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SPEAKER: Morton Kondracke
EVENT DATE: 03/06/2012
FORMAT: Video + Captions
RUNNING TIME: 106 minutes

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Description: The Jack Kemp Foundation and the John W. Kluge Center at the Library of Congress co-hosted this symposium that brought together colleagues of Republican Congressman Jack Kemp, along with journalists who covered his career, to elicit and record their recollections and reflections upon Kemp's successes and failures as a leader in Congress, and his place in the history of the Reagan Revolution, the Republican Party, and America. Participants in the second panel included Morton Kondracke, Vin Weber, Trent Lott, Fred Barnes. Robert Livingston, Connie Mack & Al Hunt.

Speaker Biography: Morton Kondracke served as the first Jack Kemp Chair in Political Economy at the John W. Kluge Center. A veteran journalist for five decades, during his time at the Kluge Center Kondracke researched and wrote about Jack Kemp's congressional career, his leadership role during the Reagan era, his presidential campaign and his influence on the Republican Party.

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