DATE: December 2, 1994

NAME: Addition of Subfield $6 (Linkage), Field 066 (Character Sets Present) and Field 880 (Alternate Graphic Representation) to the USMARC Holdings Format

SOURCE: Research Libraries Group

SUMMARY: This paper proposes the addition of subfield $6, field 066, and field 880 to the USMARC Holdings Format to allow for linking pairs of fields that are alternate graphic representations of each other (non-Roman data). Subfield $6 would be added to all fields in the holdings format, except those that are identical to a bibliographic field that itself does not contain subfield $6.

KEYWORDS: Subfield $6 (Holdings); Field 880 (Holdings); Field 066 (Holdings); Linkage (Holdings); Character Sets Present (Holdings); Alternate Graphic Representation (Holdings); Non-Roman data (Holdings)

RELATED: 91-3 (Jan. 1991)


12/2/94 - Forwarded to the USMARC Advisory Group for discussion at the February 1995 MARBI meetings.

2/5/95 - Results of USMARC Advisory Group discussion - Approved as amended. Field 022 needs to be added to the list of fields not containing a subfield $6 in the USMARC Bibliographic Format.

2/16/95 - Results of final LC review - Agreed with the MARBI decisions.

PROPOSAL NO. 95-3: Addition of Subfield $6 (Linkage), Field 066
(Character Sets Present) and Field 880 (Alternate Graphic Representation) 


      The possibility of accommodating non-Roman data in USMARC
Holdings fields was mentioned in Proposal No. 91-3 (Change of
Subfield $6 to Subfield $8 (Link and Sequence Number) in the
Holdings Format).  The impetus of the proposal was the development
of the USMARC Classification Format, which had a need for a
subfield to link and sequence fields in the record.  At the time,
the different functions of subfield $6 (both as "Linkage" in the
Bibliographic format, to link to alternate graphic representation,
and as a sequencer in Holdings and now Classification) was
explored.  The proposal was approved, and subfield $6 in Holdings
was changed to subfield $8 "Link and sequence number".  The
proposal explored an alternative, the definition of a one-byte flag
to designate the type of linking, but this approach was rejected.

      Several fields that are defined in the USMARC Holdings format
are identical to a field in the Bibliographic format except for
subfield $6.  Fields 020 International Standard Book Number), 024
(Standard Recording Number), and 035 (System Control Number)
include subfield $6 in bibliographic, but not in holdings.  Field
843 (Reproduction Note) in Holdings is the same as field 533 in
Bibliographic, and field 845 (Terms Governing Use and Reproduction
Note) is the same as field 540 in Bibliographic except that
subfield $6 (Linkage) is not defined in Holdings, while it is in
Bibliographic.  With the approval of Proposal No. 92-21 (Addition
of Fields 876-878 (Item Information) to the USMARC Holdings
Format), field 583 (Action Note) was defined in Holdings, using the
same tag as in Bibliographic.  Subfield $6, although used in the
Bibliographic 583, was not defined in the Holdings 583, since
linkage for alternate graphic representation had not been
introduced into the Holdings Format.

      Subfield $6 is defined as follows in the USMARC Bibliographic

      $6 - Linkage
          Subfield 6 contains a linking tag and an occurrence number
          that link the 880 field to the associated roman-character
          field.  In field 880, subfield $6 also contains a code that
          identifies the first alternate graphic character set
          encountered in a left-to-right scan of the field.  It may
          also contain a code signaling that the orientation for a
          display of the field is right to left.

          In field 880, subfield $6 is structured as follows:

             <linking tag>-<occurrence number> /<identification of
             alternate graphic character set>/<field orientation code>

      Field 066 is described as follows:

          This field contains information specifying the character
          sets present in the record whenever a set other than ASCII,
          ANSEL or the USMARC Greek, USMARC subscript, or USMARC
          superscript character set is present.  The field alerts
          users that special processing may be required.  It is often
          used in conjunction with field 880 (Alternate Graphic
          Representation) in USMARC records.

      The definition and scope of field 880 is described as follows
      in the USMARC Bibliographic Format:
          This field contains the fully content-designated alternate
          graphic representation of another field in the same record. 
          Field 880 is linked to the associated roman-character field
          by subfield $6 (Linkage).  A subfield $6 in the associated
          field links that field to the 880 field.  When an
          associated field does not exist in the record, field 880 is
          constructed as if it did and a reserved occurrence number
          is used to indicate the special situation.  The data in
          field 880 need not be totally in a nonroman alphabet or
          script, but the reason field 880 is included in the record
          should be for the provision of nonroman representation.

      Note that subfield $6, field 066, and field 880 were added to
the USMARC Authority Format with Proposal No. 91-1 (Alternate
Graphic Representation in Authority Records) in January 1991. 
Subfield $6 was defined in all fields except field 010,  in which
it is not defined in the Bibliographic format.


      As part of the changes to be implemented with Format
Integration, the Research Libraries Group is implementing field 852
and will convert data recorded in field 851 to 852.  Proposal No.
89-3 (Make Bibliographic Field 851 Obsolete; Additions/Changes to
Holdings/Bibliographic Field 852) considered the use of subfields
in field 851 and concluded that "As subfield $6 (Linkage) has not
been used in field 851 and appears not to be needed, the subfield
does not need to be defined in field 852".  However, RLG has
documented use of subfield $6 in field 851.  One use has been for
recording the name of the holdings institution in non-Roman as well
as romanized form.  Another is for Hebraica users who may want to
include non-Roman data in holdings segments because, for example,
they may want to use Hebrew letters as part of the call number
recorded in field 852.  

      Attachment A shows an example of a test RLIN AMC record
(example not available electronically).  This project will begin
entering real records in RLIN in January 1995.  Below is an example
of how the data would be coded using subfield $6 in 852 and field
880 in the holdings record (diacritics have been removed because of
electronic transfer).  Note that the example below is also taken
from the test RLIN AMC record that uses field 851 (to become 852).

      852    ##$6880-01 $aRossiiskii tsentr khraneniia i dokumentov
      noveishei istorii
      880    ##$6852-01 $a<Cyrillic characters>

      Although the use of non-Roman data in the holdings data fields
853-878 has not been documented, it is certainly possible that it
may be needed to record, for example, captions or notes.  The
subfield could be added to all fields in the holdings format,
except for those that have an identical field in the bibliographic
format which itself does not contain subfield $6.  These are: field
010 (Library of Congress Control Number), field 022 (International
Standard Serial Number), and field 027 (Standard Technical Report
Number).  It is also questionable whether it is needed in field 841
(Holdings Coded Data Values), which contains certain coded
information when holdings data are embedded in a bibliographic
record, that would otherwise be recorded in 008 if in a separate
holdings record.


      The following is presented for consideration:

      - Define subfield $6 (Linkage) in all variable fields of the
      USMARC Holdings Format except:

      - Define field 066 (Character Sets Present) in the USMARC
      Holdings Format

      - Define field 880 (Alternate Graphic Representation) in the
      USMARC Holdings Format

      See the USMARC Format for Bibliographic Data (1994 edition)
      for a full description of field 066, field 880 and subfield

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