutes
by Chelsea Cain
read by Martha Harmon Pardee
In this sequel to Heartsick (RC 65582), Portland detective Archie Sheridan is still addicted to painkillers and obsessed with beautiful imprisoned serial killer Gretchen Lowell. He’s working a complicated case with the help of reporter Susan Ward when Gretchen escapes. Violence, strong language, and some explicit descriptions of sex. 2008.

The Keepsake     RC 67723
9 hours 15 minutes
by Tess Gerritsen
read by Martha Harmon Pardee
Boston medical examiner Maura Isles and homicide detective Jane Rizzoli team up to investigate modern-day murder victims preserved with ancient Egyptian techniques. Just as Isles and Rizzoli realize that a young archaeologist figures prominently in the case, the archaeologist disappears. Violence, strong language, and some descriptions of sex. 2008.

The Murders of Richard III: A Jacqueline Kirby Mystery     RC 67724
6 hours 27 minutes
by Elizabeth Peters
read by Kristin Allison
Yorkshire, England. Librarian Jacqueline Kirby and her friend Thomas Carter attend a house party hosted by Sir Richard Weldon, who is obsessed with clearing the name of King Richard III. Guests masquerade in period costumes and reenact historical events—until an all-too-real murder occurs. 1974.

Suite Scarlett     RC 67726
9 hours 25 minutes
by Maureen Johnson
read by Martha Harmon Pardee
Fifteen-year-old Scarlett Martin helps to run her family’s aging Manhattan hotel. When former starlet Mrs. Amberson arrives for the summer and works with Scarlett’s brother to stage an amateur play, Scarlett falls in love with one of the actors. For senior high readers. 2008.

Sleeping Arrangements     RC 67732
8 hours 23 minutes
by Madeleine Wickham
read by Martha Harmon Pardee
British Chloe looks forward to staying at a friend’s villa in Spain with her longtime partner Philip and their two sons. Meanwhile Hugh, who dumped Chloe years earlier, has unknowingly booked the same villa for his family. Some strong language and some descriptions of sex. 2001.

Rescue Me     RC 67734
7 hours 46 minutes
by Cherry Adair and others read by Martha Harmon Pardee
Three short romantic suspense stories featuring couples in danger. In “Desert Heat” assistant D.A. Elena Martinez and detective Seth King are participating in a charity scavenger hunt in the Grand Canyon when a drug dealer targets them for revenge. Explicit descriptions of sex, some strong language, and some violence. 2008.

Where Mercy Flows     RC 67741
8 hours 31 minutes
by Karen Harter
read by Gabriella Cavallero
Washington State. Broke, unemployed, and sickly, single mom Samantha Dodd retreats with her young son to her hometown, where she hopes to make amends with her family. Samantha is depressed over past mistakes and her life-threatening heart condition, until childhood friend Donnie Duncan encourages her to fight. Christy Award. 2006.

Don’t Tell a Soul     DB/RC 67785
7 hours 19 minutes
by David Rosenfelt
read by Mark Delgado
New Jersey. Tim Wallace, who was falsely accused of his wife’s recent boating death, encounters a stranger in a bar. This drunken person confesses to a murder, even revealing the body’s location. When Tim is suspected of the second killing, he flees—and uncovers a terrorist plot. Some violence and some strong language. 2008.

Mister Pip     DB/RC 67788
7 hours 3 minutes
by Lloyd Jones
read by Margaret Strom
Tom Watts, the lone white man on a war-torn Pacific island, volunteers as schoolmaster and begins reading Charles Dickens’s Great Expectations to his students. The novel helps thirteen-year-old Matilda escape from the horrors of reality, even when the violence reaches her village. Some violence and some strong language. 2006.

Bad Monkeys     RC 68037
7 hours 12 minutes
by Matt Ruff
read by Faith Potts
Jane Charlotte awakens in a psychiatric detention center after murdering a man—a “bad monkey”—for the secret crime-fighting organization she belongs to. Dr. Vale listens to Jane’s life story while determining whether she is mentally ill. Some violence and some strong language. Alex Award. 2007.

A Cedar Cove Christmas     RC 68061
5 hours 12 minutes
by Debbie Macomber
read by Catherine Byers
Pregnant Mary Jo Wyse comes to Cedar Cove, Washington, on Christmas Eve seeking David Rhodes, the father of her baby. Librarian Grace Harding takes in Mary Jo, who gives birth that night with help from paramedic Mack McAfee. Then Mary Jo’s three brothers arrive to welcome the newborn. Bestseller. 2008.

