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NLS: Overseas Outlook

July to December 2006; Volume 29, Number 2

Braille and audiobook listings

Two bimonthly magazines, Talking Book Topics (TBT) and Braille Book Review (BBR), describe recently released books in the NLS collection.  TBT is available in large print, on audiocassette, on computer diskette, and online, and lists recorded books and magazines.  BBR is available in large print, in braille, on computer diskette, and online, and lists braille books and magazines.  Books presented have been added in a two-month period.

Patrons may request books by completing the order forms included with the large-print, audio, and braille versions of these publications.  Patrons should clearly mark their choice of books on the order forms and send the forms directly to the overseas librarian rather than to other locations.  Sending the forms to other locations will delay service.

Online catalog

Readers who have access to computers may browse the full NLS online catalog by going to the NLS web site at www.loc.gov/nls.  Readers should develop a request list and send it by e-mail to Y. Rathan  Raj, at raj@loc.gov.

Returning equipment

Patrons can return cassette players that are damaged or no longer needed as free matter (postage free) to NLS.  Batteries may also be returned as free matter.  Please use the following address:

Inventory Management Section
National Library Service for the Blind
   and Physically Handicapped
1291 Taylor Street NW
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Update on digital talking books

Following extensive review and testing of the design of the digital talking-book player, cartridge, and  mailing containers, NLS has given approval to move forward with functional prototypes, which are undergoing tests.  This step advances the design process to the next stage: final design review and manufacture of preproduction prototypes.


Each issue of Overseas Outlook includes a bibliography on a subject that may be of interest to our patrons.  This issue features a minibibliography on Christian fiction books produced in 2004–2005.  To receive any of the books in this bibliography, complete the order form at the end of the newsletter and return it to the overseas librarian.

All Rivers to the Sea
by Bodie Thoene
RC 55845
In this sequel to Ashes of Remembrance (RC 55838), peace and prosperity have finally blessed Ballynockanor.  In spite of plots against him, Joseph Burke returns home to Kate.  Then the potato famine hits Ireland and lives of all the villagers hang in the balance.  2000.

The Amethyst Heart
by Penelope J. Stokes
RC 57263
Ninety-three-year-old Miss Amethyst Noble lives in the Mississippi ancestral home her grandfather built—a symbol of her family's heritage—and resists her cash-poor son's plan to sell the property and move her out.  Miss Amethyst relates the history of Noble House to her difficult teenage great-granddaughter, hoping to pass the legacy to her instead.  2000.

Armageddon: The Cosmic Battle of the Ages
by Tim F. LeHaye
RC 55878
In the last year of the Great Tribulation new alliances are formed when many of the force members die.  Then the world becomes a powder keg as millions gather for war with the Antichrist in the Middle East, where they await the Glorious Appearing.  Sequel to The Remnant (RC 54460, BR 14212).  2003.

Babylon Rising
by Tim F. LeHaye
RC 57737
Field archaeologist Michael Murphy is summoned by Methuselah, who provides him with the clues for obtaining a menacing yet valuable and powerful biblical artifact.  It is also sought by others who are directed by the Seven and who will stop at nothing to unearth the object and implement its powers.  2003.

The Beloved Enemy
by Gilbert Morris
RC 57802
Following The Pilgrim Song (RC 57839), Josh Winslow, released from prison, seeks work in Tennessee.  He meets Kefira Reis, who fled New York after her boss abused her.  When romance blossoms, Kefira encourages Josh to pursue his archaeological dream, but their pasts sorely test their love and faith.  2003.

Beneath a Southern Sky
by Deborah Raney
RC 57150
Missionary Daria Camfield returns home, grieving her husband's death.  She overcomes her loss and falls in love again—but is shocked to learn that her husband is still alive.  Now Daria discovers that her faith in God will help her resolve her dilemma.  2001.

Beyond the Gathering Storm
by Janette Oke
RC 57470
Christine and Henry Delaney, adopted siblings and devoted Christians, remain close when faced with matters of the heart.  Henry, in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, is overwhelmed by compassion for a widowed young mother.  Christine has feelings for her new boss's son.  2000.

