Braille Book Review

November-December 2011

Books for Children

The following books were recently produced for the NLS program. To order books, contact your braille-lending library.


Honest Abe Lincoln: Easy-to-Read Stories about Abraham Lincoln         BR 18785
by David A. Adler
1 volume
Biography of U.S. president Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865) tells how he got the nickname "Honest Abe," how he helped both people and animals, why he grew a beard, and why he was shot and killed. Seven short chapters. For grades K-3. 2009.

Fieldbook: Fourth Edition         BR 18815
by Boy Scouts of America
5 volumes
The fourth edition of this Boy Scout manual for outdoor travel, adventure, and caring for the land. Offers tips on trek preparation and environmental stewardship. Provides information on backpacking, camping, caving, cross-country skiing, kayaking, rafting, mountain travel, and other activities. For grades 6-9 and older readers. 2004.

A Really Short History of Nearly Everything         BR 18862
by Bill Bryson
2 volumes
Explores the mysteries of time and space, including the Big Bang, to explain the arrival of life on planet Earth. Discusses scientists and their discoveries, fossils, chemistry, the Earth's bulge and size, plate tectonics, bacteria, trilobites, asteroids, human species, and future possibilities for our world. For grades 5-8. 2008.

Bulu: African Wonder Dog         BR 19065
by Dick Houston
2 volumes
Author recounts Anna and Steve Tolan's adoption of a mixed-breed Jack Russell terrier named Bulu to keep them company at their fledgling wildlife rescue center in Zambia. Describes Bulu's adventures caring for orphaned elephants and other baby animals--and his risky encounters in the bush. For grades 5-8 and older readers. 2010.

Spain         BR 19159
by Anita Croy
1 volume
Facts about this Iberian Peninsula country, where bullfighting, Mediterranean beaches, and flamenco dancing are popular among tourists. Describes Spain's geography and nature, history and government, and people and culture. Discusses its improved economic status after entering the European Union in 1986. For grades 3-6. 2010.

Colombia         BR 19160
by Anita Croy
1 volume
Overview of this South American country that stretches along two seacoasts and from the Andes Mountains down to the Amazon River Basin. Discusses Colombia's rich natural resources; wildlife, including anteaters and poisonous frogs; Spanish heritage; cultural traditions; precolonial history; and modern political and economic problems. For grades 3-6. 2008.

Jamaica         BR 19161
by Jen Green
1 volume
Facts about this mountainous Caribbean island. Describes its physical features, including its many popular beaches, and natural resources such as sugar cane, coffee, and bauxite--a mineral used to make aluminum. Discusses its slave-trading history and fight for independence, Rastafarian religion, reggae music, and modern developments. For grades 3-6. 2008.

Vietnam         BR 19162
by Jen Green
1 volume
Facts about this 1,025-mile-long coastal Southeast Asian country. Covers Vietnam's varied habitats and wildlife from tapirs to tigers; its war-torn history; its cultural traditions including festivals, food, and martial arts; and a changing economy. For grades 3-6. 2008.

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