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060 - National Library of Medicine Call Number (R)

MARC 21 Bibliographic - Concise

Either a complete National Library of Medicine (NLM) call number or classification number assigned by either the National Library of Medicine or by other agencies using the National Library of Medicine Classification. The second indicator values distinguish between content actually assigned by the National Library of Medicine and content assigned by an organization other than NLM.

First - Existence in NLM collection
# - No information provided
Used for call numbers assigned by an organization other than NLM.
0 - Item is in NLM
1 - Item is not in NLM
Second - Source of call number
0 - Assigned by NLM
4 - Assigned by agency other than NLM
Subfield Codes
$a - Classification number (R)
$b - Item number (NR)
NLM uses the Cutter-Sanborn Three-Figure Author Table to create item numbers and a special numbering scheme in classes W1 and W3 to create item numbers.
$8 - Field link and sequence number (R)
See description of this subfield in Appendix A: Control Subfields.
060 #4$aW1$bJO706M
060 00$aWM 270$bMP16 no. 4 1969
060 10$aWA 540 AA1$bB8p 1972
060 #4$aWF 102$bN972a 1969
060 00$aW3$bNU36 no. 28 1993
060 #4$aW1$bDE111AL v.4 pt.A 1990$aTP 248.2 D293b 1990
060 00$aKK1110$aWD 320

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