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September-October 1997
Books for Adults--Nonfiction

Books listed in this issue of Braille Book Review were recently sent to cooperating libraries. The complete collection contains books by many authors on fiction and nonfiction subjects, including biographies, classics, gothics, mysteries, romances, and others. Contact your cooperating library to learn more about the wide range of books available in the collection.

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Note: For the information of the reader, a notice may appear immediately following the book description to indicate occurrences of strong language, explicit descriptions of sex, or violence. The word "some" before any of these terms indicates an occasional or infrequent occurrence, as in "some strong language."

The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life BR 9837
by Richard J. Herrnstein and Charles Murray
10 volumes
The authors assert that information and the intellectual ability to use it separate the "haves" from the "have nots" in American society. The authors' stated goal is to convince public policy makers to acknowledge that differences in ability exist, that reliance on prejudicial assumptions is wrong, and that open discussion of class intelligence is vital. Bestseller 1994.

Building Basic Skills in Reading, Book 2 BR 10355
by Contemporary Books, Incorporated
2 volumes
Second half of a two-book program on practicing reading skills. A pretest is followed by exercises in both critical and practical reading. Topics include sorting facts from opinions; recognizing bias and propaganda; understanding style and tone; following written instructions; and reading diagrams, schedules, and charts. Also includes a posttest on these reading skills. 1982.

Building Basic Skills in Science BR 10356
by Contemporary Books, Incorporated
2 volumes
Designed to help readers build science knowledge while practicing reading skills. Includes units on biology, earth science, chemistry, and physics, as well as a pretest, a posttest, and a glossary. 1981.

Building Basic Skills in Social Studies BR 10357
by Contemporary Books, Incorporated
2 volumes
Designed to help readers build social studies knowledge while practicing reading skills. Includes units on economics, geography, political science, history, and behavioral science, as well as a pretest, posttest, and glossary. 1981.

History of the Peloponnesian War BR 10511
by Thucydides
5 volumes
Written in the fifth century B.C. by an Athenian commander, this is a history of the twenty-seven-year conflict between Athens, a democratic state and sea power, and the states of the Peloponnese headed by Sparta, a conservative power with an efficient military force. 1993.

The Rivals: William Gwin, David Broderick, and the Birth of California BR 10513
by Arthur Quinn
4 volumes
Recounts the events in the mid-1800s when two ambitious adversaries rose to power as U.S. senators from California. Reviews the personal and political conflicts that culminated in a duel, which left Broderick dead and Gwin discredited, and presents details of this tragedy using young California's transformation from a remote province to a prosperous state as a backdrop. 1994.

Sofi's Aegean Kitchen: A Light Approach to Traditional Greek Home Cooking BR 10556
by Sofi Lazarides Konstantinides
2 volumes
When the author moved from Greece to Los Angeles, she opened a Greek restaurant that became a great success. Here she offers tips on stocking a Greek kitchen and recipes for dishes from appetizers or mezethes to phyllo pies such as spanokopita and desserts such as baklava. Soups, main dishes, and vegetables round out a collection that is lower in fat and sugar than traditional Greek cuisine. 1993.

Le Cordon Bleu Classic French Cookbook BR 10577
edited by Julia Alcock
3 volumes
One hundred classic recipes to celebrate the cooking school's centenary. Includes first courses, such as vichyssoise; main courses, such as duck breasts with pistachios; and desserts, such as chocolate and Cointreau gateau. A section on techniques provides the beginner with the basics for becoming a successful cook. 1994.

Terry: My Daughter's Life-and-Death Struggle with Alcoholism BR 10578
by George McGovern
2 volumes
A former senator and onetime presidential candidate's anguished story of his daughter's unhappy life and alcohol-related death. He tries to understand and explain her steady, uncontrolled descent into depression and alcoholism, concluding that genetic vulnerability was a key factor. 1996.

What Happens When Women Pray BR 10581
by Evelyn Christenson
1 volume
The 1968 national women's chairman for the Baptist General Conference shares her experiences in leading women in prayer. She offers the "Six S's" rules for prayer groups: subject by subject, short prayers, simple prayers, specific prayer requests, silent periods, and small groups. Supports text with Bible passages and relates results obtained by many prayer groups. 1975.

Cocaine and Crack: The Drug Library BR 10616
by Marilyn Carroll
1 volume
Carroll explains that cocaine comes from the coca plant of western South America. She discusses the history of cocaine use; describes how it is processed and what the different forms are; and outlines the effects of cocaine, the personal aspects of abusing cocaine and crack, and the efforts that are being made to solve this drug problem. For junior and senior high readers. 1994.

Making Wood Tables: Practical Projects for Every Room BR 10618
by Hugh Foster
2 volumes
Step-by-step instructions lead novice- and intermediate-level woodworkers through the construction of twenty-six tables. General woodworking information contains descriptions of tools and techniques from selecting stock to finishing. Projects include a workbench, nightstands, several sofa tables, and an unusual glass-topped display for wood carvings. 1994.

I Can Hear the Cowbells Ring BR 10636
by Lionel G. Garcia
2 volumes
Garcia, whose novels have earned him awards from Southwest and Texas organizations, recalls his childhood in a South Texas Mexican American community during the 1950s. With warmth and humor he retells family stories he heard from his grandparents and their children. Reveals a town with very human, and often quirky, characters. 1994.

Fear of Wine: An Introductory Guide to the Grape BR 10637
by Leslie Brenner
3 volumes
Humorous lessons on wine by a food and wine writer. Brenner gives an overview of the wine-making process, tells which grapes yield certain flavors, and explains the information on the bottle. She describes how to taste, smell, and swirl wine and which wines complement particular foods. Gives tips on selecting a bottle for a dinner party and compiling a small domestic or international wine cellar. 1995.