A German Requiem     DB/RC 68097
11 hours 29 minutes
by Philip Kerr
read by Lewis Grenville
Berlin, Germany; 1947. PI Bernie Gunther is hired by a Russian colonel to prove black marketer Emil Becker innocent of the murder of American spy Edward Linden. The Americans also want to employ Gunther—to infiltrate the ranks of a secret group of ex-Nazis. Strong language and some violence. 1991.

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Books for Children


Sikhism     RC 63608
4 hours 30 minutes
by Nancy Hoffman
read by Yolande Bavan
Traces the history of this five-hundred-year-old religion, which originated in India. Provides an overview of the Sikhs’ beliefs and practices as developed by ten gurus, or holy teachers. Explains the traditions of wearing a turban and carrying a small ceremonial dagger. For grades 6-9. 2006.

Monsters and Water Beasts: Creatures of Fact or Fiction?     RC 65611
1 hour 28 minutes
by Karen Miller
read by Gary Roan
Presents firsthand accounts and scientists’ opinions about extraordinary creatures of land and sea: Bigfoot, Big Bird of Texas, hoop snakes, Mothman, the Jersey Devil, Sea Maiden of Biloxi, Champ, Sea Serpent of Gloucester, and the Cadborosaurus. Discusses whether these folkloric beasts have a factual basis. For grades 3-6. 2007.

Our Seasons     RC 65612
0 hours 18 minutes
by Grace Lin and Ranida T. McKneally
read by Mimi Bederman
Questions and answers about nature and the world around us during the four seasons. Explains wind, snow, frost, thunderstorms, sneezes, fireflies’ glow, color changes in leaves, and more. For grades K-3. 2006.

The Entrance Place of Wonders: Poems of the Harlem Renaissance     RC 66648
0 hours 31 minutes
selected by Daphne Muse
read by Tonya Baltimore
Twenty poems by fifteen black poets representative of the Harlem Renaissance—a revival of the arts that flourished in New York City between 1917 and 1935. Includes an introduction to the movement and biographical facts about the poets. For grades 4-7 and older readers. 2006.

Venus     RC 66872
0 hours 32 minutes
by Elaine Landau
read by Erin Jones
Presents facts about Earth’s closest planetary neighbor—Venus. Discusses its surface conditions, orbit, and differences from Earth. Explains that astronomers used photographs taken by spacecraft to gather information about the planet and its atmosphere. For grades 2-4. 2008.

The Moon     DB/RC 67109
0 hours 30 minutes
by Elaine Landau
read by Erin Jones
Presents facts about the brightest object in the night sky—the Moon. Explains the phases of the lunar month, conditions on the Moon’s surface, and the formation of the Moon. Answers questions about how astronauts survive in space and whether people could live on the Moon. For grades 2-4. 2008.

Earth     DB/RC 67131
0 hours 33 minutes
by Elaine Landau
read by Erin Jones
Presents facts about the only planet in our solar system that supports life—Earth. Discusses Earth’s appearance from space, how the Earth moves, conditions on the planet that make life possible, global warming, and information that space missions have gathered about Earth. For grades 2-4. 2008.

Jupiter     DB/RC 67132
0 hours 31 minutes
by Elaine Landau
read by Erin Jones
Presents facts about Jupiter—which is bigger than all the other planets in our solar system combined. Discusses Jupiter’s movement in space; conditions on its surface, including storms; its rings and moons; and information that space probes have gathered about its atmosphere. For grades 2-4. 2008.

Sigmund Freud     DB/RC 67211
3 hours 6 minutes
by Kathleen Krull
read by Faith Potts
Biography of the founder of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud (1856–1939). Discusses his medical studies, scientific interest in the brain and psychology, development of talk therapy, and pursuit of fame. Explains the reactions of the intellectual community in Vienna, Austria, to Freud’s new approach to treating mental illnesses. For grades 5-8. 2006.

Life on Earth—and Beyond: An Astrobiologist’s Quest     RC 67471
1 hour 21 minutes
by Pamela S. Turner
read by Kristin Allison
Discusses Dr. Chris McKay’s scientific fieldwork searching for microbes or life-forms that survive in extreme environments on Earth similar to conditions on Mars or other planets. Covers explorations in the Dry Valleys and Lake Hoare, Antarctica; the Atacama Desert, Chile; Siberia; and the Sahara Desert. For grades 4-7. 2008.

