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Bach, Johann Sebastian

The World's 50 Greatest Composers: Bach
CBM 1623

Bartók, Béla

The World's 50 Greatest Composers: Bartó
CBM 1662

Beethoven, Ludwig van

Beethoven the Incredible
CBM 369
Fictionalized account of Beethoven's life.
Beethoven, the Man
CBM 1513
Beethoven, the Man Who Set Music Free
CBM 938
Biography of Beethoven and excerpts from his music.
Beethoven, Revolutionary Artist
CBM 1514
Ludwig van Beethoven
CBM 84
Biography of the composer who believed that music was a branch of moral philosophy and that musical sounds were the very stuff and substance of political and religious life.
The Music of Beethoven
CBM 28
Outlines the career of the great German composer.
The World's 50 Greatest Composers: Beethoven
CBM 1628

Berlioz, Hector

The World's 50 Greatest Composers: Berlioz
CBM 1633

Bizet, Georges

Life and Music of Georges Bizet
CBM 987
The life and work of Georges Bizet with excerpts from Carmen, his best known opera.
The World's 50 Greatest Composers: Bizet
CBM 1644

Boulez, Pierre

Experiments in Electronics
CBM 330
Composer-conductor Pierre Boulez discusses his search for a new musical language.

Brahms, Johannes

CBM 627
Description of life and musical style of the great German composer, accompanied by the excerpts of his major works.
Johannes Brahms
CBM 85
Biography of the composer.
The Music of Brahms
CBM 164
Describes the life and work of the composer, a leading figure in the German romantic movement. Includes selections from his compositions.
The World's 50 Greatest Composers: Brahms
CBM 1642

Britten, Benjamin

Benjamin Britten, the Early Years
CBM 1518

Buxtehude, Dietrich

Lübeck, the Abendmusiken concerts established by Dietrich Buxtehude
CBM 389
Discussion of Buxtehude's fame as an organist, influence as a composer, and role in establishing the Abendmusiken, a series of concerts held on the five Sundays preceding Christmas. Includes a performance of Buxtehude's sacred solo cantata, Laudate Dominum.

Chopin, Frédéric

Frédéric François Chopin
CBM 102
Biography of the composer.
Poet of the Piano-Chopin
CBM 371
Fictionalized biography of Frédéric Chopin, illustrated with orchestral versions of his piano music.
The World's 50 Greatest Composers: Chopin
CBM 1635

Copland, Aaron

An Aaron Copland Portrait
CBM 134
Interview with Aaron Copland, who discusses the use of folk material in his opera The Tender Land, and a performance by the Boston Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Copland, of two suites from the opera.
Copland, Gershwin, and Piston
CBM 25
A discussion of three contemporary American composers who have achieved international prominence.
The World's 50 Greatest Composers: Copland
CBM 1666

Corelli, Arcangelo

Corelli and Vivaldi: Their Lives and Their Music
CBM 1292
Narrated by Ward Botsford

Debussy, Claude

The World's 50 Greatest Composers: Debussy
CBM 1655

Dohnanyi, Ernst von

Ernst von Dohnanyi
CBM 149
Dohnanyi plays his compositions and talks about his musical career.
Ernst von Dohnanyi in Concert
CBM 148
Dohnanyi tells of his early concert days.

Donizetti, Gaetano

The World's 50 Greatest Composers: Donizetti
CBM 1632

Dvořák, Antonín

The World's 50 Greatest Composers: Dvořák
CBM 1647

Ellington, Duke

Duke Ellington
CBM 933
Mike Whorf interviews friends and relatives of the pianist, bandleader, and composer of more than one thousand pieces.

Falla, Manuel de

The World's 50 Greatest Composers: de Falla
CBM 1661

Faure, Gabriel

The World's 50 Greatest Composers: Faure
CBM 1650

Foster, Stephen Collins

Beautiful Dreamer
CBM 930
Biography and music of the American songwriter Stephen C. Foster.
The Foster Nobody Knows
CBM 988
Biography of Stephen Foster and a glimpse into the legacy of his naturally beautiful melodies, which have been enjoyed for generations.

Franck, César

The World's 50 Greatest Composers: Franck
CBM 1640

Gershwin, George

Copland, Gershwin, and Piston
CBM 25
A discussion of three contemporary American composers who have achieved international prominence.
George Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue
CBM 891
The story behind writing this composition and performing it with Paul Whiteman in New York. Gershwin cut the piano roll used for this performance.
CBM 709
Description of life and musical style of Gershwin, accompanied by several excerpts of his major works and numerous popular songs.
The Gershwin Years
CBM 614/CBM 615
Overview of Gershwin's life, with several songs from stage musicals, including "Yankee Doodle Blues," "Somebody Loves Me," "Clap Yo' Hands," and "Bess, You Is My Woman."
The World's 50 Greatest Composers: Gershwin
CBM 1665

Gluck, Christoph

The World's 50 Greatest Composers: Gluck
CBM 1625

Gottschalk, Louis Moreaux

America's First Superstar
CBM 951
Biography of Louis Moreaux Gottschalk, who used American folk music in his compositions. Selections heard are "Bamboula" and "A Night in the Tropics."

Grieg, Edvard

CBM 998
Biography and music of the Norwegian born composer who wove the folk melodies and rhythms of his homeland into his works.
The World's 50 Greatest Composers: Grieg
CBM 1648

Handel, George Frideric

The Music of Handel
CBM 140
Details Handel's career as a composer.
The World's 50 Greatest Composers: Handel
CBM 1624

Haydn, Franz Joseph

Franz Josef Haydn
CBM 104
Introduction to the composer's life.
CBM 706
Description of life and musical style of the great Austrian composer, accompanied by the excerpts of his major famous works.
Josef Haydn
CBM 671
Biography plus musical examples.
The Music of Haydn
CBM 165
Describes the finer points of Haydn's music as seen in his Symphony no. 94 and his Concerto for trumpet and orchestra.
The World's 50 Greatest Composers: Haydn
CBM 1626

Henze, Hans Werner

Spotlight on Hans Werner Henze
CBM 290
A contemporary German composer discusses the successful opera.

Herbert, Victor

The Legend of Victor Herbert
CBM 612
Focus on Victor Herbert, one of the founders of ASCAP, covering his varied career as composer of the operetta Babes in Toyland, bandmaster of New York's Twenty-Second Regiment Band, and conductor of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra.
Victor Herbert
CBM 585
Biography. Herbert's failure at composing serious pieces for the opera and violoncello resulted in the operetta Naughty Marietta, a forerunner of musical comedy. Includes selections from Victor Herbert's musical comedies.

Hoddinott, Alun

Moelwyn Merchant Talks with Composer Alun Hoddinott
CBM 321
The composer talks about his and other composers' work. Includes excerpts from Hoddinott's works.

Ives, Charles

Charles Ives: Fascination with What Is Difficult; Erik Satie: Man in the Grey Velvet Suit
CBM 1509
Gilbert Highet discusses the lives of two composers, Charles Ives and Erik Satie. He explores the influences that shaped their compositions.

Janácek, Leos

The World's 50 Greatest Composers: Janácek
CBM 1654

Johnson, James P. (James Price)

James P. Johnson
CBM 858
The composer of "Charleston" and "If I Could Be with You" ranked along with Scott Joplin and Jelly Roll Morton as the "father" of the eastern Harlem stride style.

