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November-December 2003

Books for Children--Fiction


Patrol: An American Soldier in Vietnam BR 14041
by Walter Dean Myers
1 volume
A young American soldier in a foreign land thinks about the enemy and surviving his mission to secure a village. In the tall elephant grass, he comes face to face with a young Vietnamese soldier and makes an important realization about war. PRINT/BRAILLE. For grades 3-6. 2002.

Henry Builds a Cabin BR 14043
by D.B. Johnson
1 volume
Henry, a gentle bear, builds a small cabin in the woods. His friends say to make it bigger, but that costs money--and, besides, Henry has his own ideas about space. Includes biographical sketch of Henry David Thoreau. Companion to Henry Hikes to Fitchburg (BR 13066). PRINT/BRAILLE. For grades K-3. 2002.

At the Edge of the Woods: A Counting Book BR 14044
by Cynthia Cotten
1 volume
A counting book--from one to ten and back again--in rhymes about animals and insects found at the edge of the woods. PRINT/BRAILLE. For preschool-grade 2. 2002.

Lemony Snicket: The Unauthorized Autobiography BR 14282
by Lemony Snicket
1 volume
The elusive author of the multivolume Series of Unfortunate Events that beset the hapless Baudelaire children, starting with The Bad Beginning (BR 13626), provides a glimpse into his mysterious and sometimes confusing life, using fanciful letters, diary entries, news clippings, and other miscellaneous documents. For grades 4-7. 2002.

The Starstone BR 14291
by Grace Chetwin
2 volumes
Gom needs to become a wizard quickly to stop the evil Katak from destroying Ulm. But his apprenticeship to master wizard Folgan ends before he is fully trained, and Gom undertakes an arduous journey to prepare for battle. Sequel to The Crystal Stair (BR 14290). For grades 6-9. 1989.

Night of the Bat BR 14425
by Paul Zindel
1 volume
Teenage Jake flies to the Brazilian rain forest to join his father on an expedition to study bats. When a giant brain-eating bat menaces the project, Jake's worst nightmare seems to be coming true. For grades 6-9. 2001.

Trouble Don't Last BR 14427
by Shelley Pearsall
2 volumes
In 1859, an aging slave forces eleven-year-old Samuel to run away at night from their harsh Kentucky master. They are hungry and frightened of being captured as they journey on the Underground Railroad towards the hope of freedom in Canada. For grades 5-8. 2002.

The Magical Worlds of Harry Potter: A Treasury of Myths, Legends, and Fascinating Facts BR 14468
by David Colbert
1 volume
Examines the link between the Harry Potter books' images, characters, and themes and their roots in myths and folklore-- decoding Rowling's clues to reveal hidden meanings. Discusses magic spells, supernatural beasts, the origin of names, and facts about wizards. For grades 4-7. 2001.

Coraline BR 14469
by Neil Gaiman
1 volume
While exploring her new home, Coraline goes through a doorway that shouldn't be there into a dangerous world where she has a disturbingly different set of parents. Since this other mother kidnaps Coraline's real parents, it is up to Coraline to rescue them and return to her world safely. For grades 4-7. 2002.

Danny and the Dinosaur Go to Camp BR 14488
by Syd Hoff
1 volume
When Danny takes his huge friend, the dinosaur, to summer camp, everyone has a great time. For grades K-3. 1996.

Spookier than a Ghost BR 14496
by Karen Gray Ruelle
1 volume
Harry and his sister Emily are very much involved in the family's preparations for Halloween. A beginning chapter book. For grades K-3. 2001.

Foreign Language Books The following titles are available in the languages designated.


Así Es Josefina: Una Niña Americana (Meet Josefina: An American Girl) BR 14464
por Valerie Tripp
1 volume
En 1824 Josefina, una niña de nueve años, vive con su padre y sus tres hermanas en un rancho cerca de Santa Fé, Nuevo México, Las niñas se preocupan de mantener el hogar, como lo hacía su madre quien murió el año pasado. Para grados 2 a 4. Seguido de Josefina Aprende una Lección (BR 14465). [In 1824 nine-year-old Josefina lives with her father and three sisters on a rancho near Santa Fe, New Mexico, where they try to take care of things the way Mama did before she died the previous year. Prequel to Josefina Aprende una Lección (BR 14465). For grades 2-4.] 1997.

Josefina Aprende una Lección: Un Cuento de la Escuela (Josefina Learns a Lesson: A School Story) BR 14465
por Valerie Tripp
1 volume
Tía Dolores enseña varias cosas a Josefina y a sus hermanas--las mismas cosas que la madre de ellas les habría enseñado. Pero una de las hermanas teme que el aprender nuevas cosas--como el leer y escribir--les hará olvidarse de Mamá. Sigue a Así Es Josefina (BR 14464). Para grados 2 a 4. [Tia Dolores has returned to help Josefina and her sisters learn how to do many of the things their mother would have taught them. But one of Josefina's sisters is afraid that learning new things, like reading and writing, will make them forget Mama. Sequel to Así Es Josefina (BR 14464). For grades 2-4.] 1997.

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