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November-December 1999
Books for Adults--Fiction

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Note: For the information of the reader, a notice may appear immediately following the book description to indicate occurrences of strong language, explicit descriptions of sex, or violence. The word "some" before any of these terms indicates an occasional or infrequent occurrence, as in "some strong language."

Perfect Harmony BR 11575
by Barbara Wood
4 volumes
Three deaths have been attributed to tainted herbal medicines produced by the biotech company Charlotte Lee inherited from her Chinese grandmother. Charlotte suspects rivals within the company. Her ex-boyfriend, a computer genius, arrives from England to assist in catching the infiltrators before the FDA closes the business. 1998.

The Rise of Endymion BR 11631
by Dan Simmons
7 volumes
Aenea comes of age in this sequel to Endymion (BR 11481). The Pax forms an alliance with the TechnoCore and declares war on the threatening Ousters. The Pax is also looking for Aenea, who is currently on Earth preparing to outwit the Pax and the Core with her lover, Raul Endymion. Strong language and some descriptions of sex. 1997.

Full Dress Gray BR 11711
by Lucian K. Truscott
3 volumes
In this sequel to Dress Gray (BRA 16533), Ry Slaight returns to West Point thirty years after he graduated, this time as the new superintendent. On his first day on the job, a young woman cadet dies on parade. During the ensuing investigation, Slaight's daughter Jacey, also a cadet, helps uncover a conspiracy involving students and officers. Some strong language and some descriptions of sex. 1998.

Tell Me Lies BR 11712
by Jennifer Crusie
3 volumes
After finding crotchless underpants in her husband's car, Maddie Faraday decides to get revenge by seducing recently returned C.L. Sturgis, with whom she had a one-night stand in high school. Then Maddie's husband disappears before she can divorce him and the town suspects she murdered him. Strong language and explicit descriptions of sex. 1998.

The Distinguished Guest BR 11713
by Sue Miller
2 volumes
Activist author Lily Maynard, in her eighties, is in failing health and must live in her son's home until she can move into a retirement community. Her acclaimed memoirs have brought her notoriety, but they also force her family to face their pain. Some strong language and some descriptions of sex. 1995.

The Education of Oscar Fairfax BR 11721
by Louis Auchincloss
2 volumes
The life and times of blueblood lawyer Oscar Fairfax, from his turn-of-the-century education at the best schools to his years as a member of his father's law firm. Observing the social scene around him, Oscar tries to lead an exemplary life. Some descriptions of sex. 1995.

The Atonement and Other Stories BR 11723
by Louis Auchincloss
2 volumes
Twelve short stories concerning morality among the upper classes. In the title story, a lawyer-turned-broker is in legal trouble caused by insider trading. "The Last Great Divorce" finds a formerly disgraced divorcée confronted with her daughter's divorce years later. Some strong language. 1997.

The Hunt Club BR 11725
by Bret Lott
2 volumes
Fifteen-year-old Huger Dillard and his blind uncle Leland discover a murdered man on their land. The two run a hunt club for the wealthy men of Charleston to patronize on weekends. Within days the Dillard family is threatened and kidnapped by men who want to possess what the Dillards own. Some violence and some strong language. 1998.

Complete Stories BR 11791
by Dorothy Parker
5 volumes
Forty-eight stories and nine sketches written between 1920 and 1958 by the literary magazine writer and founder of the Algonquin Round Table. In these stories, Parker often writes about those who cannot extricate themselves from the unsuccessful personal relationships in which they are involved. She also depicts the effects of poverty on people who received little or no education. 1995.

American Woman BR 11794
by R. Garcia y Robertson
4 volumes
After witnessing the Civil War, young Quaker Sarah Kilory, dsperate to earn a living, goes out west to teach. Falling in love with an Oglala Sioux warrior, she becomes his second wife. Sarah, renamed American Woman, sees the destruction of the native way of life culminating with the battle at Little Big Horn. Some violence and some descriptions of sex. 1998.

Detective Duos BR 11828
edited by Marcia Muller and Bill Pronzini
5 volumes
Following their introduction in which the editors discuss the many combinations of detective duos in fiction, this husband-and-wife team offers twenty-five works covering the broad spectrum of mysteries both in historical development and in types of partnerships. Each story includes a brief introduction and offers suggested titles for further reading. 1997.

