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(Aug 19, 2009) On July 8, 2009, Taiwan's Wildlife Conservation Law (promulgated on June 23, 1989) was amended. The phrase "endangered species or rare and valuable species" was excised from paragraphs 1 and 2 of article 35 and from paragraph 1, item 2, of article 40. The relevant provisions now contain the shortened phrase "protected wildlife and products made from them," instead of "protected wildlife and products made from endangered species or rare and valuable species," thereby broadening the provisions' application. The two articles now read:

Article 35

Protected wildlife and the products made from them shall not be traded or displayed or exhibited in public areas without the permission of the authority in charge.

The central authority in charge [i.e., the Council of Agriculture under the Executive Yuan] shall make public a list of the types of protected wildlife and products made from them referred to in the above paragraph.

Article 40

The following offenses shall be punished with imprisonment for not less than six months and not more than five years, and/or a fine of not less than NT$300,000 [about US$9,149] and not more than NT$1,500,000:
1. Violation of article 24, paragraph 1, on import or export, without the approval of the central authority in charge, of live protected wildlife or products made from them.
2. Violation of article 35, paragraph 1, on trading or displaying or exhibiting with the intent to sell, without the approval of the authority in charge, protected wildlife or products made from them.

(Amendment to Wildlife Conservation Law, 6871 THE GAZETTE OF THE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT 34 (July 8, 2009), available at; Wildlife Conservation Act (as amended on July 11, 2007) [in Chinese & in English translation], Laws and Regulations Database of the Republic of China website,
(last visited Aug. 11, 2009); see also List of Protected Wildlife [in Chinese & scientific nomenclature] (as of Jan. 8, 2009), Natural Resources and Ecology GIS Database Taiwan, available at; & Schedule of Protected Species [in Chinese & English & scientific nomenclature] [not Taiwan-specific], Taipei Municipal Institute for Animal Health,
(last visited Aug. 11, 2009).)

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Last updated: 08/19/2009