Patricia  O'Brien

Title: English Colonialism & Piracy
Speaker: Patricia O'Brien
Event Date: 08/01/2013
Running Time: 55 minutes

Roger W. Louis

Title: Oxford University Press
Speaker: Roger W. Louis
Event Date: 07/30/2013
Running Time: 83 minutes

Kenneth  Pomeranz

Title: Resisting Imperialism, Resisting Decolonization
Speaker: Kenneth Pomeranz
Event Date: 07/23/2013
Running Time: 85 minutes

Elizabeth Borgwardt

Title: Present at the Creation
Speaker: Elizabeth Borgwardt
Event Date: 07/16/2013
Running Time: 69 minutes

J.C.  Blokhuis

Title: Student Rights & the School Environment
Speaker: J.C. Blokhuis
Event Date: 06/27/2013
Running Time: 55 minutes

Chris Bishop

Title: Fredric Wertham & the Anti-Comics Crusade
Speaker: Chris Bishop
Event Date: 06/20/2013
Running Time: 59 minutes

Jean-Francois Mouhot

Title: Haiti's Environmental History
Speaker: Jean-Francois Mouhot
Event Date: 06/18/2013
Running Time: 60 minutes

Peter  Kalliney

Title: Modernism, African Literature & the CIA
Speaker: Peter Kalliney
Event Date: 06/13/2013
Running Time: 59 minutes

Marie  Arana

Title: Bolivar: American Liberator
Speaker: Marie Arana
Event Date: 06/06/2013
Running Time: 67 minutes

Sanjay  Subrahmanyam

Title: Jews & Christians in Portuguese Asia
Speaker: Sanjay Subrahmanyam
Event Date: 06/05/2013
Running Time: 58 minutes

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