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Instructional Cassette Catalog: Sacred and/or Gospel

Bach's St. Matthew Passion
CBM 66
Erich Leinsdorf conducts the Rochester Philharmonic in a performance of the first part of Bach's St. Matthew Passion. A brief introduction is given.

Christian Hymns
CBM 586
A series of lectures by Erik Routley on the history of hymns. Beginning with the early church, the discussions follow chronologically to the end of the nineteenth century with gospel songs and spirituals.

CBM 384
Lecture on Heinrich Schutz, stressing Schutz's importance in applying Italian polychoral style and dramatic monody to German church music; motets from Schutz's Symphoniae Sacrae.

Gospel, Jazz, Blues, and Rock
CBM 137
Explains how an underground code of African slaves blossomed into the samba, rumba, and calypso.

Mahalia Jackson Discusses "Movin' on Up"
CBM 231
Interview with the great gospel singer, who describes her strong faith and the songs she sings that reinforce her faith.

Michael Barclay Lectures on the Requiem Mass by Verdi
CBM 1422
This work, written as a tribute to one of Italy's patriots, is more operatic in feeling than sacred. Though its first performance was in a church, it is, for the most part, performed in concert halls today.

New World Choristers
CBM 158
Choral music by American and Chilean composers.

The Oratorio
CBM 179-180
History of the oratorio, from its beginnings in the sixteenth century to its present-day form. Includes musical examples from Jephte by Carissimi, Judas Maccabaeus by Handel, and Haydn's oratorio Creation.

CBM 199
Discussion concerning the importance of the Psalms in the history of Western music. Examples played include choral music by Palestrina, Handel, Gluck, Franck, and Liszt.

Rev. Brewster, Gospel Music
CBM 776
Gospel music composer W. Herbert Brewster is interviewed on National Public Radio's Horizons series. His most famous song, "Move on Up a Little Higher," helped launch the career of Mahalia Jackson.

Thanksgiving Special
CBM 921
Thanksgiving thoughts and gratitudes. Music includes Charles Ives's Thanksgiving.

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Posted on 2013-06-28