Migrant Youth: Falling between the Cracks     RC 67475
2 hours 8 minutes
by Joyce Libal
read by Jill Ferris
Discusses the plight of migrant farm workers, their daily dangers, and hourly wages. Presents facts about the educational, health, and social challenges facing children whose parents move around the country for agricultural work. Discusses available programs—and their limits—to help these youth and their families. For grades 6-9. 2008.

Hurricanes     RC 67476
1 hour 8 minutes
by Judith Bloom Fradin and Dennis Brindell Fradin
read by Kristin Allison
Account of 2005’s Hurricane Katrina features survivor quotes and a scientific explanation of the cause of hurricanes. Discusses some of history’s worst storms, from the thirteenth-century typhoon that saved Japan from the invading Mongol navy to twentieth-century disasters in Florida, Mississippi, and Bangladesh. For grades 4-7 and older readers. 2007.

George Washington Carver     DB/RC 67557
0 hours 55 minutes
by Tonya Bolden
read by Bob Moore
Biography of an African American man born into slavery in approximately 1861 who became the agricultural expert known as the Peanut Man. Discusses his resourcefulness and dedication to helping his people through teaching and research at Tuskegee Institute in Alabama. For grades 3-6. 2008.

MySpace/OurPlanet: Change Is Possible     DB/RC 67574
4 hours 33 minutes
by MySpace Community
read by Mary Kane
A guide to the small steps people can take every day to protect our environment, from buying clothes and food to exercise options. Provides ecological tips on entertainment, travel, and schooling from MySpace users around the globe. For grades 6-9 and older readers. 2008.

Let’s Clear the Air: Ten Reasons Not to Start Smoking     DB/RC 67676
3 hours 56 minutes
read by Erin Jones
More than forty kids aged nine to fifteen explain why they plan to remain smoke free. Their essays and statements are grouped by reason, from peer pressure and risk of cancer to family health, addiction, effect on sports performance, cost, and environmental consequences, among other factors. For grades 5-8. 2007.

The ADHD Update: Understanding Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder     DB/RC 67695
1 hour 49 minutes
by Alvin Silverstein and others read by Leslie Stewart
Explains the behavioral condition commonly known as ADHD, which is often identified in school-age children. Provides its history and definition and describes diagnosis, treatment, and therapies that are under development. Includes examples of people who have successfully managed ADHD symptoms. For grades 5-8. 2008.

One Voice, Please: Favorite Read-Aloud Stories     RC 67738
2 hours 37 minutes
by Sam McBratney
read by Gabriella Cavallero
Fifty-six short folktales of truth and trickery from around the world. In “Consequences” a judge offers an onion thief a choice of three punishments, but the thief does not choose wisely. In “Dinner Outside” a servant teaches his bad-mannered master a lesson. For grades 4-7. 2005.

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The Last Dog on Earth     RC 64943
7 hours 6 minutes
by Daniel Ehrenhaft
read by Erik Sandvold
Though dogs are being destroyed during a rabies-like epidemic, angry fourteen-year-old Logan chooses a mangy mutt, Jack, from a shelter. But when Logan must attend a month-long reform program, the teen and the pet, who trust only each other, are separated. For grades 6-9. 2003.

Terrier: Beka Cooper, Book 1     RC 64957
12 hours 45 minutes
by Tamora Pierce
read by Kristin Allison
When sixteen-year-old Beka becomes “Puppy” to a pair of “Dogs,” as the Provost’s Guards who patrol the city are called, she uses her police training, natural abilities, and a touch of magic to help them solve the case of a murdered baby in Tortall’s Lower City. For grades 6-9. 2006.

Cam Jansen and the Summer Camp Mysteries: A Super Special     RC 65614
1 hour 18 minutes
by David A. Adler
read by Peter Lavezzoli
Cam Jansen and her best friend Eric Shelton are spending three weeks at Camp Eagle Lake, where they play sports, do crafts, and solve three mysteries. A beginning chapter book. For grades 2-4. 2007.

Way Down Deep     RC 65615
4 hours 12 minutes
by Ruth White
read by Graci Ragsdale-Miller
Way Down Deep, West Virginia; 1950s. Found as a toddler, Ruby is taken in by boardinghouse owner Miss Arbutus, who, along with a loving community, raises her. When Ruby is twelve, newcomers arrive with clues to her past, prompting Ruby to decide where she really belongs. For grades 4-7. 2007.

