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September-October 1999
Books for Adults--Fiction

Books listed in this issue of Braille Book Review were recently sent to cooperating libraries. The complete collection contains books by many authors on fiction and nonfiction subjects, including biographies, classics, gothics, mysteries, romances, and others. Contact your cooperating library to learn more about the wide range of books available in the collection.

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Note: For the information of the reader, a notice may appear immediately following the book description to indicate occurrences of strong language, explicit descriptions of sex, or violence. The word "some" before any of these terms indicates an occasional or infrequent occurrence, as in "some strong language."

Devil's Rim BR 11714
by Sam Brown
2 volumes
Concho Smith is headed to Mexico in the summer of 1898 when he comes across Judith Van, who is trying to mend a broken gate on her ranch. Her husband has been crippled by a fall from a horse, and she really needs help with the ranch work. Concho stops to help and ends up staying and facing problems. Strong language and some violence. 1998.

The Answer Is Yes BR 11772
by Sara Lewis
3 volumes
After being laid off at work, unsuccessful at tracking her birthmother, and weary of trying to hold her scientist husband's attention, Jenny Brown discovers the Institute of Affirmation and its odd adult education classes. 1998.

Sarah on Her Own BR 11793
by Karen M. Coombs
2 volumes
Orphaned fourteen-year-old Sarah survives the 1620 trip from London to the New World, but her aunt does not. Her aunt's fiancé, who sent for them, has also died. Not wanting to marry, become an indentured servant, or settle on the land she has been allotted, Sarah searches for a way home. Violence. For junior and senior high readers. 1996.

Companions of the Night BR 11795
by Vivian Van de Velde
2 volumes
Returning to a laundromat at midnight to retrieve her brother's toy, sixteen-year-old Kerry is confronted by three men who are holding a young man named Ethan hostage. When she realizes the captors are determined to prove Ethan is a vampire, Kerry helps him escape. Some strong language. For junior and senior high readers. 1995.

Joyride BR 11796
by Gretchen Olson
2 volumes
When Jeff McKenzie and a friend take a joy ride through a farmer's bean field one night, Jeff has no idea he will spend the summer in a strawberry field. He had planned to play tennis, but this is the price he must pay for ruining the farmer's irrigation motor. Jeff learns a lot and is befriended by the farmer's daughter and a farm hand. For junior and senior high readers. 1998.

Bombay Ice BR 11824
by Leslie Forbes
4 volumes
A psychological murder mystery set in the movie production world of Bombay, India. The pregnant Miranda fears that her husband, Prosper, murdered his first wife. She confides in her crime reporter sister, Roz Bengal, who arrives in Bombay to investigate. Some violence, some strong language, and some descriptions of sex. 1998.

Sink or Swim BR 11826
by Gerald Hammond
2 volumes
Wallace James's activity level is slowed by heart trouble and angina, but he still works in his sporting-goods shop in the highlands of Scotland. Listening to his CB radio, he overhears a blackmail attempt. It seems Colonel McInsch had failed to save a neighbor from drowning. Now there is some doubt as to the death's accidental nature. With his wife Janet's help, James investigates. 1996.

The Running Woman BR 11835
by Patricia Carlon
2 volumes
Australian teenager Carol Zamia is found dead in a creek. A neighbor saw a woman in white running from the scene, and Zamia's parents accuse the young widow Gabriel Endicott. Gabriel admits to being at the crime scene but says she knows nothing about the murder. Now she must prove it. 1966.

An Island like You: Stories of the Barrio BR 11844
by Judith Ortiz Cofer
2 volumes
Twelve short stories chronicle the lives of Puerto Rican teenagers in Paterson, New Jersey. Struggling to mature, the teens have to live in two cultures and speak two languages. In "Bad Influence," Rita is sent off to the island for the summer, to keep her away from boys, but she learns to like it there. For senior high and older readers. 1995.