Murder and Other Acts of Literature: Twenty-four Unforgettable and Chilling Stories by Some of the World's Best-Loved, Most Celebrated Writers BR 11847
edited by Michele Slung
3 volumes
Short mysteries by such diverse authors as Edith Wharton, John Cheever, Naguib Mahfouz, and Alice Walker. In "Miss Forbes's Summer of Happiness," a governess is killed, apparently in a fit of passion. In "The Johore Murders," someone is eliminating expatriates as they prepare to leave for home. Violence and some strong language. 1997.

So Big BR 11869
by Edna Ferber
3 volumes
A farm woman's indomitable spirit and quick response to beauty are unquenched by years of hardship--all for the sake of her son. Pulitzer Prize. Originally published in 1924. 1995.

Reckless Homicide BR 11874
by Ira Genberg
3 volumes
Since his daughter's painful death, Charlie has needed pills in order to cope. When a failed drug test gets him fired from his pilot's job, he begs his brother Michael, the airline's attorney, for help. A horrible plane crash occurs, and Michael is charged with reckless homicide for helping Charlie. Strong language and explicit descriptions of sex. 1998.

Mirror Image BR 11878
by Danielle Steel
4 volumes
Born in 1893 and now in their twenties, identical twins Olivia and Victoria Henderson are often mistaken for one another. But reliable Olivia has always rescued the adventurous Victoria from her escapades. Then Victoria gets herself into a scrape from which Olivia can't save her unless they trade identities. Bestseller 1998.

Tobacco Road BR 11889
by Erskine Caldwell
2 volumes
The famous saga, first published in 1932, of Jeeter Lester and his shiftless family. Their ribald adventures along Tobacco Road, once a flourishing plantation, attract a lusty preacher, Sister Bessie. Explicit descriptions of sex. 1995.

Murder at the Watergate BR 11890
by Margaret Truman
3 volumes
While Mac and Annabel Smith attend a fund-raiser for Vice President Joseph Aprile at the Watergate, a Mexican union organizer is killed in the garage. A few days later, a researcher for the Mexican Initiative is pushed from the Watergate's roof. The Smiths soon head to Mexico to investigate a connection between the deaths and financial investments in Aprile's campaign. Some strong language. 1998.

True North: A Novel of the Underground Railroad BR 11892
by Kathryn Lasky
2 volumes
Narrative alternating between Bostonian Lucy Bradford and Afrika, a Virginia slave, tells how the lives of the two fourteen-year-olds were affected by the Underground Railroad. Lucy recounts her family's preparation for a wedding and her special relationship with her grandfather, while Afrika describes her difficult journey north. For junior and senior high readers. 1996.

A Death in the Family BR 11893
by James Agee
3 volumes
A modern classic about the impact of tragedy on a close-knit family in Knoxville, Tennessee, in the early twentieth century. The story begins a few hours before the death of Jay Follet and ends on the day of his funeral. Strong language. Pulitzer Prize. 1957.

The Garden of the Finzi-Continis BR 11901
by Giorgio Bassani
2 volumes
A fictionalized account of a moody and tragic Jewish youth in Italy just before the rise of Hitler. Portrays his relationship with Micol, the beautiful and pampered daughter of the Finzi-Continis, the richest and most important Jewish family in the town of Ferrara. 1977.

Wuthering Heights BR 11902
by Emily Brontë
3 volumes (Reissue)
This classic nineteenth-century English novel, set in the wild moor country of Yorkshire, is about Heathcliff, a foundling raised in the Earnshaw home, who passionately loves Catherine. He dedicates his life to the realization of that love and revenge on those who oppose him. First published in 1847. 1997.

The Way to Bright Star BR 11903
by Dee Brown
3 volumes
At the turn of the century, Ben Butterfield looks back on his years as a young boy during the Civil War. Along with wagon master John Hawkes, Ben and animal handler Hadjee drive two camels captured by a Yankee captain from Texas to Bright Star, Indiana. They encounter many hardships, and Ben loses his heart to a young adventurer. 1998.

Snow Falling on Cedars BR 11904
by David Guterson
3 volumes
Set on an island in Puget Sound after World War II. Carl Heine has drowned, and fellow fisherman Kabuo Miyamoto is accused of murder. Covering the trial is a local reporter who was the defendant's wife's first love. As the trial begins, the entire once-peaceful community is tense with suspicion and prejudice. Strong language and some descriptions of sex. PEN/Faulkner Award. 1994.

