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Instructional Cassette Recordings Catalog: Music and the Human Experience

Music and the Human Experience

Arts and Older Folks
CBM 731
Individuals over sixty remember their past and discuss their present activity in the arts. Includes interviews with Rudy Vallee, Avon Long, and Artur Rubinstein.

Careers in Music
CBM 582
Distinguished professionals discuss the pros and cons of their field of music. Some of the areas discussed are the military, jazz performance, publishing, and music journalism.

CBM 1193
Suggests the therapeutic uses of both Eastern and Western chant. Chant expert Alfred Tomatis gives the history and techniques of chant.

Duke Ellington High School for the Arts
CBM 724
A visit to one of the fifty high schools in America that not only stresses traditional studies but gives individual and class instruction in music, dance, theater, and the visual arts. The listener will sit in on classes and hear aspiring young artists discuss their experiences and hopes for the future.

Good Ol' Boys
CBM 774
A colorful group of writers and performers in the country and western music world reflect on the lifestyle and ethic of country and backwoods jazz.

Legend of Our Times
CBM 894
Cameos of a variety of artists including Rudy Vallee singing "The Whiffenpoof Song," and Shirley Temple, Nora Beys, and Maurice Chevalier singing a medley of well-known favorites.

The Men Who Made the Hits
CBM 533-534
Survey of songwriters and publishers active in the early twentieth century.

Mozart's Sisters
CBM 730
A historical overview of women composers and musicians from the eleventh century to the contemporary American composer Vivian Fine. Interviewed are women musicologists who suggest that "music history must be rewritten to include women."

Music and the Women's Movement
CBM 723
At the sixth National Women's Music Festival in Urbana, Illinois, women discuss their music and the women's movement. Features songs by Holly Near.

Music Therapy
CBM 720
Dr. Clive Robbins demonstrates how music has opened communications with autistic, blind, and retarded children.

Outline for the Next Wave
CBM 777
Conversations with four artists on art, culture, and perception. Explores performance art.

Ragtime Women
CBM 781
Popular music historian and composer Max Morath discusses the large number of white middle- and upper-class women who wrote and played ragtime at the turn of the twentieth century. Although they outnumbered men ten to one in this field, they are largely forgotten today.

The Sound of Music and Voice
CBM 732
This program contains several reports on the use of voice and music. Subjects include an interview with a Hollywood doctor about the use and abuse of the voice, a physicist who is trying to reproduce the original sound of musical instruments using a computer, and a music therapist in a Brooklyn hospital.

Todd Duncan and Paul Calloway
CBM 83
Todd Duncan, the original Porgy in Porgy and Bess, and Paul Calloway, the Washington Cathedral's director of music, discuss their difficulties in achieving success.

The Working Musician
CBM 197
Discusses the joys and difficulties of a modern musical career.

Yehudi Menuhin, Man and Musician
CBM 69
The renowned violinist whose musical career began before the age of three discusses his experiences as a child prodigy and as a mature musician.

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Posted on 2013-06-28