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780 - Preceding Entry (R)

MARC 21 Bibliographic - Full
October 2009

First Indicator
Note controller
0 - Display note
1 - Do not display note

Second Indicator
Type of relationship
0 - Continues
1 - Continues in part
2 - Supersedes
3 - Supersedes in part
4 - Formed by the union of ... and ...
5 - Absorbed
6 - Absorbed in part
7 - Separated from

Subfield Codes
$a - Main entry heading (NR)
$b - Edition (NR)
$c - Qualifying information (NR)
$d - Place, publisher, and date of publication (NR)
$g - Related parts (R)
$h - Physical description (NR)
$i - Relationship information (R)
$k - Series data for related item (R)
$m - Material-specific details (NR)
$n - Note (R)
$o - Other item identifier (R)
$r - Report number (R)
$s - Uniform title (NR)
$t - Title (NR)
$u - Standard Technical Report Number (NR)
$w - Record control number (R)
$x - International Standard Serial Number (NR)
$y - CODEN designation (NR)
$z - International Standard Book Number (R)
$4 - Relationship code (R)
$6 - Linkage (NR)
$7 - Control subfield (NR)
    /0 - Type of main entry heading
    /1 - Form of name
    /2 - Type of record
    /3 - Bibliographic level
$8 - Field link and sequence number (R)


Information concerning the immediate predecessor of the target item (chronological relationship). When a note is generated from this field, the introductory term or phrase may be generated based on the value in the second indicator position for display.

If there is more than one predecessor entry, field 780 is repeated.


Description of the first indicator position and all subfield codes, as well as input conventions except for display constants, for field 780 are given in the 76X-78X Linking Entries-General Information section.


Second Indicator - Type of relationship
Relationship between the target item and the preceding entry. The values in this indicator position may be used to generate a display constant for a note.
0 - Continues
Target item continues the preceding entry.
130 0#$aHospitals (Chicago, Ill. : 1936)
780 00$aAmerican Hospital Association.$tBulletin of the American Hospital Association$w(OCoLC)1777831
Displays as: 
Continues: American Hospital Association. Bulletin of the American Hospital Association.
1 - Continues in part
Target item continues in part the preceding entry.
245 00$aAnnales scientifiques de l'Université de Besançon.$pMathématiques.
780 01$tAnnales scientifiques de l'Université de Besançon$w(OCoLC)6179013
Displays as: 
Continues in part: Annales scientifiques de l'Université de Besançon.
2 - Supersedes
Target item supersedes the preceding entry.
245 00$aHespéris tamuda.
780 02$tHespéris $w(OCoLC)1752037#
Displays as: 
Supersedes: Hespéris.
3 - Supersedes in part
Target item supersedes in part the preceding entry.
245 02$aL'Elevage porcin.
780 03$tElevage
Displays as: 
Supersedes in part: Elevage.
4 - Formed by the union of ... and ...
Target item has been formed by the union of one or more titles.
245 00$aAnnales geophysicae.
580 ##$aMerger of: Annales de géophysique and: Annali de geofisica.
780 14$tAnnales de géophysique$x0003-4029$w(OCoLC)1481255 $w(DLC)###52016346#
780 14$tAnnali de geofisica$w(OCoLC)1847060 $w(DLC)gs#49000041#
[Note is displayed from 580 field.]
5 - Absorbed
Title in hand absorbed the preceding entry.
245 04$aThe American journal of international law.
780 05$aAmerican Society of International Law.$tProceedings$g1971
Displays as: 
Absorbed: American Society of International Law. Proceedings, 1971.
6 - Absorbed in part
Title in hand absorbed in part the preceding entry.
245 00$aInternational flight information manual.
780 06$tGraphic notices and supplemental data$w(OCoLC)4276671
Displays as: 
Absorbed in part: Graphic notices and supplemental data.
7 - Separated from
Title in hand separated from the preceding entry.
110 2#$aBritish Columbia Provincial Museum.
245 10$aTwo-year review.
780 07$aBritish Columbia. Ministry of Provincial Secretary and Government Services.$tAnnual report$x0226-0883$w(OCoLC)6270433 $w(DLC)###80649039#
Displays as: 
Separated from: British Columbia. Ministry of Provincial Secretary and Government Services. Annual report.


Display Constants - Introductory terms or phrases such as Absorbed in part: that are displayed in notes with the data recorded in field 780 are not carried in the MARC record. They may be system generated as display constants associated with the second indicator value.
Second indicator Display constant
0 Continues:
1 Continues in part:
2 Supersedes:
3 Supersedes in part:
4 Formed by the union: ... and: ...
5 Absorbed:
6 Absorbed in part:
7 Separated from:


Indicator 2 - Type of relationship
7 - Separated from (SE) [NEW, 1980]
Prior to the definition of code 7, separated from and continues in part information were both identified by code 1 (Continues in part).

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