Liszt, Franz

Franz Liszt
CBM 673
Biography plus musical examples.
CBM 708
Description of music and musical style of the great Hungarian composer and pianist, accompanied by the excerpts from his most important works.
The World's 50 Greatest Composers: Liszt
CBM 1637

Mahler, Gustav

Recollections of Mahler
CBM 108, CBM 628
Musicians, acquaintances, and Mahler's daughter describe their experiences with this composer and discuss his personal and professional life.
The World's 50 Greatest Composers: Mahler
CBM 1652

Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix

Felix Mendelssohn
CBM 161
Discusses the life and music of Felix Mendelssohn.
Felix Mendelssohn
CBM 674
Biography plus musical examples.
The World's 50 Greatest Composers: Mendelssohn
CBM 1634

Monteverdi, Claudio

The World's 50 Greatest Composers: Monteverdi
CBM 1619

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus

The Music of Mozart
CBM 27
The third movements from Mozart's Piano Concerto no. 26 in D major and his Sinfonia Concertante in E-flat major illustrate Mozart's musical development.
Profile: Mozart
CBM 962
The universal genius and unique style of Mozart are discussed along with his personal life. Excerpts from his music are performed.
The World's 50 Greatest Composers: Mozart
CBM 1627

Mussorgsky, Modest

The World's 50 Greatest Composers: Mussorgsky
CBM 1645

Offenbach, Jacques

Death in A Major
CBM 970
The story of Offenbach's near lifelong quest of a haunting melody, his famous "Barcarolle."

Palestrina, Giovanni

The World's 50 Greatest Composers: Palestrina
CBM 1618

Piston, Walter

Copland, Gershwin, and Piston
CBM 25
A discussion of three contemporary American composers who have achieved international prominence.

Prokofiev, Sergei

The World's 50 Greatest Composers: Prokofiev
CBM 1664

Puccini, Giacomo

The World's 50 Greatest Composers: Puccini
CBM 1651

Purcell, Henry

The World's 50 Greatest Composers: Purcell
CBM 1620

Rachmaninoff, Sergi

The World's 50 Greatest Composers: Rachmaninoff
CBM 1658

Rameau, Jean Philippe

The World's 50 Greatest Composers: Rameau
CBM 1622

Ravel, Maurice

The World's 50 Greatest Composers: Ravel
CBM 1660

Rimsky-Korsakov, Nikolay

The World's 50 Greatest Composers: Rimsky-Korsakov
CBM 1649

Rossini, Gioacchino

The World's 50 Greatest Composers: Rossini
CBM 1631

Saint-Saëns, Camille

The World's 50 Greatest Composers: Saint-Saëns
CBM 1643

Satie, Eric

See entry under Ives, Charles

Schoenberg, Arnold

The World's 50 Greatest Composers: Schoenberg
CBM 1659

Schubert, Peter Franz

Franz Schubert
CBM 672
Biography plus musical examples.
Peter Franz Schubert
CBM 101
Story of the composer who sank so low into poverty that he couldn't afford to rent a piano to do his writing. Most of his works were not performed until years after his early death at thirty-one.
CBM 707
Description of life and musical style of the great Austrian composer, accompanied by numerous excerpts from his works.
CBM 1512
The World's 50 Greatest Composers: Schubert
CBM 1629

Schuman, William

Close-up on William Schuman
CBM 286
Reminiscences of the educational administrator, president of Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, and composer.

Schumann, Robert

Robert Schumann
CBM 14
David Randolph discusses the life of the composer who set out to become the world's greatest pianist, but lost the use of his hand and died impoverished. Illustrated with numerous examples of Schumann's compositions for piano, orchestra, instrumental ensembles, and voices.
A Tribute to Schumann
CBM 924
The life and work of Robert Schumann. Several of his piano works and songs are performed.
The World's 50 Greatest Composers: Schumann
CBM 1636

Schutz, Heinrich

CBM 384
Lecture on Heinrich Schutz, stressing Schutz's importance in applying Italian polychoral style and dramatic monody to German church music; motets from Schutz's Symphoniae Sacrae.

Shostakovich, Dmitri

Shostakovich and Stravinsky
CBM 301
Lecture on the life and work of two leading Russian composers.
The World's 50 Greatest Composers: Shostakovich
CBM 1667

Sibelius, Jean

The World's 50 Greatest Composers: Sibelius
CBM 1656

Sousa, John Philip

John Philip Sousa
CBM 297
Discussion concerning the great composer's life, highlighted by comments of friends and associates.
Marching Along
CBM 851
John Philip Sousa, born in Washington, D.C., in 1854, wrote over one hundred marches. His band performed from 1892 to 1931. Interviews with his daughter Helen and friend Meredith Willson, and examples of his music such as El Capitan.
The Sousa Nobody Knows
CBM 971
Explores other compositions Sousa wrote besides his well-known marches. A tango called Gliding Girl, composed in 1912, is among the selections.

Strauss, Johann

Johann Strauss II
CBM 710
Description of life and music of the Waltz King, with numerous excerpts from his famous works.
The World's 50 Greatest Composers: J. Strauss
CBM 1641

Strauss, Richard

The World's 50 Greatest Composers: R. Strauss
CBM 1653

Stravinsky, Igor

See also listing under Shostakovich

A Sound Portrait of Igor Stravinsky
CBM 719
Biography of the composer whose ballet The Rite of Spring touched off a riot when it was first produced in Paris in 1913. Illustrated by writings from Stravinsky as well as Debussy and Rimsky-Korsakov and interviews with Elliot Carter and John Rosen. Selections from composer's pieces for orchestra, conducted by Stravinsky.
Spotlight on Igor Stravinsky
CBM 56
Igor Stravinsky invites the listener into his Hollywood studio to hear a conversation with conductor Robert Craft.
The World's 50 Greatest Composers: Stravinsky
CBM 1663

Tchaikovsky, Peter

The Music of Tchaikovsky: Music by the Melancholy Russian
CBM 23
Excerpts from The Nutcracker Suite, Sleeping Beauty, and Symphony no. 4, showing how Tchaikovsky's music is rooted in Russian folk music.
Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky
CBM 194
David Randolph introduces many of Tchaikovsky's compositions.
The World's 50 Greatest Composers: Tchaikovsky
CBM 1646

Tippett, Michael

Sir Michael Tippett
CBM 1519
Biography and discussion of the composer's life. Includes interview with Tippett and others, and extensive musical extracts.

Vaughan Williams, Ralph

The World's 50 Greatest Composers: Vaughan Williams
CBM 1657

Verdi, Giuseppe

A General Lecture on Verdi
CBM 1336
This composer, born into abject poverty, was to become one of the greatest opera composers of all time. There is also a comparison of Il Trovatore and Aida, two of his greatest works.
The History Makers: Giuseppe Verdi
CBM 405
Narrated by John Green
The Master of Melody-Verdi
CBM 948
Biography of the renowned opera composer, his tragedy and triumphs. Excerpts from his operas are heard.
The World's 50 Greatest Composers: Verdi
CBM 1639

Vivaldi, Antonio

Corelli and Vivaldi: Their Lives and Their Music
CBM 1292
Narrated by Ward Botsford
The World's 50 Greatest Composers: Vivaldi
CBM 1621

Wagner, Richard

The World's 50 Greatest Composers: Wagner
CBM 1638

Walton, William

Sir William Walton
CBM 1520
Biography and discussion of the composer. Includes interview with Walton and others and extracts from his works.

