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Transition Plan

For: Digital Talking Book Distribution Analysis. Task 4 - Transition Plan (Final Report : August 12, 2006)

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Section 1 - Introduction

1.1 Background

1.2 Objectives

1.3 Scope, Assumptions and Limitations

Section 2 - Major Steps in Transition

2.1 Beginning of Transition and Rate of Implementation

2.2 DTB Mass-Duplication and DTBM Production Related Tasking

2.2.1 Finalize DTBM, DTB, and DTB Container Design

2.2.2 Procure DTBMs

2.2.3 Procure Cartridges

2.2.4 Procure Containers

2.2.5 Finalize Duplicator Equipment Design and Procure Equipment

2.2.6 Develop New and Retro DTB Production Scheduling System

2.2.7 Phase-In DTB Mass-Duplication

2.2.8 Recondition Cartridges and Containers

2.3 DTB and DTBM Library-Related Tasking

2.3.1 Modify Library Automation Systems

2.3.2 Make Storage System Changes to Accommodate DTBs

2.3.3 Provide Library Duplication Capability and Procure Equipment

2.3.4 Implement DAMS and Internet DTB Delivery

2.3.5 Implement New Patron Return Inspection Procedures

2.3.6 Distribute DTBMs to Patrons

2.3.7 Weed DTB Collections

2.4 DTB and DTBM Other Tasking

2.4.1 Allocate DTBMs to Libraries

2.4.2 Develop DTB Title Master Collection

2.4.3 Develop New and Retro Copy Allotment System

2.4.4 Develop DTBM Repair Infrastructure

2.5 RC Related Tasking

2.5.1 Phase-Out RC Mass-Duplication

2.5.2 Reduce CBM Inventories

2.5.3 Weed RC Collections

2.5.4 Migrate RC Titles to Multistate Centers

2.5.5 Make Lifetime Buys of CBM Repair Parts

2.5.6 Phase-Out RC Distribution from Libraries

2.6 DOD Center Production Related Tasking

2.7 DOD Library Related Tasking

2.7.1 Modify Library Automation Systems and Implement DOD Distribution

2.7.2 Migrate DTB Titles from Libraries to Centers

Section 3 - Multiyear Transition Plans

3.1 Estimates and Assumptions Used

3.2 Transition Plan for Playback Machines

3.3 Transition Plan for Audio Books


1 Estimates and Assumptions Used for Planning

2 Transition Plan for Playback Machine Operations

3 Transition Plan for Audio Book Operations

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Posted on 2006-12-04