DATE: May 1, 1998

NAME: Changes to the USMARC Holdings/Bibliographic Formats Resulting from the New Holdings Standard (Z39.71)

SOURCE: Library of Congress

SUMMARY: This paper proposes changes to accommodate the newly ballotted NISO Holdings standard, Z39.71. The changes concern the physical form designator, recorded in field 007. These include: addition of 007/01 value "u" for Unknown in 007 for all forms of material except Computer files (where it is already defined); definition of 007 for Kit and for Music; change of 007 for Maps to 007 for Cartographic material; change of 007/01 for Remote sensing image value # (blank) to "u" (Unknown).

KEYWORDS: Field 007 (BD, HD); Physical form designator; Physical Description Fixed Field (BD, HD)



5/1/98 - Forwarded to the USMARC Advisory Group for discussion at the June 1998 MARBI meetings.

6/28/98 - Results of USMARC Advisory Group discussion - Approved as amended.
The last change (Change name of 007 (Map) to 007 (Cartographic material) was not accepted. Participants felt it was clearer to leave map because of the two other 007's that exist for globe and remote sensing image, which are also cartographic material.
The term "Music (exclusive of sound recording)" was not widely accepted. The MLA representative will inquire as to clearer terminology, such as "musical notation". This will be changed at LC once an acceptable term is found.

7/20/98 - MLA poll favored "musical notation" or "notated music" for name of new 007.

7/29/98 - Results of LC/NLC review - Agreed with the MARBI decisions.

4/01/99 - In revision of the format LC revised u (Unknown) to u (Unspecified).

PROPOSAL NO. 98-11: Changes Resulting from the new Holdings Standard


The NISO-AL standards committee recently completed work on a new holdings standard which combines the serial holdings standard (Z39.44) and the nonserial holdings standard (Z39.57) into one (Z39.71). This document was recently ballotted by NISO members and passed unanimously. Although some changes will be made as a result of comments submitted, the standard will not change substantially before final publication in summer or fall 1998.

NISO-AL considered earlier holdings standards, the newly developed International Standards Organization's holdings standard (ISO 10324), and the MARC holdings format in rewriting the standard. It attempted to minimize impact on both earlier holdings standards and MARC specifications, while also adopting much of the international standard (which covers only summary holdings statements). One area of the holdings standard that had not been updated over the years to remain consistent with MARC is the physical form designator. This area includes information about the physical form of the item either in coded or in textual form. If in coded form, it uses the first two character positions of the MARC 007 field. This portion of the new standard was updated to agree with the MARC 007. While doing this work, the committee decided to include a physical form designator for two other forms of material that have separate codes in the Leader/06 (type of record) and in the ISO standard and could be coded in a holdings record: kit and music. An earlier version of Z39.71 was ballotted in 1991, and comments received recommended the definition of a physical form designator for music.

This proposal suggests changes to field 007 to accommodate the new holdings standard and some minor changes to include Z39.71 in the holdings format where the earlier standards are mentioned.


2.1 Relationship of field 007 to Leader/06.

An analysis of the relationship between Leader/06 and the codes in 007 for various forms of material reveals that in some cases the 007/00 (Category of material) agrees with that of the Leader/06 and in others it does not. There is not a one-to-one relationship between the two data elements. For instance, there are some 007 fields that are a specific form of the type of material covered in the Leader/06 value (e.g. globe, remote sensing image would be coded as "e" for Cartographic material); one is a more general term than those in Leader/06 (sound recording in 007 may be coded "i" or "j" depending upon whether it is musical); and microform is considered a physical form but could be coded various ways in Leader/06.

In terms of codes, some 007s use the same code as in the Leader/06 (Projected graphic uses "g" in both; Nonprojected graphic uses "k" in both), while others are not the same (e.g. 007 for map uses "e" or "f" in Leader/06 and "a" in 007/00; Computer file uses "m" in Leader/06 and "c" in 007).

2.2 Addition of new codes for Music and Kit.

NISO Z39.71 expanded the list of physical form designators in the earlier standards and attempted to make it consistent both with the MARC 007 and with ISO 10324. In the latter case, codes selected are not necessarily the same, but the entities they represent are. Two that were in ISO and that have been requested in the past are kit and music (i.e. printed music).

To accommodate Z39.71, this proposal suggests defining a new 007 for kit with two character positions: 007/00 "o" and 007/01 "u" (Unknown). This code was selected to correspond with the one in Leader/06 since it had not yet been used. In addition it proposes the addition of an 007 for music with two character positions: 007/00 "q" and 007/01 "u" (Unknown). Code "q" was selected because it was one of the few that has not yet been used.

Various terms have been suggested for the 007 to cover printed music. Since the field will also cover digitized music originally in printed form, the latter is not an appropriate term. Suggestions have been: unrecorded music, unrealized music; music (exclusive of sound recording); music (unrealized in sound).

2.3 Addition of 007/01 value "u"; change of 007/01 to "u" in Remote sensing image.

The new holdings standard uses code "u" in the second position of each physical form designator when the specific material designation is not specified. However, in field 007 only Computer files includes code "u" for Unknown. It is proposed that the value be added to all 007 fields. In addition, the new 007 for Remote sensing image, which was approved as part of the CAN/MARC harmonization (and not included in Z39.71 because the holdings draft had been completed by then), uses a blank in 007/01 for No type specified. It is proposed that the blank be changed to "u" (Unknown) to be consistent with the others.

2.4 Change of 007 Maps to 007 Cartographic material

Leader/06 values "e" and "f" were recently changed from "Printed map" and "Manuscript map" to "Cartographic material" and "Manuscript cartographic material" with Proposal No. 95-9 (Encoding of Digital Maps in the USMARC Bibliographic Format). Field 007, however, is still called "Map". There are additional 007 fields defined for two specific forms of cartographic material: globe and remote sensing image. It is proposed that the more general term, cartographic material, be used for 007 instead of "Map". Z39.71 uses "Cartographic material".

2.5 Specifying Z39.71 in the Holdings Format

Z39.44 and Z39.57 are equivalent to Z39.71. There are several places in the Holdings format that reference the standards, including Leader/17 (Encoding level) and the second indicator (Type of notation) in fields 866- 868 (Textual holdings). All references from the earlier standards will be changed to Z39.71. ISO 10324 is also close to Z39.71, although it specifies only Levels 1, 2, and 3. The requirements of the format for holdings levels, for example, produce records that meet the ISO 10324 levels. In all cases where the ANSI/NISO standard is mentioned, the format will be changed to specify Z39.71 and ISO 10324. In particular, Appendix A will need to be revised to reflect the new standards.


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