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may-june 2003
Books for Adults--Fiction


All the King's Men BR 13840
by Robert Penn Warren
5 volumes
Restored edition, reconstructed from the author's original typescript, recreates the world of a corrupt southern politician of the 1920s and 1930s. Country boy Willie (Stark) Talos rises to become governor of his state only to be brought down by his personal failings. 2001 editorial afterword by Noel Polk. Strong language. Pulitzer Prize. 1946.

Parallel Lies BR 13852
by Ridley Pearson
3 volumes
Ex-homicide detective Peter Tyler, of the National Transportation Safety Board, and African American railroad investigator Nell Priest pursue Umberto Alvarez, a madman who has been derailing trains. Alvarez, however, has reasons for his actions. Violence, strong language, and some descriptions of sex. 2001.

The Fields of Eden BR 13853
by Richard S. Wheeler
4 volumes
John McLoughlin, the head of the Hudson Bay Company that controls the Oregon territory in the 1840s, is both a help and a hindrance to an assortment of would-be settlers: the newly wed immigrant O'Malleys, missionary Jasper Constable and his family, businessman Abel Brownell, and politician Garwood Reese and his sister-in-law, Electra. 2001.

The Cat Who Went up the Creek BR 13879
by Lilian Jackson Braun
2 volumes
Columnist James Qwilleran and his two Siamese cats, Koko and Yum Yum, take a vacation at the nearby Nutcracker Inn in Moose County. Soon two murders, a heart attack, and a suicide occur. With his pets' help Quill breaks the case while gathering news for the paper. Bestseller 2002.

Bone House BR 13891
by Betsy Tobin
2 volumes
In Elizabethan England the death of Dora, the town prostitute, unsettles the village. The midwife's bastard daughter, who is a chambermaid at the local manor house, suspects murder and unearths many secrets. Others, meanwhile, fear witchcraft. Some descriptions of sex. 2000.

Illegal Tender BR 13893
by Gerald Hammond
2 volumes
Henry Kitts of the Three Oaks Kennels in Scotland helps Elizabeth Ilwand, his late friend's granddaughter, try to recover her fortune lost in an e-mail scam. But next a debt-ridden local businessman is found murdered on Elizabeth's property. Some strong language. 2001.

Hearts BR 13897
by Hilma Wolitzer
2 volumes (Reissue)
Linda Reismann, widowed at twenty-six after a six-week marriage, and her sullen thirteen-year-old stepdaughter, Robin, travel to the Midwest to deposit Robin with paternal relatives whom the girl has never met. The kinfolk are unable to take Robin, so the travelers continue to the West Coast. Some explicit descriptions of sex and some strong language. 1980.

The Pickup Artist BR 13902
by Terry Bisson
2 volumes
In the not-too-distant future, federal deletion agent Hank Shapiro confiscates and destroys outdated books, movies, recordings, and paintings to make room on the market for more. But he becomes obsessed with an old Hank Williams album and meets an underground group dedicated to preserving past culture. Some violence and some strong language. 2001.

Carry Me across the Water BR 13906
by Ethan Canin
2 volumes
At seventy-eight, "in his decline but not yet down," wealthy Jewish widower August Kleinman recalls meaningful events of his life. In a series of vignettes, he examines unresolved issues from his World War II experiences in the Pacific and his communication problems with his children, especially his son Jimmy. 2001.

A Group of One BR 13909
by Rachna Gilmore
1 volume
Fifteen-year-old Tara Mehta's life is turned upside down when her grandmother visits from India. Naniji disapproves of the family's Canadian lifestyle and feminist mother. But Tara also learns of her heritage and Naniji's involvement in Gandhi's peace movement. Some strong language. For junior and senior high readers. 2001.

Fury BR 13912
by Salman Rushdie
2 volumes
Possessed of a dangerous and inexplicable anger, fifty-five-year- old Malik Solanka abandons his wife and three-year-old son in London and moves to New York City. There he finds energy and rage to match his own inner turmoil. Strong language and some explicit descriptions of sex. 2001.

