102 Club


Washington Talking Book & Braille Library hosts seventh annual 10-Squared Talking-Book Club event

May 7, 2011

Picture of Washington State librarian Rand Simmons with centenarians.
Caption: Washington State librarian Rand Simmons and WTBBL director Danielle Miller stand behind centenarians Faith C., Edna K., Lydia S., and Kathryn H.

On May 7, 2011, the Washington Talking Book & Braille Library (WTBBL) hosted their seventh annual 10-Squared Talking-Book Club event, recognizing their patrons who are one hundred years or older. WTBBL currently has fifty patrons who have reached this milestone.

Picture of Lydia S. with family and friends.
Caption: Centenarian Lydia S. (center) enjoys the event with family and friends.

Four centenarians and their guests attended the event, along with staff from Washington State Library, the Office of the Secretary of State, and WTBBL. In all, thirty people enjoyed a high tea and remarks from guest speaker Sneha Mathan, who narrates talking books at WTBBL.

All food and flowers were donated by local businesses and generous individuals.

Seattle community salutes 102 Club honorees with fête

November 5, 2005

On November 5, 2005, live music and a full tea service welcomed 106-year-old Daisy Murphy and 101-year-old Maud Lepley into the 102 Talking-Book Club of NLS, the Library of Congress. The Washington Talking Book and Braille Library (WTBBL) sponsored the gala event, which was broadcast on radio station KIRO 710 AM and featured local author and news personality Tony Ventrella. Local businesses donated food and more than thirty hours of volunteer service to support the event.

Daisy Murphy and Maud Lepley with guests.
Caption: (Standing right to left) Steve Prine, head of NLS Network Services Section; Kris Lawrence, president of NFB's Seattle Chapter; Gloria Leonard, director of the WTBBL; Jan Walsh, Washington State Librarian; and Pat Thibaudeau, Washington state senator welcome (seated right to left) Maud Lepley and Daisy Murphy into Ten Squared Club.

Steve Prine, head of the NLS Network Services Section, inducted Murphy and Lepley into the 102 Club by awarding them with pins, certificates, and letters from the director of NLS. Twenty-one other Washingtonian centenarians have also been inducted into the club and will be mailed their pins, certificates, and letters.

Event guests included Jean Bowman, King County Library Service's senior advocate program coordinator; Kris Lawrence, president of the Seattle chapter of the National Federation of the Blind; Pat Thibaudeau, Washington state senator; and Jan Walsh, Washington state librarian. Although she was unable to attend the ceremony, Washington governor Christine wrote personal letters to all of the 102 Club inductees.

Lepley started the festivities by announcing that she'd had a nap and was ready to celebrate! When asked what her favorite book was, she replied, "I like history, biography and nonfiction-I don't have time for fiction." Lepley said that she had a wonderful time meeting Daisy Murphy and joked about their ages. "I'm going to beat you. Sure, you had a head start, but I'll catch up," said Lepley to Murphy. Murphy laughed and the two chatted for the entire celebration.

Murphy, who was an active volunteer on the WTBBL Patron Advisory Council until she turned 102, enjoys history, biography, and books about missionaries. Both honorees thanked everyone who contributed to the event and expressed their gratitude to the library for providing such a wonderful service.