Weber, Karl Maria von

The World's 50 Greatest Composers: von Weber
CBM 1630

Weill, Kurt

The Musical Maverick
CBM 611
Covers the varied career of Kurt Weill, composer of such operas as Threepenny Opera and Mahagonny and such popular songs as "Mack the Knife" and "September Song." His collaborators Ira Gershwin, Langston Hughes, and Ogden Nash tell their stories about his work in America.

The World's 50 Greatest Composers

Johann Sebastian Bach CBM 1623

Béla Bartók CBM 1662

Ludwig van Beethoven CBM 1628

Hector Berlioz CBM 1633

Georges Bizet BM 1644

Johannes Brahms CBM 1642

Frédéric Chopin CBM 1635

Aaron Copland CBM 1666

Claude Debussy CBM 1655

Gaetano Donizetti CBM 1632

Antonín Dvořák CBM 1647

Manuel de Falla CBM 1661

Gabriel Fauré CBM 1650

Cesar Franck CBM 1640

George Gershwin CBM 1665

Christoph Gluck CBM 1625

Edvard Grieg CBM 1648

George Frideric Handel CBM 1624

Franz Joseph Haydn CBM 1626

Leos Janácek CBM 1654

Franz Liszt CBM 1637

Gustav Mahler CBM 1652

Felix Mendelssohn CBM 1634

Claudio Monteverdi CBM 1619

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart CBM 1627

Modest Mussorgsky CBM 1645

Giovanni da Palestrina CBM 1618

Sergei Prokofiev CBM 1664

Henry Purcell CBM 1620

Giacomo Puccini CBM 1651

Sergi Rachmaninoff CBM 1658

Jean-Philippe Rameau CBM 1622

Maurice Ravel CBM 1660

Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov CBM 1649

Gioacchino Rossini CBM 1631

Camille Saint-Saëns CBM 1643

Arnold Schoenberg CBM 1659

Franz Schubert CBM 1629

Robert Schumann CBM 1636

Dmitri Shostakovich CBM 1667

Jean Sibelius CBM 1656

Johann Strauss CBM 1641

Richard Strauss CBM 1653

Igor Stravinsky CBM 1663

Peter Tchaikovsky CBM 1646

Ralph Vaughan Williams CBM 1657

Giuseppe Verdi CBM 1639

Antonio Vivaldi CBM 1621

Richard Wagner CBM 1638

Karl Maria von Weber CBM 1630


Ormandy, Eugene

Spotlight on Eugene Ormandy
CBM 265
The conductor reminisces about his boyhood, Vienna, and other musicians.

Stokowski, Leopold

A Leopold Stokowski Profile
CBM 162
Autobiographical account of Stokowski's unusual range of musical activity.

Szell, George

Maestro George Szell
CBM 472
A great conductor demonstrates his artistry in these rehearsals and concerts.

Toscanini, Arturo

Maestro Arturo Toscanini
CBM 270
This tribute to the famed maestro includes a discussion of his life and work as a conductor, composer, and teacher.
The Man and the Legend-Arturo Toscanini
CBM 913
Called saint and demon, tyrant and democrat, it was an epic experience to play under this great musician of the world. Music by Beethoven is heard.


Boulanger, Nadia

Focus on Nadia Boulanger
CBM 296
Nadia Boulanger, distinguished teacher of Aaron Copland and numerous other successful composers, discusses her teaching philosophy and comments on success in the world of music.
The Influence of Nadia Boulanger
CBM 173
Nadia Boulanger explains how she develops her students' creative abilities and musical artistry.
Music for Children
CBM 263
Interviews with Doreen Hall, a leading exponent of the Orff system of music education; Donald Himes, a teacher of eurhythmics; and Derek Healey, a composer.


Astaire, Fred

The Legend of Fred S. Astaire
CBM 819
Biography of Fred Astaire, dance master of the stage and screen. Music such as "Dancing Cheek to Cheek" is featured.

Austin, Gene

The Legend of Gene Austin
CBM 826
Describes Austin as a kind and generous human being, whose legacy can be summed up by the dictum to embrace the present. "My Blue Heaven," "Ain't Misbehavin'," "Lonesome Road," and "Melancholy Baby" are heard.

Baez, Joan

The Singer as Activist
CBM 113
Interview with folk singer Joan Baez and her family and friends. Discusses her career and her involvement with the Monterey Institute for the Study of Nonviolence.

Beiderbecke, Bix

Bix Beiderbecke
CBM 1523

Belafonte, Harry

Spotlight on Harry Belafonte
CBM 287
A prominent black singer and entertainer discusses his life on stage.

Benny, Jack

Jack Benny
CBM 881
Biography of the much loved entertainer who never aged beyond thirty-nine years, played the violin, and personified a vain and miserly character.

Blake, Eubie

Eubie Blake
CBM 1521
Memories of Eubie
CBM 728
The ninety-six-year-old ragtime musician reminisces about his many years in show business. He also plays "Charleston Rag," "Memories of You," and "If You've Never Been Vamped by a Brownskin."

Borge, Victor

Clown Prince of Denmark
CBM 1002
Biography, music, and comedy of Victor Borge. Includes the story of a Mozart opera and phonetic punctuation.

Brice, Fanny

CBM 925
A legend in her time, Fanny Brice began her stage career at age fourteen and was a show stopper from her first performance. Original excerpts from her performances are heard.

Britto, Carol

Carol Britto
CBM 1245
For two decades she delighted Toronto jazz fans. Carol Britto has returned to her native country, making waves on the New York music scene with her impressive piano skills. Britto discusses her career.

Burton, Gary

Gary Burton
CBM 1249
Although his main instrument is the vibraphone, he has taught piano at the Berklee College of Music for many years. Gary Burton performs "Turn Out the Stars." Marian McPartland interviews Burton and the two blend talents on a duet of "The Night Has a Thousand Eyes."

Cage, John

John Cage and Burl Ives
CBM 1516

Calloway, Paul

See entry under Duncan, Todd

Cantor, Eddie

Gerald Marks on Eddie Cantor
CBM 876
Interview with composer and historian of Tin Pan Alley, Gerald Marks, and his recollections of the "saucer-eyed" entertainer, Eddie Cantor. Songs heard briefly are "Ma," "Makin' Whoopee," and "Ida."

Caruso, Enrico

Hall of Fame: Enrico Caruso
CBM 989
Biography of the world-famous tenor who was among the first of leading musicians to recognize the value of the phonograph.

Casals, Pablo

Spotlight on Pablo Casals
CBM 293
The renowned cellist discusses his music and ideals.

Chaplin, Charlie

The Comedian: Charlie Chaplin
CBM 986/CBM 1186
Biography of the world famous comedian, Charlie Chaplin. Includes his childhood and early stage appearances. Timely and humorous music interspersed throughout.

Chevalier, Maurice

Close-up on Maurice Chevalier
CBM 320
An entertainer recalls his love affairs with Parisian and American audiences.

Colianni, John

John Colianni
CBM 1235
At fifteen he demonstrates his abilities with a composition of his own, "Slow Blues." A powerful duet of "Get Happy" concludes a session with Marian McPartland.

Columbo, Russ

The Legend of Russ Columbo
CBM 833
A crooner of the 1930s who reflects on the slowdown in musical style after the stock market crash. "Time on My Hands," "Sweet and Lovely," and "All of Me" are among the songs included.

Copeland, Johnny

Johnny Copeland
CBM 1232
The singer and guitarist explains the difference between Texas country blues and Texas city blues and why his music is often considered the quintessence of just plain Texas blues.