Tom Swift and His Wireless Message and Tom Swift and His Motor-Cycle     RC 65617
7 hours 41 minutes
by Victor Appleton
read by Peter Lavezzoli
Two adventures of the young boy inventor Tom Swift. In Tom Swift and His Wireless Message Tom receives a telegram from a man in Philadelphia asking for assistance with his new electric airship. In Tom Swift and His Motor-Cycle Tom unexpectedly gets the motorcycle that he has been longing for. For grades 5-8. 1911.

Five Smooth Stones: Hope’s Revolutionary War Diary, Book 1     RC 65618
1 hour 40 minutes
by Kristiana Gregory
read by Miriam Wagner
Hope writes in her diary about the pranks at school and the difficulties her family is having since her father has been away in England for so long. Some neighbors are Tories, loyal to King George, while others are Patriots, favoring the Colonies’ independence. For grades 2-4. 2001.

Edward’s Eyes     RC 65621
1 hour 25 minutes
by Patricia MacLachlan
read by Gary Roan
Eight-year-old Edward is the second youngest in a large and close family whose members love baseball, music, books, and one another. When he unexpectedly dies and his parents donate his organs, the eyes that made him a baseball phenomenon go to the perfect recipient. For grades 4-7. 2007.

Free Baseball     RC 65748
3 hours 56 minutes
by Sue Corbett
read by Julian Thompson
While attending a baseball game for which he won free tickets, eleven-year-old Felix Piloto sneaks into the locker room to ask some questions about his father—a baseball star in Cuba. Mistaken for a new batboy, Felix runs away with the team for a few wonderful days. For grades 4-7. 2006.

Snakehead: An Alex Rider Adventure     RC 65749
10 hours 43 minutes
by Anthony Horowitz
read by Michael Russotto
Alex reluctantly agrees to the Australian Secret Service’s request to travel to Bangkok to infiltrate the Southeast Asia Snakehead gang, which smuggles drugs, weapons, and people. While working on this dangerous mission, he uncovers information about the murder of his parents. For grades 6-9. 2007.

Ten Ways to Make My Sister Disappear     RC 65938
2 hours 46 minutes
by Norma Fox Mazer
read by Miriam Wagner
Since ten-year-old Sprig’s sister Dakota turned twelve, she’s become a bossy know-it-all, making Sprig wish her sister would disappear. But with their father working far away in Afghanistan, a neighbor’s unexpected illness, and best friend problems, Sprig realizes she may need Dakota after all. For grades 4-7. 2007.

We Are Patriots: Hope’s Revolutionary War Diary, Book 2     RC 65947
1 hour 45 minutes
by Kristiana Gregory
read by Miriam Wagner
Philadelphia, 1777. Ten-year-old Hope records the effects of the war on her household. Her father is away fighting for the Patriots and her best friend’s family is secretly siding with the Tories. For grades 2-4. 2002.

Sammy Keyes and the Wild Things: A Sammy Keyes Mystery     RC 66127
6 hours 34 minutes
by Wendelin Van Draanen
read by Erin Jones
When Sammy joins a Girl Scout camping trip to observe endangered wild condors, she deals with scorpions and poison oak. But finding an injured condor leads Sammy and two other girls to bigger problems—getting lost in the canyon and running into a dangerous poacher. For grades 5-8. 2007.

The Nixie’s Song: Beyond the Spiderwick Chronicles, Book 1     RC 66427
1 hour 12 minutes
by Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black
read by Kimberly Schraf
Nick Vargas is annoyed that his father has remarried and stuck him with a stepsister, Laurie, who believes in faeries. But then he finds a four-leaf clover that enables him to see a water nixie. Soon he and Laurie are hunting for the nixie’s missing sisters. For grades 3-6. 2007.

The Willoughbys     RC 66649
4 hours 20 minutes
by Lois Lowry
read by Celeste Lawson
The four Willoughby children plot to become orphans, not realizing that their parents plan to desert them like Hansel and Gretel. The children’s tale involves an abandoned infant, a no-nonsense nanny, long-lost heirs, villains, and benefactors. For grades 4-7. 2008.

Into the Wild: Warriors, Book 1     DB/RC 66677
7 hours 37 minutes
by Erin Hunter
read by Patrick Downer
A young house cat, Rusty—later renamed Firepaw and then Fireheart—leaves home to join the endangered ThunderClan, one of four rival clans of wildcats claiming the forest. With noble warrior cats mysteriously dying, Rusty trains to become a warrior, a hunter, and a survivor. Some violence. For grades 4-7. 2003.

