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“One of the wonderful things about working in the Kluge Center has been the incredible community of scholars that I’ve had to interact with.”

–David Grinspoon, 2012-2013 Baruch S. Blumberg NASA/Library of Congress Chair in Astrobiology

Current Scholars in Residence

Kaveh Abbasian

British Research Council Fellow, 2015, Roehampton University
Kluge Center Project: "The use of State-funded TV War Documentaries Towards the Creation of a New National Identity in Iran During the Iran-Iraq War."

Sarah Cameron

Kluge Fellow, 2015, University of Maryland
Kluge Center Project: "The Hungry Steppe: Famine, Violence and the Making of Soviet Kazakhstan."

Bruce Carruthers

Cary and Ann Maguire Chair in Ethics and American History, 2016, Northwestern University
Kluge Center Project: "An Economy of Promises: Trust and Credit in America."
Press Release: Bruce Carruthers Named Maguire Chair in Ethics and American History

Danille Christensen

Kluge Fellow, 2015, The Ohio State University
Kluge Center Project: "Freedom from Want: Home Canning in the American Imagination (1875-2014)."
Lecture: "Home Canning: Cultural Narratives, Technological Change, and the Status of Traditional Knowledge" (Jul. 19, 2016)

Theodore Christov

Kluge Fellow, 2015, George Washington University
Kluge Center Project: "The Early American Republic and Origins of International Law."
Lecture: "The 'Law of Nations' in America's Independence" (May 12, 2016)
Blogpost: Emer Vattel and His Influence on Early America

Juan Cole

Kluge Chair in Countries and Cultures of the South, 2016, University of Michigan
Kluge Center Project: "The Idea of Peace in the Qur'an"
Lecture: "Peace and Concord in the Qur'an" (Aug. 18, 2016)
Press Release: Juan Cole Named Kluge Chair in Countries and Cultures of the South

Nathaniel Comfort

NASA/LC Chair in Astrobiology, 2015, Johns Hopkins University
Kluge Center Project: "The Origins of Life in the Genome Age"
Panel Discussion: "The Origins of the RNA World" (Mar. 17, 2016)
Web site: Astrobiology at the Kluge Center
Press Release: Comfort Begins as Third Astrobiology Chair
Press Release: Comfort Named to Astrobiology Chair
Press Release: Four Pioneering Scientists to Discuss "The Origins of the RNA World," March 17

Taja-Nia Henderson

Kluge Fellow, 2015, Rutgers University
Kluge Center Project: "Framing Treason: Disqualification, Reconciliation and Memory in Reconstruction-Era America."
Lecture: "Framing Treason: War, Reconciliation, and Memory in the Making of the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution" (Jul. 27, 2016)

Sheryl Kaskowitz

Kluge Fellow, 2015, Brown University
Kluge Center Project: "Sidney Robertson Cowell, Public Folk Music Collecting and American Identity."

Charles Laderman

British Research Council Fellow, 2015, University of Cambridge
Kluge Center Project: "Eilhu Root and the Origins of American Internationalsim, 1898-1937."

Louisa Lee

British Research Council Fellow, 2015, University of York
Kluge Center Project: "Conceptual Art in Britain 1964-1979."

Althea Legal-Miller

British Research Council Fellow, 2015, University College London
Kluge Center Project: "A Study of the Civil Rights Movement Collections at the Library of Congress."

Dara Orenstein

Kluge Fellow, 2015, George Washington University
Kluge Center Project: "Offshore Onshore: A History of thje Free Zone on U.S. Soil."
Article: "Professor Dara Orenstein: On Winning the Kluge Fellowship" (GW Department of American Studies)

Jeong-Mi Park

Kluge Fellow, 2015, Hanyang University
Kluge Center Project: "The Toleration-Regulation Regime: A Comparative Historical Sociology of Prostitution Policies in Northeast Asia after WWII."
Lecture: "Making Patriotic Prostitutes: The South Korean Government's Policies on Prostitution for the U.S. Military" (Jul. 28, 2016)

Guoxiang Peng

Kluge Chair in Countries and Cultures of the North, 2016, Independent Scholar
Kluge Center Project: "History and Philosophy of Confucianism."

Daniel Rood

Kluge Fellow, 2015, University of Georgia
Kluge Center Project: "The Reinvention of Atlantic Slavery: Circuits of Techno-Science in the Greater Caribbean, 1830-1860."

Michael Sizer

Kluge Fellow, 2015, Maryland Institute College of Art
Kluge Center Project: "Public Opinion in Late Medieval Paris, 1380-1422."
Lecture: "Popular Politics and Public Opinion in Late Medieval Paris" (Jul. 14, 2016)

William Slauter

Kluge Fellow, 2014, Universite Paris 8-Saint Denis
Kluge Center Project: "Who Owns the News? Journalism and Intellectual Property in Historical Perspective."
Blogpost: New Scholars at the Kluge Center - January / February 2016

Anna von der Goltz

Kluge Fellow, 2015, Georgetown University
Kluge Center Project: "The Other side of 1968: Activism of the Center-right in West Germany's Age of Campus Protest."

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