Corea, Chick

Chick Corea
CBM 1250
The multitalented musician plays selections from a variety of musical genres- from big band to jazz-rock fusion. In "Piano Jazz," recorded at Corea's own California studio, the prolific composer joins Marian McPartland for a dazzling mix of talk, improvisations, and musical portraits.

Crosby, Bing

Close-up on Bing Crosby
CBM 284
A giant in show business tells the story of his life and work with the easy style that was his trademark for two generations.

Dapogny, James

James Dapogny
CBM 1254
A specialist on piano music from the turn of the century to World War II tells his favorite tales of the legendary Jelly Roll Morton and plays tunes by Morton and Gershwin.

Disney, Walt

Walt Disney's Dream Factory
CBM 846
Biography and excerpts of music from Disney's movies such as "Chim Chim Cher-ee" sung by Dick Van Dyke, "Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf," and "Alice in Wonderland."

Duchin, Peter

Peter Duchin
CBM 1257
He began studying music at five and went on to lead his own orchestra. This demonstration features Duchin in a solo of Gershwin's "Someone to Watch Over Me."

Duncan, Todd

Todd Duncan and Paul Calloway
CBM 83
Todd Duncan, the original Porgy in Porgy and Bess, and Paul Calloway, the Washington Cathedral's director of music, discuss their difficulties in achieving success.

Durante, Jimmy

The Legend of Jimmy Durante
CBM 828
"The Great Durante" began his career as a ragtime pianist in 1913. Reminiscences of his radio days include portions of broadcasts and songs he played and sang.

Eldridge, Roy

Roy Eldridge
CBM 1238
In this demonstration the great jazz trumpet stylist displays his piano abilities by playing several of his own works and a composition penned by both Marian McPartland and Eldridge, the "M and R Blues."

Ellington, Duke

Duke Ellington
CBM 1522
Things Are Just like They Used to Be
CBM 980
Anecdotes and facts about the man Duke Ellington and his big-band style of arranging. "Chattanooga Choo Choo" and "Perdido" are heard.

Elman, Mischa

The Art of Mischa Elman
CBM 958
Biography of the pioneer of the "Russian School" of violin playing. Some familiar tunes are played in this highly romantic style.

Fields, Gracie

Gracie Fields Forever
CBM 868
Through recordings and recorded interviews, the life of this famous English music hall queen is traced. Beginning as a professional singer at the age of sixteen, she made her last appearances at age seventy. Introduced by Stanley Holloway.

Gilmore, P. S.

Super Salesman of Music
CBM 943
Biography of the extraordinary band master of the 1800s who traveled the country producing musical events. Choral and orchestra music are performed.

Gluck, Alma

The Legend of Alma Gluck
CBM 829
Alma Gluck, operatic soprano born in Romania in 1884, came to New York as a child. She sang for Toscanini in 1909. They became lifelong friends. Featured songs are from her operatic roles.

Gould, Glenn

Glenn Gould on the Moog Synthesizer
CBM 244
Glenn Gould talks about the Moog synthesizer used in the production of the recording Switched-on Bach. Includes interviews with synthesizer performer Wendy Carlos and Canadian poet Jean Le Moyne.

Grillo, Frank "Machito"

CBM 1190
Pays tribute to the late Cuban musician Frank "Machito" Grillo, universally acclaimed as the first musician to blend jazz with Latin American sound. Includes interviews with Machito, as well as with those who knew him. (This tape contains material on one side only.)

Guthrie, Woody

Legend of a Balladeer
CBM 912
Biography of Woody Guthrie, who traveled the land and wrote songs about American life. "This Land Is Your Land" and "Roll on, Columbia" are among the musical selections.

Hancock, Herbie

Herbie Hancock
CBM 1229
His mastery of both acoustic piano jazz and electronic jazz-rock-funk has propelled him to stardom. Herbie Hancock discusses his role in the film Round Midnight, plays "Chan's Song," written especially for the film, and joins Marian McPartland for their own version of "That Old Black Magic."

Hawkins, Coleman

Spotlight on Coleman Hawkins
CBM 264
Friends and colleagues reminisce about the jazz musician's career. Includes a recording of his last performance.

Heifetz, Jascha

The World's Greatest Violinist
CBM 203
Interview with renowned violinist Jascha Heifetz. Includes performances.

Hines, Earl

Fatha Hines Groove
CBM 54
Traces the development of Hines's unique jazz piano style throughout the long span of his career.

Holiday, Billie

Billie Holiday
CBM 822
Biography of the blues singer. Examples of her sensitive style include both upbeat and blues songs. Some backings are played by Teddy Wilson and Lester Young.

Holly, Buddy

Buddy Holly
CBM 900
Buddy Holly's legacy of rock and roll music influenced such performers as Bob Dylan, the Rolling Stones, and the Beatles. "Well, That'll Be the Day" is heard.

Hopkins, Lightnin'

Focus on Lightnin' Hopkins
CBM 292
In this documentary, the blues singer and guitarist reminisces about the early days of his career and performs many of his songs.

Jackson, Mahalia

Mahalia Jackson Discusses "Movin' on Up"
CBM 231
Interview with the great black singer, who describes her strong faith and the hymns and spirituals she sings that reinforce her faith.

Jarvis, Jane

Jane Jarvis
CBM 1258
An executive for Muzak, former organist with the New York Mets, and now a headliner in premier jazz clubs, Jarvis plays a solo version of "The Bounder." A duet of "J and M Blues" concludes this interview by Marian McPartland.

Jessel, Georgie

The Legend of Georgie Jessel
CBM 816
Old radio broadcasts illustrate his wit along with songs and comments about his life and career.

Jolson, Al

I'd Rather Please You than Anyone
CBM 815
Jessel eulogizes Al Jolson whose popularity spanned the 1920s to 1950s. This in-depth biography of the great entertainer includes the song "My Mammy."
The Legend of Al Jolson
CBM 824
Famous for his black face, white gloves, and bended knee, the minstrel man became a legend in his own time. Born in 1886, he went from vaudeville to Broadway. Includes "My Mammy," his memorable specialty.

Jones, Oliver

Oliver Jones
CBM 1247
His renditions of "Street of Dreams" and "Straight, No Chaser" have earned this Montreal native international recognition. The endearing Oliver Jones talks about his career and tells stories of his childhood friend Oscar Peterson.

Joplin, Janis

Janis Joplin
CBM 899
Biography of the electrifying performer born in Port Arthur, Texas, who died at age twenty-seven of a heroin overdose. Includes several of her emotionally charged songs.

Keene, Constance

Constance Keene
CBM 726
Constance Keene discusses her performances at the Menuhin Festival in Stadt, Switzerland, and her teaching experiences at the Manhattan School of Music. She believes that music schools are admitting too many unprepared and untalented students.

Khan, Bismillah

Spotlight on Bismillah Khan
CBM 313
Discusses the art, daily life, and music of Bismillah Khan, exponent of India's subtle and complex music played on the shannai, a double reed instrument.

Kirkland, Kenny

Kenny Kirkland
CBM 1239
While still in his twenties, he has already made thirty recordings and worked with an impressive range of artists-from Wynton Marsalis to Sting. Kenny Kirkland talks with Marian McPartland and performs a two-piano version of "Billy's Bounce" with her.

Kitt, Eartha

Eartha Kitt
CBM 725
A candid interview with the singer-dancer. She talks about her life as a poor orphan growing up in the South and her rise to international stardom and self-acceptance.