Sammy Keyes and the Psycho Kitty Queen: A Sammy Keyes Mystery     DB/RC 66838
6 hours 38 minutes
by Wendelin Van Draanen
read by Erin Jones
Sammy and her friend Holly urgently try to figure out why dead cats are turning up in neighborhood garbage cans. Sammy also deals with a visit from her mother, the truth about her upcoming fourteenth birthday, and her crush on her nemesis Heather’s brother. For grades 5-8. 2004.

The Sunbird     RC 66876
5 hours 1 minute
by Elizabeth E. Wein
read by Brian Conn
Sixth century. Telemakos, a young prince of Aksum, travels to the kingdom’s salt mines on a life-threatening mission. He must find the traitor who is breaking the emperor’s quarantine and spreading the plague from port to port as salt is shipped. Some violence. For grades 6-9. 2004.

Hanni and Beth: Safe and Sound     RC 67181
0 hours 14 minutes
by Beth Finke
read by Jill Ferris
Seeing Eye dog Hanni describes her routine duties to guide and protect her partner Beth, a woman who is blind. Both Hanni and Beth provide personal notes about their background. For grades K-3. ASPCA award. 2007.

Martin Bridge: In High Gear!     DB/RC 67317
0 hours 54 minutes
by Jessica Scott Kerrin
read by Madelyn Buzzard
Two stories. In “Science Fair” Martin’s group includes Gibson, who is not a team player. In “Bicycle” Martin’s brand-new bicycle is stolen, but he learns valuable skills by volunteering in a shop that recycles bikes for kids in need. For grades 2-4. 2008.

After Hamelin     DB/RC 67326
6 hours 45 minutes
by Bill Richardson
read by Jill Fox
Now aged 101, Penelope recalls her eleventh birthday, when she awoke and could no longer hear. That saved her from following the Pied Piper’s music with the other children of Hamelin. Thus it befell her to set out to rescue the lost boys and girls. For grades 4-7. 2000.

Swindle     DB/RC 67330
4 hours 14 minutes
by Gordon Korman
read by John Polk
Sixth-grader Griffin Bing is known as “the man with the plan.” When collectibles dealer Wendell Palomino cheats Griffin out of a rare Babe Ruth baseball card thought to be worth a fortune, Griffin hatches a doozy of a scheme to steal the card back. For grades 4-7. 2008.

The Voyage of Patience Goodspeed     DB/RC 67331
5 hours 14 minutes
by Heather Vogel Frederick
read by Kerry Dukin
In October 1835, twelve-year-old Patience, along with her enthusiastic six-year-old brother, reluctantly accompanies their father Captain Goodspeed aboard his whaling ship departing Nantucket for Cape Horn. When a new crew member incites a mutiny, Patience finds opportunities to put her mathematical ability to good use. For grades 4-7. 2002.

Encyclopedia Brown Keeps the Peace     DB/RC 67343
1 hour 11 minutes
by Donald J. Sobol
read by Mark Ashby
Clues provided in ten cases challenge the reader to try to think the way Encyclopedia Brown does and solve each mystery. Join him in cases with suspicious cave drawings, a mysterious wanted man, a valuable missing diamond ring, and others. For grades 3-6. 1969.

Jango: The Noble Warriors, Book 2     RC 67387
9 hours 18 minutes
by William Nicholson
read by Kristin Allison
Teen heroes Morning Star, Seeker, and Wildman, who were introduced in Seeker (RC 64485), begin their training together as Nomana warriors but soon pursue separate quests. Their fates intersect again when the island needs protection from an evil enemy. For grades 6-9. 2006.

Noman: The Noble Warriors, Book 3     RC 67404
8 hours 3 minutes
by William Nicholson
read by Kristin Allison
Seeker, Morning Star, and Wildman react differently to losing the island and the disbanding of the Nomana. Morning Star and Wildman are impressed by a young boy who preaches nonviolence, but Seeker is still obsessed with killing the Old Ones. Sequel to Jango (RC 67387). For grades 6-9. 2007.

Exodus     RC 67465
9 hours 26 minutes
by Julie Bertagna
read by Mare Trevathan
The year 2100. As the island Wing faces inundation and annihilation, fifteen-year-old Mara convinces her people to seek refuge in New Mungo, a New World city with a high-tech civilization. Blocked out by walls, Mara must find another way into the city. For grades 6-9 and older readers. 2002.

Toad Rage     DB/RC 67488
3 hours 10 minutes
by Morris Gleitzman
read by John Polk
An Australian cane toad named Limpy notices that human drivers deliberately run down and kill his relatives. Determined to figure out why humans hate toads and to change their opinion, Limpy embarks on a dangerous trek from his swamp to the Summer Olympics in Sydney. For grades 3-6. 2001.

