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Added Entries, Volume 32, Issue 4

Summer 2005

The following titles have been selected from materials added to the NLS reference collections during spring 2005. Entries are arranged according to subject headings developed and used by the NLS Reference Section for its collections. Wherever possible, prices of publications have been included. Full publishers' addresses are included when they are not readily obtainable through libraries and bookstores. Items marked with an asterisk (*) are especially recommended for basic reference collections in libraries serving visually and physically handicapped readers.

Requests for materials listed should be sent directly to the publishers or sources cited with each entry. Items are not available from NLS unless specifically indicated.

NLS Publications

Employment of people with disabilities: a resource guide see Employment of People with Disabilities Bibliography

Reference circulars and factsheets, 2003 see Talking Book Program Library of Congress

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

Miller, Robert G., Deborah Gelinas, and Patricia O'Connor. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. New York: Demos Medical Publishing, 2005. 246p. $15.61.

Barrier-Free Architecture--Design Standards

Americans with Disabilities Act and Architectural Barriers Act accessibility guidelines. Washington: United States Access Board, 2004. 304p. Free. (1331 F Street NW, Suite 1000, DC 20004).


Chambers, Diane P. Words in my hands: a teacher, a deaf-blind man, an unforgettable journey. Conifer, CO: Ellexa Press LLC, 2005. 262p. $15.95. (32262 Steven Way, 80433).

Biography of Leaders in Work with Blind People

Hatlen, Phil. "In memoriam: Sally Mangold." Braille forum, v. 43, Mar. 2005: 5-8.

Kim Charlson: barrier buster. Library journal supplement: Movers and shakers 2005, v. 130, Mar. 15, 2005: 34.


(*) Herie, Euclid J. Journey to independence: blindness, the Canadian story. Toronto, ON: Dundurn Group, 2005. 216p. $40.28. Available for purchase from Canadian National Institute for the Blind, 1929 Bayview Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M4G 3E8, Canada.

Zurita, Pedro. "A new look at blindness: World Blind Union 20th anniversary." The voice of the WBU, no. 3, Dec. 2004: 20-25.

Blindness--Personal Narratives

Liebana, Ismael Martinez. "One must not see in order to think better." The voice of the WBU, no. 3, Dec. 2004: 26-31.


(*) Zuckerman, Diana M. Blind adults in America: their lives and challenges Washington: National Center for Policy Research for Women and Families, 2004. 9p. Retrieved Apr. 22, 2005. www.center4research.org/blind0204.html.


Herzberg, Tina S., Laura M. Stough, and Carolyn M. Clark. "Teaching and assessing the appropriateness of uncontracted braille." Journal of visual impairment and blindness, v. 98, Dec. 2004: 773-779.


"Dots for families: ongoing literacy for families of children with visual impairments." Retrieved May 5, 2005. www.ed.arizona.edu/VILiteracy/default.htm.

Wells-Jensen, Sheri, Jason Wells-Jensen, and Gabrielle Belknap. "Changing the public's attitude toward braille: a grassroots approach." Journal of visual impairment and blindness, v. 99, Mar. 2005: 133-140.

Braille Code--English

Steinman, Bernard A., and others. "Transferring standard English braille skills to the Unified English Braille Code: a pilot study." Re:view, v. 36, fall 2004: 103-111.

Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV)

Farrenkopf, Carol. "Thin and sleek: a review of two flat-panel desktop CCTVs." AccessWorld, v. 6, Mar. 2005. Retrieved Mar. 8, 2005. www.afb.org/ afbpress/pub.asp?DocID=aw060205.


(*)Bickford, James O. "Preferences of individuals with visual impairments for the use of person-first language." Re:view, v. 36, fall 2004: 120-126.

Education of Blind Children

"Educating blind and visually impaired students: policy guidance from OSERS." Retrieved Mar.7, 2005. www.afb.org/Section.asp?SectionID=3&TopicID= 138&DocumentID=720.

Education of Blind Children--History

French, Kimberly. Perkins School for the Blind. Campus history series. Charleston, SC: Arcadia, 2004. 128p. $19.99. (420 Wando Park Boulevard, Mount Pleasant, SC 29464).

Emergency Preparedness

Saving lives: including people with disabilities in emergency planning. Washington: National Council on Disability, 2005. 101p. Free. Available in alternate formats. (1331 F Street NW, Suite 850, DC 20004). Also available online at www.ncd.gov/newsroom/publications/2005/saving_lives.htm.

Employment of People with Disabilities--Bibliography

(*)Library of Congress. National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped. Employment of people with disabilities: a resource guide. Compiled by Carol Strauss. Washington, 2005. 45p. Free. Also available online at www.loc.gov/nls/reference/circulars/employment.html.

English as a Second Language (ESL) for People with Visual Impairments

Kashdan, Sylvie, Robby Barnes, and Cecilia Erin Walsh. "Teaching English as a new language to visually impaired and blind ESL students: problems and possibilities." Retrieved Mar. 4, 2005. www.afb.org/Section.asp?SectionID=44&TopicID=108&SubTopicID=32&DocumentID=1933.

Guide Dogs

(*) Every step forward: personal accounts of the unique partnerships between blind people and their seeing eye dogs. Morristown, NJ: The Seeing Eye, Inc. 2004. 154p. $20. (P.O. Box 375, 07963). Also available on audiocassette and on CD-ROM.

Higher Education for People with Learning Disabilities

Madaus, Joseph W. "Navigating the college transition maze: a guide for students with learning disabilities." Teaching exceptional children, v. 37, Jan.-Feb. 2005: 32-36.

Multiple Sclerosis

Guarnaccia, Joseph B., and John Booss. "An overview of MS." PN, v. 59, Feb. 2005: 32-36.

Physical Education for People with Disabilities

Tripp, April, and Weimo Zhu. "Assessment of students with disabilities in physical education: legal perspectives and practices." Journal of physical education, recreation, and dance, v. 76, Feb. 2005: 41-47.

Postpoliomyelitis Syndrome

Wilson, David J. Living with polio: the epidemic and its survivors. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2005. 300p. $19.14.

Safety in the Home

"Home safety for people with Alzheimer's disease." Retrieved June 14, 2005. www.alzheimers.org/pubs/homesafety.htm.

Social Security Programs

Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities. "Social security facts." Retrieved Apr. 5, 2005. www.c-c-d.org/FactSheets/.

Talking Book Program--Library of Congress

(*) Library of Congress. National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped. "Reference circulars and factsheets, 2003. A cassette containing five Reference documents published in 2003." Washington, 2005. Free.

(*) "Perspectives: that all may read ...: talking books for the blind and physically handicapped." Public libraries v. 44, Mar.-Apr. 2005: 69-76.

Universal Design

Deyer, Joshua W. "Decoding accessible-design terms." PN, v. 59, Jan. 2005: 24-28.

Visual Experiences of Blind People

Vanlierde, Annick, and Marie-Chantal Wanet-Defalque. "The role of visual experience in mental imagery." Journal of visual impairment and blindness, v. 99, Mar. 2005: 165-178.

Web Accessibility

Redish, Janice, and Dana Chisnell. "Designing web sites for older adults: a review of recent research." Retrieved Apr. 4, 2005. assets.aarp.org/www.aarp.org_/articles/research/oww/AARP_LitReview2004.pdf.

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