How Effective is Social Media?
Scholar: John R. Haskell, Todd L. Belt
Event Date: 12/12/2017
Running Time: 55 minutes

Georgian Papers Public Symposium
Scholar: Arthur Burns, Jim Ambuske, Andrew O'Shaughnessy, Karin Wulf
Event Date: 12/01/2017
Running Time: 115 minutes

Mapping a Persian Literary Sphere
Scholar: Kevin Schwartz
Event Date: 11/17/2017
Running Time: 43 minutes

Mapping the Landscape
Scholar: Xin Conan-Wu
Event Date: 11/09/2017
Running Time: 59 minutes

Morality & Contraception in Post-War America
Scholar: Samira K. Mehta
Event Date: 11/02/2017
Running Time: 63 minutes

Transatlantic Call: People to People & Alan Lomax
Scholar: Various
Event Date: 09/22/2017
Running Time: 95 minutes

Origins of the Military-Industrial Complex
Scholar: Daniel Else
Event Date: 09/21/2017
Running Time: 56 minutes

Kluge Café Series
Scholar: Ascensión Mazuela-Anguita, Chet Van Duzer, Margarita Karnysheva, Chelsea Stieber
Event Date: 08/31/2017
Running Time: 81 minutes

The Value of the Enslaved
Scholar: Daina Ramey Berry
Event Date: 06/22/2017
Running Time: 50 minutes

Congressional Reform
Scholar: Various
Event Date: 06/17/2017
Running Time: 74 minutes

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