The Women of Brewster Place: A Novel in Seven Stories BR 11906
by Gloria Naylor
2 volumes
Seven women live on Brewster Place. Each has a story that is uniquely hers but that also touches the concerns of the other Brewster Place women and of women everywhere. A commentary on the experience of black women in the United States. Some strong language. National Book Award 1983. 1982.

The Catcher in the Rye BR 11909
by J.D. Salinger
2 volumes (Reissue)
As Christmas vacation begins, Holden Caulfield recounts his feelings and reactions to flunking out of Pencey, his third prep school. Instead of heading straight home, he wanders around New York City. This account of his adventures conveys his dismay at the adult world. Strong language. For senior high and older readers. 1945.

Blanche Cleans Up BR 11910
by Barbara Neely
3 volumes
When Blanche White reluctantly agrees to fill in as housekeeper for a vacationing friend, she encounters a family in chaos. Mr. Brindle's campaign for governor is disrupted by a murder and a suicide in his household. Some of his African American supporters are particularly scornful and suspicious of Blanche. Strong language, violence, and descriptions of sex. 1998.

Prisoner of Time BR 11916
by Caroline B. Cooney
1 volume
In this sequel to Out of Time (BR 10804), sixteen-year-old Devonny Stratton is being forced to marry a titled Englishman in the nineteenth century. She escapes this fate by time-travelling to the 1990s. Reluctantly assisting her is the brother of the twentieth-century girl who helped Devonny's brother, Strat, in the prequel. For junior and senior high readers. 1998.

Angels Watching Over Me BR 11918
by Lurlene McDaniel
1 volume
While her mother is honeymooning in Japan with husband number five, sixteen-year-old Leah is in the hospital undergoing tests. After a frightening diagnosis, she finds comfort in her young Amish roommate, Rebekah; Rebekah's appealing brother Ethan; and a mysterious night nurse. Prequel to Lifted Up by Angels (BR 11919). For junior and senior high readers. 1996.

Lifted Up by Angels BR 11919
by Lurlene McDaniel
1 volume
In this sequel to Angels Watching Over Me (BR 11918), Leah is seventeen, her bone cancer is miraculously in remission, and she chooses to spend her summer working in a town near the Amish friends she met at the hospital. Her feelings for Ethan increase, but the reality of their differences is always present. For junior and senior high readers. 1997.

Until Angels Close My Eyes BR 11920
by Lurlene McDaniel
1 volume
In this sequel to Lifted Up by Angels (BR 11919), Leah, whose own cancer is still in remission, is shocked to learn that her stepfather has had cancer and it has now returned. Ethan, the young Amish man she loves, leaves his home to help her through this troubling time. For junior and senior high readers. 1998.

Democracy: An American Novel BR 11939
by Henry Adams
2 volumes
This realistic novel centers on the relationship between a young hostess and a powerful politician. Portrays the political society of Washington during President Ulysses S. Grant's second administration. 1880.

The Haunting BR 11941
by Joan Lowery Nixon
2 volumes
When Lia's great-grandmother dies, she leaves an old family plantation home to Lia's mother. An ancestor's diary describes the house as haunted. But Lia's parents are determined to fill the place with adopted children. Timid Lia, then, feels it her responsibility to drive the ghost away. For junior and senior high readers. 1998.

The Wapshot Chronicle BR 11943
by John Cheever
3 volumes
Follows the fortunes of the Wapshot family of St. Botolphs, a mythical New England seaport. Old Captain Leander Wapshot is in love with his ferryboat, which he keeps losing and regaining. An eccentric aunt wants to give Leander's sons a fortune--if they marry and produce heirs. Some strong language. 1957.

Hunted Down: The Detective Stories of Charles Dickens BR 11945
by Charles Dickens
2 volumes
Twelve stories, some featuring well-known characters such as Inspector Bucket and his wife, from Bleak House (BR 11645), and Mr. Nadgett, from Martin Chuzzlewit (BR 10218). Dickens's work as a law clerk and reporter and his attendance at trials, executions, and nightly rounds with the police provided material for these mysteries. 1996.

