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The following books were recently produced for the NLS program. To order books, contact your braille-lending library. Note: For the infomation of the reader, a notice may appear immediately following the book description to indicate occurrences of strong language, explicit descriptions of sex, or violence. The word "some" before any of these terms indicates an occasional or infrequent occurence, as in "some strong language."


A Lifetime of Wisdom: Embracing the Way God Heals You         BR 18150
by Joni Eareckson Tada
2 volumes
The founder of a Christian disability advocacy organization, herself quadriplegic, uses biblical scripture to explain the contradictions between misfortune and God's goodness. Describes her response to her own teenage accident and her state of mind forty years later. Advocates living in the "now" and discusses reasons for suffering. 2009.

Trick or Treatment: The Undeniable Facts about Alternative Medicine         BR 18153
by Simon Singh and Edzard Ernst
3 volumes
A science journalist and a professor of complementary medicine examine the history of acupuncture, homeopathy, chiropractic, herbal medicine, and other alternative treatments. They describe the principles of evidence-based medicine, including clinical trials, the placebo effect, and ethical considerations. 2008.

Don't Steal Copyrighted Stuff! Avoiding Plagiarism and Illegal Internet Downloading         BR 18164
by Ann Graham Gaines
2 volumes
Defines plagiarism, copyright, and fair use, specifically applying these legal concepts to students. Discusses research projects, citations, music and software downloads, and the permissions process. Provides advice on protecting your own creative work. For junior and senior high readers. 2008.

Mutiny: The True Events That Inspired The Hunt for Red October         BR 18265
by David Hagberg and Boris Gindin
3 volumes
Writing with novelist David Hagberg, former Soviet naval officer Boris Gindin, now an American citizen, provides an eyewitness account of the mutiny that occurred on the submarine Storozhevoy in November 1975. Those events were the basis for Tom Clancy's 1984 thriller The Hunt for Red October (BR 7205). 2008.

One Hundred Questions and Answers about Advanced and Metastatic Breast Cancer         BR 18460
by Lillie D. Shockney and Gary R. Shapiro
2 volumes
Medical specialists concentrate on the advanced stages of the disease of breast cancer. Gives practical answers about treatment options, medical team selection, quality-of-life issues, and clinical trials. 2009.

Keys to American History: Understanding Our Most Important Historic Documents         BR 18593
by Richard Panchyk
3 volumes
Seventy-two entries arranged chronologically include the 1606 First Charter of Virginia, the Emancipation Proclamation, the Japanese relocation order, the Civil Rights Act, the Patriot Act, and the 2002 resolution to use armed forces in Iraq. Provides historic context and contemporary viewpoints for each. For junior and senior high readers. 2008.

Nature's Clocks: How Scientists Measure the Age of Almost Everything         BR 18627
by Doug Macdougall
3 volumes
A geochronologist describes radioactive isotopes as tiny clocks existing in nearly every natural substance and discusses their use to explore deep time. Traces the development of radiometric dating methods, highlights the scientists involved, and details the resulting discoveries, including the surprising age of four grains of Australian zircon crystal. 2008.

Art of the Slow Cooker: Eighty Exciting New Recipes         BR 18629
by Andrew Schloss
2 volumes
Describes the mechanics of a slow cooker and showcases dozens of recipes including soups, desserts, and vegetarian fare. Offers preparation tips for creating succulent dishes such as Moroccan red lentil soup, bistro beef stew, curried vegetables and dal, chocolate-pudding cake, and warm party drinks. 2008.

One Hundred Questions and Answers about Pancreatic Cancer         BR 18788
by Eileen O'Reilly and Joanne Frankel Kelvin
2 volumes
An oncologist and a clinical nurse discuss the basics of pancreatic cancer—its diagnosis, stages, and treatment, as well as quality-of-life issues. They use case studies of patients to address common concerns regarding drugs, surgery, side effects, and lifestyle changes. 2010.

Gluten-Free, Hassle-Free: A Simple, Sane, Dietitian-Approved Program for Eating Your Way Back to Health         BR 18789
by Marlisa Brown
3 volumes
Nutritionist/chef discusses celiac disease and the importance of a grain-free diet for people who cannot tolerate wheat, rye, or barley. Provides strategies for employing different products in the kitchen without sacrificing taste. Includes more than a hundred recipes. 2010.

The Invention of Air: A Story of Science, Faith, Revolution, and the Birth of America         BR 18814
by Steven Johnson
2 volumes
Biography of British chemist and ordained minister Joseph Priestley (1733–1804) discusses his contributions to natural philosophy, science, religion, and politics. Describes Priestley's relationships with Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and other Americans and highlights his discovery of oxygen. 2008.

Dream Lucky: When FDR Was in the White House, Count Basie Was on the Radio, and Everyone Wore a Hat         BR 18903
by Roxane Orgill
2 volumes
Award-winning music critic celebrates the sounds, people, and events of the years 1936 through 1938, as America emerged from the Great Depression. In a series of brief narratives, Orgill chronicles Amelia Earhart's around-the-world flight attempts, Joe Louis's triumph over German boxer Max Schmeling, and the rise of big bands. 2008.

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