Braille Book Review

September-October 2003

In Brief

New and updated publications

The following new or revised publications have recently become available:

What's New? The 2003 edition of What's New? is now available in braille, in large print, and on the NLS web site The annual update describes recent developments at NLS, including new publications and reference materials and advances in automation and technological research, including Web-Braille and the Digital Talking Book Project.

Magazines in Special Media 2003 is available in large print. Recorded and braille versions are planned for production in the near future.

An annotated list of online sources for electronic texts in a variety of formats is presented in the fact sheet Selected Sources for Electronic Texts (2003), available in large print and online at

A fact sheet in Spanish, Libros para Ciegos e Impedidos Fisicos (2003), is available in regular print and will be available online in the near future. It is a translation of the primary NLS fact sheet Books for Blind and Physically Handicapped Individuals.

A technical circular titled Braille Preservation and Salvage Guidelines (03-01) is available in regular print and online at

Date finder

Braille date finders for July 2003 through June 2004 are now available free from NLS. Date finders give the day of the week on which the first day of the month falls during the twelve-month period. The pocket-sized card also incorporates a cut-out signature guide window. To receive one or more date finders, contact the Reference Section, NLS, Washington, DC 20542.

The following item is reprinted from Talking Book Topics, September-October 2003.

New magazine

NLS has selected Travel & Leisure to replace Travel Holiday, which discontinued publication after the June issue. The substitution is effective immediately.

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