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Audio book distribution system design

For: Digital talking book distribution analysis. Task 2 - System design (Final report : June 29, 2006)

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Section 1—Introduction

1.1 Background

1.2 Objectives

1.3 Scope, Assumptions and Limitations

Section 2—Current Audio Book Distribution Operations

2.1 Results of Additional Analyses

2.1.1 Audio Book Production

2.1.2 Audio Book Circulation

2.1.3 Audio Book Collection

2.1.4 Audio Book Collection Turnover

2.1.5 Audio Book Collection Turnover by Title Age

2.1.6 Audio Book Collection Size by Title Age

2.1.7 Library Information Systems

2.2 Site Visits to Network Libraries

2.2.1 Albany, New York Regional Library

2.2.2 Austin, Texas Regional Library

2.2.3 New York, NY Regional Library

2.2.4 Lansing, MI Regional Library

2.2.5 Charleston, WV Regional Library

2.2.6 Shelf Storage Alternative for Small Lots of RC Containers

2.2.7 Second Return Address Label on a Container

2.2.8 An Early Weeding Stratagem

Section 3—All Mass-Duplication Distribution System

3.1 Book Distribution Operations

3.2 DTB Mass-Duplication and Distribution Costs

Section 4—Hybrid Book Distribution System

4.1  Network Library Operations

4.2  DOD Center Operations

4.3  Information System Requirements

4.3.1 Basic Approach and Solution

4.3.2 Definitions of Terminology Used

4.3.3 Overall Description of Information System

4.3.4 Protocol State Definitions and State Diagrams

4.3.5 Packet Types and Descriptions

4.3.6 Server and Client Side Data Storage

4.3.7 Security

4.3.8 Error Handling

4.3.9 Debugging

4.3.10 Protocol Version Management

4.3.11 Protocol Throttling

4.3.12 Data Archiving

4.3.13 Down Client or Server

4.3.14 Information System Requirements

4.3.15 Information Systems for Production Support Within DOD Centers

4.3.16 Estimated Costs for System Development and Implementation

4.4  Duplication and Distribution Costs


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Posted on 2006-12-05