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Gary Telles

Photo of Gary Telles. Audio file of this text (mp3 format, 1 megabyte). Hi, my name is Gary Telles. I have been narrating books for about thirteen years, both for the Library and commercially. I came to narrating through acting. Like many of my colleagues, I have been an actor for many years, both stage and screen. Some of my favorite roles have been: Dogberry in "Much Ado About Nothing", Malvolio in "Twelfth Night", Bejart in "La Bete." I've been in a committed, six-year relationship with my pet budgie, Mr. Muckle. As for hobbies, I like to read (what a shock), I'm a bit of a movie buff, and I love to listen to music, all different kinds of music, while I build plastic models. A favorite pet project of mine is seeing whether I can pay all my bills while still doing all this. So far, so good.

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Posted on 2013-06-28