Kreisler, Fritz

The Legend of Fritz Kreisler
CBM 1196
This famed violinist was born in Vienna in 1875. He toured the United States in 1888 before making his debut in Berlin. Two featured selections are "Rondino" based on a theme by Beethoven and "Caprice" by Kreisler.
Spotlight on Fritz Kreisler
CBM 288
Fritz Kreisler comments on music in general, his successful career, his collection of violins, and his family. Selections from performances are included.

Laine, Jack

Pappa Jack the Patriarch
CBM 279
On his ninetieth birthday, Pappa Jack Laine reflects on his role in the development of jazz.

Landowska, Wanda

Focus on Wanda Landowska
CBM 160
Wanda Landowska describes her affinity for the harpsichord and her thoughts about music, her career, and life in general.

Lanza, Mario

Mario Lanza
CBM 896
Koussevitzky was instrumental in giving the Philadelphia-born legendary tenor his beginning. Excerpts from operas and "Granada."

Lauder, Harry

Harry Lauder Special
CBM 1010
Scotsman who created a character of fact and fancy toured the United States extensively for twenty-five years beginning in 1907. He sings several Scottish songs.

Ledford, Lily May

The Life and Music of Lily May Ledford
CBM 778
Appalachian musician Lily May Ledford plays her fiddle and banjo, and describes efforts to preserve old-time Appalachian music traditions.

Lewis, Ted

The Legend of Ted Lewis
CBM 827
His trademarks-a top hat, cane, and clarinet-gave him his distinction. He performed for nine presidents during his career.

MacDonald, Jeanette

Queen of the Sentimental Love Song
CBM 341
Summarizes the film career of Jeanette McDonald, the twenty years from 1929 to 1949. Gives the background of her films, costars, and songs.

Marley, Bob

The Music and Marley
CBM 717
An interview with Bob Marley, who, until his death in 1981, was considered the living symbol of Jamaica and its Reggae music.

Marsalis, Ellis

Ellis Marsalis
CBM 1234
He is the father of two popular American jazz artists: Wynton and Branford Marsalis. This teacher, performer, and recording artist, credited with instilling a love for music in all his children, talks about and plays his own compositions and combines talent with Marian McPartland for their version of "Blue in Boogie."

McCormack, John

The Irish Nightingale
CBM 1195
John McCormack, contemporary of Caruso, had a way with words which made him a leading singer of his day. "Where the River Shannon Flows" and a 1916 recording of "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling" are heard.

McKeller, Kenneth

Troubadour in Tartan
CBM 923
The Scottish singer Kenneth McKeller sings in much the same style as John McCormack. Among the musical selections are "Danny Boy" and "I Hear You Calling Me."

Menuhin, Yehudi

Menuhin and Ayrton
CBM 374
Michael Ayrton, noted sculptor, painter, and writer, discusses the responsibilities of gifted musicians and artists with Yehudi Menuhin, well-known violinist.
Yehudi Menuhin, Man and Musician
CBM 69
The renowned violinist whose musical career began before the age of three discusses his experiences as a child prodigy and as a mature musician.

Miller, Kid

Focus on Kid "Punch" Miller
CBM 291
Tribute to black trumpet player "Punch" Miller, known in the New Orleans of the 1920s and 1930s as "King of the Blues."

Miller, Mulgrew

Mulgrew Miller
CBM 1243
In an interview with Marian McPartland, Miller and McPartland take turns on Art Tatum tunes, and the two combine forces on Cole Porter's "What Is This Thing Called Love?"

Mingus, Charlie

Charlie Mingus Speaks Out
CBM 183
Charlie Mingus talks about life, love, education, religion, children, women, men, and injustice, from the black perspective.

Morgan, Helen

The Legend of Helen Morgan
CBM 812
Songs and the story of Helen Morgan's life and theatrical career. Vocal samples include "Bill," "Can't Help Lovin' That Man of Mine," and "Give Me a Heart to Sing."

Mulligan, Gerry

Gerry Mulligan
CBM 1248
Best known as a baritone saxophonist and big-band performer, Gerry Mulligan has begun to write and perform symphonic music. During this interview he turns to the piano to play "Ontet" and a duet of "Blue Angst."

Munsel, Patrice

The Story of Patrice Munsel
CBM 33
Story of a small-town girl who made it to the Metropolitan Opera.

Novak, Larry

Larry Novak
CBM 1255
A teacher, director, arranger, and composer from Chicago considers himself "one of the last generalists" and proves it by offering an impressive variety of piano jazz during this interview with Marian McPartland.

Peerce, Jan

Jan Peerce
CBM 823
Versatile performer on radio, TV, stage, and in opera. "You'll Never Walk Alone," "Blue Bird of Happiness," and Schubert songs are heard.

Pepper, Art

Musical Ideas of Art Pepper
CBM 18
The artist discusses how he puts a jazz piece together. Starting with a promising tune, he works out rhythmic and melodic outlines, then allows emotions to take over with individual solos.

Petrucciani, Michel

Michel Petrucciani
CBM 1256
"I'm never letting anything stop me from doing what I want to do," proclaims the twenty-one-year-old Petrucciani during this discussion and demonstration of his own composition style.

Powell, Maud

Child Prodigy of the Violin
CBM 115
Discusses the life of Maud Powell, the American violin virtuoso who was not considered seriously until she was invited to play for Queen Victoria.

Presley, Elvis

Portrait of Elvis Presley
CBM 814
Biography and music of the country singer turned rock star. Discusses the views and expectations of his fans.

Puente, Tito

Tito Puente, the King of Salsa
CBM 1026
Biography and music of the popular Latin musician.

Ritter, Tex

Tex Ritter
CBM 878
Biography of the Texas-born country-western singer and Hollywood cowboy. "High Noon," "Old Shortie," and "Lord, Can a Drunk Get into Heaven" are among the songs heard.

Roberts, Judy

Judy Roberts
CBM 1240
In a conversation with Marian McPartland that hits topics from sexism to Cole Porter, Judy Roberts shows that her independence and talent make her one of the most versatile singers and pianists of her age.

Robeson, Paul

Paul Robeson
CBM 957
Biography of Paul Robeson, the controversial singer who was the first performer to do concerts consisting solely of spirituals.

Rodgers, Jimmie

Portrait of Jimmie Rodgers
CBM 882
Biography of the country-western singer of the 1920s and 1930s. "Birmingham Jail" and "Lookin' for a New Mamma" are among the songs heard.

Rubinstein, Artur

He Loved Life from Miracle to Miracle
CBM 969
This great pianist, considered by many to be the world's reigning artist in Chopin performance, attracted a wider following and performed more concerts than any other concert artist of his day. Works by Brahms, DeFalla, and Beethoven are performed.

Rushen, Patrice

Patrice Rushen
CBM 1252
Her talents range from jazz and soul to rhythm and blues. The popular vocalist, songwriter, arranger, and master keyboardist Patrice Rushen discusses her career and demonstrates her many abilities, including her rendition of "Spirit Song."

Seals, Son

Son Seals
CBM 1230
The Chicago blues singer, songwriter, and guitarist traces the blues's move up the Mississippi into Memphis and Chicago, and explains how his own Arkansas roots influence his music.

Seeger, Pete

The Incompleat Folksinger
CBM 294
Folksinger Pete Seeger sings some of his favorite ballads and discusses his controversial life and his book.
Protests of Pete Seeger
CBM 57
The folksinger who was branded an outcast and banned from radio, television, and concert halls discusses the origins of his radicalism.