Buckskin and Satin BR 13913
by Romain Wilhelmsen
2 volumes
Frank "Buckskin" Leslie crosses paths with all the principals of the Earp-Clanton shoot-out at the O.K. Corral. From romancing Wyatt Earp's future mate to possible involvement in the mysterious death of Johnny Ringo, fact and fiction mingle in this version of the oft-told tale. Some strong language. 1998.

Left Behind: A Novel of the Earth's Last Days BR 13919
by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins
3 volumes
As Captain Rayford Steele pilots a plane across the Atlantic, his senior flight attendant, Hattie Durham, gives him the shocking news that half the passengers have disappeared. Before long, he learns that people are missing all over the world. Rayford, his priest, and several others form the Tribulation Force to fight the Antichrist. Prequel to Tribulation Force (RC 47463). 1995.

Nicolae: The Rise of Antichrist BR 13921
by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins
3 volumes
Nearly two years after the first Rapture, World War III has erupted and Pastor Bruce Barnes, of the Tribulation Force, is dead. The remaining members of the Force--now including Rayford's wife, Amanda, and Tsion Ben-Judah--are struggling to bring people to Christ as devastation spreads around the globe. Sequel to Tribulation Force (RC 47463). 1997.

Infinity Beach BR 13937
by Jack McDevitt
4 volumes
People living on the Nine Worlds and on the starships keeping them connected believe they are the only life in the universe. Searching for her clone/sister (who disappeared on a space mission twenty-seven years ago), scientist Kim Brandywine discovers they may not be alone after all. Strong language. 2000.

Widow's Walk BR 13942
by Robert B. Parker
2 volumes
Boston private investigator Spenser is hired in a case involving a young wife suspected of shooting her millionaire husband. Spenser's sleuthing seems to stir up trouble, and, after six more murders, he calls in his bodyguard, Hawk. Violence and strong language. Bestseller 2002.

For All Time BR 14056
by Caroline B. Cooney
2 volumes
In this sequel to Prisoner of Time (BR 11916), Annie Lockwood attempts to travel back to an 1899 Egyptian archaeological dig where her true love is working. However, she ends up in antiquity when the pyramids are being built. For junior and senior high readers. 2001.

The Hunters: Two Short Novels BR 14057
by Claire Messud
2 volumes
In the title piece, the American protagonist--researching death-- rents a quiet apartment in London for the summer. This unnamed and genderless person becomes preoccupied with Ridley Wandor, the downstairs neighbor who raises rabbits and intrudes on the protagonist's solitude. Could Ridley be murdering her elderly patients? 2001.

Atonement BR 14059
by Ian McEwan
3 volumes
England, 1935. Cambridge graduates Cecilia and Robbie fall in love, defying class distinctions. But a greater crime is perpetrated by Cecilia's melodramatic thirteen-year-old sister, Briony. Her willful misconstruction of events she witnesses leads to the disintegration of her upper-class family and a lifetime of recriminations. Some explicit descriptions of sex and some strong language. Bestseller 2001.

The Guardian: The O'Malley Series, Book 2 BR 14101
by Dee Henderson
3 volumes
A nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court is murdered while U.S. marshal Marcus O'Malley is guarding him. Marcus gradually falls in love with the only witness, speechwriter Shari Hanford, and copes with his sister's sickness. The O'Malleys pray that their faith will sustain them. Sequel to The Negotiator (BR 13052). 2001.

Yesterday's Dreams, Tomorrow's Promises BR 14140
by Reon Laudat
2 volumes
Sparks ignite between Jared Wilkes and longtime flame, actress Daria Mitchell, when they meet at their ten-year high school reunion in Memphis. Jared's brother Chapper, who once made a conquest of Daria, schemes to come between them one more time. Some descriptions of sex. 2001.

Heartbeat BR 14161
by Danielle Steel
3 volumes (Reissue)
Bill Thigpen, creator of the hottest show on TV, was happy until his wife and kids left him. Adrian Townsend was happy until she became pregnant and her husband made her choose between him and the baby. The two meet and fall in love. Some strong language. 1991.

