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383 - Numeric Designation of Musical Work (R)

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September 2011

First Indicator Second Indicator
# - Undefined

# - Undefined

Subfield Codes
  • $a - Serial number (R)
  • $b - Opus number (R)
  • $c - Thematic index number (R)
  • $d - Thematic index code (NR)
  • $e - Publisher associated with opus number (NR)
  • $2 - Source (NR)
  • $6 - Linkage (NR)
  • $8 - Field link and sequence number (R)


A serial number, opus number, or thematic index number assigned to a musical work by the composer, publisher, or a musicologist. May be used to differentiate a musical work from another with the same title.




$a - Serial number

A number used if works with the same title and the same medium of performance are consecutively numbered in music reference sources.

100 1#$aBeethoven, Ludwig van,$d1770-1827.
240 10$aSonatas,$mpiano,$nno. 14, op. 27, no. 2,$rC# minor
382 ##$apiano
383 ##$ano. 14,$bop. 27, no. 2
384 ##$aC# minor

$b - Opus number

An identifying number of a musical composition sometimes followed by a number within the opus.

$c - Thematic index number

A number assigned to a work in a recognized thematic index in the case of certain composers.

100 1#$aBach, Johann Sebastian,$d1685-1750.
240 10$bKaffee-Kantate
383 ##$cBWV 211

$d - Thematic index code

Code identifying thematic index represented by the number recorded in subfield $c.

100 1#$aVivaldi, Antonio,$d1678-1741.$tCimento dell'armonia e dell'inventione.$nN. 1-4
383 ##$bop. 8, no. 1-4
383 ##$cRV 269$cRV 315$cRV 293$cRV 297$dRyom$2mlati
383 ##$cF. I, 22-25$dFanna$2mlati

$e - Publisher associated with opus number

Brief identification of publisher associated with number recorded in $b. Used only where different publishers assigned different opus numbers to the same work, or when different publishers assign the same opus number to different works.

100 1#$aGyrowetz, Adalbert,$d1763-1850.$tSerenades,$mclarinets (2), horns (2), bassoon,$nop. 3 (André)
400 1#$aGyrowetz, Adalbert,$d1763-1850.$tSerenades,$mclarinets (2), horns (2), bassoon,$nop. 5 (Hummel)
383 ##$bop. 3$eAndré
383 ##$bop. 5$eHummel

$2 - Source

Specifies the source of the code cited in subfield $d.

Code from: Thematic Index Code Source Codes.

$6 - Linkage

See description of this subfield in Appendix A: Control Subfields.

$8 - Field link and sequence number

See description of this subfield in Appendix A: Control Subfields.


$d - Thematic index code [NEW, 2011]
$e - Publisher associated with serial or opus number [NEW, 2011]
$2 - Source [NEW, 2011]

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