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037 - Source of Acquisition (R)

MARC 21 Bibliographic - Full
February 1999

First Indicator
# - Undefined

Second Indicator
# - Undefined

Subfield Codes
$a - Stock number (NR)
$b - Source of stock number/acquisition (NR)
$c - Terms of availability (R)
$f - Form of issue (R)
$g - Additional format characteristics (R)
$n - Note (R)
$6 - Linkage (NR)
$8 - Field link and sequence number (R)


Source of acquisition information for the item or its reproduction.

If a stock number is present (subfield $a), source of stock number/acquisition information (subfield $b) is required.

Government agency assigned numbers that can be used for classification purposes are not carried in this field; they are contained in field 086 (Government Document Classification Number). The ISBN, ISSN, and publisher's numbers for sound recordings, printed music, videorecordings, and other music-related material are not carried in this field; they are contained in fields 020 (International Standard Book Number), 022 (International Standard Serial Number), and 028 (Publisher Number), respectively. In addition, other standard numbers or codes published on an item are not accommodated in this field; they are contained in field 024 (Other Standard Identifier).

Archival identification or order numbers assigned by a distributor for computer files are recorded in this field. The original study number assigned by the producer is recorded in field 036 (Original Study Number for Computer Data Files).

Different and unrelated U.S. Government Printing Office stock numbers assigned by GPO to each issue of a serial are not carried in this field.

Repeated when there are multiple stock numbers and/or sources of stock number/acquisition associated with the item.




$a - Stock number
Numbers such as distributor, publisher, or vendor numbers are also recorded in this subfield.
037 ##$a240-951/147$bGPO
037 ##$a001689 E$bVienna Tourist Board
$b - Source of stock number/acquisition
Name or abbreviation of the publisher, distributor, or vendor. Can contain full information relating to the name and address of the publisher, distributor, or vendor, including information that may also be found elsewhere in the record (e.g., in the imprint).
037 ##$aC CPS 68 003$bU.S. Bureau of the Census
037 ##$aIUCPSR 7559$bInter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research, Ann Arbor, Mich.
037 ##$bRuth Duarte, P.O. Box 74, Napa, CA$c$25.00
037 ##$bU.S. Geological Survey, Reston, Va. 22091
037 ##$bU.S. Geological Survey, Denver, Colo. 80255
037 ##$a149866$bGAO (202) 512-6000 (Voice); (301) 258-4066 (Fax)
$c - Terms of availability
Usually a price (and qualifying information such as time period or market) that is related to the other information in the field. Can contain information used to specify the price, such as the terms gratis, free, or N.T. (nontrade). For reproductions, the qualifying information may indicate the form of the item from which the reprocuction will be made when it is a major determinant of the price.
For serially-issued items, the current annual subscription price is usually recorded. If the term has two or more prices covering different lengths of time, only the price applicable to a one-year subscription is included. A single issue price is recorded when it is the only price given. If each issue/volume of the serial has a separate price, the information is not recorded. (A single issue price for an annual publication is considered a one-year subscription price.) The price is qualified when 1) the price is not the one-year price; 2) the subscription to the serial in hand also includes a subscription to another publication; and 3) multiple subscription prices are recorded. Qualifying terms are enclosed in parentheses and are not separately subfield coded.
For non-serially issued items, if price information is associated with an ISBN or other standard number, then subfield $c (Terms of availability) of field 020 (International Standard Book Number) or subfield $c (Terms of availability) of field 024 (Other Standard Identifier), respectively, are preferred.
037 ##$aFSWEC-77/0420$bNational Technical Information Service, Springfield, VA 22161$fMagnetic tape$c$175.00
037 ##$aPB-363547$bNTIS$fpaper copy$c$4.00$fmicrofiche$c$3.00
037 ##$bAmerican Institute of Physics, 335 E. 45th St., New York, N.Y. 10017$c$24.00 (institution, U.S.)$c$26.00 (institution, foreign)$c$14.00 (individual, U.S.)$c$16.00 (individual, foreign)
037 ##$aLC-USZ62-94085$bDLC$c(b&w film copy neg., after preservation)
037 ##$aLC-USZC2-1362$bDLC$c(color film copy slide, after preservation)
037 ##$aLC-USZC4-1097$bDLC$c(color film copy transparency)
[A reproduction can be made from three different reproduction sources, which determines the price; prices are not given in field 037 since they fluctuate.]
$f - Form of issue
Terms describing binding or format of the item available for order. Does not include statements of coverage or type of subscriber; such information is included as qualifiers in subfield $c. The subfield is commonly used when more than one physical form is recorded, each with a separate price.
037 ##$bGordon and Breach Science Publishers Ltd., 42 William IV St., London, W.C.2, England$fhard bound$c$25.00$fpaperbound$c$12.50
$g - Additional format characteristics
Name of the format, the format version number, and/or format version date in which the data is available for transfer. May be repeated to record compression technique (information on algorithms or processes applied to the data set in its transfer format to reduce the size of the file); transfer size (size in megabytes of the file when transferred); and recording information (information about the options available or methods used to write the data set to the medium, the density in which the data set can be transferred, and the units of measure for the recording density).
037 ##$gARCE
037 ##$bEROS Data Center$f9-track tape;$gDEM;$c$40 (per file)$c$20 (per file in groups of 2 to 6)$c$90 base fee plus $7 per file (in groups of 7 or more).$gASCII recording mode; available with no internal labels or with ANSI standard labels; logical record length is 1024 bytes; block size is a multiple of 1024 up to 31744 bytes; 1600 or 6250 characters per inch.
$n - Note
Textual note pertaining to the acquisition of the item.
037 ##$bUniversity Microfilms$fmicrofiche$c$15.95$nAvailable only without color
$6 - Linkage
See description of this subfield in Appendix A: Control Subfields.
$8 - Field link and sequence number
See description of this subfield in Appendix A: Control Subfields.


Order of Subfields - Each subfield $f (Form of issue) precedes its corresponding price in subfield $c (Terms of availability).
Punctuation - Field 037 does not end with a period unless the last word in the field is an abbreviation, initial/letter, or other data that ends with a mark of punctuation. Subfields do not end with a mark of punctuation unless the last word in the subfield ends with one. Qualifiers to price in subfield $c are given in parentheses, even when the price is absent.
Subfield $b Considerations - Any name of a person or institution precedes the address. Standard abbreviations are customarily used wherever possible (e.g., St. for street, Bldg. for Building). When recording the abbreviation for a state, the U.S. Postal Service abbreviation is preferred, or, the appropriate AACR 2 abbreviation. When a subscription address is given on the item both in English and in the language of the country of publication, the address in the language of the country of publication is recorded.


In 1993, the scope of the field was redefined from "Stock Number" to "Source of Acquisition." Subfield $b was redefined from "Source of stock number" to "Source of stock number/acquisition" so as to include source of acquisition data previously recorded in obsolete field 265 (Source for Acquisition/Subscription Address). Also, as part of the redefinition of field 037, price and form of issue data previously recorded in obsolete field 350 (Price) is to be recorded in field 037.

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