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Instructional Cassette Catalog: Holidays and Seasons


Anthology of the Sacred Carol
CBM 1210
Presents the fascinating stories behind some of the best-loved Christmas carols. Features guitarist James Sundquist.

The Bell
CBM 835
Traditional Christmas story of a shepherd boy's gift of a tiny brass bell to the infant Savior, and how that bell becomes a symbol of hope for the modern world. By Charles Westcott.

Christmas in Music
CBM 61
Four symphonic interpretations of the Christmas story.

The Christmas Masterpiece
CBM 885
Inspiring background of the story of Handel's composition of The Messiah, which he accomplished in the space of twenty-four days.

Dr. Perlander's Christmas Concert
CBM 895
Story of the desolate band director Dr. Perlander and the Christmas concert for the folks at Yucca Flats. Written by Charles Westcott.

The Greatest Christmas Story Ever Told
CBM 875
Story of four strangers who meet and travel together on a train during the Christmas holidays. Interspersed with Christmas music.

Home for the Holidays
CBM 909
Stories and traditions of the Christmas season are woven among holiday songs. Features the Christmas music by Alfred S. Burt.

In the Spirit of Christmas
CBM 994
Features music of the Christmas carol composer Alfred S.Burt.

Johnny Marks and His Celebrated Reindeer
CBM 564
Johnny Marks, composer of "Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer," talks about the varied sources of inspiration for his songs.

The Magnificent Inspiration of Bartholomew Buttons
CBM 956
Christmas holiday story concerning a group of heavenly composers who choose Barty Buttons to write some birthday music and then advise him how to proceed, each in his own style.

Merry Christmas-Parang Style
CBM 1211
A village in Trinidad celebrates Christmas the old-fashioned "Parang" way, with Spanish music played on antique instruments and door-to-door singing.

Music from the Holidays
CBM 182
The moods of the American Christmas music represented in the works of Harry Shelly, George Chadwick, Clarence Jordan, and Amadeo Roldan.


CBM 992
Background of the customs and ceremony whose observance is so important to the Jewish faith. Traditional Hebrew melodies are heard.


And the Days Grow Short as You Reach September
CBM 932
Remembrances of autumn-the first frost, changing leaves, and the first day of school-interlaced with music.

In the Good Old Summertime
CBM 841
Poetry, prose, music, and feelings about that wonderful time of the year called summer.


Thanksgiving Special
CBM 921
Thanksgiving thoughts and gratitudes. Music includes Charles Ives's Thanksgiving.

Valentine's Day

Be My Love
CBM 807
Valentine's Day customs and music in the romantic vein are featured. "Be My Love," "I Love You Truly," and "My Secret Love" are some of the songs you'll hear.

Be My Valentine
CBM 1003
Anecdotes, stories, and music for those in love.

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Posted on 2013-06-28