Keyword Index to MARC Advisory Committee Discussion Papers

(Numbers at right relate to the discussion papers to which the index terms apply.
The format(s) to which terms apply are given following the entry.)

AAT data [Bibliographic] -- DP19
Access information for non-Internet resources [Bibliographic] -- DP78
Access to computer files, Technical detail [Bibliographic] -- DP35
Access to online information resources [Bibliographic] -- DP54
Accession information [Holdings] -- DP37
Accommodating numbers on an item [Bibliographic] -- DP64
Added entry--Physical characteristics [Bibliographic] -- DP82
Additional encoding levels [Bibliographic] -- DP17
Alternate graphic representation [Authority] -- DP31
Alternate graphics -- DP111
Archival and manuscript control, Format integration [Bibliographic] -- DP16
Archival and manuscripts control [Bibliographic] -- DP26
Archival materials [Holdings] -- DP28
Art and Architecture Thesaurus data [Bibliographic] -- DP19
Author [Authority/Bibliographic/CommInfo] -- DP88
Authority control of 655-657, 755 fields [Authority] -- DP63
Authority record machine generation [Authority] -- DP91
BCdates in field 008 (All) [Bibliographic] -- DP02
Bar codes [Bibliographic] -- DP53
Braille [Bibliographic/Holdings] -- DP104
Broadcast date and time information [Bibliographic] -- DP18
CAN/MARC [Authority/Bibliographic] -- DP90; DP93
Catalog rules [Authority] -- DP100
Cataloging source code [Authority] -- DP59
Cataloging source code [Bibliographic] -- DP58
CD-ROM (CF) [Bibliographic] -- DP23
Character set mappings [All formats] -- DP73
Circulation information [Holdings] -- DP37
Classification control, Security data [Bibliographic] -- DP55
Classification numbers, Input conventions [Classification] -- DP65
Code data elements [Bibliographic] -- DP86
Coding language for Computer files [Bibliographic] -- DP56
Community information [New format] -- DP50
Compact disks [Bibliographic] -- DP23
Complex See Also references [Classification] -- DP33
Complex See references [Classification] -- DP33
Component item entry field [Bibliographic] -- DP80
Component item entry [Bibliographic] -- DP89
Component parts (VM) [Bibliographic] -- DP45
Computer files, Language coding [Bibliographic] -- DP56
Computer files, Physical Description Fixed Field [Bibliographic] -- DP68
Computer files [Bibliographic] -- DP92; DP97
Content-enriched record and Subject Access in USMARC records [Bibliographic] -- DP42
Content versus carrier [Bibliographic] -- DP92
Contents note, in enhanced records [Bibliographic] -- DP42
Contents note [Bibliographic] -- DP46
Control number identifier [All formats] -- DP27
Control number identifier [All formats] -- DP40
Control number of related bibliographic record [Bibliographic/Holdings] -- DP39
Control number [All formats] -- DP27
Cooperative cataloging initiatives, Impact [Authority/Bibliographic] -- DP77
Copy-specific data [Bibliographic] -- DP05
Correlation factors, Curriculum information [Bibliographic] -- DP60
Country of publishing/producing entity code [Bibliographic] -- DP98
Cross reference problem [Authority] -- DP22
Curriculum information [Bibliographic] -- DP60
Date 1/Date 2 [Bibliographic] -- DP106
Date of broadcast [Bibliographic] -- DP18
Date/time and place of an event [Bibliographic] -- DP18
Definition of a MARC format [All formats] -- DP04
Definition of Enumeration and chronology/Publication pattern [Holdings] -- DP14
Deleted Heading Information [Authority] -- DP08
Digital reproductions [Bibliographic] -- DP97
Diskette specifications [All formats] -- DP32
Dissemination control, Security data [Bibliographic] -- DP55
Dublin Core -- DP99
Dublin core data elements [Authority/Bibliographic/CommInfo] -- DP86; 88
Electronic file transfer of USMARC records [All formats] -- DP61
Electronic location and access [Bibliographic] -- DP49; DP54
Electronic text format [New format] -- DP51
Embedding holdings [Bibliographic] -- DP30
Encoding level, New codes [Bibliographic] -- DP17
Enhanced contents note, Table of contents [Bibliographic] -- DP46
Existence of parts (MU) [Bibliographic] -- DP15