Segovia, Andres

Spotlight on Andres Segovia
CBM 289
A master guitarist discusses his involvement with music, his search for and ultimate discovery of the perfect guitar, and his most memorable concerts.

Shearing, George

George Shearing
CBM 1242
This legendary blind jazz figure describes his early start in music as a teenager and plays some of his favorite pieces.

Shuur, Diane

Diane Shuur
CBM 1236
This vocalist and pianist first performed at age nine to begin a career that has taken her to the White House and the Monterey Jazz Festival. Diane Shuur reflects on her life and does a solo of "I Can't Believe You Are in Love with Me."

Sills, Beverly

From Soap Opera to Grand Opera
CBM 973
Insight into Beverly Sills's life. Her role as Cleopatra in the opera Julius Caesar brought her universal popularity.

Smith, Leonard Bingley

Three Cheers for the Red, White, and Blue
CBM 1013-1014
Trumpeter and conductor Leonard Smith plays "Carnival of Venice" and reminisces about his career and other performers such as Sousa. The Detroit Concert Band is also heard.

Spanier, Muggsy

Musical Ideas of Muggsy Spanier
CBM 22
A legendary jazz trumpeter discusses his art and idols.

Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal
CBM 1191
An interview with the black musician who is called a "blues man," but who insists that his music is of many types of people.

Taylor, Cecil

Cecil Taylor
CBM 1241
A jazz artist with a classical background, Cecil Taylor has garnered such honors as a Guggenheim Fellowship and an honorary doctorate from the New England Conservatory of Music. Here he offers his tribute to Jimmy Lyons and joins Marian McPartland in a duet of "Get Out of Town."

Taylor, Koko

Koko Taylor
CBM 1231
Born in the great blues town of Memphis, Taylor talks about her singing and the importance of female blues singers like Ma Rainey and Bessie Smith.

Temple, Shirley

The Legend of Shirley Temple
CBM 817
Her career began when she was seven years old and spanned 1935-1938. "The Good Ship Lollipop" and "Goodnight My Love" are featured.

Thompson, Butch

Butch Thompson
CBM 1244
Best known for his popular appearance on public radio's "Prairie Home Companion," Butch Thompson performs opera as well as folk music and jazz. This cassette begins with "Ecuadorian Memories" and ends with a rousing version of "Rosette."

Tormé, Mel

Musical Ideas of Mel Tormé
CBM 150
Insights into jazz. Tormé, discusses his vocal style and the vocal trademarks of other singers.

von Trapp

Von Trapp Family Singers
CBM 967
A retelling of the Sound of Music story along with other real-life adventures of the von Trapp family of singers, who perform folk songs and other selections from concerts.
The Wonderful World of the Trapp Family
CBM 356
How Maria von Trapp and her singing family found a way to preserve and share the culture and beauty of their beloved Austria. Many musical examples.

Tureck, Rosalyn

First Lady of Bach
CBM 110-111
In this interview, Rosalyn Tureck describes her life as child prodigy, gifted student, conductor, concert artist, and music scholar.

Vallee, Rudy L.

The Legend of Rudy L. Vallee
CBM 821
Biography of the singing idol, band leader, and actor who hosted a radio show which had such entertaining personalities as Edgar Bergen and Sophie Tucker as guests. Includes "I'm Just a Vagabond Lover" among other songs.

Verrett, Shirley

Focus on Shirley Verrett
CBM 268-269
Shirley Verrett, a black opera singer, discusses her career and sings excerpts from Carmen, Il Trovatore, Samson and Delilah, Aida, and Orfeo.

Waters, Ethel

The Legend of Ethel Waters
CBM 818
Ethel Waters made her way from poverty to stardom in vaudeville. Among her best known songs, "Dinah" (1925) and "Am I Blue" (1929) are heard.

White, Josh

Josh White
CBM 1517

Williams, Hank

Down That Long Lost Highway
CBM 813
Biography and music of Hank Williams, who died at age twenty-nine. His career, during which he wrote "Your Cheatin' Heart" and "Your Cold, Cold Heart," lasted only three years. Several of his friends are interviewed.

Winter, Paul

Musical Ideas of Paul Winter
CBM 17
A jazz artist discusses his State Department tour of Latin America, his meeting with jazz musicians in cosmopolitan cities, and his experiences in the bush where natives had never heard of jazz.

Zeitlin, Denny

Denny Zeitlin
CBM 1246
A practicing psychiatrist as well as an accomplished pianist who has toured with the Paul Winter Consort, Denny Zeitlin discusses his music and plays several tunes from his first album.

Ziegfeld, Florenz

Father of the Follies
CBM 353
Biography of the great Florenz Ziegfeld, producer in the grand manner. Music selections include "I'm an Indian" (1921) sung by Fanny Brice and "When the Moon Shines on the Moonshine" by Bert Williams.


Alter, Louis

Music in My Heart
CBM 551
Story of Lou Alter, the composer of the melody "Manhattan Serenade" as well as four other instrumental pieces inspired by New York City: "Manhattan Moonlight," "Manhattan Masquerade," "Metropolitan Nocturne," and "Side Street in Gotham."

Arlen, Harold

The Man Who Gave the World a Rainbow
CBM 568-569
Interview with Harold Arlen, composer of the score to The Wizard of Oz and of songs written for stage and screen. Selections from his work include "Over the Rainbow," "Stormy Weather," and "Blues in the Night."

The Beatles

The Beatles
CBM 65
Interview with John Lennon and Paul McCartney, former Beatles, about wealth, fame, and world issues.
John and Yoko
CBM 578
John Lennon and Yoko Ono discuss fame, money, and drugs.

Benjamin, Bennie

The Man Who Set the World on Fire
CBM 567
Bennie Benjamin talks about his collaboration with lyricist George Weiss. Songs include "I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire" and "I Don't See Me in Your Eyes Anymore."

Berlin, Irving

The Bard of Tin Pan Alley
CBM 945
Biography of the extraordinary songwriter who recorded our history in song. "Always," "The Girl on the Magazine Cover," and "Alexander's Ragtime Band" are among the featured songs.
Tribute to Mr. America
CBM 1011-1012
Biography of the songwriter who gave us a wonderful legacy of the spirit of America with such songs as "God Bless America" and "Alexander's Ragtime Band."

Boggs, Jesse

Sessions with Jesse Boggs
CBM 734
Singer-songwriter Jesse Boggs pokes fun at American society by recreating a recording session. The musicians, intent upon making a hit album, reduce music to its most salable elements: music and satire.

Brewster, W. Herbert

Rev. Brewster, Gospel Music
CBM 776
Gospel music composer W. Herbert Brewster is interviewed on National Public Radio's Horizons series. His most famous song, "Move On Up a Little Higher," helped launch the career of Mahalia Jackson.

Brown, Oscar, Jr.

Oscar Brown, Jr.
CBM 727
The singer-songwriter and social activist talks about his life, his music, and his strong identification with Scott Joplin.

Caesar, Irving

If You Have to Learn, Don't Start
CBM 571-572
Reminiscences by Irving Caesar, leading lyricist for George Gershwin and lyricist of such songs as "Tea for Two," "Swannee," "Sometimes I'm Happy," and "Yankee Doodle Blues."

Cahn, Sammy

I've Heard That Song Before
CBM 559
Story of Sammy Cahn, prolific lyricist for composers Jule Styne, Jimmy Van Heusen, and Saul Kaplan.

