PROPOSAL NO.: 2005-03

DATE: December 10, 2004

NAME: Definition of Subfield $2 and Second Indicator value 7 in Fields 866-868 (Textual Holdings) of the MARC 21 Holdings Format


SUMMARY: This paper proposes defining a subfield $2 (Source of notation) and value 7 in the second indicator (Type of notation) of fields 866-868 in the MARC 21 Holdings Format to indicate the source of the notation used in the holdings statement. This would allow for indicating that USNP guidelines are used in the textual holdings statement.

KEYWORDS: Field 866-868 (HD); Textual Holdings (HD); Type of notation (HD); Subfield $2, in field 866 (HD)


12/10/04 - Made available to the MARC 21 community for discussion.

01/15/05 - Results of the MARC Advisory Committee discussion - Approved. The format will need to issue guidance about the use of angle brackets, since these are reserved characters in XML.

03/02/05 - Results of LC/LAC/BL review - Approved

Proposal No. 2005-03 : Definition of subfield $2 and 2nd indicator value 7 in 866-868


The United States Newspaper Program (USNP) is a cooperative national effort among the U.S. states and the federal government to locate, catalog and preserve on microfilm newspapers published in the United States. Program participants currently include the Library of Congress and libraries, archives, and historical societies in all 50 states and two territories. A union list provides information about institutional and copy level holdings following USNP guidelines which have been in use since 1985. The format of the holdings statement is detailed in the USNP guidelines document, so does not follow any of the NISO holdings standards (Z39.42, Z39.71).


2.1. USNP holdings records

Holdings records created through USNP are entered into a national database maintained by the Online Computer Library Center (OCLC). OCLC has a project underway to convert records from a proprietary format to the MARC Format for Holdings Data to increase the ease of sharing records. The holdings data will be included in field 866 in the form specified in the USNP guidelines.

OCLC intends to carry out a retrospective conversion on 450,000 union list holding records. It has a project underway to convert records from a proprietary format to the MARC Format for Holdings Data to increase the ease of sharing records. As part of the conversion, OCLC needs to identify the USNP records and set the indicator more appropriately to indicate that the holdings were created according to the USNP guidelines, rather than the ISO or NISO standards.

The second indicator (Type of notation) includes the following values:

  0 Non-standard
  1 ANSI/NISO Z39.71 or ISO 10324
  2 ANSI Z39.42

Value 7 could be defined to indicate that the source of the notation is indicated in subfield $2, which also could be added. This would allow for extensibility for any other types of holdings notations that may arise. LC would maintain a list of registered codes, as it does for sources in other MARC 21 fields, and “usnp” would be registered for The Newspaper Cataloging and Union Listing Manual.

2.2. Differences between NISO Z39.71 and USNP holdings statements

There are two areas of obvious difference among the USNP, Z39.71-1999, and Z39.42. In fact, the United States Newspaper Program’s guidelines state (pg. 207) that the “dates are input according to a stylized format unique to newspapers and the reporting practices of the United States Newspaper Program.”

The first is a difference between the guidelines for recording enumeration and chronology, the level of recording the enumeration and chronology, and the transcription of months and days. These differences are outlined in Table 1.

The second area of difference is in punctuation. These differences are outlined in Table 2.

TABLE 1        
  USNP, pg. 207   ANSI/NISO Z39.71-1999   ANSI Z39.42
  The USNP does not report numerical designation. When both enumeration and chronology are present on the unit, both enumeration and chronology data should be recorded and displayed.   N/A
  Inclusive dates –year:month:day:– of the issues held. (Note: all the examples show month and day as numbers.) Record months, season, and days in the vernacular as they appear on the publication.   4.5.2 Report the highest level only unless a second level is needed for clarification. E.g., year:month.

TABLE 2.            
  Punctuation   USNP, pg. 207   ANSI/NISO Z39.71-1999   ANSI Z39.42
  Angle brackets.   Groups holdings or separates holding statements to improve readability.   Encloses the Specific Extent Note.   Not specified.
  Commas.   Specifies blanks after commas.   Specifies NO blank after comma.   Not specified.
  Forward slash (diagonal).   Separates a span of dates.   Indicates combined numbering, combined chronology, or non-calendar year chronology data.   Connector between between notations that form a single entity.


The following are some examples of field 866 data using the USNP guidelines and the proposed new subfield and indicator value.

  866 37 $81 $as=<1832:10:17-1899:3:31> $zScattered issues wanting $2usnp
  866 37 81 $a1844,1850,1861-1866,1869-1873,1881,1885,1891-1892,1894,1901,1905,1911-1915,1919 $2usnp
  866 37 $81 $a<1844:7:10> <1850:2:16> <1861:3:9, 4:13, 16-17, 5:14, 25, 7:27, 9:6, 16, 18-19, 24> <1862:4:8, 30, 5:3-1866:7:6, 27> <1869:3:1-1873:10:31> <1881:9:20> <1885:8:8> <1891:7:6> <1892:10:31> <1894:1:27> <1901:3:18> <1905:10:21> <1911:4:1, 5:23, 11:29> <1912:1:6, 6:19> <1913:3:29, 4:5> <1914:9:26> <1915:4:24> <1919:3:29, 0:18> $zScattered issues wanting 1864 $2 usnp
  866 37 $81 $am,s=<1955:8:11-1956:11:22> <1960:10:20-1984:2:2> $2usnp


• In second indicator (Type of notation) in fields 866-868 (Textual Holdings) in the MARC 21 Holdings Format define value 7 as Source specified in $2.

• Define subfield $2 (Source of notation) as follows: Subfield $2 contains a MARC code that identifies the source of the notation used to formulate the holdings statement.

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