Faceted topical terms, Authority control [Authority] -- DP63
Faceted topical terms [Bibliographic] -- DP19; DP66
Field 001 [All formats] -- DP27
Field 003 [All formats] -- DP27; DP40
Field 004 [Bibliographic/Holdings] -- DP39
Field 007 (CF) [Bibliographic] -- DP68; DP110
Field 007 (MP) [Bibliographic/Holdings] -- DP95
Field 007 (TM) [Bibliographic/Holdings] -- DP104
Field 007/02 (All categories) [Bibliographic] -- DP11
Field 008 (BK) for reproductions [Bibliographic] -- DP36
Field 008 (MX), Format integration [Bibliographic] -- DP16
Field 008/06 (All) [Bibliographic] -- DP106
Field 008/07-14 (All) [Bibliographic] -- DP106
Field 008/07 [Authority] -- DP109
Field 008/08 [Authority] -- DP91
Field 008/18-19 (MU) [Bibliographic] -- DP81
Field 008/18 [Authority] -- DP83
Field 008/21 (MU) [Bibliographic] -- DP15
Field 008/23 (BK) [Bibliographic] -- DP11
Field 008/29 [Authority] -- DP91
Field 008/33 [Authority] -- DP91
Field 008/38 (All) [Bibliographic] -- DP09
Field 008/39 (All) [Bibliographic] -- DP58
Field 008/39 [Authority] -- DP59
Field 008/7-14, BCdates (All) [Bibliographic] -- DP02
Field 010 [Bibliographic/Holdings] -- DP39
Field 013 [Bibliographic] -- DP70
Field 014 [Bibliographic/Holdings] -- DP39
Field 028 [Bibliographic] -- DP13; DP103
Field 033 for visual materials [Bibliographic] -- DP18
Field 035 [All formats] -- DP27
Field 035 [Bibliographic/Holdings] -- DP39
Field 037 [Bibliographic] -- DP103
Field 043 [Bibliographic] -- DP98
Field 044 [Bibliographic] -- DP98
Field 047 [Bibliographic] -- DP81
Field 066 [Authority] -- DP31
Field 253 [Classification] -- DP33
Field 353 [Classification] -- DP33
Field 355 [Bibliographic] -- DP55
Field 400-411 [Bibliographic] -- DP20
Field 440 [Bibliographic] -- DP20
Field 453 [Classification] -- DP33
Field 490, 2nd indicator [Bibliographic] -- DP20
Field 505, in enhanced records [Bibliographic] -- DP42; DP46
Field 520, in enhanced records [Bibliographic] -- DP42
Field 521 [Bibliographic] -- DP105
Field 553 [Classification] -- DP33
Field 580 [Bibliographic] -- DP105
Field 654, Authority control [Authority] -- DP63
Field 654 [Bibliographic] -- DP19; DP66
Field 655, Authority control [Authority] -- DP63; DP83
Field 655 [Bibliographic] -- DP82
Field 656, Authority control [Authority] -- DP63
Field 657, Authority control [Authority] -- DP63
Field 682 [Authority] -- DP08
Field 6XX, Authority control [Authority] -- DP24; DP63
Field 753, Repetition of [Bibliographic] -- DP35
Field 755, Authority control [Authority] -- DP63
Field 755 [Bibliographic] -- DP82
Field 76X-78X [Bibliographic] -- DP25; DP44
Field 774 [Bibliographic] -- DP80
Field 774 [Bibliographic] -- DP89
Field 787 [Bibliographic] -- DP105
Field 789 [Bibliographic] -- DP80
Field 7XX [Authority] -- DP52
Field 850 [Bibliographic] -- DP29
Field 852 [Holdings] -- DP28
Field 853 [Holdings] -- DP14
Field 856 [Bibliographic] -- DP49; DP54
Field 880 [All formats] -- DP111
Field 880 [Authority] -- DP31
Field linking [Bibliographic] -- DP30; DP75
Field X00 [Authority/Bibliographic/Community] -- DP85
Field X52 [Authority] -- DP34
Field X55 [Authority] -- DP83
File label specifications for electronic transfer [All formats] -- DP61; DP93
Fill character, Use of [Bibliographic] -- DP05
Floppy disks, Use of for record exchange [All formats] -- DP32
Focal record control number [Bibliographic] -- DP25
Form of composition [Bibliographic] -- DP81
Form of musical composition code [Bibliographic] -- DP81
Form of reproduction code (BK) [Bibliographic] -- DP11
Form subdivisions [Authority/Bibliographic/Classification/Comm info] -- DP74; DP82; DP83
Format alignment [Authority/Bibliographic] -- DP90
Format for AACR2 [New format] -- DP51
Format integration [Bibliographic] -- DP05; DP07; DP16
FTP file label specifications [All formats] -- DP94
Full-text format [New format] -- DP51
Fuller form references, Usefulness [Authority] -- DP22
Function terms, Authority control [Authority] -- DP63
Generic author field [Authority/Bibliographic/CommInfo] -- DP88
Genre/form terms, Authority control [Authority] -- DP63
