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Royal Decree on Legal Deposit of Online Content (August 19, 2015) by Graciela Rodriguez-Ferrand

Given the special characteristics of online publications, with a multitude of works being created daily and ...

Topic: Internet; Libraries
Jurisdiction: Spain

Criminal Sanctions for Foreign Fighters and Anti-Terrorism Measures Under Consideration (October 16, 2014) by Graciela Rodriguez-Ferrand

The government is considering an amendment to the Penal Code that would make it a crime ...

Topic: Crime and law enforcement; Criminal code; Military assistance; Terrorism
Jurisdiction: Spain

Government Withdraws Proposed Legislation Amending Abortion Law (October 16, 2014) by Graciela Rodriguez-Ferrand

On September 23, 2014, Spain's Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, confirmed the withdrawal of a proposal submitted ...

Topic: Abortion
Jurisdiction: Spain

Government Amends Citizens Safety Bill (June 06, 2014) by Graciela Rodriguez-Ferrand

Spain's government has decided to make changes to controversial legislation that amends the Citizen Safety Law. ...

Topic: Crime and law enforcement; Human rights and civil liberties; Law enforcement officers
Jurisdiction: Spain

Constitutional Court Finds Catalonia Sovereignty Declaration Unconstitutional (April 24, 2014) by Graciela Rodriguez-Ferrand

In response to a legal challenge made by the Spanish government, on March 25, 2014, the ...

Topic: Conspiracy; Judiciary; Sovereignty
Jurisdiction: Spain

Abortion Reform Proposed (January 23, 2014) by Graciela Rodriguez-Ferrand

In December 2013, the Government of Spain submitted legislation that would amend the current law on ...

Topic: Abortion
Jurisdiction: Spain

Reinstatement of Wealth Tax (September 28, 2011) by Graciela Rodriguez-Ferrand

As a response to the serious economic crisis in Spain, the government decided to temporarily reinstate ...

Topic: Taxation
Jurisdiction: Spain

Proposed Constitutional Amendment to Include Debt Ceiling Provision (August 30, 2011) by Graciela Rodriguez-Ferrand

On August 26, 2011, the two major political parties in Spain, the ruling Socialists (PSOE) and ...

Topic: Constitution
Jurisdiction: Spain

Temporary Limitation of Free Movement of Romanian Workers (August 17, 2011) by Theresa Papademetriou

On August 11, 2011, the European Commission allowed Spain to temporarily restrict the access of Romanian ...

Topic: Immigration and nationality
Jurisdiction: European Union; Spain

Bill on Dignified Death (February 02, 2011) by Graciela Rodriguez-Ferrand

The Government of Spain, through its Ministry of Health, is preparing a new bill on "death ...

Topic: Death and dying
Jurisdiction: Spain

MOU Signed on Shared Satellite (September 10, 2010) by Constance Johnson

Norway and Spain are planning to jointly acquire and run a communications satellite; the two nations ...

Topic: Communications
Jurisdiction: Norway; Spain

Bill on Transparency and Access to Public Information (August 20, 2010) by Graciela Rodriguez-Ferrand

By August 20, 2010, Spain's government is expected to have approved the final Bill on Transparency ...

Topic: Freedom of information
Jurisdiction: Spain

Congress Rejects Proposal to Prohibit Use of Niqab or Burka in Public Spaces (August 12, 2010) by Graciela Rodriguez-Ferrand

On July 20, 2010, the Congreso de los Diputados (the lower house of Spain's parliament) opposed ...

Topic: Families
Jurisdiction: Spain

Code of Good Tax Practices Claimed a First (July 30, 2010) by Wendy Zeldin

Spain's Tax Forum of Big Companies, which comprises the National Tax Agency and 27 of the ...

Topic: Taxation
Jurisdiction: Spain

Lower House of Legislature Votes on Abortion Reform Bill (January 05, 2010) by Graciela Rodriguez-Ferrand

A joint session of Spain's Congreso de los Diputados (Lower House) voted on December 17, 2009, ...

Topic: Abortion
Jurisdiction: Spain

Judges' Power to Prosecute Human Rights Crimes World-Wide Curtailed (July 02, 2009) by Wendy Zeldin

On June 25, 2009, the lower house of the Parliament of Spain approved a measure that ...

Topic: Crime and law enforcement
Jurisdiction: Spain

Receiving of Guantanamo Detainees Considered (March 10, 2009) by Graciela Rodriguez-Ferrand

On February 26, 2009, European Union member countries met to evaluate the possibility of resettling terror ...

Topic: Terrorism
Jurisdiction: Spain

Support for Mesoamerican Health Project (March 02, 2009) by Francisco Macías

On February 24, 2009, the Mexican Secretary of Health, José Ángel Córdova Villalobos, announced that Spain ...

Topic: Workers safety and health
Jurisdiction: Spain

Protocol on Immigration (May 02, 2008) by Eduardo Soares

On April 1, 2008, in Madrid, Brazil and Spain signed a Protocol on Immigration designed to ...

Topic: Immigration and nationality
Jurisdiction: Brazil; Spain

Cooperation Agreement on Immigration Signed (March 02, 2008) by Eduardo Soares

On January 27, 2008, the Foreign Minister of Spain, Miguel Angel Moratinos, visited Guinea-Bissau to meet ...

Topic: Immigration and nationality
Jurisdiction: Guinea Bissau; Spain

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