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The Poldark Series by Winston Graham

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The Poldark Series, by prolific British novelist Winston Graham, is the "story of fates hanging in the balance." The time period of the saga, 1783 to 1799, finds England attempting to recover from an unsuccessful war with the United States, entering its Industrial Revolution, and waging war with France. The outcome of these events decides the fate of England's politics, church, and social structure.

The fate of Captain Ross Poldark, a genteel and respected man and soldier, is also affected by these events. His principal rival, however, is not the United States, the malcontents of English society, or France but his neighbor, George Warleggan, against whom he struggles for power, money, and love. The story of their feud has been translated into several languages and dramatized on "Masterpiece Theatre," a PBS program.

Following is a list of the novels of the Poldark series in chronological order of their contents as given in Contemporary Authors and supplements to the Wilson Fiction Catalog 1975. All editions listed are available from NLS network library collections.

Ross Poldark: A Novel of Cornwall, 1783-1787

Also published as The Renegade in 1951. Toward the close of the eighteenth century, Ross Poldark returns to Cornwall from the American Revolution to find that the girl he intends to marry is engaged to his cousin. After the death of his father, Poldark discovers the family estate is in ruins. 1945

RD 13107

BR 3521

Demelza: A Novel of Cornwall, 1788-1790

Ross Poldark decides to marry Demelza, the daughter of a Cornish miner. The young wife finds she has much to learn about the ways of society and men. 1946

RD 11431

BR 3518

Jeremy Poldark: A Novel of Cornwall, 1790-1791

Also published as Venture Once More in 1954. Ross Poldark encounters the blackest moment of his life. Charged with plundering two wrecked ships on the beach below his house, he must prove his innocence. 1950

RD 10998

BR 3519

Warleggan: A Novel of Cornwall, 1792-1793

Also published as The Last Gamble in 1955. The marriage between Ross and Demelza enters a stormy period. Ross plunges into a speculative copper-mining venture, and has a dubious relationship with his cousin's wife, while Demelza becomes involved with a Scottish officer. 1953

RD 11025

BR 3519

The Black Moon: A Novel of Cornwall, 1794-1795

The saga of Ross and Demelza, of George Warleggan and his wife, and of the anger between the two households continues. The revolution in the English social structure affects the members of the two families, who struggle to live by their personal principles. 1973

RC 8773

BR 3522

The Four Swans: A Novel of Cornwall, 1795-1797

At last, Ross finds prosperity and happiness. But each of the women whose lives he touches will face a crisis that could ruin her marriage and her life. 1976

RD 11288

BR 3522

The Angry Tide: A Novel of Cornwall, 1789-1799

In 1798, Cornishman Ross Poldark is a successful lord of his manor, newly made member of Parliament, owner of two mines, husband of Demelza, and father of their two children. Warleggan, lifelong rival of the Poldark clan, sets in motion political and financial intrigues. 1977

RC 11634

FD 11634

BR 4301

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