Cannon, Hughie

Won't You Come Home, Hugh Cannon?
CBM 856
Biography of the ragtime pianist who wrote "Won't You Come Home, Bill Bailey?"

Cohan, George M. (George Michael)

Cohan Is a Grand Old Name
CBM 328
Story of the acting and song writing career of George M. Cohan, composer of "Give My Regards to Broadway," "The Yankee Doodle Boy," and "Over There," the World War I song for which Cohan received a congressional gold medal.

Coleman, Cy

If My Friends Could See Me Now
CBM 539
Cy Coleman, singer, pianist, conductor, and composer, surveys the contemporary music scene.

Comden, Betty

Betty Comden and Adolph Greene
Two writers of such Broadway hits as The Bells Are Ringing and On the Town discuss musical theater and perform some of their own works.

Coots, J. Fred

The Santa Claus of Tin Pan Alley
CBM 547
Story of musical comedy composer and popular songwriter J. Fred Coots, composer of "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town."

Corea, Chick

Chick Corea
CBM 1250
The multi-talented musician plays selections from a variety of musical genres-from big band to jazz-rock fusion. In "Piano Jazz," recorded at Corea's own California studio, the prolific composer joins Marian McPartland for a dazzling mix of talk, improvisations, and musical portraits.

Coslow, Sam

Put Some Heart in a Song
CBM 526-527
Sam Coslow discusses his experience in writing motion picture songs.

Darion, Joe

A Lot of Strings to Play
CBM 561
Joe Darion, who wrote the lyrics to Man of La Mancha, expresses surprise at the popularity of his song "The Impossible Dream."

Davis, Benny

The Lyrical Life of Benny Davis
CBM 536
Benny Davis, lyricist of the World War I song "Goodbye Broadway, Hello France" and the popular song of the 1920s "Margie" tells of his long career as a songwriter.

Donaldson, Walter

When Walter Donaldson Ruled the Roost
CBM 608
Gerald Marks tells anecdotes about fellow composer Walter Donaldson, whose songs include "Carolina in the Morning," "Making Whoopee," "Back Home in Tennessee," and "My Mammy."

Drake, Ervin

A Lot of Meaning with the Music
CBM 570
Ervin Drake discusses the thread of spirituality that runs through many of his songs, which include "I Believe," "One God," and "It Was a Very Good Year."

Duning, George

For Whom Writing Music Is a Picnic
CBM 556
Interview with George Duning, one of Hollywood's most prolific writers of theme and background music.

The Early Days of Songwriting

CBM 528-529
Survey of popular music written before the founding of the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers. Features songs of Stephen Foster, songs popular during the Civil War, songs by Henry Clay Work, and songs of the Gay Nineties. Part 1 presents popular music of 1800-1860. Part 2 presents popular music of 1860-1880.

Edwards, Sherman

American History Was Never like This
CBM 519-520
Interview with Sherman Edwards, dropout history teacher who composed 1776, the Broadway musical based on the Revolutionary War and the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

Eliscu, Edward

You've Given Us More than You Know
CBM 563
Interview with Eddie Eliscu, author, playwright, actor, and lyricist of such songs as "Great Day" and "The Carioca," the song made famous by Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers in their first film collaboration, Flying Down to Rio.

Fain, Sammy

He Gave Us a Thousand Beautiful Memories
CBM 908
Interview and music by lyricist Sammy Fain, who bridges the gap between honky-tonk and modern ballads. "Secret Love" and "Love Is a Many Splendored Thing" won him two Academy Awards.

Fulson, Lowell

Lowell Fulson
CBM 1233
The man who wrote B.B. King's first hit, "Three O'Clock Blues," describes the creation and evolution of the mellow California blues sound.

Gilbert, L. Wolfe (Louis Wolfe)

"G" Is for the Great Songs You Gave Us
CBM 606
Interview with Mrs. Gilbert, whose late husband, L. W. Gilbert, wrote "Waitin' for the Robert E. Lee," "My Mother's Eyes," "Down Yonder," and "Ramona."

Green, Bud

Evergreens from Bud
CBM 550
Reminiscences by Bud Green, lyricist of the hit "Sentimental Journey" along with discussion about Sibelius's Finlandia and Sousa's "Stars and Stripes Forever," two pieces sealed in a time capsule at the New York World's Fair of 1939.

Grusin, Dave

Dave Grusin
CBM 1251
Known primarily as the composer of the musical scores for "Tootsie" and "On Golden Pond," Dave Grusin is also a successful producer and performer. During this interview he plays his own "Theme from St. Elsewhere," and Marian McPartland joins in for a melodic duet of "I Remember April."

Guthrie, Woody

The Folk Singer
CBM 854
Detailed biography of Woody Guthrie, born in rural Oklahoma in 1912. He wrote one thousand songs which express the essence of grass roots America.
Legend of a Balladeer
CBM 912
Biography of Woody Guthrie who traveled the land and wrote songs about American life. "This Land Is Your Land" and "Roll on, Columbia" are among the musical selections.
Woody Guthrie Remembered
CBM 44, CBM 46
Interviews with friends of Woody Guthrie. Includes songs by Cisco Houston, Pete Seeger, Woody Guthrie himself, and some children's songs.

Handy, W.C. (William Christopher)

The Father of the Blues
CBM 343
The late W.C. Handy sings and tells about writing such songs as "Memphis Blues," "St. Louis Blues," and "Beale Street Blues."

Harbach, Bill

Bill Harbach
CBM 926
Interview with Otto Harbach's son, who reminisces about his father's contribution to musical comedy. "Cuddle Up a Little Closer" and "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" are two of his well-known songs.

Harburg, E.Y. (Edgar Yipsel)

You're a Builder Upper
CBM 553
E.Y. Harburg, lyricist of Finian's Rainbow and The Wizard of Oz, relates America's history as a "melting pot" to the songwriting scene.

Herbert, Victor

The Legend of Victor Herbert
CBM 612
Focus on Victor Herbert, one of the founders of ASCAP, covering his varied career as composer of the operetta Babes in Toyland, bandmaster of New York's Twenty-Second Regiment Band, and conductor of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra.
Victor Herbert
CBM 585
Biography. Herbert's failure at composing serious pieces for the opera and violoncello resulted in the operetta Naughty Marietta, a forerunner of musical comedy. Includes selections from Victor Herbert's musical comedies.

Herman, Jerry

The American Sampler
CBM 910
Interview with songwriter-composer Jerry Herman, interspersed with his music. Among his credits are the Broadway shows Hello Dolly and Mame.
The Man Who Carried It Off
CBM 525
Jerry Herman, composer and lyricist of Broadway shows Hello Dolly and Mame, discusses future plans for writing music.

Johnson, James P. (James Price)

James P. Johnson
CBM 858
The composer of "Charleston" and "If I Could Be with You" ranked along with Scott Joplin and Jelly Roll Morton as the "father" of the eastern Harlem stride style.

Jones, Tom

A Lot More than Fantastic
CBM 540
Tom Jones and Harvey Schmidt, the team that produced The Fantasticks, discuss past shows and present work in musical theater.

Kahn, Gus

We're Still Singing "I'll See You in My Dreams"
CBM 575-576
Songs written by lyricist Gus Kahn and his many collaborators, with discussion of Kahn's film biography.

Kalmar, Bert

A Couple of Crazy Guys/Three Little Words, Thirteen Little Letters
CBM 623
Story of Bert Kalmar and Harry Ruby, successful songwriters who remained vaudeville comedians at heart.

