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Legislation on "Right-to-die with Dignity" Introduced in Quebec (June 25, 2013) by Tariq Ahmad

On June 12, 2013, the Parti Québécois Government of Quebec introduced draft legislation entitled "An Act ...

Topic: Death and dying
Jurisdiction: Canada

Citizens Group Seeks New Right to Die (March 16, 2012) by Wendy Zeldin

The House of Representatives (Tweede Kamer) of the Dutch Parliament held a plenary session on March ...

Topic: Death and dying
Jurisdiction: Netherlands

Case of Assisted Suicide Stirs Euthanasia Debate (August 17, 2011) by Wendy Zeldin

In May 2011, the People's Court of Longnan County, in China's Jiangxi Province, sentenced Zhong Yichun, ...

Topic: Death and dying
Jurisdiction: China

Provisions on "Do Not Resuscitate" Orders Amended (February 16, 2011) by Wendy Zeldin

On January 26, 2011, an amendment to Taiwan's Hospice Palliative Care Act was promulgated. The most ...

Topic: Death and dying
Jurisdiction: Taiwan

Bill on Dignified Death (February 02, 2011) by Graciela Rodriguez-Ferrand

The Government of Spain, through its Ministry of Health, is preparing a new bill on "death ...

Topic: Death and dying
Jurisdiction: Spain

Landmark Euthanasia Ruling (June 28, 2010) by Wendy Zeldin

The Second Criminal Division of the Federal Court of Justice (FCJ), Germany's highest civil court, ruled ...

Topic: Death and dying
Jurisdiction: Germany

Montana Supreme Court Holds State Law Permits Physician Assistance of Suicides by Terminally Ill Patients (January 26, 2010) by John Cannan

The Montana Supreme Court has held that Montana law allows a physician to aid the suicide ...

Topic: Death and dying
Jurisdiction: United States

Procedure for Refusal of Treatment by Terminally Ill (August 28, 2009) by Wendy Zeldin

The Thai press reported on August 21, 2009, that the country's National Health Commission Office had ...

Topic: Death and dying
Jurisdiction: Thailand

Right to Die with Dignity (March 02, 2008) by Nicole Atwill

In February 2008, the Luxembourg Chamber of Deputies adopted the Law on the Right to Die ...

Topic: Death and dying
Jurisdiction: Luxembourg

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