The Exorcist BR 11946
by William Peter Blatty
3 volumes
Actress Chris MacNeil is filming a new movie in Washington, D.C. After playing with a Ouija board, her twelve-year-old daughter, Regan, begins exibiting bizarre and macabre behaviors. Medical science doesn't help, so Chris appeals to the Catholic Church. A priest, Damien Karras, conducts an exorcism to try to rid Regan of the demon. Strong language and explicit descriptions of sex. 1971.

Ronicky Doone BR 11947
by Max Brand
2 volumes
Ronicky Doone helps a new friend, miner Bill Gregg, track Caroline Smith, a girl he wants to marry, to New York City. Once there the two westerners discover that she and her friend, Ruth Tolliver, are employed by a ruthless gangster. Despite overwhelming odds, Doone tries to rescue them. 1921.

Zebra and Other Stories BR 11958
by Chaim Potok
1 volume
Six short stories titled for the teenager portrayed. In "Zebra"--a nickname--a seriously injured boy meets a one-armed artist who teaches him more than art. In "Nava," a girl realizes that just saying no to a student drug dealer is not the end of the problem. For junior and senior high readers. 1998.

The Starlite Drive-In BR 11959
by Marjorie Reynolds
3 volumes
The discovery of human bones at the drive-in her father once managed recalls to forty-nine-year-old Callie Anne the summer of 1956. At thirteen, she and her agoraphobic mother are drawn to drifter Charlie Memphis, who works for her jealous father. Strong language. 1997.

The Lonely Passion of Judith Hearne BR 11964
by Brian Moore
2 volumes
A story of loneliness and hope and what happens to a middle-aged spinster living in a Belfast boarding house when she pins all her dreams on capturing her landlady's brother. Some strong language and some explicit descriptions of sex. 1955.

The Scarlet Pimpernel BR 11965
by Baroness Orczy
2 volumes
Europe, 1792. With the republican mob in frenzy, French aristocrats are being guillotined indiscriminately. A group of British adventurers, led by the mysterious Scarlet Pimpernel, are spiriting innocent victims out of Paris. French agent Chauvelin arrives in England to discover the leader's true identity and enlists the help of a clever French beauty married to the foppish Sir Percy Blakeney. For senior high and older readers. 1905.

Game Plan BR 11966
by Thomas J. Dygard
1 volume
When Barton High School's football coach is hospitalized right before the final game of the season, the only one who can replace him is his student manager, Beano Hatton. Beano accepts the responsibility, knowing how much he has learned from the coach in three years. After devising a game plan, Beano's major hurdle is convincing the team to believe in him. For junior and senior high readers. 1993.

Goodbye, Columbus and Five Short Stories BR 11967
by Philip Roth
2 volumes
The title novella, which won the National Book Award in 1960, is about a young Radcliffe girl and a Rutgers boy who learn that there is more to love than exuberance and passion. All of the stories dramatize the dilemma of American Jews torn between two worlds. Strong language. 1959.

The Harlequin Tea Set and Other Stories BR 11972
by Agatha Christie
2 volumes
Nine short stories previously unpublished in the United States culled from magazines for which the author wrote prior to her success. In the title story, an old friend prevents a family murder; in "The Edge" a romantic rival drives a cheating wife to her suicide. For senior high and older readers. 1997.

Backfield Package BR 11973
by Thomas J. Dygard
1 volume
Four football players at Hillcrest High make a pact to stick together and play at the same college as a "backfield package." But only Joe Mitchell, the quarterback, is recruited by a big-name school and must decide whether to keep his promise or explore all the options. For junior and senior high readers. 1992.

July's People BR 11974
by Nadine Gordimer
1 volume
In the aftermath of a successful black revolution, members of a white Johannesburg family--architect Bam Smales, his wife, and their three young children--have been rescued by July, their house servant of fifteen years. They are taken to July's remote family compound, where the roles of white/black dependency are reversed. 1981.

Circuit of Heaven BR 11977
by Dennis Danvers
3 volumes
By 2080 most humans have submitted to cremation, forsaking Earth for eternal life in the Bin, a virtual reality. Nemo chooses to stay in real time, even after his parents leave. But when he visits them on his twenty-first birthday, he falls in love. Some strong language and some descriptions of sex. 1998.

Eucalyptus BR 12057
by Murray Bail
2 volumes
At nineteen, Ellen has become quite a beauty. Her father has decided that the man who names all of the hundreds of eucalyptuses he owns may have Ellen's hand in marriage. But Ellen prefers a storyteller she meets in the woods. 1998.

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