Kern, Jerome

Jerome Kern, Man of Melody
CBM 156
Friends discuss Jerome Kern's legendary career.
Master of the Medium, the Man Who Found the Silver Lining
CBM 613/ CBM 618
Discusses Jerome Kern's career as writer of show tunes. Includes performances of "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" from Roberta and "Make Believe" and "Ol' Man River" from Showboat.

Lane, Burton

No Sad Songs for Me
CBM 554
Burton Lane discusses his collaboration with E.Y. Harburg in writing the Broadway musical Finian's Rainbow and its most famous song "How Are Things in Glocca Morra?"

Leigh, Carolyn

Young at Heart
CBM 562
Lyricist Carolyn Leigh discusses the influences on her writing.

Lerner, Sammy

Makin' Up a Song as I Go Along
CBM 604/605
Sammy Lerner, lyricist for Hoagy Carmichael and Jay Gorney, tells of writing the song "Popeye the Sailor Man."

Livingston, Jay

Give It All You've Got
CBM 625-626
Anecdotes from Jay Livingston and Ray Evans, the team that wrote theme songs for the television series Bonanza and Mr. Ed, as well as award-winning songs like "Que Sera, Sera," "Mona Lisa," and "To Each His Own."

Loesser, Frank

A Man and His Music
CBM 573/574
An interview with the widow of Frank Loesser, a songwriter whose World War II songs include "Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition."

Marks, Gerald

They Don't Write 'em like That Anymore
CBM 342
Gerald Marks, composer of the popular song "All of Me," reminisces about the songs written by Irving Berlin, Victor Herbert, and others.

Marks, Johnny

Johnny Marks and His Celebrated Reindeer
CBM 564
Johnny Marks, composer of "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer," talks about the varied sources of inspiration for his songs.

McHugh, Jimmy

Happy Songs from a Happy Man
CBM 621
Life and music of Jimmy McHugh, composer of such cheerful songs as "The Sunny Side of the Street" and "It's a Most Unusual Day."

Mercer, Johnny

The Man Who Launched 1,000 Hits
CBM 548
Life and songs of Johnny Mercer, who wrote the lyrics of "Moon River," "Days of Wine and Roses," and "Blues in the Night."

Mizzy, Vic

The Whole World Is Singing My Song
CBM 616
Songwriter Vic Mizzy tells anecdotes about his contemporaries and collaborators and gives opinions about current popular music.

Nyro, Laura

The Music of Laura Nyro
CBM 60
Laura Nyro is interviewed by John Daly. Her diverse musical expressions are analyzed by Michael Thomas, Richard Goldstein, and Patrick O'Conner.

Oakland, Ben

You're Not So Easy to Forget
CBM 564
Story of the long career of Ben Oakland, who began playing classical music at an early age and went on to success as a vaudeville entertainer and as a songwriter for the Ziegfeld Follies and for Broadway musicals.

Olman, Abe

The Ship That Came In
CBM 565
Abe Olman reminisces about his career as a music publisher and as a songwriter whose hits include "I'm Waiting for Ships That Never Come In" and "Down among the Sheltering Palms."

Parish, Mitchell

The Sentimental Gentleman
CBM 549
Interview with Mitchell Parish, a lyricist who teamed with composers Duke Ellington, Hoagy Carmichael, and Sammy Fain, and whose collaboration with Carmichael produced the hit "Stardust."

Porter, Cole

Focus on Cole Porter
CBM 285
Comprehensive collection of Cole Porter songs, with commentary tracing his career from 1937.
The Master of "From Major to Minor"
CBM 624
Relates Cole Porter's affluent background to the "plutocratic stylishness" of his songs. Plays songs from Porter's years on Broadway, including "Night and Day," "Anything Goes," and "I Get a Kick out of You."

Raksin, David

So You Want to Write for the Movies
CBM 607
David Raksin, composer and conductor, discusses the process of writing music for films. Excerpts from Forever Amber.

Ramirez, Ram

Ram Ramirez
CBM 1253
He wrote Billie Holiday's hit song "Lover Man" and enjoys continued popularity on the New York jazz scene. Roger "Ram" Ramirez converses with Marian McPartland and teams up with her for a duet of "Undecided."

Rodgers, Richard

The Dynamics of Collaboration
CBM 201
Musical-comedy composer Richard Rodgers reminisces about the forty- three years he spent in partnerships with lyricists Lorenz Hart and Oscar Hammerstein.
The Most Unforgettable Composer I Never Met
CBM 515-518
Dorothy Rodgers, wife of composer Richard Rodgers, discusses her husband's career in musical theater and his collaborations with lyricists Larry Hart and Oscar Hammerstein II. Includes well-known songs from Oklahoma!, The Sound of Music, and South Pacific, as well as less familiar songs and tells the story of the music publishing scene on Tin Pan Alley at the turn of the century.
Oklahoma! and Beyond
CBM 233
Richard Rodgers, composer of the theatrical landmark Oklahoma!, reminisces about his collaboration with lyricist Oscar Hammerstein.

Romberg, Sigmund

The Last of the Giants
CBM 609
Story of Sigmund Romberg, a composer who combined Viennese style with American idioms in such operettas as Blossom Time, The Student Prince, and My Romance.
Focus on Sigmund Romberg
CBM 468
Oscar Hammerstein talks about Romberg's life, plays, and greatest songs.

Rome, Harold

Seven Shows to Rome
CBM 557
Anecdotes told by Harold Rome, composer of such Broadway musicals as Pins and Needles, Call Me Mister, and Wish You Were Here.

Ruby, Harry

A Couple of Crazy Guys/Three Little Words, Thirteen Little Letters
CBM 623
Story of Bert Kalmar and Harry Ruby, successful songwriters who remained vaudeville comedians at heart.

Schwartz, Arthur

Something to Remember Him By
CBM 555
Life and music of Arthur Schwartz, who gave up his law practice to write for musical theater. Songs include "Dancing in the Dark" and "You and the Night and the Music."

Spina, Harold

Sing Me an Old-Fashioned Song
CBM 602/603
Composer and conductor Harold Spina reminisces with Mike Whorf about his long songwriting career and about his music for "Annie Doesn't Live Here Anymore," "It's So Nice to Have a Man around the House," and other songs for the movies.

Strouse, Charles

By Strouse
CBM 560
Strouse, who composed the score of Bye, Bye Birdie, discusses the importance of a composer's involvement in arranging and orchestrating melodies.

Styne, Jule

There Goes That Song Again
CBM 558
Songs by Jule Styne, arranger and composer who collaborated with lyricist Sammy Cahn to write such hits as "I've Heard That Song Before" and "Let It Snow, Let It Snow."

Tilzer, Harry von

Please Sing Me One More Chorus
CBM 535
Life of prolific composer and music publisher Harry von Tilzer, writer of "Wait till the Sun Shines, Nellie" and "I Want a Girl Just like the Girl That Married Dear Old Dad."

Tobias, Charles

As the Years Go By
CBM 538
Interview with Edna Tobias, who tells of her late husband Charles's varied career as a vaudeville entertainer and as a songwriter for musicals and motion pictures.

Van Heusen, Jimmy

Mister Music
CBM 620/622
Career of Jimmy Van Heusen, whose songs, written with lyricist Johnny Burke, include "Imagination," "Swinging on a Star," and "Sunday, Monday, or Always."

Youmans, Vincent

Through the Years
CBM 610
Highlights of Vincent Youman's career writing scores for such musicals as Great Day and No, No, Nanette.

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Posted on 2013-06-28