The Snow Goose BR 14168
by Paul Gallico
1 volume (Reissue)
A young Saxon girl brings a reclusive hunchbacked painter an injured Canada goose. Bonds of affection grow between the bird and Philip Rhayader and Fritha, linking them in Philip's heroic decision to rescue soldiers at Dunkirk during World War II. 1940.

Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood BR 14189
by Rebecca Wells
3 volumes
At forty, Sidda Walker is a famous theater director whose life spirals downward after a New York Times interview implies that her mother, Vivi, was a child abuser. Vivi disowns Sidda, but the Ya-Yas, Vivi's longtime friends, intervene. Sequel to Little Altars Everywhere (RC 36350). Strong language and some descriptions of sex. Bestseller 1996.

Enemy Women BR 14191
by Paulette Jiles
3 volumes
As the Civil War sweeps through Missouri in 1864, Adair Colley turns eighteen witnessing Union militia atrocities. Arrested as an enemy collaborator, Adair suffers the indignities of wartime prison while having an unexpected romance with Union major William Neumann, her interrogator. Some strong language. 2002.

Sunset in St. Tropez BR 14193
by Danielle Steel
2 volumes
Three New York couples--Diana and Eric Morrison, Pascale and John Donnally, and Anne and Robert Smith--decide to vacation in France one summer. But Anne dies before the trip, and Robert causes turmoil when he invites his new girlfriend, an actress, to join them. 2002.

1st to Die BR 14208
by James Patterson
2 volumes
A serial killer of newlyweds prompts an investigation by Lindsay Boxer, a San Francisco homicide detective recently diagnosed with a potentially fatal blood disease. She recruits a medical examiner, a journalist, and a district attorney (all women) to help find the murderer. Violence, some descriptions of sex, and some strong language. Bestseller 2001.

2nd Chance BR 14209
by James Patterson
2 volumes
Lieutenant Lindsay Boxer of the San Francisco police department enlists the help of her friends in the Women's Murder Club, from 1st to Die (BR 14208), to track down a serial killer. Meanwhile Lindsay's estranged father, a former policeman, reenters her life. Violence and strong language. Bestseller 2002.

Maigret Loses His Temper BR 14222
by Georges Simenon
1 volume
Maigret investigates the murder of a nightclub owner. As he pieces together the events leading up to the murder, he questions Montmartre's pleasure seekers. Maigret must discover more than the killer's identity when he finds himself the target of a trap. 1963.

Maigret and the Hotel Majestic BR 14223
by Georges Simenon
1 volume
One of the guests at a luxury hotel in Paris is murdered. The body is found by breakfast cook Prosper Donge. Superintendent Maigret questions Donge and the other hotel staff and guests to discover who among them is keeping secrets. 1977.

Running Scared BR 14224
by Elizabeth Lowell
3 volumes
Jewelry expert Risa Sheridan, a curator for a Las Vegas casino, helps her boss, Shane Tannahill, acquire ancient Celtic pieces for his collection. Risa's childhood friend Cherelle Faulkner is trying to obtain some stolen Druid gold from a former GI. Strong language, some descriptions of sex, and some violence. 2002.

A Thousand Country Roads: An Epilogue to The Bridges of Madison County BR 14323
by Robert James Waller
1 volume
1981. Robert Kincaid, sixty-eight, is sustained only by memories of life on the road and his brief 1965 encounter with Francesca Johnson. He returns to the road, and a chance encounter with another woman reveals a new dimension of his life. Sequel to The Bridges of Madison County (BR 9823). Bestseller 2002.

Stained Glass BR 14326
by Michael Bedard
2 volumes
Choosing to skip his piano lesson, Charles Endicott is in St. Bartholomew's church when an ancient stained-glass window breaks and cuts a homeless girl sleeping in a pew. Trying to help this confused girl, Charles embarks on a strange and wonderful journey. For junior and senior high readers. 2001.

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