Akimbo and the Lions: Akimbo, Book 2     RC 67612
1 hour 8 minutes
by Alexander McCall Smith
read by Judith Ann Gantly
Akimbo helps his father, a game warden, set a trap for a lion that is attacking cattle. When they catch a lion cub instead, Akimbo wants to keep it. For grades 2-4. 1992.

Twice upon a Marigold     RC 67624
6 hours 17 minutes
by Jean Ferris
read by Judith Ann Gantly
After a quiet year of amnesia in a small town, wicked Queen Olympia regains her memory and a desire to wrench power from King Swithbert. Christian and Marigold counter with a scheme of their own. Sequel to Once upon a Marigold (RC 56708). For grades 5-8. 2008.

The Mysterious Case of the Allbright Academy     RC 67642
6 hours 0 minutes
by Diane Stanley
read by Elisabeth Rodgers
Franny knows that she was accepted to Allbright Academy—a prestigious boarding school founded by Nobel prize-winning scientists—mainly because of her brilliant sister Zoë. When Franny finds herself acting suspiciously robot-perfect, she and her friends discover a sinister scheme involving personality-modification drugs put in brownies. For grades 5-8. 2008.

Betrayal on Orbis 2: The Softwire, Book 2     DB/RC 67664
8 hours 10 minutes
by PJ Haarsma
read by Jack Fox
On his second rotation of service, Johnny “JT” Turnbull pushes his abilities as a human softwire to the limits. Being the only one who can communicate with Samirans—large aquatic aliens—puts JT in an uncomfortable position. Sequel to Virus on Orbis 1 (RC 65150). For grades 5-8. 2008.

House of Many Ways     DB/RC 67673
7 hours 8 minutes
by Diana Wynne Jones
read by Erin Jones
When Charmain, a thoroughly spoiled teen unschooled in magic, arrives to house-sit for her great-uncle William, the royal wizard of Norland, she enters into new, confounding situations. Treasury irregularities bring Sophie Pendragon and her husband Howl, from Howl’s Moving Castle (RC 25892), briefly to the scene. For grades 6-9. 2008.

Little Leap Forward: A Boy in Beijing     DB/RC 67705
1 hour 34 minutes
by Guo Yue and Clare Farrow
read by Alec Volz
Communist China, 1960s. Leap Forward learns about freedom while flying kites with his best friend Little-Little and while playing his bamboo flute to make his caged wild bird Little Cloud sing. Inspired by author Guo Yue’s childhood during the Cultural Revolution. For grades 3-6 and older readers. 2008.

The Hundred-Year-Old Secret: The Sherlock Files, Book 1     RC 67717
2 hours 40 minutes
by Tracy Barrett
read by Kristin Allison
Upon moving to London, American siblings Xena and Xander Holmes, ages twelve and ten, respectively, are inducted into the Society for the Preservation of Famous Detectives. They learn Sherlock Holmes was their ancestor, and they tackle the case of a missing painting from his unsolved casebook. For grades 4-7. 2008.

King of Murder: A Herculeah Jones Mystery     RC 67725
2 hours 15 minutes
by Betsy Byars
read by Martha Harmon Pardee
Herculeah and her sidekick Meat visit a local book store, where they meet a murder-mystery author, Mathias King. His actions make Meat uncomfortable, and Herculeah suspects that King writes so well about crime because he might just be a murderer. For grades 4-7. 2006.

The Magician: The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel, Book 2     RC 67731
11 hours 35 minutes
by Michael Scott
read by Martha Harmon Pardee
Paris. Teenage twins Sophie and Josh Newman continue their magic training with Nicholas Flamel, Scatty, and the comte de Saint-Germain. Serving the Dark Elders, immortals Doctor Dee and Machiavelli plot to capture Flamel and the twins. Sequel to The Alchemyst (RC 65599). For grades 6-9. 2008.

The King’s Arrow     RC 67739
5 hours 8 minutes
by Michael Cadnum
read by Erik Sandvold
England; August 1100. Eighteen-year-old Simon Foldre is happy to participate in a royal hunt as a squire to nobleman Walter Tirel. But Simon finds his future irrevocably altered when, during the event, he witnesses the shooting of King William II. Some violence. For grades 6-9. 2008.