Genre subdivisions [Authority/Bibliographic/Classification/Comm info -- DP74; DP82; DP83
Geographic area code [Bibliographic] -- DP98
Handling BCdates in field 008 [Bibliographic] -- DP02
Handling collections of newsfilms [Bibliographic] -- DP45
Headings in several scripts [Authority] -- DP41
Identification of control numbers [All formats] -- DP40
Index term--Genre/form [Authority] -- DP63; DP83
Indirect geographic subject subdivision [Authority/Bibliographic] -- DP34; DP38
Input conventions for LC classification numbers [Classification] -- DP65
Integration of USMARC bibliographic format [Bibliographic] -- DP07
Interactive multimedia [Bibliographic] -- DP76
Internet resources [Bibliographic] -- DP86; DP95
Intra-system links [Bibliographic/Holdings] -- DP39
Invalid number tracing [Classification] -- DP33
Inverted references, Usefulness [Authority] -- DP22
Item-level information [Holdings] -- DP37; DP48
Language [Authority] -- DP100
Language associated with a heading [Authority] -- DP62
Language codes for Computer files [Bibliographic] -- DP56
Language of heading [Authority] -- DP108
LC classification numbers, Input conventions [Classification] -- DP65
Leader/06 [Bibliographic] -- DP26; DP97
Leader/06 [Bibliographic] -- DP92
Leader/17 [Bibliographic] -- DP17
Level of establishment [Authority] -- DP91
Library of Congress control number [Bibliographic/Holdings] -- DP39
Linkage [Authority] -- DP31
Linkage [Bibliographic] -- DP30
Linking entry complexity note [Bibliographic] -- DP105
Linking entry fields [Bibliographic] -- DP44
Linking fields [Authority] -- DP52
Linking fields [Bibliographic] -- DP25; DP75
Linking holdings and bibliographic records
[Bibliographic/Holdings] -- DP39
Linking, Multiple versions [Bibliographic] -- DP25
Linking number [Bibliographic/Holdings] -- DP39
Linking, record [Bibliographic] -- DP05
Linking records for multiple versions [Bibliographic/Holdings] -- DP21
Links to related sources of data [Bibliographic] -- DP43
Local data [All formats] -- DP03; DP05
Location information for non-Internet resources [Bibliographic] -- DP78
Location [Bibliographic] -- DP29
Location [Holdings] -- DP28
Machine generation flag [Authority] -- DP91
MARC format alignment [Authority/Bibliographic] -- DP90
Materials specified [Holdings] -- DP28
Metadata [Bibliographic] -- DP99
MicroLIF specifications [All formats] -- DP32
Mixed materials, Coding in Leader [Bibliographic] -- DP26
Modified record [Bibliographic] -- DP09
Multimedia, Interactive [Bibliographic] -- DP76
Multiple locations [Bibliographic] -- DP29
Multiple music numbers [Bibliographic] -- DP13
Multiple surname [Authority/Bibliographic/Community] -- DP85
Multiple versions linkages [Bibliographic] -- DP25
Multiple versions [Bibliographic/Holdings] -- DP21; DP67
Music, Existence of parts [Bibliographic] -- DP15
Nationality [Authority] -- DP100
Newsfilm collections [Bibliographic] -- DP45
Non-bibliographic data, Links to [Bibliographic] -- DP43
Non-Internet resources [Bibliographic] -- DP78
Non-roman data [All formats] -- DP31; DP100; DP109
Non-roman headings, Techniques for handling [Authority] -- DP41
Nonspecific relationship entry [Bibliographic] -- DP105
Note fields [Authority] -- DP24
Numbered series in field 853 [Holdings] -- DP14
Numbers on an item [Bibliographic] -- DP64
Object characteristics [Bibliographic] -- DP82
Occupation terms, Authority control [Authority] -- DP63
OCLC/NCSA metadata workshop [Bibliographic] -- DP86
OCLC/NCSA Metadata Workshop [Authority/Bibliographic/CommInfo] -- DP88
Online information resources [Bibliographic] -- DP49; DP54
Online systems and services [Bibliographic] -- DP69
Original versus reproduction aspect (All categories) [Bibliographic] -- DP11
Originator dissemination control, Security data [Bibliographic] -- DP55
Patent data [Bibliographic] -- DP70
Patron information [New format] -- DP71
Physical characteristics, Authority control [Authority] -- DP63
Physical characteristics [Bibliographic] -- DP82
Physical Description Fixed Field (Computer files) [Bibliographic] -- DP68
