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The Library of Congress Library Services and U.S. Copyright Office service units formed the Selection Joint Issue Group (JIG) in February 2002 to examine current practices in selecting materials for the Library's permanent collections from materials received by the Copyright Office. Creation of the JIG resulted from the Copyright Office (CO) Business Process Reengineering (BPR) initiative. The group began by examining existing selection processes for the three Copyright Office workflows: 1) voluntary deposits; 2) demand deposits; 3) deposits submitted for claim registration. For each workflow, JIG-S considered monographs, serials, and special format deposits (except for moving image and recorded sound materials, which were considered by a separate joint interest group). This report includes the JIG's selection recommendations in four elements of the selection process:

  • Retention - Should the work be retained for the collection?
  • Number of copies the Library of Congress (LC) wants and number of copies LC acquires - How many copies should LC retain?
  • Cataloging priority or level of cataloging - When and how should Library Services process the work?
  • Assignment - Where should the work reside?
Report Cover PDF [41K] MS Word [141K]
Table of Contents and Acronyms Used PDF [58K] MS Word [38K]
Introduction PDF [59K] MS Word {112K]
Approach PDF [49K] MS Word [109K]
Summary Observations PDF [92K] MS Word [140K]
Assumptions PDF [47K] MS Word [109K]
Recommendations PDF [67K] MS Word [119K]
Recommended Selection Decision Authority PDF [62K] MS Word [124K]
Recommended Selection Processes PDF [133K] MS Word [1.31MB]
Description of Recommended Slips PDF [50K] MS Word [109K]
A: Current Selection Processes PDF [157K] MS Word [1.51K]
B: Description of Current Slips PDF [61K] MS Word [136K]
C: Recommended Slips PDF [158K] MS Word [95K]
D: Guidelines for Selection of MBRS Material PDF [54K] MS Word [110K]
E: Reference Guide for Selection in Copyright PDF [193K] MS Word [662K]
F: LS Cataloging Priority PDF [87K] MS Word [115K]