The Braxtons of Miracle Springs
by Michael R. Phillips
RC 55852
Miracle Springs, California; 1867.  Corrie Belle Hollister marries Christopher Braxton, a former pastor, and they settle down near her family.  But Corrie's father and brother must deal with enemies from their outlaw days who are seeking revenge.  Corrie trusts in God that they will survive.  1996.

Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt
by Anne Rice
RC 60914
Fictionalized story of Jesus's childhood based on the Gospels and New Testament research.  2005.

The Covenant
by Beverly Lewis
RC 56398
Pennsylvania Dutch country, 1946.  Amish teenager Leah Ebersol wishes only to court young Jonas Mast, but her father has someone else in mind.  While Leah struggles to follow her heart, her older sister Sadie defies their faith, lured by the promise of love in a modern world.  Followed by The Betrayal (RC 56399).  2002.

False Claims at the Little Stephen Mine
by Stephen Bly
RC 56743
Gunmen fire at Stuart Brannon and Englishman Edwin Fletcher while they are expecting their tardy partner Everett Davis, who's been filing a claim on the gold mine they've discovered.  Now Brannon learns first-hand about the greed and violence that accompanies gold prospecting.  1992.

Fire by Night
by Lynn Austin
RC 58075
Disguised as a man, nineteen-year-old Phoebe Bigelow enlists with the Union army.  Meanwhile, Philadelphia socialite Julia Hoffman joins the Christian commission, volunteering as a nurse to help wounded soldiers.  The heroic young women meet on the front lines.  2003.

Glorious Appearing: The End of Days
by Tim F. LaHaye
RC 57944
Seven years after the Rapture, millions of people, Global Community members, and the Tribulation Force are gathering in the Middle East.  Nicolae Carpathia still believes his ultimate triumph is close at hand, until Jesus arrives in his Glorious Appearing.  Sequel to Armageddon (RC 55878, BR 14702).  2004.

A Golden Sunbeam
by Carrie Bender
RC 55851
Amish Miriam, last seen in A Treasured Friendship (RC 55840), continues her journal detailing Martha's arrival from Germany, Dora's departure on a mission assignment, and a wrongful accusation of child abuse.  1996.

Gospel Chorus
by Derrick A. Bell
RC 58603
In this collection of essays and parables, a law professor uses fictional characters and gospel music references to express his position on racism, poverty, gender issues, affirmative action, the Republican Party's 1995 Contract with America, and the Bell Curve theory.  1996.

The Gospel of Judas
by Simon Mawer
RC 55217
Biblical scholar Father Leo Newman travels to Jerusalem to translate a newly discovered scroll believed to be a fifth gospel written by the apostle Judas.  Meanwhile he is having an affair with a married woman, reminding him of his mother's past.  2001.

by Michael R. Phillips
RC 55846
July 1860.  After an argument with his father, twenty-one-year-old Zack Hollister hightailed it from his California home to ride for the Pony Express.  He recounts his adventures on those dangerous trails that eventually led him to manhood.  1993.

Great Lion of God
by Taylor Caldwell
RC 56627
A novel of the life of Saul, later to be St. Paul, who, as the pious and intellectual son of a wealthy Roman Jewish family, was both a scholar and a poet with a sense of sin and a desire for forgiveness that overshadowed his entire life.  1970.

A Haunting Refrain
by Patricia H. Rushford
RC 55712
Helen Bradley leaves her home in Oregon for the San Juan Islands to assist her wealthy elderly uncle, Paddy O'Donnell, who claims someone is trying to kill him.  When Paddy dies, Helen has her hands full sorting out suspects that include his children and housekeeper.  1998.

The Ice Princess
by James Walker
RC 55850
Zac Cobb of Wells Fargo returns to California to find that his fiancée, Jenny Hays, has left to search for her long-lost sister Naomi and uncle Ian in Alaska.  A worried Zac travels there and discovers that someone is out to kill the wealthy Ian.  1998.