Principles, USMARC [All formats] -- DP01
Problem Areas in the Holding Format -- DP10
Publisher number [Bibliographic] -- DP103
Publisher number for music [Bibliographic] -- DP13
Punctuation and print constants [Bibliographic] -- DP05
Purchase price information [Holdings] -- DP37
Physical description fixed field [Bibliographic/Holdings] -- DP95; DP104
Qualifiers in heading fields [Authority/Bibliographic] -- DP57
Reading program information [Bibliographic] -- DP105
Record linking [Bibliographic] -- DP05
Record status [Authority] -- DP08
Reference evaluation [Authority] -- DP91
Reference fields [Classification] -- DP33
Related sources of data [Bibliographic] -- DP43
Relationship information in series statements [Bibliographic] -- DP20
Relationship notes [Bibliographic] -- DP44
Remote-sensing images [Bibliographic/Holdings] -- DP95
Reproductions in fixed-length data elements [Bibliographic] -- DP36
Romanization [Authority] -- DP100
Scope note [Authority] -- DP24
Script [Authority] -- DP100
Security data [Bibliographic] -- DP55
Sequencing multiple records [Holdings] -- DP47
Seriality, Format integration [Bibliographic] -- DP16
Seriality [Bibliographic] -- DP05
Series statements [Bibliographic] -- DP20
Shorter form references, Usefulness [Authority] -- DP22
Source of acquisition [Bibliographic] -- DP103
Specifications, Electronic file transfer [All formats] -- DP61
Specifications, Tape [All formats] -- DP12
Subentity codes [Bibliographic] -- DP98
Subfield $3, in field 852 [Holdings] -- DP28
Subfield $6, in various fields [Authority] -- DP31
Subfield $6, in various fields [Bibliographic] -- DP30
Subfield $g in 4xx fields [Bibliographic] -- DP20
Subfield $l, in 76X-78X fields [Bibliographic] -- DP87
Subfield $q, etcfor qualifiers in heading fields [Authority/Bibliographic] -- DP57
Subfield $v in 4XX fields [Bibliographic] -- DP20
Subfield $v in 6XX fields [Authority/Bibliographic] -- DP79
Subfield $w, in field 551 [Authority] -- DP38
Subfield $y, in 76X-78X fields [Bibliographic] -- DP25
Subject access to enhanced records [Bibliographic] -- DP42
Subject added entries, Authority control [Authority] -- DP63
Subject added entry--Faceted topical terms [Bibliographic] -- DP19; DP66
Subject scope note [Authority] -- DP24
Summary, etc, in enhanced records [Bibliographic] -- DP42
System control number [All formats] -- DP27
System control number [Bibliographic/Holdings] -- DP39
Table of contents [Bibliographic] -- DP46
Tactile materials [Bibliographic/Holdings] -- DP104
Tape specifications [All formats] -- DP12
Target audience note [Bibliographic] -- DP105
Technical details access to computer files [Bibliographic] -- DP35
Techniques for handling non-roman headings [Authority] -- DP41
Tiered approach to multiple versions [Bibliographic/Holdings] -- DP21
Time of broadcast [Bibliographic] -- DP18
Titles, Uniform [Authority/Bibliographic] -- DP72
Topic for future consideration by MARBI [Bibliographic] -- DP05
Tracing fields [Classification] -- DP33
Transliteration [Authority] -- DP100; DP109
Treatment of compact disks [Bibliographic] -- DP23
Treatment of uniform titles [Authority/Bibliographic] -- DP72
Type of date code [Bibliographic] -- DP106
Type of personal name entry element [Authority/Bibliographic/Comm Info] -- DP85
Type of record [Bibliographic] -- DP 26; DP92; DP97
UCS and USMARC character set mappings [All formats] -- DP73
UKMARC [Authority/Bibliographic] -- DP90
Unicode -- DP111
Unicode and USMARC character set mappings [All formats] -- DP73
Uniform resource locator [Bibliographic] -- DP87
Uniform resource name [Bibliographic] -- DP96
Uniform titles [Authority/Bibliographic] -- DP72
Universal Product Codes [Bibliographic] -- DP53
UPC [Bibliographic] -- DP53
Use of the fill character [Bibliographic] -- DP05
UKMARC [Bibliographic] -- DP93
USMARC character sets [All formats] -- DP73
USMARC format, definition [All formats] -- DP04
USMARC formatsū-Underlying principles [All formats] -- DP01
Valid number tracing [Classification] -- DP33

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