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Business Plan 2006
Appendix 3

Improvements That Are Most Important to Talking Book Subscribers

Percent of Subscribers (N=447)

(in descending order of “very important” responses)
Not at all important or don't know Somewhat important Very important
Ability to find one’s place after having fallen asleep 26.6 17.2 55.9
Better sound quality than now at normal speed 19.0 25.3 55.7
Having a lightweight machine 30.0 17.2 53.0
Having small playback machine 31.8 19.7 48.5
Ability to bookmark the place you want to return to 30.9 20.6 48.5
Not having to turn tape over or use a side selector switch 30.4 31.2 48.3
Getting books quickly 34.0 21.7 44.3
Ability to change the reading speed without changing the pitch 32.4 24.6 43.0
Ability to move around easily from one part of book to another 34.4 23.0 42.5
Setting to skip automatically over parts of a book 44.7 22.8 32.4
Ability to have words spelled 49.0 19.5 31.8

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Posted on 2013-06-28