Pearl's Kitchen: An Extraordinary Cookbook BR 10638
by Pearl Bailey
2 volumes
The popular singer wrote this book at her kitchen table late at night, "thinking of yesterday and cooking for tomorrow." Contains advice on child rearing, entertaining, and housekeeping. 1973.

Sister to Sister: Women Write about the Unbreakable Bond BR 10639
edited by Patricia Foster
3 volumes
The bond of sisterhood as experienced by twenty women writers. The complexities of their relationships with their sisters--love and hate, pride and jealousy--are described by women who make a living observing humankind. Some of the bonds include tragedy, but all include unique intimacies. Some strong language and some descriptions of sex. 1995.

Train Go Sorry: Inside a Deaf World BR 10653
by Leah Hager Cohen
3 volumes
The author, who is not deaf, grew up in the New York Lexington School for the Deaf, where her parents worked. Her own memoirs combined with the stories of her deaf grandparents and those of current students reflect the changing deaf culture. Cohen discusses issues such as American Sign Language versus oralism and attitudes toward cochlear implants. 1994.

The Dilbert Principle: A Cubicle's-Eye View of Bosses, Meetings, Management Fads, and Other Workplace Afflictions BR 10668
by Scott Adams
3 volumes
A humorous look at the workplace from the creator of the "Dilbert" cartoon strip. The Dilbert Principle is that "the most ineffective workers are systematically moved to the place where they can do the least damage--management." Bestseller 1996.

On Our Own Terms: Portraits of Women Business Leaders BR 10672
by Liane Enkelis and Karen Olsen
2 volumes
Interviews with fifteen women who lead large corporations and also have a personal life. The women include the principal chief of the Cherokee Nation, the president of two highly successful catalog companies, and the head of one of the world's leading software companies. 1995.

How Good Do We Have to Be? A New Understanding of Guilt and Forgiveness BR 10700
by Harold S. Kushner
1 volume
Kushner, who wrote When Bad Things Happen to Good People (BR 5310), believes individuals demand too much of themselves in regard to sin and guilt. By offering a different approach to the story of Adam and Eve, Kushner suggests that God forgives our mistakes--experiences from which people learn and grow. Bestseller 1996.

Seeds of Disquiet: One Deaf Woman's Experience BR 10701
by Cheryl M. Heppner
2 volumes
The author says that as a profoundly deaf child, she was taught to adapt to the hearing world. But after two strokes left Heppner completely deaf, she learned sign language and then realized how frustrating her earlier life had been. She eventually became an advocate for deaf people. 1992.

Jobs vs. the Environment: Can We Save Both? BR 10709
by Nathan Aaseng
1 volume
Aaseng rejects the claim that environmentalists negatively impact the economy, yet also proposes ways to protect the earth that would least disrupt workers' lives. He provides an overview of the issue from 1681 to the 1990s. For junior and senior high and older readers. 1994.

The Air Down Here: True Tales from a South Bronx Boyhood BR 10723
by Gil C. Alicea
1 volume
A collection of short autobiographical ruminations by a sixteen-year-old from New York's South Bronx. Alicea discusses issues and problems that he confronts in his stressful urban environment: drugs, violence, gangs, parents with HIV, and the deaths of his mother and sister. For junior and senior high readers. 1995.

Pierced by a Ray of Sun: Poems about the Times We Feel Alone BR 10735
selected by Ruth Gordon
1 volume
Seventy-three poems culled from a variety of sources but unified by one overlying theme: loneliness. Gordon's collection--which includes poems by Keats, Sandburg, and Yeats and translations from other languages--illustrates that alienation is a universal experience. For junior and senior high readers. 1995.

My Dog Skip BR 10740
by Willie Morris
1 volume
The author tells how he grew up in a small southern town in the 1940s with a dog that could run football patterns and, it was believed, drive a car. The author demonstrates his storytelling skills in this tribute to his dog, Skip. Grade 1 braille. 1995.

The Words of Martin Luther King Jr. BR 10758
selected by Coretta Scott King
1 volume
Selections from King's speeches and writing arranged in seven areas of concern: the community of man, racism, civil rights, justice and freedom, faith and religion, nonviolence, and peace. An introduction by Coretta Scott King provides personal and historical background for King's words. Also includes a chronology of his life. 1983.

A Beginner's Faith in Things Unseen BR 10759
by John Hay
1 volume
Reminiscences of a life lived in harmony with the natural order, written by a man on the brink of eighty. Laments the damage wreaked on the environment through technology. Celebrates nature as it is seen through "the eye of a child." 1995.

Saving Our Sons: Raising Black Children in a Turbulent World BR 10762
by Marita Golden
2 volumes
An African American mother tells of her ten-year life in America after her divorce in Nigeria. She contrasts her son's relative safety overseas against the perils that beset young black males in America. She depicts actual cases of violence to dramatize her message and provide insights into the issue. Strong language. 1995.

The Trumpet of Conscience BR 10772
by Martin Luther King
1 volume
These five essays, delivered as radio lectures by King in November and December 1967, portray a nightmarish America of reality and the egalitarian America of his visions. They express his hopes for the future of nonviolence as a means to social revolution even in a climate of riot. 1968.

Braille Books 1995-1996 BR 10811
by National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped
2 volumes
A catalog of braille books produced during 1995 and 1996 by the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped. Separate sections list fiction and nonfiction subject categories. Young adult books are also included. 1996.

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