Braille Book Review

November-December 2011

Books for Children


A Little Princess         BR 18859
by Frances Hodgson Burnett
2 volumes
In this Victorian story, India-born Sara Crewe arrives at Miss Minchin's boarding school in London with beautiful clothes and the good manners of a real princess. But Sara's life changes dramatically when she is suddenly left penniless. For grades 4-7. 1904.

The Giving Tree         BR 19020
by Shel Silverstein
1 volume
A young boy grows to manhood and then old age while experiencing the love and generosity of a tree that gives to him without thought of return.
PRINT/BRAILLE. For grades K-3 and older readers. 1964.

Paddington's Storybook         BR 19143
by Michael Bond
1 volume
Ten popular chapters from earlier books about the little bear from darkest Peru who loves marmalade. Paddington's creator selected these stories to celebrate the storybook bear's twenty-fifth anniversary. For grades 3-6. 1974.

Melonhead and the Big Stink         BR 19164
by Katy Kelly
1 volume
During the summer between fourth and fifth grades, Adam "Melonhead" Melon, who lives in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Washington, D.C., tries to stay out of trouble to earn a trip to New York City to see the giant "stink flower." Sequel to Melonhead (BR 18329). For grades 3-6. 2010.

Leprechaun in Late Winter: Magic Tree House, Book 43         BR 19171
by Mary Pope Osborne
1 volume
Jack and Annie time travel back to 1862 Ireland. Their mission for Merlin is to inspire young Augusta Gregory to share her love of Irish legends and folktales with the world. For grades 2-4. 2010.

No Such Thing as Dragons         BR 19174
by Philip Reeve
1 volume
Ten-year-old Ansel, mute since his mother's death three years ago, is apprenticed to a dragon hunter. Ansel suspects that such creatures do not exist--until he and his master reach Drachenberg, where a young girl has been left on a mountain as a sacrifice for a dragon. For grades 4-7. 2009.

Aggie the Brave         BR 19177
by Lori Ries
1 volume
Ben is worried about leaving Aggie, his dog, at the vet's overnight. When Aggie comes home wearing a cone so she won't bite her stitches, Ben finds a cheerful way to make her feel better. Three short chapters. For preschool-grade 2. 2010.

The Chihuahua Chase         BR 19215
by A.E. Cannon
1 volume
Just before the first annual chihuahua race in Salt Lake City, fourth grader Teddy Kreb's speedy chihuahua Phantom goes missing. Although Addie May Jones is annoyed by her classmate Teddy's constant teasing, the two join forces to figure out what happened to the dog. For grades 2-4. 2010.

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