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247 - Former Title (R)

MARC 21 Bibliographic - Full
October 2002

First Indicator
Title added entry
0 - No added entry
1 - Added entry

Second Indicator
Note controller
0 - Display note
1 - Do not display note

Subfield Codes
$a - Title (NR)
$b - Remainder of title (NR)
$f - Date or sequential designation (NR)
$g - Miscellaneous information (NR)
$h - Medium (NR)
$n - Number of part/section of a work (R)
$p - Name of part/section of a work (R)
$x - International Standard Serial Number (NR)
$6 - Linkage (NR)
$8 - Field link and sequence number (R)


Former title proper used when one cataloging record represents several titles associated with an entity.

For instance, under some cataloging rules (e.g., ALA rules) a serial is cataloged under the latest title, with former titles noted in the same record in a title varies note. Likewise, under some cataloging rules (e.g., AACR2) an integrating resource is cataloged under the latest title, with former titles noted in the same record. Former titles proper may also be recorded in field 547 (Former Title Complexity Note).

Under other cataloging rules (e.g., AACR2), separate bibliographic records are created when a significant change in a serial title has occurred. When separate records are made for change of title, the linking entry fields 780 and 785 may be used to show the preceding and succeeding entries.



First Indicator - Title added entry
Whether a title added entry is made.
0 - No added entry
No title added entry is made.
1 - Added entry
Title added entry is made.
245 00$aFamily circle.
247 10$aEverywoman's magazine$fv. 1-24, Jan. 1948-57.
Second Indicator - Note controller
Whether a note is displayed from data in the field.
Whenever an intelligible note cannot be made from data in this field, a textual note is recorded in field 547 and this indicator is set to value 1.
0 - Display note
Title varies: may be generated with the note for display.
1 - Do not display note


Detailed description of subfields $a, $b, $h, $n, and $p, including examples and most input conventions are given in the 245 Title Statement section. Other subfields are described below.
$f - Date or sequential designation
Dates or volume and issue numbers that relate the former variant title to the record.
247 10$aJournalism bulletin$fMar. 1924-Nov. 1927
$g - Miscellaneous information
Miscellaneous information that is not more appropriately recorded in another subfield. It is used for information such as the phrase varies slightly, enclosed in parentheses.
247 01$a<former title>$g(varies slightly)
$x - International Standard Serial Number
ISSN is an authoritative-agency data element. ISSNs are assigned to serial publications by national centers under the auspices of the ISSN Network.
$6 - Linkage
See description of this subfield in Appendix A: Control Subfields.
$8 - Field link and sequence number
See description of this subfield in Appendix A: Control Subfields.


Punctuation - Field 247 does not end with a mark of punctuation unless the last word in the field is an abbreviation, initial/letter, or data that ends with a mark of punctuation. See also subfield descriptions in the 245 Title Statement section for punctuation information.
Initial Articles - Initial articles (e.g., Der, An) are generally not recorded in field 247 unless the intent is to file on the article.
Display Constant
Title varies:
Legend Title varies: precedes a former title or title variation in the note made from data in field 247. The legend is not carried in the MARC record but may be system generated as a display constant associated with the value 0 in the second indicator position.


$a - Title proper/short title [RENAMED, 2002]
$d - Designation of section/part/series (SE) [OBSOLETE, 1979]
$e - Name of section/part/series (SE) [OBSOLETE, 1979]
Prior to the redefinition of subfields $n and $p for numbered and named parts/sections of a work in other fields in 1979, these data were contained in subfields $d and $e in field 247.
$h - Medium
Prior to the definition of $g (Miscellaneous information) in 1979, subfield $h was defined for miscellaneous information.
$c - Remainder of Title Page transcription [OBSOLETE] [CAN/MARC only]

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