Puddlejumpers     RC 68013
7 hours 40 minutes
by Mark Jean and Christopher C. Carlson
read by Erik Synnestvedt
Raised in a Chicago orphanage since he was three, thirteen-year-old delinquent Ernie Banks spends a few weeks working on Russ Frazier’s Illinois farm. It is time enough for Ernie to renew contact with Puddlejumpers—eleven-inch-tall people who live in a world below puddles—and fulfill his rainmaker destiny. For grades 5-8. 2008.

Geronimo     RC 68036
9 hours 4 minutes
by Joseph Bruchac
read by Mark Delgado
Fort Sill, 1908. While in prison, the Apache warrior Geronimo shares his memories and wisdom acquired as a spiritual leader with his grandson who is visiting him. Geronimo tells of his surrender and the many broken promises of the White Eyes. Based on historical records. For grades 6-9. 2006.

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Foreign Language Books


Pelé: Memorias del Mejor Futbolista de Todos los Tiempos (Pelé: The Autobiography)     DB/RC 65976
22 horas 38 minutos
por Edson Arantes do Nascimento
leído por Juan Ramírez
El autor narra la historia de su vida y carrera como el futbolista brasileño que tres veces gaño la Copa del Mundo, que posee el récord de máximo anotador de Brasil, y que es reconocido universalmente como el mejor futbolista de todos los tiempos. (The author relates his life and career as the world-famous soccer player who helped win three World Cup championships for his native Brazil and scored more points than any other player. Discusses his universal recognition as the greatest soccer player of all time.) 2007.

La Conspiración del Mar Muerto (The Dead Sea Scrolls Deception)     RC 65986
13 horas 38 minutos
por Michael Baigent y Richard Leigh
leído por Juan Ramírez
Los autores creen que los famosos rollos del Mar Muerto pueden contener datos capaces de hacer temblar los cimientos de la ortodoxia católica. Describen la historia del descubri- mento de los rollos—entre 1947 y 1956—e investigan los motivos del Vaticano que se sirvió de todos los métodos a su alcance para mantenerlos ocultos. (The authors posit that the famous Dead Sea scrolls contain information that could shake the foundations of Catholic orthodoxy. They discuss the discovery of the Dead Sea scrolls—between 1947 and 1956—and the motives of the Church in repressing the information they hold.) 1991.

Los Hijos del Emperador (The Emperor’s Children)     DB/RC 65990
22 horas 46 minutos
por Claire Messud
leído por Juan Ramírez
2001. Danielle, Marina y Julius, buenos amigos desde sus días universitarios de los 1990, residen todavía en Nueva York buscando el éxito. Cuando Bootie, el primo mal adaptado de Marina, viene a trabajar para el padre presumido de Marina, el grupo de amigos se ve bien turbado. Algunas descripciones de índole sexual, de violencia, y de lenguaje injurioso. (2001. College friends Marina, Danielle, and Julius, residents of New York City since the 1990s, are still striving for success. When misfit cousin Bootie comes to work for Marina’s self-important father, the friends’ social circle is destabilized. Strong language, some descriptions of sex, and some violence.) 2007.

La Hija de la Chuparrosa (The Hummingbird’s Daughter)     DB/RC 65991
17 horas 35 minutos
por Luis Alberto Urrea
leído por María Pino
Teresita Urrea es hija ilegítima de un terrateniente mexicano. Por las enseñanzas de una curandera, Teresita aprende curar a los afligidos, y después de pasar un episodio casi mortífero, sus poderes aumentan. Ella predice a la gente, exhortando que tengan confianza en sí mismos. Y mientras que el pueblo se levanta, a Teresita proclaman santa. Novela basada en la vida de Santa Teresa de Cabora. Violencia y lenguaje injurioso. (Teresita Urrea, the illegitimate daughter of a Mexican landowner, learns healing from a medicine woman. After a near-death experience, Teresita preaches self-reliance and is proclaimed a saint by the faithful, who begin an uprising. Fictionalized account of Saint Teresa de Cabora. Violence and strong language.) 2006.

Por la Vida de Mi Hermana (My Sister’s Keeper)     DB/RC 65992
10 horas 55 minutos
por Jodi Picoult
leído por María Pino
Kate sufre de una leucemia rara y sus padres deciden engendrar a otro niño (Anna), para salvar la vida de Kate. Ahora Anna tiene trece años, y después de años de procedimientos médicos, Anna no quiere ser la donante del transplante de riñon para su hermana. Y Anna busca ayuda legal para lograr una emancipación médica, produciendo un profundo crisis moral para la familia. (When Kate is diagnosed with a rare leukemia, her parents create test-tube baby Anna to save her life. After enduring years of medical procedures, Anna, now thirteen, is expected to donate a kidney. She files for medical emancipation and throws the family into a fundamental moral crisis.) 2006.

