DATE: May 24 1996
REVISED: August 2, 1996, December 15, 1996, February 28, 1996

NAME: Changes for USMARC for Format Alignment with CAN/MARC

SOURCE: National Library of Canada, Library of Congress

SUMMARY: This proposal presents the changes that the CAN/MARC users have suggested be made to USMARC to facilitate the alignment of the USMARC and CAN/MARC formats.

RELATED: DP 93 (February 1996); DP 90 (June 1995)



5/24/96 - Forwarded to USMARC Advisory Group for introduction at the July 1996 MARBI meeting.

7/6-8/96 - Result of USMARC Advisory Group discussion - Indicated below under each subproposal.

8/6/96 - Result of LC review - Agreed with MARBI decision on those proposals that were approved.

12/15/96 - Revised proposal forwarded to USMARC Advisory Group for consideration at February 1997 MARBI meeting. the package included:

2/15/97 - Result of USMARC Advisory Group discussion - All proposals were approved that had not previously been approved or withdrawn. In some cases the proposal was revised and approved. All of the 29 proposals originally presented have been reincorporated in this update of the proposal, for the record. The decisions on the proposals are contained in section 3. or 4. of each. In some cases comments from the July 1996 and February 1997 meetings were added to the sub-proposals. The following is a list of the sub-proposals with an indication of the formats affected and the final decisions. Refer to the individual sub-proposals for details of changes approved.

2/28/97 - Result of final LC review - Agreed with MARBI decision except for 96-8/008-08 (A). MARBI had approved Option 2, but questions raised indicated that definition of a new field may not be necessary. The effective approved change is therefore Option 1, with the request to have a subsequent proposal on extendibility to other languages. See additional information in individual subproposal.

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