Braille Book Review

July-August 2001

In Brief

Magazines Are Now Available through Web-Braille

NLS-produced braille magazines, listed in each issue of Braille Book Review, are now available for download, online use, or browsing through the Web-Braille system on the Internet. Twenty-five magazines as well as current sports schedules, available by free subscription to eligible patrons, may now be called up on the Internet through the Braille Book Review web page Patrons who wish to download the braille magazines or to use them online with a braille output device must first register for Web-Braille and obtain a password from their cooperating library. Once the password is obtained, free round-the- clock access to the magazines as well as the complete collection of Web-Braille books is possible.

Web-Braille, begun in August 1999, has become a permanent part of the NLS program, with nearly 1,600 registered users and almost 3,800 titles available. New books selected by NLS for inclusion in the braille collection are now routinely added to the Web-Braille system.

NLS is in the process of testing the feasibility of creating Web-Braille files for older books by scanning existing embossed braille volumes with optical braille- recognition software. If the pilot program is successful, selected titles prior to BR 8800 could be added to the Web-Braille inventory at low cost.

New publication

The 2001 edition of What's New? is now available in braille. What's New? is an annual update for people already familiar with the NLS program. It describes recent updates in the service, including new publications and reference materials and advances in automation and technological research, including Web-Braille and the Digital Talking Book Project. What's New? is available in braille or standard print on request from the Reference Section, NLS, Washington, DC 20542, and on the NLS web site

Date finder

Braille date finders for July 2001 through June 2002 are now available free from NLS. Date finders give the day of the week on which the first day of the month falls during the twelve-month period. The pocket-sized card also incorporates a convenient cut-out signature guide window. To receive one or more date finders, contact the Reference Section, NLS, Washington, DC 20542.

The following information is reprinted from Talking Book Topics, July-August 2001

New NLS Reference Publications

The following revised and updated publications are now available upon request from the NLS Reference Section.

Facts: Books for Blind and Physically Handicapped Individuals 2001, a factsheet describing the NLS program and outlining eligibility requirements, is available in regular print and in braille, and can be provided on computer diskette.

Blindness and Visual Impairments: Information and Advocacy Organizations 2001 is a circular available in large print.

Magazines in Special Media 2000 is available in large print; recorded and braille editions are planned for later in 2001.

Sources of Custom-Produced Books: Braille, Audio Recordings, and Large Print 2001, formerly titled Volunteers Who Produce Books, is available in large print; a braille version is planned for later in 2001.

All of these publications are or soon will be accessible on the NLS web site To obtain copies of these publications, contact the Reference Section, National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, Library of Congress, Washington, DC 20542.

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