I'll Watch the Moon
by Ann Tatlock
RC 61357
St. Paul, Minnesota; 1948.  When nine-year-old Nova Tierney's older brother Dewey contracts polio, she is quarantined for the summer.  Nova and her mother befriended a concentration camp survivor, a tenant at their family boarding house, who helps restore the mother's faith in God.  For senior high and older readers.  2003.

A Kingsbury Collection: Three Novels in One
by Karen Kingsbury
RC 61115
Three novels in which people recover their faith.  In Where Yesterday Lives, reporter Ellen Barrett returns to Michigan for her father's funeral and confronts her past.  Jordan Riley, in On Every Side, loses his anger after finding love.  In When Joy Came to Stay, Maggie Stovall faces the truth.  1998.

Mary, Called Magdalene
by Margaret George
RC 56687
On her first pilgrimage to Jerusalem, young Mary of Magdala unearths a beautiful idol that she keeps hidden from everyone.  By the time she is married, the demonic idol is the first of six that will possess Mary, who finds relief and salvation through Jesus.  2002.

A New Beginning
by Michael R. Phillips
RC 57955
California, 1868.  In this sequel to The Braxtons of Miracle Springs (RC 55852) newlyweds Corrie and Christopher shock their deeply religious families by deciding to move back East.  Meanwhile Corrie's brother Zack becomes the new town sheriff.  1997.

The Proposal
by Lori Wick
RC 57040
England, 1810.  William Jennings has never wished for the companionship of marriage, but when he becomes the guardian of three children, his life changes entirely.  With his sister's help, William not only learns how to care for the children but finds love and faith in God.  2002.

The Pursuit
by Lori Wick
RC 57061
1813.  Edward Steele's voyage home to Collingbourne from Africa is delayed when he comes to the aid of two fellow passengers.  Edward soon discovers one is a woman who is on the run to protect her children.  2003.

The Rescue
by Lori Wick
RC 57044
England, 1811.  Following The Proposal (RC 57040), the Jenningses and Palmers get new neighbors when Robert Weston claims his inheritance.  On the way to his estate, Weston acquires a wife in a most unusual manner: Anne falls off a ladder into his arms, and her religious—and unstable—father insists they marry.  2002.

Shepherds Abiding
by Jan Karon
RC 57174
This sequel to In This Mountain (RC 54446, BR 14211) centers on Reverend Kavanagh's restoration of an old crèche.  He transforms himself as he renews the decrepit set and as he interacts with Hope at the bookstore, Andrew at the antiques shop, and the owners of the Main Street Grill.  2003.

Signs and Wonders
by Philip Gulley
RC 60560
In the quiet town of Harmony, Quaker pastor Sam Gardner's wife, Barbara, wins a trip to the Caribbean and debates going without him.  The women's circle gives matchmaking help to attractive, single Deena Morrison, and Dale Hinshaw hatches an implausible scheme to save sinners.  2003.

Stallions at Burnt Rock
by Paul Bagdon
RC 58318
To prove she raises the best ranch horses in the West, Lee Morgan agrees to race her prize stallion in Burnt Rock's upcoming festival, despite her fears of unchristian behavior.  As gamblers and gunslingers pour into town, their lawlessness threatens everything she loves.  2003.

The Visitor
by Lori Wick
RC 57052
London, 1812.  Temporarily blinded by a fall, Alexander Tate has doctor's orders to rest and allow God's healing to work.  Tate heads for his Aunt Harriet's country home in Collingbourne, where Cassandra's sister Lizzy also finds love.  2003.

Where Two Seas Met
by Lynn Morris
RC 56607
Now married, Cheney Duvall and Shiloh Irons-Winslow are honeymooning on their ship in the West Indies.  Their faith helps them live through a storm, seek refuge on a small island, prevent a contagious disease from spreading, and face their old nemesis, Bain Winslow.  2001.

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____RC 55712 A Haunting Refrain
____RC 55850 The Ice Princess
____RC 61357 I'll Watch the Moon
____RC 61115  A Kingsbury Collection: Three Novels in One
____RC 56687 Mary, Called Magdalene
____RC 57955 A New Beginning
____RC 57040 The Proposal
____RC 57061 The Pursuit
____RC 57044 The Rescue
____RC 57174 Shepherds Abiding
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