La Muerte de Lord Edgware (Lord Edgware Dies)     DB/RC 65993
9 horas 41 minutos
por Agatha Christie
leído por Juan Ramírez
El famoso detective, Hercule Poirot, disfruta de una pequeña fiesta como el invitado de Lady Edgware. Ella menciona que no puede obtener el divorcio de su marido, Lord Edgware, y se pregunta si hay otra manera de acabarse con él. Dentro de veinticuatro horas Lord Edgware aparece muerto, y así Hercule Poirot tiene su próximo caso. Publicado originalmente en 1933 en edición inglesa. (During Lady Edgware’s supper party, Hercule Poirot hears his hostess say that she would like to get rid of her husband because he refuses to give her a divorce. Within twenty-four hours Lord Edgware is dead, and Poirot’s detective skills are put to use. English edition published in 1933.) 2006.

De Cómo las Muchachas García Perdieron el Acento (How the García Girls Lost Their Accents)     DB/RC 65995
9 horas 55 minutos
por Julia Alvarez
leído por María Pino
Huyendo de la persecución política en República Dominicana, la familia García emigra a los Estados Unidos. Al cambiarse de una vida lujosa por una vida de inmigrantes, los García encuentran el choque entre culturas diferentes. Pero las hijas se asimilan casi completamente a la nueva cultura—lo que no cae bien a Papi. Descripciones de índole sexual y de lenguaje injurioso. (The García family escapes the Dominican Republic secret police by moving to the United States, where, trading a pampered lifestyle for immigrant status, they experience culture shock. Eventually, the four daughters become Americanized, to Papi’s disapproval. English edition published in 1991. Descriptions of sex and strong language.) 2007.

Un Sueño Americano: Mi Historia (An American Dream: My Story)     DB/RC 65998
10 horas 52 minutos
por Oscar De La Hoya
leído por Juan Ramírez
El reconocido boxeador narra su vida y su carrera fenomenal como ganador de seis campeonatos mundiales y una medalla de oro Olímpica. Además de sus éxitos como “El Chico de Oro” del boxeo, De La Hoya también expone los triunfos y errores de su vida privada. (Boxing’s “golden boy” De La Hoya relates his professional experiences and his successes in the ring, where he won six world championships and an Olympic gold medal. He also recounts the triumphs and failings in his personal life.) 2008.

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Audio Magazines

For a free subscription to these magazines, contact your cooperating library.

American Heritage (8 issues)
Analog Science Fiction and Fact (11 issues)
Asimov’s Science Fiction (11 issues)
The Atlantic Monthly (11 issues; combined issue July–August)
Das Beste aus Reader’s Digest (German; 12 issues)
Bon Appétit (monthly)
Choice Magazine Listening (on loan from cooperating libraries; bimonthly)
Consumer Reports (monthly)
Contemporary Sound Track: A Review of Pop, Jazz, Rock, and Country (bimonthly)
Cricket (for children, on one cassette with National Geographic Kids; monthly)
Diabetes Forecast (monthly)
Discover (monthly)
Ebony (monthly)
Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine (11 issues)
Foreign Affairs (6 issues)
France-Amérique (French; monthly)
Good Housekeeping (monthly plus special issues)
Health and Nutrition Newsletters (includes The Johns Hopkins Medical Letter—Health after Fifty, Mayo Clinic Health Letter, and Nutrition Action Healthletter; (monthly)
Horticulture (6 issues)
Magazine of the Month (monthly)
Money (monthly plus special issues)
The Musical Mainstream (quarterly)
The Nation (47 issues)
National Geographic (monthly)
National Geographic Kids (for children and teens, on one cassette with Cricket ( monthly)
National Review (25 issues)
The New York Times Book Review (weekly)
Odyssey (9 issues February–December)
Outdoor Life (10 issues; combined issues June–July, December–January)
People (weekly plus special issues)
People en Español (Spanish; weekly)
QST (monthly)
Quarterly Music Magazine (quarterly)
Smart Computing (monthly)
Sound & Vision (10 issues)
Spider: The Magazine for Children (monthly)
Sports Illustrated (weekly plus special issues)
Sports Illustrated for Kids (monthly)
Talking Book Topics (bimonthly; also contains selections from NLS News irregularly)
Travel & Leisure (monthly)
True West (monthly)
Vanidades (Spanish; biweekly)
The Week (weekly)
The Writer (12 issues)
Young Adult Magazine of the Month (monthly)

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