Braille Book Review

July-August 2012

In Brief

More titles announced in Talking Book Topics

Beginning with the July–August 2012 issue, Talking Book Topics will list up to five hundred titles per issue to eliminate a backlog of unannounced digital talking books. For space and cost considerations, until further notice these titles will be listed as one-line annotations with their subject categories and advisories for violence, strong language, or explicit descriptions of sex. We hope that readers will enjoy the larger selection of titles.

Next BARD upgrade brings new features

The Braille and Audio Reading Download (BARD) site will be updated to include braille materials, locally produced magazines, instructional music audiobooks and braille music scores, and foreign-language materials. New features have been introduced to enhance the user's experience.

The new My Wish List feature will allow you to store and access titles that you want to download later. The My Previous Downloads feature will display a list of all of the titles you have downloaded.

Every book title and magazine issue will have its own details page, which will feature all of the information from the summary page and include some additional bulleted notes such as navigation information for audiobooks, the transcribing agency for braille books, and other information from the NLS International Union Catalog. Each details page will also feature links to other books by the same author, audiobooks read by the same narrator, books on the same subject, and books in the same series. Below the bulleted notes you will find the link to download the title and a link to add the title to your wish list.

With this new release of the BARD service, the Web-Braille service will be discontinued. Web-Braille materials will continue to be accessible through active links in the NLS International Union Catalog as well as through the online version of Braille Book Review. However, you will be prompted to enter your BARD username and password when you access Web-Braille materials from these locations. If you have not yet registered, go to, select the link for BARD Application Instructions, then choose the link to the BARD Application for Individuals, and submit the information requested on the form.

Throughout BARD, braille listings will always follow audio listings with the exception of those in each user's individual wish and previous downloads lists, where they will appear in the order that you have added them to the list. Whenever braille materials are available, a link at the top of the page called Skip to Braille will lead readers directly to the braille results.

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