The Hundred Days: The Aubrey-Maturin Novels BR 11850
by Patrick O'Brian
3 volumes
Napoleon, now converted to Islam, has escaped from Elba and is again building up his troops. He hopes to receive aid from the Muslims--if a gold shipment reaches them in time. Commodore Jack Aubrey and Dr. Stephen Maturin are called in to intercept the gold shipment and prevent a Napoleonic victory. Sequel to The Yellow Admiral (BR 10685). Bestseller 1998.

The Locket BR 11852
by Richard Paul Evans
2 volumes
Following his mother's death, Michael Keddington takes a job at a nursing home to pay off his growing debts. He meets the quiet and withdrawn Esther Huish, and as he wins her trust, she encourages him to pursue his relationship with the well-to-do Faye Murrow. Then Michael is accused of murdering a resident. Bestseller 1998.

Glory Days and Other Stories BR 11856
by Gillian Chan
1 volume
Five short stories feature students from the same Canadian high school. In "Singing the Blues," Rachel, embarrassed by her hippie parents, wishes she had a normal family. In "The Invisible Girl," new-girl-in-town Luisa dates Mark in order to fit in. She learns too late that she should have listened to her father's words of caution. For senior high and older readers. 1996.

Cat's Cradle BR 11875
by Kurt Vonnegut
2 volumes
To write his book about the end of the world, Jonah contacts the children of a famous scientist, Dr. Felix Hoenikker, who invented the atomic bomb. Each child has some of the father's last invention, ice-nine--a compound that destroys life by instant freezing. Jonah discovers a new religion, Bokononism, when he joins them on San Lorenzo island. Some strong language. 1963.

The Mad Dog: Stories BR 11897
by Heinrich Böll
1 volume
Ten tales by the German Nobel laureate that were not published when written after World War II. One story, "Youth on Fire," written in 1937 before Böll went to war, shows his youthful faith and idealism. The title piece depicts the repercussions of wartime horrors on a highly intelligent soldier and on an ordained priest. 1997.

Black Coffee: A Hercule Poirot Novel BR 11898
by Charles Osborne
2 volumes
Osborne has adapted as a novel this work originally written as a play by Agatha Christie in 1930. Scientist Sir Claud Amory believes someone in his home is trying to steal an important formula he has developed. He asks Poirot to come to his Surrey home and take the formula back to London. But when Poirot arrives, he finds Amory dead and soon identifies numerous suspects. 1998.

Franny and Zooey BR 11900
by J.D. Salinger
2 volumes
Two stories about the Glass family of New York City. In the first story, college student Franny spoils an evening with her date because of a religious conversion; in the second, Franny's brother Zooey encourages her to become an actress. Some strong language. 1957.

Bech at Bay: A Quasi-Novel BR 11908
by John Updike
2 volumes
Five humorous episodes in the life of Henry Bech, the semi-obscure American author created by Updike. In the last story, Bech is awarded the Nobel Prize for literature in 1999, but must contend with the subsequent literary protest. Sequel to Bech Is Back (BR 5307). Some strong language. 1998.

Danger Zone BR 11954
by David Klass
2 volumes
Jim Doyle from Minnesota is selected to be in an international junior basketball tournament in Italy. At the training camp, his teammates shun him because of his racial identity and social inexperience. But in Rome, when the team encounters discrimination and death threats, Jim proves his loyalty. Some violence. For junior and senior high readers. 1996.

Don't Die, My Love BR 11955
by Lurlene McDaniel
2 volumes
High school juniors Julie and Luke have known each other for years and are in love. Luke is the star football player and Julie's father is his coach. Julie is waiting to see where Luke gets a football scholarship so she can apply to the same school. Then Luke is diagnosed with cancer. For junior and senior high readers. 1995.

A Place to Call Home BR 11957
by Jackie French Koller
2 volumes
Anna, fifteen, lives with her irresponsible mother, her five-year-old sister, Mandy, and baby brother, Casey. When her mother disappears, Anna decides to keep it a secret, because she thinks no one would want to keep a biracial teenager who has two white siblings. For junior and senior high readers. 1995.

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